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湖北附属襄阳医院男科宜城市人民医院做体检怎么样US Official Says Terror Safe-Havens in Pakistan Remain a Challenge美官员称反恐有成绩也有不足之处  A top counterterrorism official says the ed States has had a mixed record of success in the fight against al-Qaida terrorists. President Bush's nominee to run the National Counterterrorism Center, Michael Leiter, said Pakistan could do more to crackdown on terror safe-havens. 美国政府高级反恐官员迈克尔.莱特说,在打击基地恐怖分子的斗争中,美国取得了成功,但也有需要加强的地方,比如,巴基斯坦可以对恐怖主义分子藏身处采取更多的打击行动。布什总统提名莱特出任国家反恐中心主任。Michael Leiter, who has served as Acting Director of the National Counterterrosim Center since November of last year and is expected to be easily confirmed by the Senate, listed a number of successes in the fight against terrorism, including tracking and disrupting plots. 迈克尔.莱特去年11月以来一直担任国家反恐中心代理主任,预计国会参议院会很顺利地通过对他的提名。莱特列举了反恐斗争中取得的一些成绩,其中包括跟踪和粉碎恐怖主义阴谋。But he said more must be done to thwart al-Qaida terrorists, particularly in the Pakistani tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. 但是他指出,必须做更多的工作,才能够消灭基地组织恐怖分子,特别是在巴基斯坦与阿富汗接壤的部落地区。"We have clearly not succeeded in stopping core al-Qaida plotting. We are better at disrupting it, but we have not disrupted the senior leadership that exist in the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), and we have also not stopped the organization from promulgating a message, which has successfully gained them more recruits," he said. 莱特说:“我们显然没有成功地阻止基地组织的核心阴谋。我们比较能够干扰他们的阴谋,但是没能破坏在联邦管辖的部落地区活动的高级领导层。另外,我们也没有能够阻止基地组织传播信息,这使他们得以招募更多的人。”Leiter says the ed States is committed to working with Pakistan on the problem of safe-havens, and says success rests with the Pakistani government. 莱特说,美国致力于与巴基斯坦方面合作,解决恐怖分子藏身处的问题,成功与否,取决于巴基斯坦政府。But some Democrats remain skeptical about Pakistan's ability or willingness to address the issue, prompting this exchange with Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat: 但是一些民主党人对巴基斯坦是否能够或者愿意解决这个问题表示怀疑。俄勒冈州民主党籍参议员罗恩.怀登问:"WYDEN: Do you think any time soon the Pakistani government will be capable of taking away al-Qaida safe-havens in that area? “你认为巴基斯坦政府能很快清除那个地区的基地组织藏身处吗?”LEITER: I think there is much more the government of Pakistan could do." 莱特回答说:“我认为巴基斯坦政府可以做得更多。”Congressional Democrats are also critical of a U.S. aid program that has reimbursed Pakistan's military nearly billion since 2001 for antiterrorism operations along its border with Afghanistan. 国会民主党人还对美国为巴基斯坦军方2001年以来在巴基斯坦-阿富汗边境地区的反恐行动承担近60亿美元的费用提出批评。The Government Accountability Office Tuesday released a preliminary report saying Pakistan has been unable to defeat terrorists inside its borders despite the U.S. aid program. The GAO says Pakistani security forces are not structured to target an insurgency and face equipment and training shortages. 政府问责署星期二公布的一项初步报告说,尽管有美国的援助,但巴基斯坦方面未能击败其境内的恐怖分子,巴基斯坦安全部队不能在缺少设备和训练的情况下对付反叛活动。The House Foreign Affairs Committee is expected to hold a hearing on the issue Wednesday. 国会众议院外交事务委员会预计星期三将就这个问题举行听。200805/38059襄阳市中医院 有泌尿科吗 It seems fewer and fewer of us are happy with our looks. Plastic surgery operations were up a third last year and today saw a major conference in London of the world's top cosmetic surgeons, for more full news Helene Cacace was there. Plastic surgery is big business; the most common kind of operation in the UK is breast enlargement. We aren't gonna make any cheap gags, I'm here at the annual conference run by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or BAAPS.They come in all shapes and sizes; breasts just lying about on tables and some real experts, a surgeon who's researched the perfect pair: if I took about a 45:55 percent ratio between upper and lower with a nipple just sitting over the midline and slightly sky with pointing. Perfect breast is a breast that suits an individual, and suits a body, it's harmonious, it's in proportion. Adam Quicky, a man who can give you a breast enlargement in your lunch hour encouraging you to go out to show your new bra size the very same evening.They are usually home within an hour to an hour and a half after the surgery, they take a 2 hour nap, they get up, they take a shower, they do arm stretch exercises and they go to the mall. But the conference isn't only about breasts; there are a huge number of new products on show here, technologically advanced, but somewhat frightening. The device is then placed down through that insition with the tines on it. And facing down into the muscle, those hooked in and then this bit thrown away. And this is then just pulled backwards and suits it to the mastoid fascia.This is the product, it's an injectable dermal filler. It's injected into facial wrinkles. And it's the new, new consistency, I mean, it's very smooth, and easy to inject. And thankfully, patients are telling us that it hurts less as well, which is always a benefit. Behind the silicon stands the matter of unregulated cosmetic products is a worry, with fears that UK patients are being used as Guinea pigs for treatments banned in the US. Our concern is the products which are not examined properly were released on the market in the UK they haven't been tested, they may at best be inefficient and ineffective, but worse they may actually be dangerous.The potential physical damage to women is not the only concern; Philippa Roberts who works for a marketing consultancy that targets women believes the cosmetic industry makes money by playing on women's insecurities. I think that definitely what would be true to say is that there is within the beauty industry, a strand of activity that preys on female under-confident. You know, the physical science of aging, selenite, orange skin signs, all that kind of language is designed to make women feel that they are not great. And that they are not at their best without ex-whiles at product. The Wallet's becoming easier and more acceptable to go under the scalpel. That does seem to be a backlash from cosmetic companies who preys on natural assets. The future is not so plastic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.mastoid:adj. Shaped like a female breast. 2.fascia:n.【医】 筋膜, 绷带3.selenite:n.透明石膏 4.scalpel: n. scalpel is a knife with a short, thin, sharp blade. Scalpels are used by surgeons during operations.200805/39908襄樊孕检费用

湖北省襄阳妇幼保健院中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Iraqi Government, Al-Sadr Movement Agree to Cease-Fire in Sadr City伊拉克政府与萨德尔民兵同意停火   Spokesmen for the Iraqi government and the movement of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr say the two sides agreed to a truce Saturday to end weeks of fighting in Baghdad's Sadr City. Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes between militants and government forces there since fighting intensified in late March.  伊拉克政府发言人和什叶派激进教士萨德尔领导的民兵组织的发言人都表示,双方星期六同意停战,结束几个星期以来在巴格达萨德尔城的战斗。自从3月底激进分子和政府军在萨德尔城的冲突升级以来,已经有几百人丧生。An aide to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, says the cease-fire in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City will go into effect on Sunday.  什叶派教士萨德尔的助手奥贝迪说,在巴格达东部的萨德尔城停火的协议将于星期天生效。According to the deal struck between the government's ed Iraqi Alliance and the Sadrist movement, militants belonging to the Mahdi Army will not engage in further fighting with Iraqi and coalition troops in Sadr City.  根据伊拉克政府的“伊拉克团结联盟”和萨德尔民兵组织之间达成的协议,马赫迪军的激进分子将不再与萨德尔城内的伊拉克军队以及联军部队作战。In an interview on Iraqi news, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said this cease-fire applies only to Sadr City. He says militants there must put away their weapons for their own safety and that of the area's citizens.  伊拉克政府的发言人达巴格在接受伊拉克新闻媒体采访时说,这次停火只适用于萨德尔城。他说,萨德尔城的激进分子必须放下武器,以确保自己和当地人民的安全。He says the first thing will be to stop any shooting and to remove bombs on the roads. He says if any person holds a weapon, he will be targeted by the security forces. 他说,首先要停止一切射击,拆除路上的炸弹。他说,任何持有武器的人都会成为安全部队打击的目标。Dabbagh said that private courts operating in Sadr City outside of the Ministry of Justice must immediately stop their operations. He emphasized that only the government has the authority to provide protection or to enforce laws. 达巴格说,在萨德尔城内的、不属于司法部的私设的法庭必须立即停止运作。他强调说,只有伊拉克政府有权提供保护或者执行法律。Dabbagh added that the military will go through official channels to detain people he deemed to be "outlaws." 他还补充说,伊拉克政府军将通过官方渠道拘捕那些被认为是“罪犯”的人。He said the government will control checkpoints around Sadr City, but the area will not be cordoned off entirely.  他说,伊拉克政府将控制萨德尔城周围的检查站,但是该地区不会完全被封锁。Sadr's movement had called on the government to stop random raids against al-Sadr's followers and to open roads that lead to the city. 萨德尔领导的民兵组织一直呼吁伊拉克政府停止任意搜捕萨德尔的追随者,并呼吁伊拉克政府开放通往萨德尔城的道路。Dabbagh is also calling on all groups to cooperate to improve security for the sake of Iraqi citizens.  达巴格还呼吁所有组织进行合作,为伊拉克人民的利益改善安全状况。He says providing people with security and a suitable calm is the Iraqi government's main aim, and he says he is certain that members of al-Sadr's group feel the responsibility for this belongs to them, as well. 他说,伊拉克政府的主要目标是为伊拉克人民提供安全和适宜的宁静。他说,他肯定萨德尔民兵组织的成员也同样感到他们有这样的责任。He added that militants loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr now acknowledge that they cannot be permitted to act outside of the government.  他还说,效忠于萨德尔教士的激进分子现在承认,他们不能在伊拉克政府以外擅自行动。Dabbagh says everyone agrees that the security responsibility belongs to the government and the government only, not to militia or armed groups. 达巴格说,所有人都同意,维持安全的责任是伊拉克政府的责任,而不属于激进分子或武装组织。Dabbagh says if the truce is successful in Sadr City, the government will attempt to extend it to other regions where fighting rages. 他说,如果萨德尔城的停火成功,伊拉克政府会争取把停战扩大到其它正在发生冲突的地区。Elsewhere, in the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi military forces, backed by Coalition troops, are beginning a new phase of their campaign against al-Qaida in Iraq there. 另外,在北部城市苏尔,伊拉克军队在联军援下打击伊拉克基地组织的战役进入新阶段。The military has closed off main roads leading to Mosul to prevent militants from smuggling weapons and car bombs into the city. 伊拉克军队已经切断通往苏尔的主要道路,防止激进分子把武器和汽车炸弹运进苏尔。200805/38517湖北附属襄阳医院泌尿外科 襄阳第一人民医院看妇科怎么样

襄樊泌尿科咨询Afghan Report Says 47 Civilians Died in US Airstrike阿富汗称美军空袭炸死47平民  An Afghan government commission says a U.S. airstrike this week that American commanders claimed had targeted militants instead killed 47 civilians. The reports of civilian casualties come as American commanders say they are trying to counter the growing threat from insurgents coming across the Pakistani border. 阿富汗政府的一个委员会说,美军这个星期发动的一次空袭造成47名平民死亡,美军指挥官宣称那次空袭的目标是激进分子。与此同时,美军指挥官说,从巴基斯坦越境过来的暴乱分子的威胁在增加,他们在尽力遏制这种威胁。The Afghan government ordered an inquiry into Sunday's U.S. airstrike after conflicting reports about the attack. Local officials in Nangarhar province said the victims were part of a wedding party and no militants were in the region. U.S. commanders had insisted militants were among the group.  在有关这次空袭出现了相互矛盾的说法后,阿富汗政府下令对美军星期天的空袭进行调查。阿富汗楠格哈尔省地方官员说,空袭的遇难者是参加一个婚礼的民众,当时那个地区没有激进份子。但是美军指挥官坚持认为,参加婚礼的人群中混杂了激进份子。President Hamid Karzai appointed a nine-member government commission to investigate. After traveling to the region, the head of the commission, Senate deputy speaker, Burhanullah Shinwari, tells VOA that the victims were all civilians. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊指定一个9人委员会对此事进行调查。这个委员会的负责人、阿富汗议会参议院副议长欣瓦里在访问该地区后对美国之音说,所有的遇难者都是平民。He says that they investigated and found in that area 47 people were killed and nine wounded. He said no militants were present and the victims were mainly women and children who were walking to a wedding party.  他说,我们进行了调查,发现有47人被炸死,9人受伤。他说,现场没有激进份子。遇难者大多数是妇女和儿童,他们当时正在前去参加一个婚礼。U.S. officials say they have not completed their investigation yet.  美国官员说,他们还没有完成自己的调查。Afghan officials have expressed concern over mounting civilian casualties, as U.S. and NATO forces try to counter a surge in attacks by Taliban forces in recent months.  阿富汗官员对越来越多的平民伤亡表示担心。最近几个月以来,塔利班份子的袭击有所增加,美国和北约部队正在尽力打击塔利班。Militants safe havens in Pakistan have been blamed for contributing to the spike in violence that made June the deadliest month for coalition forces since the 2001 invasion.  巴基斯坦境内的激进份子藏身地一直被认为是暴力事件激增的原因,这些暴力事件已经使今年6月成为美国为首的联军2001年出兵阿富汗以来伤亡最严重的一个月。During a visit to Kabul this week, Admiral Michael Mullen said U.S. officials now believe that Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, called FATA, are attracting an increasing number of foreign fighters.  美军参谋长联席会议主席迈克.马伦海军上将这个星期在访问喀布尔时说,美国官员现在相信,巴基斯坦联邦直辖部落地区正吸引着越来越多的外国战斗人员。"There are clearly more foreign fighters in the FATA, than have been there in the past, and I wouldn't get into any specifics. But what it really speaks to is that that's a safe haven, that's got to be eliminated for all insurgents - not just al Qaida," Admiral Mullen said. 他说:“与过去相比,巴基斯坦联邦直辖部落地区外国战斗人员明显增多。我不想说得太具体。但是这的确说明这里是他们的藏身之处。必须铲除这些地点,不仅仅是针对基地组织,而且要让所有的激进份子无处藏身。”Coalition forces have responded with aggressive operations. American Marines have recaptured Taliban-held towns in Helmand province. Coalition and Afghan forces are pursuing militants operating near the Pakistani border, and occasionally firing at militants fleeing back into Pakistani territory.  为此,联军采取了猛烈的军事攻势。美国海军陆战队收复了赫尔曼德省一度被塔利班控制的城镇。联军和阿富汗部队还在追剿在靠近巴基斯坦边界一带活动的激进分子,有时他们还向逃入巴基斯坦境内的激进份子开火。In June, a U.S. airstrike on a border post accidentally killed 11 Pakistani troops. The Pakistani military sharply criticized the attack.  今年6月,美军对边界上一个检查站发动的空袭造成11名巴基斯坦军人死亡。巴基斯坦军方强烈批评了这次空袭。On Friday, local officials in South Waziristan said mortar shells fired from Afghanistan wounded eight Pakistani troops at a border checkpoint. U.S. and Pakistani military officials have not commented on the reported strike. 星期五,巴基斯坦南瓦济里斯坦地方官员说,从阿富汗发射过来的迫击炮弹炸伤了一个边境检查站的8名巴基斯坦军人。美国和巴基斯坦军方官员都没有对报导中的这次袭击发表。200807/43906 Jennifer Aniston has been getting a lot of attention lately for the man in her personal life, but these days she wants to focus on the man in her professional life, actor Clive Owen, who co-stars in the new thriller "Derailed"."Oh, I'm drinking you under the burn, Mr.""Really?""Yeah, and I bet I can do it in 3 drinks.""You like to gamble?""Well, thoroughly in gamble you'd never lose."I saw you on Oprah, I thought you are terrific on Oprah.Thanks you love Oprah.(And)you, we all , I'm....Hail !!!! Oprah.I'm in the front queue of the church of opera.I'm good. I'm next to you.Um, one of these things you talked about was er...Hindy...Clive Owen, now is this you're a good kisser?Ur...That would be correct.That would be correct. Yes."Kiss me."He is...uh...also with, uh, Julia Roberts, what's the story with you..Julia Roberts?She'd agree with me?RightDid she nod and say to you if you have a chance to work with Clive..what did she say?She...it was a coincidence, it was a weird moment when I had just got the script and like half an hour later, we went and had luncheon, she just ,sort of, out of the blue, said, you know, has anybody worked with Clive Owen? And I just said that's very strange I just got the script with his name or attached to it, and she said if you can, work with him, he's fantastic.Um, dreamy..I think it was the word that I .She said dreamy in other way one of us is dreamy.Yes. Is he dreamy?He is dreamy, have you met him?Yes.What do you think?I don't think that he is dreamy.I know again. Come on, you guys, we can say he's a little dreamy. He is so dreamy.Yes.He is just a good actor, he is a good man, he is a...Yeah, let me ask you some questions about visiting the Julia Roberts things.(alright.) If in a conversation with it, among actors, right? Yes?Who the other people you've worked with, would you tell another actor absolutely work with so and so or is dreamy, or is...?God. Gosh...Everyone I worked with, (Yeah.)except Clive Owen?Yeah.I'd say a lot of them whom I have just worked with.Let me give you? Let me give you ....Mark Ruffalo (yeah?) Amazing, Vincent, Vince Vaughn?Right.Besides being a co-star in the breakup which will be released next year, Vaughn is also reported to be Anniston's new boy friend.You're out of the closet with him?I'm not talking about this.And who could blame her? Anniston's highly publicized divorce from Brad Pitt was tabloid fodder all summer long. Anniston sat back as it played out. She eventually bared her soul to Vanity Fair and gave it its highest selling issue ever.The Vanity Fair piece was very interesting to me, it's where blocks of opportunities for you to lash out or get even or something, and it was clear and you said I'm not going that..I don't want to be part of that, can't be part of that. You know, they are gonna create that crap anyway, so, you can at least ,no..go to bed, knowing, you've had no participation, and that, whatsoever, you know..What is said about you, your personality though, that says...It will, I'm ing that is I'm a glass half full person, not a glass...I am...Are you? Absolutely.Uh.I mean I've got a great life, I'm a very lucky humanbeing, I mean..I've, you know , when you, like I said..when you see what people have walked through, lost his son or daughter, to some tragedy. I haven't lost my home to natural disaster, I thought this is..it's not, I'm not go walking through anything different than a lot of men and women who have to walk through. Mine is just like I said, that's...I find it very admirableOh thank you... it's very sweet...You're now in Oprah. Yes. But did you feel the love? I mean people are..I feel love...I feel love everywhere I go, I feel love. It's a lot of love.Do you sense it as you walk,can you walk..do you.. walk down the streets of New York? I do, yes, yeah. Not if you don't feel a lot of love from these paparazzis? Right.But they're strange to make a bug.Sure. But from the standpoint of everything that you've been through in the last year, it seems to me that there's just a kind of amazing amount of public support, what does that mean to you? Oh, it means a lot to me, it's my personal life and they've found, I mean.. I feel sorry, that people had to, maybe smear, you know kind of drench, saturated with it, it's exhausting. And you know, it's er , it's very kind that people of been nothing than loving and supportive, beyond, it's very sweet..in a time when there's a lot too other things to be thinking about.. 200807/45046枣阳市人民医院怀孕检测多少钱湖北医药学院附属医院看泌尿科怎么样



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