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The number of adult kids moving back home has been rising since 1980. It can be a difficult situation, so everyone needs to be clear about their responsibilities.自1980年以来,搬回家与父母同住的孩子的数量不断上升。这可能是非常难以处理的情况,所以每个人都需要明确自己的责任。You Will Need你需要Clear living arrangements明确的居住安排Storage space存储空间Adherence to rules遵守规定Maturity and responsibility成熟和责任感Chore chart家务活Independence独立Productivity效率Steps步骤STEP 1 Work out arrangements1.精心安排Work out the spatial and financial arrangements ahead of time. Reduce tension by discussing mutual expectations, personal goals, and timelines.提前精心制定好空间和财务方面的安排。讨论共同的期望,个人目标和时间表,缓解紧张关系。STEP 2 Re-purpose a room2.重新选择房间Re-purpose a room instead of encroaching on aly utilized areas to accommodate everyone#39;s need for personal space. Rent a storage space for your extra stuff instead of crowding your folks.重新选择一个房间,而不是入侵现在已经有人使用的区域,满足每个人对个人空间的需求。租用一个存储多余物品的地方,而不是和家人拥挤在一起。Be aware of an inclination to act like an adolescent again, expecting service from them that an adult should do for themselves.不要表现得像青少年一样,原本作为成年人应该自己做的事情却期望他人为你务。STEP 3 Follow their rules3.遵守他们的规定Consider that this is their home. Your guests have to follow the rules -- even curfews -- if that#39;s what will make the arrangement work.要意识到这是他们的家。你的客人们要遵守他们的规定——甚至宵禁——如果这样才能让安排顺利进行的话。STEP 4 Pay back4.回报Pay your parents back for their kindness by cleaning up after yourself, running errands, making repairs, mowing the lawn, and making dinner once in a while. Show maturity, independence, and a serious intention to find a place of your own as soon as possible.自己经常主动打扫卫生,跑腿,修理,修剪草坪,偶尔做一下晚餐,回报父母的仁慈。表现出成熟,独立的态度,并严肃地表示尽快找到自己的地方。STEP 5 Split up chores5.分担家务Help create a chore chart to divide the labor among everyone. Essential duties like cleaning, laundry, and preparing meals take cooperation-- it#39;s better to define responsibilities before resentments start.帮助分配任务,每个人都分担一点家务活。必要的任务,比如清洁,洗衣和准备晚餐等需要合作——在产生怨恨情绪之前就明确每个人的职责就更好了。STEP 6 Get out sometimes6.留出一点时间Continue to have a social life. Hanging around the house all the time trying to entertain one another is asking for trouble. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.继续保持社交生活。一直宅在家里大眼瞪小眼是自找麻烦。适当的距离产生美。STEP 7 Work, save, go7.工作,节省,搬出去Maintain a busy, productive schedule. Find work, save money, and move on.保持忙碌,高效的生活。找份工作,存钱,尽快搬出去。By 2008, 16.1 percent of the American population lived in multigenerational households, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data.根据皮尤研究中心对统计数据的分析,截止到2008年,16.1%的美国人口多代同堂。 Article/201501/352859。

栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。 Article/201510/399255。

Japan, China hold maritime crisis talks in Tokyo中日讨论海上危机管理Japan and China have held their fourth round of talks in Tokyo on instituting a maritime crisis management mechanism.中日两国就建立海上联络机制在东京进行第四轮专家小组磋商。Both countries agreed to launch it as soon as possible, after a broad agreement is reached.中日双方达成一定共识后确认建立海上紧急联络机制。Taking part in the working level talks are officials from Japan#39;s Defense Ministry and the Maritime Self-Defense Force and China#39;s Defense Ministry.最新一轮会谈的与会者来自两国国防部及海军。They reaffirmed basic agreements to date and discussed specifics of the mechanism, including adjustments that are needed to address technical problems.双方将最终敲定细节并就机制包括技术问题在内的细节做出调整。 Article/201501/354010。

And graven with diamonds in letters plain There is written her fair neck round about:辞藻无华 刻于美钻 环绕伊人颈上nole me tangere, for Caesar#39;s I am,and wild for to hold though I seem tame.旁人勿近 身许凯撒 貌似温柔娴静 内心却狂放不羁Nole me tangere-do not touch,Nole me tangere for Caesar, otherwise known as Henry VIII, 意为旁人勿近 诗中的凯撒暗指亨利八世had aly committed himself to the chase,and the king, as we know, was an inexhaustible hunter.此时的他 已深陷追逐安妮的泥沼之中 众所周知 国王是未达目的决不罢休的求爱者Henry really had to work hard to get Anne,harder than at any time in his life.亨利苦心追求安妮 比他生命中任何时候都要用心The man who, as Wolsey could testify, hated writing letters wrote umpteen in his attempts to woo her.这个沃尔西口中 厌恶写信的人 竟笔耕不辍 只为她一笑She represented everything Catherine of Aragon was not.安妮有阿拉贡的凯瑟琳所未有Ten years younger, merry rather than pious,spirited rather than gravely deferential,年轻十岁 活泼开朗而不喜说教 生机勃勃而不是严肃恭敬Anne opened the way to sexual bliss, domestic happiness and, perhaps more important than any of these,the possibility of a son and heir.安妮为他敞开了男欢女爱的极乐之门 而也许更重要的是 有为他诞下男性王位继承人的可能The estrangement between catherine and Henry went back as far as 1511 and the death of their son Henry,凯瑟琳与亨利的失和要追溯到1511年 他们的儿子小亨利之死who despite the offerings made at Walsingham lived only a few weeks.不计在母体中的时日 这个孩子只存活了数周Catherine had gone on to produce a daughter, Mary, born in 1516.凯瑟琳又在1516年生下一女 玛丽But Henry began to recoil from his queen.但亨利开始疏离他的王后After more than 20 years,Henry had no legitimate male heir and no prospect of one.在二十多年以后 亨利既无合法的男嗣 亦无生养的希望 /201612/485521。

Wolves. Packs of them, eight to ten strong, shadow the migration. And they are hungry.狼。8~10只狼组成的小股部队,悄悄地尾随着迁徙的大军。它们已是饥肠辘辘It#39;s the newly born calves that they are after.它们的目标就是新生的小鹿Running directly at the herd is a ploy to generate panic.直冲向鹿群是一种制造恐慌的战术The herd breaks up and now it#39;s easier to target an individual.鹿群奔散开来,狼群便更容易锁定单个目标In the chaos a calf is separated from its mother.混乱中一只小鹿与它的母亲失散了The calf is young, but it can outrun the wolf if only it manages to keep its footing.小鹿虽然很小,但如果全速奔跑起来,它仍可以比狼跑得更快At this stage the odds are even -这种情况下一般有两种可能either the caribou will make a mistake or after a mile the wolf will give up.一是驯鹿自己犯下错误,否则就是狼追出1英里之后选择放弃 Article/201612/485610。

The families of three people killed in the Orlando nightclub massacre have filed a lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google.奥兰多夜店击案3名被害人的家属向脸谱网、推特和谷歌提起诉讼。According to court documents, the families of Tevin Crosby, Javier Jorge-Reyes and Juan Ramon Guerrero are suing the tech giants for providing ;material support; to ISIS.根据法庭文件,Tevin Crosby,Javier Jorge Reyes和Juan Ramon Guerrero的家属正在起诉这些科技巨头为ISIS提供“实质性持”。The suit claims all three companies ;knowingly and recklessly; let accounts associated with ISIS exist. It claims those accounts therefore allowed the terrorist group to use the social networks ;as a tool for sping extremist propaganda, raising funds, and attracting new recruits.;该诉讼声称,这三家公司“故意和草率的”的让与ISIS有关的账号存在。它声称这些帐户让恐怖组织使用社交网络来作为传播极端主义,筹集资金,吸引新兵的工具。The lawsuit alleges the tech giants helped radicalize the Pulse nightclub gunman. ISIS called the shooter one of their fighters, and investigators determined the group inspired him to carry out the attack.该诉讼指控这些科技巨头帮助激进脉冲夜总会手。ISIS称手是他们的一个战士,调查人员确定是该组织鼓舞他实施这起袭击。The suit was filed just weeks after Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft announced they were building a database to help track and remove terrorist content from their sites.就在诉讼数周前,脸谱网、推特、YouTube和微软宣布建立一个数据库来跟踪和删除他们网站上的恐怖主义内容。According to USA Today, Facebook wouldn#39;t comment on the lawsuit, and Google and Twitter didn#39;t respond to requests for comment.根据今日美国,脸谱网不会对诉讼发表,谷歌和推特也没有就要求作出回应。译文属。 Article/201612/484824。

在LIFT 2007的演讲中,苏伽特·米特拉介绍了他的“墙中洞”项目(Hole in the Wall)。在该项目中,儿童能够揣如何使用个人电脑,并且将方法教给其他儿童。米特拉问道,儿童还能教会自己什么呢? Article/201410/331714。