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GreatBritain, and London in particular are expecting a huge boom in tourism this summer, as everybody looks to soak up a piece of the Olympic spirit. Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and Westminster Abbey are just some of the capital#39;s main attractions.在英国,特别是伦敦,整座城市都在企盼这个夏季能为伦敦的旅游业带来大繁荣,因为每个伦敦人都在翘首企盼能够沾上点儿奥运的喜气儿。白金汉宫,牛津街和威斯敏斯特教堂仅仅是这里的部分名胜景点。London-- one of the world#39;s most exciting cities. And very soon, home to the world#39;s biggest event.伦敦是世界上最令人感到兴奋的城市之一。而且,它将很快作为世界最大体育赛事——奥运会的主战场出现在世人面前。Aswell as the athltes, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to pack into the city during the 2012 Olympics.参赛运动员以及成百上千的游客会在2012奥运期间涌入这座城市。Butit#39;s not all about sport. The city itself has plenty to offer.然而,奥运会并不是这座城市的全部,这座城市可以展现给世人的还有很多。Witha history stretching back more than 2000 years, London is punctuated by iconic landmarks.作为一座拥有超过2000多年历史的城市,许多标志性的建筑都是伦敦的名片。There#39;s Westminster Abbey and there#39;s the newly opened ;Shard;, Western Europe#39;s tallest building.这里有威斯敏斯特教堂,还有刚刚开放的夏德大厦,它是欧洲最高的天大楼。MarkDi-Toro, Visit-Britain, said, ;We have got great cultural heritage here. Buckingham Palace, the Queen#39;s home is opened for two months in the summer. One of the most popular royal attractions in Britain. It#39;s a great place to visit. It#39;s hugely popular it brings about 600,000 visitors in only a couple of months which shows the great pull of event such as the Royal wedding, the Diamond Jubilee which we just had this year. Which will hope fully drive even more tourists to these places.;当地居民Mark Di-Toro说,“我们这里有很多文化遗产。白金汉宫每年夏天会对外开放2个月,这是英国最受欢迎的皇家景点之一,也是旅游的好去处。在今年举行皇室婚礼和女王登基60年庆典期间的几个月里,就吸引了近600,000名游客。2012伦敦奥运有望吸引更多游客。Andthen there#39;s the shopping.而且,这里还是一个著名的购物天堂。TheUK#39;s tourist board, Visit-Britain, lists Oxford Street as the fourth must-see location on any visitor#39;s check list.英国旅游委员会及来英旅游的旅游团都将牛津街列为来欧洲旅游的必去景点。It#39;shome to some 300 shops, including Selfridges -- the UK#39;s second largest department store.这里是300家世界知名品牌的基地,如英国百货商场巨头——塞尔福里奇。Butwhat about the UK#39;s famously unpredictable weather?但是,英国变幻无常的天气如何呢?Lena, Russian Tourist, said, ;There are great sites here to go site seeing anywhere, very beautiful parks really. We are just not very satisfied with the weather;.俄罗斯游客莉娜说,“在这里,任何地方都是可以游览的景点,真的很美。但是这里的天气真的很让人扫兴。”2011was a record year for UK tourism, with 31 million international visitors.2011年来英国旅游的游客达3100万之多,创造了史上来英旅游游客人数之最。It#39;s hoped the Olympic Games will exceed that number, as well as leaving London another legacy to take forward into the future.在伦敦奥运期间来英旅游的游客人数有望超过该数字,这也将成为未来英国史上又一历史遗产。 Article/201207/192318。

Weather forecasters say a strong cold front from North West China#39;s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will hit most parts of China over the next three days.天气预报报道,未来三天将有一股强冷空气流将从中国新疆维吾尔自治区袭来并席卷中国大部分区域。The cold snap is expected to bring strong winds to China, sending temperatures plummeting. Temperatures in most regions will fall by between 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. Some northern regions will experience even harsher cold weather.这股冷空气预计会带来大风天气并使温度骤降。大部分地区温度将下降4-8摄氏度。一些北部地区将迎来寒冷天气。Xinjiang Resident, said, ;It#39;s very cold at night. My hands feel cold when I go to the shop in the morning and afternoon.;Most parts of the country will also see light to heavy rain in the next few days, and light to moderate snow may fall in northern China.一位新疆居民说,“晚上非常冷。早上和下午我去商店时都会觉的手冷。”大部分地区在未来几天还会迎来小到大雨,北部地区还会有小到中雪。Inner Mongolia Resident, said, ;The snow can purify the air and kill some bacteria. It makes me feel good.;一位内蒙居民说,“雪可以净化空气并杀死一些细菌,让我感觉舒适。”Forecasters say people should prepare for the cold spell, and drivers and pedestrians watch out for icy roads and pavements.天气预报告诉人们应该为该寒潮期早作准备,司机与行人也要格外注意结冰道路和人行道。 Article/201210/203928。

【Video】How To Make Money From Home on Howcast【Transcript】Economic downturns can be frightening, so pick yourself up and make some money in an environment you control.经济不景气让人恐慌,赶紧打起精神,在自己可以掌控的环境下办公吧You Will NeedInternet access Research Writing ability Communication skills Technical design skills Broadcast voice Friends Blog (optional) Soundproofing and recording equipment (optional) Be aware of internet scams claiming “fast and easy cash.”你需要有:可以上网调查写作能力交际能力技术策划能力好的嗓音朋友客(备选)隔音和录音设备(备选)Step 1: Search for ideasSearch for side job ideas, or a new career for free online. Don’t limit yourself to just one country. You can work remotely in Australia, Canada, the U.K. — any place in the world can be your zone of operations thanks to the internet.第一步 上网找点子在网上找一些可以免费弄的工作,不要把自己局限在一个国家,你可以选择澳大利亚,加拿大,英国,只要有网络,任何国家都可以。Step 2: Offer your creative talentsOffer your creative talent as a writer or editor on contract to firms and individuals. A market exists for someone who can provide incisive criticism, linguistic surgery, quick fixes, and inspired revisions.Try blogging to see if you can attract enough ers to pick up some advertising revenue.第二步 提供自己的创造天赋为单位或个人做一名作家或者一名编辑。那些提供尖锐的批评,语言修改,快速编辑和有启发性的的人,总是有市场的。Step 3: Contract with online servicesContract with online customer service and telemarketing companies who need people for order taking, sales, problem solving, or counseling.第四 网络为网络公司打电话,帮助下订单,卖产品,解答问题或者售后。Step 4: Experiment with auctionsExperiment with online auctions, learning to research, negotiate, and pull the trigger to make money on every sale.第四 网上拍卖学会在线拍卖,主动调查,谈判,积极促成每个买卖的成功。Step 5: Design a siteDownload free templates to design sites for businesses using a free hosting service. Link streaming and advertising shorts to your site to excite potential customers. Consider freelancing as a web designer.With a home-based business, you can carry deductions into the next year if they weren’t advantageous because of current year losses.第五 建立一个网站从网上下载免费的模板,建立自己的网页,通过流动视频和广告来取悦自己潜在的顾客。Step 6: Work in entertainmentRecord samples of your voice, ing commercial copy, and interview with a local agent as a voice-over specialist.You may have to outfit a room with soundproofing and high-end recording equipment.第六 工作和相结合录自己的声音,成为一个优质的画外音人。不过你需要有一个录音室来隔音和录音。Step 7: Answer surveysPick up extra cash answering questions for survey websites and becoming a mystery shopper who rates stores and products for money and discount coupons. Provide feedback for online focus groups.第七 回答网上的问题通过在有偿的网站上回答问题来赚取一些外快。Step 8: Start a networkStart a network marketing group. Whether selling insurance, legal services, food products, or supplements, bring in as many downline sellers as you need to make money without having to drive to an office every day.第八 建立自己的营销网络建立自己的营销网络,不断扩大自己的线下顾客,不论你是打算卖保险,法律务,食品还是小配件,一定的客户群可以保你不用每天去办公室上班。A 2009 survey found that over 17 million Americans were working from home one day a month — an increase of 74 percent from 3 years previous. Article/201007/109385。

Listen up to these tips and tricks from relationship expert Candy Jannetta on how to compliment a girl and what pitfalls to avoid.来倾听恋爱专家肯迪·捷耐特的建议吧,如何更聪明地赞美女孩。Today, I#39;m going to talk about how to compliment a girl and you#39;ll notice when girls get together, they love to give each other compliments, so I#39;m going to show you how to do this well. The first thing to remember is that when you compliment a girl, not to be manipulative in any way or disingenuous, girls will see through this straight away. If you#39;re approaching a girl for the first time who you don#39;t know that well, a great way to compliment a girl is to say a compliment like “I love that dress” and then follow it up with a question, “Where did you get that from?” This really opens up the conversation, it also shows that you#39;re interested in the girl so she#39;s more likely to carry on the conversation with you.今天,我要谈谈如何赞美一个女孩,你会注意到当女孩们聚在一起,她们喜欢彼此恭维,所以我将向您展示如何做好这件事。首先要记住的是,当你赞美一个女孩,不要表现出以任何的刻意或虚伪,因为女孩马上会看穿这一切。如果你第一次接近一个不认识的女孩,嗯,一个绝佳的方式来赞美一个女孩时,可以这样来,比如“我喜欢你的衣”,然后用一个问题:“你从哪里买到的?”这就能使交谈继续下去,同时也表明你对这个女孩感兴趣,所以她更有可能与你进行交谈。Now, a big mistake which people can make when they make compliments is getting too general. So, “You#39;re beautiful, you#39;re so gorgeous, you#39;re so pretty” - what this shows is that you actually haven#39;t thought about that girl that much, because it#39;s very easy to say this, it also doesn#39;t show much thought. The second thing to avoid is being a bit weird or kind of a bit overly sexual.现在,人们容易犯的错误是赞美的内容太一般。所以,“你漂亮,你那么华丽,你这么漂亮”—这说明你并没有认真地观察那个女孩,因为这些话很容易,也不需要多少内涵。第二件事,应避免举止怪异或性意图过于明显。So, for example, you meet someone for the first time and you say “What beautiful full lips you#39;ve got”. This is definitely something to keep for when you know the girl better. Girls like to be complimented on the way they look but they don#39;t just want to be noticed for their looks.所以,例如,当你们初次见面时,你说“你的嘴唇真漂亮真丰满”。这肯定是足够了解她之后才能有的对话。女孩喜欢赞美自己的外表,但她们不想只被别人注意到外表。So, pay compliments about their intelligence and personality as well. Say, you were taking a girl out to a French restaurant and the girl you#39;re with speaks French to the waiter, you might say something like ;I#39;m really impressed with your French, where did you learn to speak like that?; Something to really look out for when you#39;re paying compliments is not to pay compliments in quick succession, so ;You#39;re gorgeous, what a beautiful dress, what a lovely hair; - this will sound obsessive and will also make you come across as desperate. So, be sparing in your compliments.因此,请赞美她们的聪慧和性格。例如,你和一个女孩在法国餐厅,女孩用法语同侍者交流,说一些像“我对你的法语印象非常深刻,你从哪里学的?”之类的话就很应景。需要谨记的是,恭维不是为了恭维而恭维,所以“你很好,你的衣很漂亮,你的发型很可爱”—这一连串的恭维听起来会显得很勉强,还会让你显得口不择言。所以,赞美也需要节制。Finally, when you compliment a girl, remember not to stare at what you#39;re complimenting. So, if you were looking at her necklace, you might not say, you wouldn#39;t say ;I really like your necklace; and stare directly at her chest. This will come across as very weird.最后,当你赞美一个女孩,记住不要盯着她被赞美的部位。所以,如果你看到她的项链,你可能不会说,你不能一边说“我真的喜欢你的项链”一边盯着她的胸部看,这将会显得非常怪异。So, those are my tips on how to compliment a girl.以上就是我的建议。Thanks for watching How To Compliment A Girl谢谢收看本期“如何赞美女孩”节目。 Article/201208/195508。


Today in History: Friday, November 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月2日,周五On Nov. 2, 1948, President Harry S. Truman narrowly won re-election over Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey.1948年11月2日,杜鲁门总统以微弱优势击败共和党候选人杜威获得连任。1783 Gen. George Washington issued his farewell address to the Army near Princeton, N.J.1783年,乔治·华盛顿将军美国新泽西州普林斯顿向军队发表告别演说。1795 James K. Polk, the 11th president of the ed States, was born in Mecklenburg County, N.C.1795年,美国第11届总统詹姆斯K.波尔克在北卡罗来纳州梅克伦堡县出生。1865 Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the ed States, was born near Corsica, Ohio.1865年,美国第29届总统沃伦·哈丁在俄亥俄州科西嘉岛附近出生。1889 North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states.1889年,北达科塔州和南达科塔州成为美国的第39个和第40个州。1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour expressed support for a national home for the Jews of Palestine in what became known as the Balfour Declaration.1917年,英国外交大臣阿瑟·巴尔弗表示持巴勒斯坦建立犹太人之家,这就是众所周知的《贝尔福宣言》。1947 Howard Hughes piloted his huge wooden airplane, the Spruce Goose, on its only flight, which lasted about a minute over Long Beach Harbor in California.1947年,霍华德·休斯驾驶着巨大的木制飞机Spruce Goose进行它唯一的飞行,在加州长滩港持续了大约一分钟。1959 Charles Van Doren admitted to a House subcommittee that he had the questions and answers in advance of his appearances on the TV game show ;Twenty-One.;1959年,查理·范多伦向众议院一个委员会承认,在电视游戏节目《21》中提前获得了问题和。1963 South Vietnamese President Ngo Dihn Diem was assassinated in a military coup.1963年,南越总统Ngo Dihn Diem在一次军事政变中被暗杀。1976 Former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter defeated Republican incumbent Gerald R. Ford, becoming the first U.S. president from the Deep South since the Civil War.1976年,前乔治亚州州长吉米·卡特击败共和党现任总统杰拉尔德·福特成为内战以来第一个来自南方腹地的美国总统。1983 President Ronald Reagan signed a bill establishing a federal holiday on the third Monday of January in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.1983年,里根总统签署了一项法案,在一月的第三个星期设定联邦假日,纪念民权领袖马丁·路德·金。2004 President George W. Bush was elected to a second term.2004年,乔治W.布什连任美国总统。2009 Afghanistan#39;s election commission proclaimed President Hamid Karzai the victor of the country#39;s tumultuous ballot, canceling a planned runoff.2009年,阿富汗的选举委员会宣布总统哈米德·卡尔扎伊获得投票胜利,取消了计划中的决胜选举。2010 Californians rejected a ballot measure that would have made their state the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use.2010年,加州拒绝了一份欲使其成为第一个大麻合法化州的投票议案。 /201211/207268。