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  • As we bumped along in the No. 当我们坐在25路巴士上沿着路氹连贯公路颠簸前行时,很难去忽略远处的人(Venetian Macau)。25 bus on Estrada do Istmo, it was impossible not to notice the Venetian Macau, a mountain of steel and glass, shining in the distance in the afternoon sun. 在午后的阳光下,这座由钢铁和玻璃组成的山峰闪闪发光。Opened in 2007, it’s home to one of the largest casinos on earth. 全球最大的之一就设在2007年开业的该酒店内。And it’s not alone: Of the 10 biggest casinos in the world in 2014 (based on revenue), a staggering eight were in Macau, 并且并非孤例:2014年全球最大的10家(按收入计算)中,多达八家位于中国南部海岸地区的弹丸之地。a tiny region on the southern coast of China, where over half a million people are packed into fewer than 12 square miles.在那里,不足12平方英里(约合32平方公里)的土地上容纳了50多万人。But I wasn’t there to gamble. 但我不是去的。Following a precedent I’d established in my very first Frugal Traveler column, when I toured Las Vegas without going to the famed Strip, 写第一篇穷游世界(Frugal Traveler)专栏时,我曾去旅游,却没有去大名鼎鼎的长街(Strip)。I was determined to break the shell of Macau’s opulent exterior and see what lay beneath the surface. 遵循这个先例,我决定打破奢华的外壳,看一看表象下面是什么。During a quick two-night trip, taking the ferry across the Pearl River Estuary, I found it was the perfect place for a getaway from the noise and intense urban compactness of Hong Kong.在短暂的两夜游期间,我乘渡船穿过珠江口,发现是摆脱香港的喧嚣和严重的城市拥挤的绝佳去处。Owing to its colonial past, Macau, with its cobblestone streets, old Catholic churches and narrow alleyways, has an almost European feel to it, along with an interesting local cuisine that fuses Portuguese and Chinese flavors. 因为曾是殖民地,有着鹅卵石街道、古老的天主教堂和狭窄的巷弄的,几乎有一种欧洲的感觉。当地的饮食也非常有趣,结合了葡萄牙和中国的风味。And my focus, naturally, was putting this trip together without causing undue strain on my budget.我的重点,自然是在完成这趟旅行的同时,不至于让我的预算过于紧张。Macau was one of the first Asian settlements to be forced into the yoke of European colonization and the last to shed it, achieving full independence from Portugal in 1999. 是亚洲最早被迫卷入欧洲殖民统治的地区之一,也是最后一个摆脱殖民统治的地区,1999年才从葡萄牙完全分离出来。As with Hong Kong, China administers Macau but employs a somewhat laissez-faire, capitalist-friendly approach. 和香港一样,在中国治下,但后者采用了一种有些自由放任的、对资本主义友好的方式。There are no visa requirements for Americans staying in Macau fewer than 30 days (you will need to bring your passport).美国人在停留30天以内无需办理签(但需带上护照)。The TurboJet ferry ride from Hong Kong (150 to 200 Hong Kong dollars for an economy fare, about to ) is reasonably quick and comfortable. 从香港乘坐喷射飞航客轮(经济舱150到200港币,约合20到25美元)还算快捷、舒适。Ferries leave from various spots in Hong Kong regularly, so if you miss one, there’s no need to worry. 客轮定时从香港多地发船,因此即便错过一趟也不用担心。(Be more cautious when you’re leaving Macau — it’s easier to end up on the wrong ferry.)(但离开时要更加小心谨慎——因为比较容易上错船。)My attack plan was simple: to see as much as I could, by foot and by public transportation. 我的作战计划很简单:用步行和乘坐公共交通的方式尽可能地多看一些东西。Macau is traditionally divided into three sections: the peninsula and the islands of Coloane and Taipa. 传统上分三个地区:半岛、路环岛区和氹仔。(A fourth region of land reclaimed from the ocean, Cotai, now connects Coloane and Taipa and is the home to many of the newer casinos.) (还有一个地区是填海造陆后形成的路氹,现在将路环和氹仔连接在了一起,那里有很多比较新的。)I particularly had my eye on rustic Coloane Village in the south.我尤其关注南部颇有乡土气息的路环村。Though I had no plans to indulge in the casinos, one lesson I’ve learned in my travels is that where there’s gambling, cheap rooms follow — it’s how they lure you in. 尽管我不打算沉溺于,但我从多次旅行中得出的一个经验是,有的地方就有便宜的房间——这是他们吸引你过去的方式。I was able to land a very comfortable, relatively luxurious room at the Sofitel on the western side of the peninsula for 650 Hong Kong dollars, a little over . 我得以在半岛西部的索菲特(Sofitel)酒店住进了一个非常舒适,并且相对豪华的房间,价格是650港币,相当于80美元多一点。Close to the center of the city, it was an ideal jumping-off point. 因为接近市中心,那里是理想的起点。I was able to check another essential off the list by walking to Yin He Dian Xun (roughly, Galaxy Telecommunications) and purchasing a 500-gigabyte SIM card from a very helpful young woman for 50 Macanese patacas (about ).我还买到了清单上列出的另一件必需品。我走到电讯,以50元的价格从一个非常乐于助人的年轻女士那里买了一张500G的SIM卡。Ah, yes, the currency. 哦,对了,还有货币。The Macanese pataca and Hong Kong dollar are separate currencies but virtually interchangeable in Macau. 元和港币是不同的货币,但在几乎可以互换。Change will sometimes come in patacas, sometimes in Hong Kong dollars. 找的零钱有时候是元,有时候是港币。A dollar is, however, slightly more valuable than a pataca. 不过港币比元略微更值钱一些。If you’re considering making a big souvenir purchase (like gold or jade jewelry, which is plentiful on the main drag of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro) either use a credit card with no foreign transaction fee, or walk into a bank to exchange for patacas — 如果考虑大手笔地购买纪念品(比如新马路的主干道上应有尽有的金器或玉饰),要么用信用卡,无外币兑换费,要么去换元。I was able to do both without difficulty.我使用两种方式时都没遇到困难。Senado Square, within walking distance of my hotel, was a good place to begin exploring. 从我住的酒店步行可达的议事厅前地是一个开始探索的好地方。Beautiful old yellow and pink pastel buildings with arched doorways and green shuttered windows frame the historic square, which is paved with small tiles. 具有历史意义的广场上铺了小地砖,四周坐落着漂亮的黄色和粉色建筑,带有拱形门廊和绿色百叶窗,风格淡雅。It was a perfect place to stroll and enjoy the egg tart I’d purchased for 9 dollars from Koi Kei Bakery.这里很适合一边散步,一边品尝我花9元从钜记手信买的蛋挞。The egg tart is one of Macau’s signature delicacies, a local interpretation of the Portuguese pastel de nata — perfectly creamy custard with a pleasantly caramelized top, encased within a delicate, flaky pastry cup.蛋挞是的标志性美食之一,是当地对葡萄牙蛋挞的演绎——光滑细腻的奶油蛋羹上面是一层漂亮的焦糖,包裹在脆薄的杯状酥饼里。Another distinctive item is the pork chop bun. 另一款特色美食是猪扒包。I stopped into the celebrated Tai Lei Loi Kei, a nearly 50-year-old Macanese chain, and paid 48 dollars for a small, bone-in pork chop that had been slapped somewhat unceremoniously onto a buttered white roll. 我停下脚步,走进有近50年历史的知名连锁大利来记,花48元买了一小份带骨猪扒。猪扒被随意地放在了一块涂有黄油的白色小圆面包上。Fortunately the meat was simply seasoned and well cooked (just be careful not to break a tooth).不错的是,肉经过了简单地调味,并且是十成熟(务必小心,不要咬掉牙)。In addition to its cuisine, Macau has memorable architecture. 除了饮食外,还有令人难忘的建筑。Catholic influence is still very much present, at least aesthetically. 天主教的影响依然非常明显,至少在审美上如此。St. Dominic’s Church, a beautifully restored, custard-colored 16th-century structure, is free to enter, as is a three-story art museum housed in the church’s bell tower. 经过精心修复后,蛋奶色的16世纪建筑玫瑰堂免费开放,位于教堂钟楼里的三层艺术物馆也是免费的。I looked over the icons and relics of the church on display, including beautiful old wooden carvings.我仔细欣赏了展出的玫瑰堂的圣象和圣人遗物,包括古老的精美木雕。Other worthy architectural attractions include the Ruins of St. 其他值得一看的建筑景观包括大三巴牌坊。Paul, a grand stone facade that is one of the few remaining pieces of a centuries-old complex. 这是一面宏伟的石壁,是一处有几百年历史的建筑物的正面外墙,也是其留存下来的少许残垣断壁之一。While there, I made the steep hike up to the adjacent Fortaleza do Monte, which provided an excellent view of the city.在那里,我沿着陡坡爬上了旁边的大炮台,一览全市盛景。I could walk to the ruins and St. Dominic’s from my hotel, but despite Macau’s compact size, not everything is walkable. 我可以从酒店走路去大三巴牌坊和玫瑰堂,但尽管很袖珍,却不是哪里都适合步行的。I would not recommend driving in Macau, nor riding one of the city’s ubiquitous scooters. 在,我不建议开车,也不建议骑当地随处可见的电动托车。I found a bike rental shop called Si Toi in Taipa that charged 20 dollars per hour (only .50, remember) but I ultimately decided on the bus: I found it cheap and fairly reliable.我在氹仔找到了一个叫时代的托车租赁行,每小时20元(记住,仅2.50美元),但我最终决定坐巴士:我觉得巴士便宜并且相当可靠。Unless you have something called a Macaupass (which I did not, and purchase locations are annoyingly scarce), you will need coins. 除非你有一种叫通的东西(我没有,能买到的地方少得令人恼火),否则需准备硬币。Lots of coins. 大量硬币。And they don’t make change on the buses, so get used to walking around with a pocketful of patacas. 的巴士不找零,因此要习惯四处溜达时口袋里装满元。(Local businesses and banks can help you make change if you’re hard up.)(如果手头硬币不够,当地的商家和能帮你换。) I hopped the 26A bus to Coloane, eager to see the rustic, more peaceful side of Macau.我跳上开往路环的26A路巴士,急切地想看看乡村的、更平静的一面。(A quick note on signage: Every official sign in Macau will be in both Portuguese and Chinese. (快速说一下指示牌:所有正式的指示牌都是中葡双语的。I found this somewhat curious, as I didn’t hear a word of Portuguese my entire stay. 我觉得有点奇怪,因为在整个之旅期间,我没听到一个葡萄牙词语。I asked Neal, a server at the cute Cafe Cheri, if he spoke Portuguese or knew anyone who did. 我问在小巧精致的餐厅常喜当务员的尼尔(Neal)会不会说葡语,或者认不认识说葡语的人。Well, he hesitated, No, not really. 嗯,他有些犹豫,不会,不太会。Did anyone in Macau speak Portuguese? Yes, I think in some restaurants.)有人说葡语吗?有,我想在有些餐厅有。Coloane Village was quiet, almost sleepy, when I hopped off the bus by the roundabout near Eanes Park. 当我在恩尼斯花园附近的环岛旁边跳下巴士时,路环村一片安静,几乎算是人迹罕至了。It was, in other words, exactly what I was seeking. 换句话说,这正是我想要的。I began walking north up the coast, stopping for another excellent 9-dollar egg tart at Lord Stow’s Bakery. 我开始沿着海岸一路往北走,并在安德鲁饼店停下,又买了9元的蛋挞。Colorfully painted houses stood on stilts in the bay, China a mere 1,000 feet to the west. 海湾地区,刷成五颜六色的房屋被用木柱撑着,仅1000英尺(约合300米)以西便是中国大陆。Fishermen hung their catch outside their homes, and every now and then there was the distinctive clack of mah-jongg tiles.渔民将捕到的鱼晾晒在屋外,偶尔还会听到麻将牌发出的独特的啪嗒声。I wound my way down Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, in the shade of thick-trunked ficus rumphii trees with aerial roots, like banyan trees. 我顶着树干粗壮的心叶榕的树荫,沿十月初五日街朝南走。I eventually found myself in a beautiful cobblestone plaza with a fountain on one end and the beautiful, bright yellow Chapel of St. 心叶榕根系发达,很像菩提树。Francis on the other. 最后,我发现自己来到了一处美丽的鹅卵石广场,广场的一头是一座喷泉,另一头是圣方济各圣堂。I dined al fresco at Cafe Nga Tim on a 58-dollar dish of rice and curried prawns and watched evening set in.在雅憩花园餐厅,我花58元吃了一顿米饭搭配咖喱虾的户外晚餐,静观夜幕降临。The casinos? Didn’t need them. ?根本不需要。They do provide a useful benefit, though: When it came time to head back to the ferry terminal, I happily used the hotel’s free shuttle bus.不过它们的确提供了一个便利:到要返回轮渡码头时,我开心地乘坐了酒店的免费穿梭巴士。 /201612/481673。
  • Never go to bed angry, the old saying goes, or bad feeling will harden into resentment.有句老话说,千万不要带着怒气入睡,否则糟糕的情绪会转化成怨恨。Now scientists have found evidence to support the idea that negative emotional memories are harder to reverse after a night#39;s sleep.如今科学家们发现了持这种观点的据:负面情绪记忆在过夜后更难逆转。The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, suggests that during sleep, the brain reorganises the way negative memories are stored, making these associations harder to suppress in the future.这项发表在《自然通讯》杂志上的研究称,在睡眠中,人的大脑会重新组织负面记忆的储存方式,使这些感觉日后更加难以压制。;In our opinion, yes, there is certain merit in this age-old advice,; said Yunzhe Liu, who led the research at Beijing Normal University and is now based at University College London.;在我们看来,老话还是有它的道理的。;领导本次研究、来自北京师范大学的刘云哲说道。他目前的工作地点在英国伦敦大学学院。;We would suggest to first resolve argument before going to bed; don#39;t sleep on your anger.;;我们建议睡觉前先解决争端;不要带着怒气睡觉。;The study, conducted over two days, used a psychological technique known as the ;think/no-think; task to test how successfully 73 male students suppressed memories.该研究在两天内完成,采用一种叫做;想不想;的心理学方法,成功测试了73名男性是如何抑制记忆的。First, the men learnt to associate pairs of neutral faces and unsettling images, such as injured people, crying children or corpses. Next, they were shown the faces again and told to either actively think of the associated picture or to consciously avoid thinking of it.首先,受试者接受了将中性面孔与令人不安的图像联系起来的训练,比如受伤的人、哭泣的孩子或尸体。接着,他们会看到中性的面孔,并被告知可以主动想起相关联的图像,或者有意识地避免回忆起那些图像。When this session was conducted just 30 minutes after the initial learning, the participants were 9% less likely to remember the images that they had avoided thinking about compared to control image pairs – the suppression had been effective.当这个实验在初始培训后30分钟进行时,与对照组相比,9%的参与者不太会记起他们努力避免记起的图像,这就表明记忆抑制效果很明显。However, when the suppression session was carried out 24 hours after the initial learning, after a good night#39;s sleep, they were only 3% less likely to recall the image.然而,当初始培训24小时后再进行该实验,人们在睡了一个好觉之后,只有3%的人不太会回忆起图像。Brain scans offered a clue to why memories may be more difficult to unpick once they have been consolidated by sleep.脑部扫描为我们提供了为何经睡眠巩固后的记忆更难以消散的线索。Functional MRI scans of the participants revealed that newly acquired memories were represented by brain activity tightly centred on the hippocampus, the brain#39;s memory centre, but the overnight memories had become more distributed across the cortex.对受试者的功能性核磁共振扫描表明,新获得的记忆是通过以海马体(大脑的记忆中心)为中心的大脑活动呈现的。然而,过了一夜后,记忆会在大脑皮层内更加分散。The authors caution that the findings were in healthy participants and are not immediately applicable to conditions like PTSD – and expecting people who have undergone a traumatic experience to start working on suppressing the memory on the same day is ;probably not realistic advice;.作者提醒称,该研究是基于健康的受试者的,不能立即应用到诸如创伤后精神紧张性障碍等情况,而且指望有过惨痛经历的人能够当天抑制记忆;是不现实的建议;。However the research could help design evidence-based treatments for PTSD in the future.但在未来,这项研究或许会有助于对创伤后精神紧张性障碍设计循治疗。 /201612/482777。
  • Although I#39;ve only seen part of one episode of the TV show ;The Biggest Loser;, I#39;ve been curious about the Biggest Loser Diet I#39;ve been hearing about. I was sure it is low in calories, but how were the calories distributed? In particular, did contestants cut down their carb intake? To aid me in my research, I took the description of the Biggest Loser Diet in Prevention magazine, and created s for three different days of the diet.虽然我只看过电视节目“最大的输家”的片段,但是我一直对关于我听到的超级减肥王感到好奇。我确信它是低热量的,但热量如何分布?特别是,参赛选手要减少碳水化合物的摄入量吗?为了促进我的研究,在美国预防杂志上我对超级减肥王饮食进行了说明,创建了三天饮食不重样的菜单。I tried to choose s that I thought would be typical when following the guidelines, and deliberately avoided making choices that were the highest or lowest in carbs in each category. Here#39;s what I found out about the Biggest Loser Diet:在遵循指导方针的情况下,我试着选出了我认为比较典型的菜单,在每个分类中,刻意去避免选择碳水化合物高或低的食物。这就是我在超级减肥王饮食中的发现:1) Calories: The diet has about 1100 calories per day1)卡路里:该食谱中,每天饮食中摄取大概1100卡路里2) Carbohydrate: The s I chose were between 88 and 120 grams of carbohydrate per day, which was between 42% and 53% of the calories. The diet does not allow any added sugar, refined grains, or potatoes, so most people would be eating a diet that is somewhat lower in carbs, and much less glycemic than the way most people eat.2)碳水化合物:我选的菜单里,碳水化合物每天摄取88至120克,等于摄取42-53%的热量。食谱中不允许添加糖、细粮或者土豆,所以大多数人吃的这顿饭,有含量很低低的碳水化合物、比大多数人摄取更少的血糖。3) Protein: The diet is relatively high in protein. The s I chose were between 100 and 120 grams of protein per day, which was between 35% and 46% of the calories.3)蛋白质:饮食中蛋白质相对较高,我选的菜单是蛋白质每天摄取100-120克, 等于摄取35%-46%的热量。4) Fat: The diet is very low in fat. The highest fat day was the one where salmon was included; that one had 20 grams of fat at 16% of calories. Other days were around 12% fat.4)脂肪:饮食中脂肪含量很低,每天最高的脂肪摄取量是一只鲑鱼含有的脂肪量;一只鲑鱼含 20克脂肪和16%的热量,其他天大约是12%的脂肪。译文属 /201610/472267。
  • 1. Personal trainers make workouts fun1.私人教练让锻炼更有趣You can image that because fitness is our job, we can get bored of our own routines sometimes. That, or the well of inspiration runs dry. The crazy part is that due to our love of working out and activity, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors find ways to make fitness fun. We do what works for us.你可以想象这一画面,因为健身是我们的工作,有时候我们也会对自己的日常工作感到厌恶。那样,或者是的泉水干枯了。疯狂的一点就是,因为我们对锻炼和运动的喜爱,私人教练和团队健身指导人员会找到方法让健身更有趣。我们会做一些适合我们的事情。For example, my routine (aside from the classes I teach and exercises I demonstrate for my clients) involves the activities that I think are fun and get me moving – kayaking, skiing, hiking, dancing, yoga, and gardening. When it comes to your health, getting “fit” should not override “joy” and “happiness.” Obsession is something that many trainers have to learn how to deal with before finding what fitness means to them.例如,我的日常工作(除了我教的课程以及我给客户讲解展示的运动)包括一些我认为有趣,让我动起来的活动——划皮艇,滑雪,爬山,跳舞,瑜伽和园艺。当涉及到你的健康的时候,获得“健康”并不应该完全不顾及“快乐”和“开心”。许多教练在发现健康对他们意味着什么之前,都要了解如何应对强迫症。What I am trying to say is, I don’t do anything that I loathe. I am not going to lace up my sneakers and go for a morning run when I know darned well I would rather stay at home and swing the kettlebell around or do some box jumps.我想说的是,我不想做任何我厌恶的事情。当我完全知道系上胶底鞋鞋带出去晨跑不是我的时候,我宁愿待在家中玩壶铃或者做一些跳箱运动。2. They work out all the time2.私人教练一直在锻炼Here is the thing: When we are training a client or in front of a class, we are not 100% into the workout. Why? We are watching you, of course! Therefore, most instructors, regardless of our specialty, don’t consider teaching a workout. We are doing those classes for you, for your benefit. Our time comes afterward, even if we are tired.事情是这样的:当我们在训练客户的时候,或者站在健身课的正前面的时候,我们并不是完全锻炼身体。为什么?当然是因为我们在看你!因此,大多数健身胶料,不管我们有什么特长,不认为我们在教人们锻炼。我们是为了你们的利益在授课。我们自己的时间在这之后,即使我们很累。Because our health is important to us, and we love physical activity, it is not surprising to see trainers joining in on group exercise classes they do not teach or hitting the barbell set prior and after class is over with. I used to teach yoga then jump right into a Les Mills Body Pump class or go home, eat lunch, then hit the hiking trails for some HIIT.因为我们的健康对我们很重要,我们喜欢体育运动,看到教练在课前和课后,参加一些他们不教的集体锻炼课程或者举杠铃并不奇怪。我曾经教瑜伽,然后会直接去上莱美杠铃课程,或者直接回家吃饭,然后走登山路线来做一些间歇性强度训练。 /201702/490324。
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