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吉安保仕柏丽整形吸脂手术多少钱吉安去眉间纹Coral in Danger危险的珊瑚Aah, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef–blue, clear water, magnificent coral, beautiful fish.假想潜水于大堡礁——那片蔚蓝清澈的海里,美丽的鱼儿游曳在一望无际的珊瑚里。How about cloudy water and dying coral and you have to look pretty hard to spot a fish anywhere?再想象另一番景象:污浊的水域,岌岌可危的珊瑚,连鱼儿的影子都看不到。Nobody would want to go snorkeling in waters like you just described!绝不会有人会在刚才你描述的海里潜水的。Well, we may face more problems than disappointing snorkeling vacations if we keep harming the coral reefs of the world.要是我们不停止“迫害”地球上的珊瑚,就不只是度假不能潜水的扫兴了,我们面临的问题重重。Like the loss of one quarter of all marine animals and plants?比如,1/4海洋动植物灭绝?That adds more! One example of a way were destroying coral reefs around the world is farming near reef coastlines. In the Great Barrier Reef, far off Australia, for instance, scientists studied changes in the composition of coral over time and compared that to logs recording the local flood history. Barium, a metal rich in terrestrial soil, but usually low in seawater, began to rise soon after Europeans settled the area in 1862.不仅如此。比如,人类在珊瑚礁海岸线开垦种地,这样会破坏全球珊瑚的生长。科学家曾研究澳大利亚大堡礁珊瑚成分的变化,比对当地历史上洪灾的记录。发现自1862年,欧洲人移民澳大利亚起,仅在陆地土壤中富含的金属钡的数量开始在海里上升。You mean that after the settlers moved in and tilled land for farming, from then on, when a nearby river flooded, it washed loose soil into the reefs?你的意思是移民者定居后,垦地务农,附近的涨潮将疏松的土壤冲进了大堡礁?Exactly! These sediments cloud the water, blocking out sunlight that is necessary to the coralsgrowth. In fact, when sedimentation run-off is extremely bad, it can smother the coral and kill it.没错!这些沉淀物使水变污浊,遮盖了珊瑚生长必需的阳光。事实上,沉淀量很多的话,珊瑚可能会窒息而死。Sedimentation can also introduce nutrients that lead to excess growth of green algae, which can compete with the corals for space, impeding their growth and survival.此外,沉淀物还可能供给绿藻疯长的养分,绿藻会和珊瑚竞争生存空间,抑制珊瑚的生长,甚至是存亡。And sedimentation is just one way were harming coral. If we dont take action, marine scientists predict that the majority of the coral reefs of the world will be destroyed in just 40 years.这仅仅是众多人类活动破坏珊瑚其中的一种。如果我们还不采取措施,海洋科学家预计世界上大部分珊瑚礁在40年内会灭绝。 /201208/196336吉安人民医院脱毛手术多少钱 吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院大腿脱毛好吗

吉安美白针注射价格吉安微针美塑哪家医院好一次 And here in a freezer that MESSENGER will encounter another puzzle: can ice exist on a planet so close to the sun?在冷冻中,;信使;号将遇到另一个难题:如此接近太阳的行星,冰存在吗?Its only when the first radar observations to the surface of Mercury were obtained, back in the 90s.早在90年代,只有第一个观测水星表面的雷达知晓。That was discovered that Mercury in fact,had what appeared to be polar caps in these first radar images.而事实上在水星上的发现,似乎是在雷达图像上有类似的冰帽。Some corners of Mercury polar craters are in permanent shadow.Here, on the most sunbaked planet of all, water seems to survive frozen in the eternal darkness.水星极地陨石坑永久的阴影中的一些角落里。在这里,就像地球上的所有太阳炙烤下一样,水似乎冻结存活在永恒的黑暗中。The ice is contained in places where literally the sun never shines,冰也包含在太阳绝对不会照射到的地方,and so the ice sequestered in these dark,因此这些冰在黑暗中被束缚,interiors of craters of high latitude regions.在这些高纬度地区的陨石坑内部。We found the same thing on our moon.我们在月球上也发现过同样的东西。In late ,the LCROSS mission crashed a probe into a deeply shadowed crater confirming ice hidden near the lunar South pole.在年末,LCROSS任务探测到了陨石深坑附近的阴影确认冰隐藏在月球的南极。Where did it come from? A comet?它从何而来?来自彗星吗?注:听力文本来源于普特201203/174209吉安治疗青春痘医院

吉安哪家可以去伤疤The equations of super gravity took their simplest and most elegant form when written in this eleven dimensional framework.超重力方程式以最简单、最优雅的形式写出了这11个维度的框架。There was a war between the tenth dimension and the eleventh dimension. In the ten dimensional bandwagon, we had string theories, hundreds of them working to tease out all the properties of the known universe from one framework, a vibrating string. And then we had this small band of outcasts, outlaws, working in the eleventh dimension.曾经有过关于第10维度和第11维度的争论。在过去的10维度的队伍中,我们有弦理论,数以百计的人努力理出所有已知宇宙的特性,他们想凭借一个框架,一个振动的字符串理解。然后我们有这一小群被赶散的人,这些不法者按照11维度的标准工作。While String Theory was in its ascendancy, few took seriously the eleventh dimension, but the super gravity guys never gave up hope.虽然弦理论占据优势,但很少有人真的把11维度当回事,但超重力男生从来没有放弃希望。I did at bottom always feel convinced that eventually eleven dimensions would have its day. I wasnt sure when and I wasnt sure how, but I felt convinced that sooner or later eleven dimensions would be seen to at the heart of things.我那时总是确信11维度最终会翻身。我不确定,我真的不确定,但是我确信迟早11维度会处于核心地位。But by now the boot was on the other foot. String Theory was in trouble. Its five different versions meant it couldnt be the all embracing theory physics was looking for. Everything, it seemed, had been tried to save String Theory. Well, almost everything.但到现在宾主易位。弦理论陷入了困境。5个不同版本就意味着它不会是所有物理学理论想要寻找的。一切,似乎试图拯救弦理论。嗯,几乎所有的。An astonishing announcement was made. It was yet another shockwave that revolutionized the whole landscape.一个惊人的宣布出现。这是改变整个格局的冲击波。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168187 吉安市人民医院隆鼻多少钱吉安市人民医院去疤多少钱



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