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  • 奥普拉她非常的慷慨-1 :9:9 A:have you the feature about Oprah Winfrey in this magazine?你看这本杂志里那篇关于奥普拉?温弗瑞的专访了吗?B:no, what's it about?没看呢,说了什么?A:apparently, she's being given an award donating so much money to charity.她向慈善机构捐了巨额资金而获得了一个荣誉奖项.B:she's very generous with her money. I think that's because she was poor when she was young.她非常慷慨.我想着可能是因为她 年轻的时候曾经很贫穷.A:I heard that she's one of the wealthiest women in the world.我听说她现在已经是世界上最富有的女人之一了.B:I'd believe it. She owns magazines, television shows and she has a huge fan base.我相信.她名下拥有很多杂志和电视节目,同时,她还有无数拥护者.A:you know; I heard that she was opening a school underprivileged girls in Africa.要知道,据说她还为非洲的贫困女童开办了学校.B:did they mention that in the ?那专访里提到这个了吗?A:yes, she's not only building the school, but is also using her own money the upkeep of the school and to pay the teachers a fair salary.提了,她不仅办了学校,还自掏腰包付学校老师不菲的薪水以及校舍维护的所有费用.B:that's really commendable. I think more celebrities should use their money to help people like Oprah has.这真让人钦佩啊.我觉得名流们都应该像欧普拉这样把自己的钱用于帮助别人.A:I agree. So many celebrities waste their money on sports cars, expensive clothing, and luxurious hotels.我同意.太多名人只是把钱挥霍在跑车,高档装和豪华酒店上了.B:it's amazing how much money they can spend. I heard Britney Spears once spent $,000 a night on a hotel room!他们花出去的钱数非常惊人.我听说布兰妮斯皮尔斯曾经在一家酒店一晚上就花掉了,000美元.A:what a waste. It's good to see some stars that are more concerned with charity than status symbols.太浪费了.有些明星能够更关注慈善事业而不是自己的身份地位,这才让人欣慰.。
  • 《唐顿庄园剧组透露最终季细节 -- :1: 来源:   Fans don’t want Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey to end, and PBS doesn’t, either: The Emmy-winning U.K. import is officially the network’s highest-rated drama of all time. But end it shall, with a sixth and final season kicking off January 3, and the show’s cast and producers joined reporters at PBS’s summer press tour today to bid a fond farewell to the Crawleys.  粉丝们都不想看到伟大的《唐顿庄园终结,其实PBS也不想:这部英国出品的艾美奖已经成为该电台有史以来收视率最高的连续剧随着第六季也是最终季于1月3日开播,今天,该剧的剧组以及制片人跟记者一道加入PBS的夏季巡回发布会来好好跟克劳利家族道个别吧  The panel kicked off with a tantalizing glimpse of what’s in store the final season. The year is 195: The kids are growing up, Edith is looking to sp her wings (“I’d like a life”), and even though they’re engaged, Mr. Carson still refuses to call Mrs. Hughes by her first name. (It’s “Elsie,” the record.) Plus, we’ll get to see the Dowager Countess and Isobel locked in another verbal sparring match, with the Countess hissing, “May the best man win.” (And the best man is always the Dowager Countess, of course.)  发布会以一则最终季的预告片作为开头,撩起我们十足的好奇那是195年,卡劳利家的小孩子们都长大了,伊迪丝正准备成就一番事业(“我要过有意义的人生”)虽然管家卡森和休斯太太已经订婚了,刻板的卡森仍然不肯直呼其名(你们可能都不知道,她的名字叫“埃尔斯”)还有,我们又能看到这位伯爵遗孀同伊索贝尔之间的唇舌战了伯爵夫人轻声说:“愿能者胜”(我们都知道,能者永远都是指她自己)  The cast only has two weeks left of filming on the series, and they’ve aly wrapped production at Highclere Castle, which stands in Downton on the show. Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham) remembers the cast gathering a “team photo” in the Granthams’ dining room, and Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) and Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) said they shared a moment together on the famous bench outside the castle: “We had a good cry.”  本剧离最终季杀青只剩下两周时间,剧组已经完成了海克莱尔城堡,即剧中的唐顿庄园部分的拍摄休?纳威尔(饰格兰瑟姆伯爵)回忆起剧组成员都聚集在格兰瑟姆家的餐厅拍摄“大合影”时的情景,而米歇尔?多克里(饰玛丽)和劳拉?卡米歇尔(饰伊迪丝)聊起他们坐在城堡外那张著名的长凳上的那一刻:“我们大哭了一场”  But dry your eyes, Downton fans: Even though the show is definitely ending, executive producer Gareth Neame confirms that a follow-up movie is still a possibility. “We might… it’s something we’ve talked about,” he says, adding that there is plenty of “rich territory” left, dramatically speaking. But, he’s quick to say, “there are no firm plans at all” a movie — yet.  快把眼泪擦干吧,唐顿迷们:虽然这部剧铁定要终结了,执行制片人加尔斯?尼姆确认很有可能将其拍成电影他说:“我们或许...我们曾经谈起这件事,”然后又补充说,从戏剧性角度来看,故事背后留下了丰富的发展空间但是他又马上申明:"我们还没有任何的计划"真的把这部剧拍成电影——至少现在还没有  * Penelope Wilton (Isobel) talked about her scenes with Emmy winner Maggie Smith, and their characters’ “fractious and affectionate relationship.” But she admits she’s always at a disadvantage because of how much creator Julian Fellowes delights in writing dialogue Smith: “I think in another life, Julian would be Lady Grantham.”  皮内洛浦?威尔顿(伊索贝尔)谈到她与艾米奖得主麦吉?史密斯的对手戏,以及他们的角色之间那“互相看不顺眼又很有爱的关系”但是她承认她总是处于劣势,因为剧作者朱利安?法勒斯太喜欢为史密斯写台词了:“我想如果有来生,朱利安很愿意当一回格兰瑟姆伯爵夫人”  * Neame got a bit sheepish when the subject of the show’s Christmas episodes came up; the Season 3 finale, which aired in the U.K. on Christmas Day, infamously ended with family heir Matthew Crawley dying in a car accident. “ million households felt they lost a member of their family,” he remembers. “That was a bit awkward.”  当谈及该剧的圣诞特辑时,尼姆有些难为情了全是因为在第三季那个不讨人喜欢结尾,播放时正值英国圣诞节之际,结果大家却看着家族继承人马修?卡劳利在一场车祸中丧生“0万家庭主妇们都好像自己失去了至亲一样痛苦,”他回忆道“感觉确实有点怪异”  * Bonneville says that a big theme of Fellowes’s writing on Downton is that “human nature tries to do good” — even villainous characters like Thomas have good intentions on some level. But he adds that the one thing he did learn from his years on Downton was: “The only people who smoke cigarettes are up to no good.”  纳威尔说法勒斯笔下的唐顿庄园中一个重要的主题是“人性向善”——即使是反面角色比如汤姆斯也会在某些层面上想做些好事但是,凭他多年参演唐顿庄园的经验,他又增加一条:“只抽烟的人都不干好事”  * Downton’s eternally put-upon butler Mr. Molesley, played by Kevin Doyle, got a nice shout-out from Neame, who said that Molesley was only meant to be a minor character, but Doyle “was so impressive in his initial scenes… instantly, we knew we wanted to keep him as a regular character.” Alright, Molesley!  唐顿庄园中由凯文?多勒饰演的永远被人愚弄的管家莫斯利,得到尼姆的大加赞许据尼姆透露,莫斯利本来只是剧中的小角色,然而多勒“在开始几场戏中出色的表现...马上使得我们改变主意,让他成了常规角色”太厉害了,莫斯利!  * It didn’t take long Elizabeth McGovern (Cora) to see the potential in Downton Abbey. She remembers that their very first table together as a cast was magical: “On that day, I knew it was going to be something special.”  伊丽莎白麦克?古温很快看到了唐顿庄园这部戏的潜力她回忆说,他们首次作为一个剧组在一起对台词的时候,她就觉得很奇妙“那天起,我就知道这部剧一定会火”  * Sisters Mary and Edith were nasty to each other throughout the series, but Dockery and Carmichael loved that; in fact, Dockery says they were disappointed when Fellowes wrote scenes where the two were actually nice to each other. Carmichael added that sisters have a special capacity to hurt each other: “You know your sister more than you know anyone else… and you know where to stick the knife in.”  玛丽和伊迪丝这对在整部戏里都是冤家,而多克里和卡米歇尔却很享受;实际上,多克里说,看到法勒斯写的两个人和好的那几场戏,他们都觉得好失望卡米歇尔补充说,之间有一种独特的伤害彼此的天性:“你比任何人都了解你的...所以你也知道从哪里下手”  * When asked what they’ll miss most about Downton, Dockery said she’ll miss the clothes she got to wear as Lady Mary. To which Joanne Froggatt, who played housemaid Anna Bates, replied: “I won’t miss mine!”  当被问及最怀念的戏份,多克里说她最舍不得玛丽那些漂亮的衣这时,饰演女仆安娜?贝茨的乔恩?弗加特忍不住回了一句:“我可一点也不想念我的那身行头”  * The cast has had their share of encounters with rabid Downton fans over the years. Bonneville recalled a run-in with a particularly enthusiastic fan at a Banana Republic with fellow cast member Brendan Coyle (Mr. Bates): “We had to sit her down and fan her.”  剧组成员还分享了这些年遭遇疯狂粉丝的故事纳威尔还记得那次跟戏中的搭档柏兰登?科勒(贝茨)在香蕉大众偶然遇到的一位热情过头的粉丝“我们最后只好一边扶她坐下,一边帮她扇风”  * Neame understands some fans will be disappointed that the show is ending, but he wants to go out on a high note: “The best thing that I can hear is that you don’t want the show to end.” He hopes fans will go back after the finale and re-watch the whole series from the beginning: “And I want you to love it the rest of your life.”  尼姆理解粉丝们得知唐顿庄园即将完结会十分难过但他就是想要终结在最辉煌的时刻“对我最大的奖励就是,听到你们告诉我不想看到这部剧完结”他希望粉丝们在最终季之后可以从头再把整部戏看一遍“我希望这部戏是你一生的挚爱” 剧组 庄园 细节。
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