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鲤城区儿童医院减肥手术多少钱福建省泉州欧菲医院看效果怎么样New Year新年Every country in the world celebrates the New Year世界上每个国家都欢度新年,but not everyone does it the same way.但是形式各不相同The countries of the America and Europe welcome the New Year on January first.欧美国家是在每年的 1月1日喜迎新年,This practice began with the Romans. Julius Caesar,a Roman ruler,这一习俗始于罗马人.罗马统治者儒略凯撒changed the date of the New Year将新年的日期from the first day of March to the first day of January.由原来的3月1日改为 1月1日In the Middle East, the New Year is when spring begins.在中东地区,新年是在春天到来之际People in China celebrate it on Spring Festival,中国人是在春节欢度新年,which is the first day of their calendar based on the moon.即阴历年的第一天The Spring Festival usually comes between January 1 and February 19.春节通常是在1月1日和月19日之间来临Rosh Hashana,which is the Jewish New Year,comes at the end of summer.岁首节,即犹太人的新年,是在每年夏季末The Hindus in India celebrate the first day of each season,印度人庆祝每一个季度的第一天,so they have four New Years.他们又四个新年In all of these cultures, there is a practice of making noise.在这些不同文化背景中都有一个制造声响的习俗People made noise in ancient times人们在古时发出声响to drive away the evil spirits from the home.目的是将恶魔赶出家门Many people did it and still do it with fireworks.许多人过去用,现在仍然用放鞭炮的方式来驱赶恶魔In Japan,在日本,people go from house to house making noise with drums and bamboo sticks.人们走街串巷,用击鼓即敲竹的方式制造声响Young people in Denmark丹麦的年轻人,throw broken pieces of jars or pots against the sides of friends houses.则用朝朋友家投掷瓮坛瓦罐碎片的方式发出各种声响In the ed States many people stay up until midnight on New Year Eve在美国,许多人熬到午夜,to watch the clock pass from one year to the next.等待新年钟声的到来Friends often gather together at a party on New Year Eve,朋友们经常在除夕夜聚集在一起,and when the New Year comes,当新年到来时,all ring bells,blow horns and whistles, sing and kiss each other.人们敲钟鸣号,吹口哨,唱歌,接吻拥抱 6泉州玻尿酸鼻尖整形哪里专业 Harry Potter Excellent or Evil? 哈利·波特:优秀还是邪恶?Harry Potter books have spent the past year quite comtably on bestseller lists nationwide.哈利·波特系列丛书在过去一年都稳居全国畅销书排行榜Controversy over the series of fantasy fiction books—about a boy who discovers a world of magic—is generated in chatrooms, boardrooms and classrooms alike.对于这部奇幻系列小说书的争议——关于一个发现很多魔法的男孩——随处可见,诸如聊天室,会议室或者是班级一类的地方All this frenzy makes one wonder if there has been a recent comingback of witchcraft among pre-teens.所有的狂热都让人想知道现实生活中的孩子是不是也有懂得巫术的Are we really afraid that the Harry Potter books will inspire some frightful behavior that Peter Pan, Snow White, or the Grimm Fairy Tales will not?我们真的会害怕哈利波特书中描述的那些可怕的行为吗,而这些在《彼特·潘,《白雪公主,或者《格林童话中都是没有的?Maybe some of the objecting parents have gotten how much they loved the magical worlds in their childhood.那些反对孩子看《哈的家长也许忘记了他们小时候也曾对有魔法世界充满好奇Part of what makes these books so popular is what also makes them threatening to some.这系列的书受欢迎的部分原因是书里有让人畏惧的东西The protagonist finds ways to control his environment as well as escape from it.主角能够找到控制环境和逃离环境的魔法When Harry aunt begins talking about his deadbeat dad, who has died, her wine glass explodes in her hand, due to Harry powers.当哈利的姑妈开始说他落魄的已经去世的父亲时,因为哈利的魔法,震碎了她手中的酒杯While this could be seen as a violent act, Harry reaction was unintentional and Aunt Marge isnt hurt, after all.尽管这一场景可以视为暴力行为,但是哈利的反应不是有意的,玛吉姑妈毕竟也没有受到伤害Besides, this behavior is frowned upon by the Hogwart (magic) school, so Harry is never pardoned and he does face punishment it.此外,这种行为是霍格沃兹的(魔法)学校不允许的,哈利没有被赦免,而是要接受惩罚The boy is treated so badly by his relatives that we cannot help but take pity on him.一个男孩遭到他亲戚的虐待,我们禁不住要同情他Who can blame Harry hating the cruel family he is ced to endure?谁又能责备哈利憎恶他被迫忍受的野蛮的家庭呢?Most of us can remember all too well how it felt when a sibling, a cousin or a classmate was being favored.我们多数人能够非常清楚地记得当兄弟,表亲或者一个同学受到表扬时的感受a world of 很多;极大的eg. In a world of wonders, this may be the most exhilarating thing yet.在这样一个奇妙的世界里,这可能是最令人兴奋的事情eg. In a world of big data the correlations surface almost by themselves.在一个”大数据”的世界,相关性几乎是会自己浮现 51晋江市中心医院收费如何

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泉州石狮市脱毛手术价格Kindo: What that?金道:那是什么?Nookie: It my new e-book er. Im just downloading some new books onto it.女郎:它是我的新电子书阅读器我刚才下载了一些电子书Kindo: I havent bought one yet. Im old school. I still prefer a printed book.金道:我没买过这玩意我是守旧的人我宁愿读纸质的图书Nookie: But if you havent tried it yet, how do you know you wouldnt like it better? This e- book er can store over ,000 digital books and it easily portable. Imagine trying to carry an entire library from place to place.女郎:如果你不尝试的话,你怎么知道哪种阅读方式更好?电子书阅读器可以容纳1万本电子书,而且很便捷试想一下你能把整个图书馆从一个地方带到另一个地方Kindo: I dont usually ,000 books all at once and I hear that there are a lot of incompatible mats out there. Each company is trying to edge out the others by establishing their mat as the mat. I think Ill just wait until the dust settles.金道:我从不一次性阅读1万本书,而且我听说有各种不相容的格式每家公司都在研发自己的格式来试图排挤公司我想我还是等到尘埃落定了再说吧Nookie: The different mats arent that big a deal. You can easily convert a book in one mat to another.女郎:格式不同也没什么大不了你可以轻而易举地将一种格式转为另一种格式Kindo: I like the look of text on a printed page.金道:我喜欢纸质书上的文本外观Nookie: You mean that faded text on that yellowed page? On an e-book er, you can adjust the text size, font, and even line spacing.女郎:你是指发黄页面上褪色的文本吗?在电子书阅读器里,你可以调节字体大小,字形甚至是行距Kindo: Can I get all of the out-of- print books on my shelves in digital mat?金道:我能将书架上所有绝版的图书转换成电子格式吗?Nookie: Well, Im not sure.女郎:嗯,我不清楚Kindo: Until I can, Ill stick to my low- tech books.金道:除非可以,否则我还是会忠实于低科技图书原文译文属! 66 永春微创割双眼皮泉州祛疤专业医院




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