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旅游英语口语常用句型:到达酒店 --01 :5:30 来源: 旅游英语口语常用句型:到达酒店Key Sentences(重点句子).Welcome to our hotel.欢迎光临.So you have got altogether four pieces of baggage?您一共带了件行李,是不是?. Let me have a check again.让我再看一下18.The Reception Desk is straight ahead.接待处就在前面19.After you, please.你先请.Excuse me, where can I buy some cigarettes?劳驾我到哪儿可买到香烟?1.There is a shop on the ground floor.一楼有个商店.It sells both Chinese and eign cigarettes.在那儿可买到中国香烟和外国香烟3.Can I also get some souvenirs there?也可以买到纪念品吗?.There is a counter selling all kinds of souvenirs.有个柜台出售各种各样的纪念品5.Excuse me,where is the restaurant?劳驾,请问饭厅在哪儿?6.We have Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant.Which one do you prefer?我们有中餐厅和西餐厅,你愿意去哪个?7.I'd like to try some Chinese food today.今天我想尝尝中国菜 旅游英语口语我最喜欢的照片(My favourite photo ) -- :19: 来源: 我最喜欢的照片(My favourite photo )  There is an Aoyu in the picture. The Aoyu has a green tail, two colorful horns and the silver skin. It’s a silver Aoyu.  It looks beautiful and lively. Aoyu dance is a traditional dance in Shawan Piaose. It means it can always get the first. It’s a good symbol. Everyone likes it very much.尼亚加拉大瀑布英文导游词 尼亚加拉大瀑布英文介绍 --9 19::3 来源: 尼亚加拉大瀑布英文导游词 尼亚加拉大瀑布英文介绍尼亚加拉大瀑布由三大瀑布组成:马蹄型瀑布(Horseshoe Falls))、美利坚瀑布(American Falls)和新娘面纱瀑布(Veil of the Bride Falls)其中美利坚瀑布和新娘面纱瀑布是最高的瀑布Niagara Falls comprises three distinct cataracts. The tallest are the American and Bridal Veil falls on the American side, separated by tiny Luna Island and plunging over jagged rocks in a 180ft drop; the broad Horseshoe Falls which curve their way over to Canada are probably the most impressive. They date back a mere twelve thousand years, when the retreat of melting glaciers allowed water trapped in Lake Erie to gush north to Lake Ontario. Back then the falls were seven miles downriver, but constant erosion has cut them back to their present site. The falls are colorfully lit up at night, and many say they’re most beautiful in winter, when the grounds are covered in snow and the waters turn to ice.   The best views on the American side are from the Prospect Point Observation Tower (daily; 50¢), and from the area at its base where the water rushes past; Terrapin Point on Goat Island in the middle of the river has similar views of Horseshoe Falls. The nineteenth-century tightrope-walker Blondin crossed the Niagara repeatedly near here, and even carried passengers across on his back; other suicidal fools over the years have taken the plunge in barrels. One survivor among the many fatalities was the Englishman Bobby Leach, who went over in a steel barrel in July 19 and had to spend the rest of the year in hospital. That practice has since been banned (though a couple of maniacs did it in summer 1995 and came away with minor bruises), reasons which become self-evident when you approach the towering cascade on the not-to-be-missed Maid of the Mist boat trip from the foot of the observation tower (summer Mon-Fri am-5pm, Sat Sun am-6pm; .50; 7-33). From Goat Island, the Cave of the Winds tour leads down to the base of the falls by elevator to within almost touching distance of the water (mid-May to late Oct; .50). A combination pass these and other attractions costs $. Rainbow helicopter tours (7-00) are a more expensive proposition at home --3 ::5 来源: homei have a warm home, my parents love me, hurt my younger brothers and sisters. my mother, and a hair, put on his shoulders like a star, and her hobby is watching tv, and sometimes touched the tears came, my mother is a kind-hearted woman, they are allowed to tears the wholelove, younger brothers and sisters often do not understand why her mother cried. my father is very concerned about face-saving, because sensitive about one's reputation, often. father's hobby is stock market. very timid younger brother, will be shivering in the dark, sleep and also sleep with my father, his hobby is riding a bicycle! my sister is very cute, you can go to her 51 look really good cute ah! her hobby is dancing! i am a ing fan, a money to buy books, naturally, i love that book! this is my family!! per person a ten-minute ride. To check the view out from Niagara Falls, Ontario, it’s a twenty-minute walk across the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side (5¢ each way; bring ID, and check with US Immigration officials bee heading across), where you get an arguably better view, bigger crowds and even more tawdry commercialism. Driving across is inadvisable: the toll a car is just 75¢, but parking on the other side is upwards of $.   As you look on in awe, reflect that you’re seeing only about half the volume of water - the rest is diverted to hydroelectric power stations. The full story of this engineering feat is related at the free Niagara Power Project Visitors Center in nearby Lewiston (July Aug daily 9am-6pm; Sept-June daily am-5pm; 75-3). With your own transportation it’s also possible to trace the inhospitable Niagara Gorge two miles along the dramatic Robert Moses Parkway to the Whirlpool Rapids, a violent maelstrom swollen by broken trees and other flotsam.   Ten miles east of Niagara Falls, the town of LOCKPORT takes its name from the series of locks that raise and lower boats some 65ft at the western end of the Erie Canal. You can see the impressive flight of locks from the Pine Street Bridge, or up close on canal boat tours (May - Nov daily at .30 3pm, also am on Sat; ; 7693-360). 尼亚加拉 瀑布 英文

三年级英语作文:The composition of the tree --1 01:57:1 来源:   A tree has three main parts, the roots, the branches and the leaves. Under the ground, the roots out so that the tree can stand firm. Above the ground, the roots m the trunk, and the trunk suorts the branches.  Near the top of the tree, the trunk divides into branches. At the top of the tree, the leaves grow out of the branches. the leaves receive sunlight to help the whole tree grow.

下九路超市(Shopping in Xia Jiu Road) -- :57: 来源: 下九路超市(Shopping in Xia Jiu Road)  shopping in xia jiu road  saturday,march th sunny  “what a beautiful day! the sky is blue and the clouds are white.” said my mother. “yes. let’s go to xia jiu road.” said my father. i was really happy and i jumped very high.  xia jiu road is more famous than the other shopping centers, because everyone says “xia jiu road is the shopping world.” i saw a clothes shop over there, and i said to my parents, “mum, dad, let’s go in!” mum and dad looked me and said, “you are really a child.” i was really perky(神气的) and said “ok. let’s just go in !” i bought a lot of beautiful clothes. my parents were unhappy. i pat on their shoulders and said, “don’t be angry, because everyone says ‘fine clothes make the man’, isn’t it?” my parents said together, “no, it isn’t. but we all love you. ” we laughed together and my parents were happy again.today i was very happy, because i bought a lot of clothes and had a good time. i don’t think “you can’t eat the cake and have it”is right.


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