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安福县人民中医院减肥手术多少钱遂川县去疤痕多少钱Clinton: US, Pakistan, Afghanistan Face 'Common Threat' of Extremism美、巴、阿三方会谈强调加强合作  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened a three-way meeting with the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan Wednesday, saying they face a common threat, task and challenge posed by Islamic extremism. Clinton stressed U.S. regret over the death of Afghan civilians in a U.S. air attack Monday against Taliban forces.美国国务卿克林顿星期三召集巴基斯坦和阿富汗领导人举行三方会议。她表示,他们都面临伊斯兰极端主义带来的共同的威胁、任务和挑战。克林顿强调,美国对美军星期一对塔利班武装力量进行的空袭造成阿富汗平民死亡感到遗憾。The trilateral meeting, the second of its kind this year, comes at a critical juncture with both the Pakistani and Afghan governments facing major battlefield challenges from militant forces. 这次三方会议是今年举行的第二次类似会议。它是在巴基斯坦和阿富汗政府都在战场上受到激进分子的重大挑战的时刻举行的。Clinton, convening joint talks that are to continue later at the White House with President Obama, said the administration has common cause with the two South Asian governments, who she said are struggling with extremists who would destabilize and undermine democracy.克林顿召集的三方联合会议晚些时候将在白宫同奥巴马总统继续举行。克林顿说,美国政府与这两个南亚国家政府有共同的奋斗目标,因为阿、巴两国都在与破坏稳定和民主的极端分子作斗争。The trilateral meeting convened under a shadow of one of the most serious incidents of U.S.-inflicted civilian casualties of the Afghan war, with dozens of Afghans reported killed in a bombing raid aimed at Taliban forces in the western Farah province.正在这次三方会议举行之际,刚发生了美国在阿富汗战争中导致平民伤亡的最严重的事件之一,据报导,有几十名阿富汗人在美军对阿富汗西部法拉省的塔利班力量进行轰炸时丧生。Clinton in opening remarks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, reiterated a U.S. statement of regret issued late Tuesday and a promise to investigate the matter. 克林顿在与阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里会谈的开幕致词中,重申了美国星期二晚间发表的表示遗憾的声明,并承诺对有关事件进行调查。"We deeply regret it," Clinton said. "We don't know all of the circumstances or causes, and there will be a joint investigation by your government and ours. But any loss of life any loss of innocent life, is particularly painful. And I want to convey to the people of both Afghanistan and Pakistan that we will work very hard with your governments and your leaders to avoid the loss of innocent civilian life." 她说:“我们对此深深表示遗憾。我们不了解当时发生的所有情况和原因,你们的政府和我们的政府将进行联合调查。但是,任何生命的丧失,任何无辜生命的丧失,都令人特别痛心。我希望向阿富汗和巴基斯坦人民传达这样一个信息,那就是我们将和你们的政府和你们的领导人一道努力工作,避免无辜平民的丧生。”For his part, President Karzai - who appealed in Washington Tuesday for the ed States to be more sensitive to Afghans - said he the hoped the two governments can work together to reduce and eventually eliminate such occurrences.卡尔扎伊总统星期二在华盛顿从他的立场出发呼吁美国对阿富汗人更富有同情心。他说,他希望两国政府能共同着手减少、并最终消除这类事件。He also said he hoped the trilateral forum can help ease his country's frequently tense relationship with neighboring Pakistan. 他还表示,他希望三方论坛能协助缓和阿富汗同其邻国巴基斯坦的关系经常出现的紧张局面。"Occasions like today, Afghanistan will use to the best of its ability to deliver to the effectiveness of what we're doing together for stability and to do the right thing with regard to our relations with Pakistan in bringing more confidence, more trust, and a working environment in which the two countries together can wage a more effective struggle against the menace of terrorism, and the violence that radicalism causes," Mr. Karzai said. 他说:“阿富汗将尽一切努力利用像今天这样的机会,来有效地维护稳定,采取正确步骤改进我们同巴基斯坦的关系,进一步树立信心和信任,并创造这样一种氛围,使得两国能针对恐怖主义的威胁和极端主义带来的暴力发动更有效的斗争。”U.S. officials in recent weeks have expressed open concern about the Pakistani government's commitment to defending against Taliban inroads after militants went on the offensive in districts north of Islamabad. 在激进分子于伊斯兰堡以北地区发动攻势之后,美国官员最近几个星期对巴基斯坦政府关于捍卫领土、不让塔利班得寸进尺的承诺公开表示担忧。But in his remarks, President Zardari stressed his commitment to the fight against terrorism, saying the threat is common to all three countries and the burden is shared. 但是,扎尔达里总统强调了他有关打击恐怖主义的承诺,说威胁对三个国家都存在,大家都要分担这个重任。"I'm here to assure you that we shall share this burden with you, for no matter how long it takes and what it takes, democracies will deliver. My democracy will deliver," Mr. Zardari said. "The people of Pakistan stand with the people of the ed State and the people of Afghanistan. We stand with our brother Karzai and the people of Afghanistan against this common threat, this menace which I have called cancer." 他说:“我在这里向你们保,我们将与你们分担这个重任,无论需要多少时间,无论需要付出什么代价,我们的民主制度将会获胜。巴基斯坦人民与美国人民和阿富汗人民站在一起。我们与我们的兄弟卡尔扎伊和阿富汗人民站在一起,抵御这个共同的威胁,这个我把它称为毒瘤的威胁。”The opening event of what are to be two days of high-level talks included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan for the conclusion of a border trade and transit agreement by the end of this year - an accord under discussion for more than 40 years.为期两天的高层会谈的开幕活动包括巴基斯坦和阿富汗为在今年年底之前缔结边界贸易和运输协议签署一份备忘录,双方已经就这份协议进行了四十多年的讨论。05/69002吉安市第一人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱 Pentagon Cautious on Reported Pakistani Plan to Arm Tribal Militias巴基斯坦拟武装民兵?美谨慎回应 U.S. defense officials responded cautiously Thursday to a report that Pakistan plans to give weapons to thousands of men in its western region so they can join the fight against militants who have taken refuge in the area. 美国国防部官员星期四对一篇媒体报导小心地做出回应,这篇报导说巴基斯坦计划将武器给西部区域的数千个人,好让他们能加入对抗藏匿在该区域武装份子的战斗行列。A senior U.S. military official told VOA he was not aware of the Pakistani plan reported by The Washington Post, and is not sure if the report is accurate. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officer also could also not confirm the Post's claim that the ed States supports the Pakistani plan, but he said U.S. military leaders do, in general, support what he called "innovative ideas" to deal with militant safe havens in western Pakistan. 一名高级美军官员对美国之音说,他不知道华盛顿邮报关于巴基斯坦这项计划的报导,他不能确定报导是否实属。这名官员以匿名方式受访,他还表示不能确认美国持巴基斯坦这项计划,但他说美军领导人大致上持任何用来对付巴基斯坦西部武装份子藏身之处的“有创意的想法”。Pentagon Spokesman Brian Whitman had a similar view.  五角大楼发言人惠特曼也有类似的看法。"What we support is efforts by the Pakistani government to deal with these extremist threats that are not only a threat to their own country, but also to, in particular, the bordering country of Afghanistan, where we've seen an increased activity along that border. So I would say that we are supportive of the Pakistani government acknowledging and dealing with these internal extremist threats in their country," he said. 他说:“我们持的是巴基斯坦政府对抗这些激进分子威胁的努力。这些激进份子威胁的不仅是巴基斯坦,还尤其威胁与阿富汗接壤的国家。我们在这个边境上已经看到了日益增长的武装活动。所以我会说,我们持巴基斯坦政府承认以及处理在他们国家内部的激进分子的威胁。”Whitman could not comment on the specific program reported by The Washington Post, but he said any effort that addresses extremists in Pakistan in an "effective" and "meaningful" way "is good." 惠特曼不愿对华盛顿邮报有关巴基斯坦计划的报导发表,但他说,任何以“有效”以及“有意义”的方式对付巴基斯坦境内激进分子的努力都是好的。The Post report says Pakistan plans to provide Chinese-made AK-47 rifles to thousands of fighters in new local militias, whose leaders say they will fight the Taliban. Top officials of the militant movement that used to rule Afghanistan, and allies in other groups including al-Qaida, have taken refuge in western Pakistan, and U.S. officials say they use the safe haven to plan attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and possibly elsewhere. “华盛顿邮报”报道说,巴基斯坦计划提供中国制AK-47型给成千上万名当地新招的民兵,这些民兵的领导人说他们会打击塔利班。曾经统治阿富汗的这个激进团体的高级官员,及包括基地组织在内的其他团伙的高级官员,都藏匿在巴基斯坦西部。美国官员表示,他们利用这些藏匿处策划向巴基斯坦、阿富汗以及其他地方发动攻击。A Pakistani effort to control militants in the western tribal areas through agreements with local leaders failed last year, and was sharply criticized by U.S. officials. The officials believe that effort delayed the kind of more-decisive moves into the western region by Pakistan's army that have only happened in recent months. Those operations have earned praise from many of the same U.S. officials who criticized the earlier approach. 巴基斯坦为了控制西部部落地区的武装分子曾试图与当地领导人通过协议合作,但这项举动在去年失败,巴基斯坦政府因而遭到美国官员猛烈批评。官员相信,这项举动延误了巴基斯坦政府军队对西部区域采取更果断进攻行动的时机。而这些果断的行动最近几个月才开始进行。这些行动受到美国官员的称赞。而同样是这些美国官员,早些时候曾经批评巴基斯坦与部落合作的措施。Some experts point out that Pakistan's tribesmen are generally well armed aly. The experts say the more important question is how the tribes use their weapons. American strategists believe local forces can play a key role in fighting insurgents and terrorists, as they did in Iraq, particularly in its Anbar Province, where tribal leaders decided to oppose al-Qaida early last year and helped turn the tide of that conflict. But they also caution that it is a difficult and potentially dangerous process. 一些专家指出,巴基斯坦部落人士总的说来装备精良。专家说,更重要的问题是部落民兵如何运用他们的武器。美国战略专家相信,当地民兵武装可以在打击叛乱分子以及恐怖分子上起重要的作用,就像在伊拉克,尤其在安巴尔省的部落武装一样。安巴尔省的部落领导人今年早些时候决定反抗基地组织,在他们协助下扭转了冲突势头。不过专家同时警告,这个过程会是困难的,而且可能有潜在危险。The officer who spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday said, "the devil is in the details." He said if Pakistan is going to arm local militiamen, the success or failure of the program will depend on who has the power to make key decisions, and exactly who they decide to give the weapons. 这位不愿意透露姓名的官员星期四表示,“细节决定成败”。他说,如果巴基斯坦要武装当地的民兵,那么这个计划的成败将取决于谁拥有关键的决策权,精确地说,取决于他们决定把武器分配给谁。200810/53806接踵而至的贸易争端、政治擦、货币问题以及谷歌事件让中美关系变得紧张和复杂起来。《华尔街日报》中国编辑Andrew Browne在本期的《新闻中心》栏目里对这一局势进行了分析。201003/98939吉州区去除胎记要多少钱

吉安治疗狐臭的医院Green shoots继往开来George Osborne’s second budget was quiet but creditable 奥斯本的第二次预算报告并不高调但做法可靠SOME people think football is a matter of life and death; on the contrary, Bill Shankly, a legendary coach, once observed, it’s more important than that. Some people billed George Osborne’s budget on March 23rd as a matter of life and death for the government. It wasn’t: the coalition’s big decisions—and big gamble—were taken last year, when the chancellor of the exchequer set out his plan to eliminate Britain’s structural deficit during this parliament. This budget merely restated that commitment. But it also groped towards an answer to an even more important question. As Mr Osborne put it, how can Britain “earn its way in the modern world”? His response, like his plan for the deficit, is broadly right.有人认为足球比赛乃生死对决;相反,传奇教练Bill Shankly却说,足球赛的意义远不止生死对决这么简单。有人把奥斯本3月23日公布的预算报告看作是决定本届政府存亡大局的关键。这种看法并不对。联合政府的关键性决定——也是赌得最大的一把——在去年财政大臣给出本届政府针对减少英国结构性赤字计划的时候就已成定局。这次的预算报告只是重申了那次的计划,但它也摸索着另外一个更重要的问题的。就像奥斯本说的,英国怎么才能“在当今世界赢得机会”呢?他的回答跟他针对减少赤字的计划一样,大致上是正确的。Britain’s recovery has proved more fragile than Mr Osborne hoped last June, when he announced the fiercest public-spending squeeze in living memory, plus some tax rises to go with the ones bequeathed by Labour. The economy contracted by 0.6% in the last quarter of 2010 and growth in 2011 is projected to be only 1.7%. Meanwhile inflation has risen (to 4.4% in February), pushing up the welfare bill and putting pressure on household incomes. The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee is split on whether to raise interest rates, but it has got more hawkish. Mr Osborne could have softened the effect of a future interest-rate hike by loosening fiscal policy a jot. Yet by not loosening, he has made it more likely that the bank will delay putting up rates—and he has also maintained his deficit-reduction strategy. On balance he did the right thing. 事实明,英国的经济复苏比奥斯本去年六月所希望的要不堪一击得多。当时他公布了人们记忆中最为大刀阔斧的公共出紧缩计划,并在沿袭劳工党的税收政策基础上进一步提高了一些税收。英国经济在去年末季下滑了0.6%,而2011年的增长预期仅为1.7%。同时,上涨的通胀(2月份已上升至4.4%)推高了福利费用,并给居民收入施压。英国央行的货币政策委员会就是否调高利率问题立场不一,但整体上更倾向鹰派手腕。假设财政政策放松了一点,奥斯本就可以软化未来利率提升的效应。但他没有放松财政政策,这增加了央行延后调高利率计划的可能性,同时他自身减少赤字的战略也没有受到影响。总的来说他的做法是正确的。Politically, that strategy is far from old news. Its real-world impact will begin to be felt only in full next month, when a gamut of tax rises, benefit cuts and public-sector pay freezes take effect. This week Mr Osborne announced some measures designed to make the squeeze look fairer, such as a new crackdown on tax evasion. He pinched North Sea oil companies by introducing a “fair-fuel stabiliser”, which will fund a deferral of rises in fuel duty (currently a big gripe in Britain as elsewhere) through an increased levy on oil production, so long as the oil price stays high. Bashing business is never good, but his swipes at the usual targets were relatively harmless.从政治角度来讲,这种战略可不是什么老生常谈。它的整体现实影响至少要在下个月税率全部上升,福利减少还有公务员停止涨薪开始生效的时候才能被感觉出来。奥斯本本周宣布了一系列措施,比如新一轮的打击逃税行动,力图让停止涨薪显得公平一点儿。他盯住了北海的石油公司,推出“公平燃料稳定措施”。该措施规定,只要油价保持高位,石油生产就征收高税率,在燃料税调高(跟其他国家一样,这是当前英国的民怨所在)之前,这起措施会为政府筹集一定的资金。打击企业的成长一直以来都是错误的做法,但他所打击的常规目标相对来说没有受到什么伤害。201104/131921永新县微创丰胸的价格 N. Korean Nuclear Test Triggers Global Condemnation美国及国际社会谴责北韩核试验 The ed States and the international community are reacting with outrage and strongly condemning North Korea's latest nuclear test and the launch of three short-range missiles.美国和国际社会对北韩核试验并发射短程导弹作出强烈反应,予以严厉谴责。Speaking from the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama denounced North Korea's nuclear test and used blunt language to describe his concerns.美国总统奥巴马在白宫对北韩的行为表示谴责。他以措辞强硬的语言表达了美国对北韩行为的严重关切。"North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world and I strongly condemn their reckless action," said President Obama. "North Korea's actions endanger the people of Northeast Asia, they are a blatant violation of international law, and they contradict North Korea's own prior commitments."奥巴马说:“北韩的核武器和弹道导弹项目对世界和平和安全构成了严重威胁。我对他们这种粗暴行为表示强烈谴责。北韩的行为威胁到了东北亚人民的安全,是对国际法的公然践踏,并违背了北韩自己曾经作出的国际承诺。”President Obama says North Korea's actions have flown in the face of ed Nations resolutions banning the country from developing weapons of mass destruction.奥巴马总统还指出,北韩的核试验也公然违反了联合国禁止发展大规模杀伤性武器的决议。"North Korea will not find security and respect through threats and illegal weapons," said Mr. Obama. "We will work with our friends and our allies to stand up to this behavior and we will redouble our efforts toward a more robust international nonproliferation regime that all countries have responsibilities to meet."他说:“以威胁的手段、靠非法武器是得不到安全与尊重的。美国将和其他盟友一起坚决反对北韩的行为,并将加倍努力完善适用于所有国家的国际反核扩散体系。”Seismologists from around the world reported a tremor of about 4.5 magnitude in northeast North Korea, near where Pyongyang conducted its first test in 2006.North Korean official media confirmed a test had taken place.世界不同地区的地震学家都监测到了在北韩2006年进行第一次核试验的东北部地区发生的一次相当于4点五级地震的震动。A North Korean newser says the country "successfully conducted one more underground nuclear test," demonstrating what Pyongyang calls its "self-defensive nuclear deterrent" to the entire world.北韩的媒体也实了这次核试验。一名北韩播音员说,北韩成功地进行了一次地下核试验,向整个世界明了,北韩拥有所谓的“自卫核威慑力量”。Russian and South Korean military officials say the nuclear explosion had a force of up to 20 kilotons, the same size as the bomb the U.S. dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.俄罗斯和韩国军方认为,这次核爆威力在两千顿级当量,相当于1945年美国在日本长崎投下的原子弹爆炸能量。South Korean officials say North Korea test-fired three short-range missiles shortly after the nuclear test.韩国官员表示,在进行核试验以后,北韩又进行了弹道试射,发射了三枚短程导弹。The U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, says he sees a growing belligerence on the part of North Korea and a rising defiance of international law.美军参谋长联席会议主席迈克·马伦说,北韩越来越好战,越来越无视国际法。"All of those things point to a country that I think continues to destabilize that region and actually in the long term, should they continue on to develop a nuclear weapons program, pose a significant threat to the ed States," said Admiral Mullen.他说:“所有这些都说明北韩继续破坏这一地区的稳定,而且从长远的角度来说,如果他们继续其核项目,对美国来说也是一个重大威胁。”America's top military officer says the ed States has the ability to deal with any danger from North Korea.他补充说美国有能力应对北韩所构成的威胁。"I am very confident that we can deal with the threat posed by North Korea," he said. "And it is not just the ed States because there are many other countries, and certainly those in the region, who are equally concerned."他说:“他对美国对付北韩的能力充满信心。北韩的问题并不是美国一个国家感到关切,包括亚洲国家在内的很多国家都同样深感问题的严重性。”Worldwide, governments condemned North Korea's actions.世界很多国家都对北韩的行为表示谴责。U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says the test is a clear and grave violation of Security Council resolutions.联合国秘书长潘基文说,北韩的核试明显严重违反了安理会有关决议。U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke with the foreign ministers from South Korea and Japan. A State Department statement says Clinton stressed the importance of a strong and unified approach to a "threat to international peace and security."美国国务卿克林顿跟韩国和日本外交部进行了接触。国务院的一份声明说,克林顿强调了在对付这一“国际和平与安全”威胁时一致采取强有力行动的重要性。South Korean officials say the test is a serious threat to peace and stability in the region.韩国也表示,北韩的核试是对该地区和平和稳定的严重威胁。The Russian Foreign Ministry says the six-party talks on North Korea are the only solution to the crisis.俄罗斯外交部说,六方会谈是解决危机的唯一途径。The Chinese government says it is resolutely opposed to its communist neighbor and ally's actions.在中国方面,中国表示坚决反对北韩进行核试验。Speaking while on a trip to Beijing, John Kerry, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations committee, says North Korea is trying to attract international attention.美国参议院外交关系委员会主席克里正在北京访问。克里说,北韩企图通过这样的方式吸引国际社会的注意力,而这样的行为只会有损于重启谈判的努力。He says this latest action is likely to hurt efforts to restart negotiations with Pyongyang."I do not think you reward it [nuclear test] by immediately going back to the table and having talks," said Senator Kerry. "I think North Korea is going to have to indicate some better willingness of how it intends to proceed in order to get immediately back to talks."他说:“不能用立即回到谈判桌前开始谈判的方式来奖励北韩。要想谈判,北韩就必须展现出如何解决核武问题的更大的意愿。”Some analysts say North Korea may be trying to gain leverage for negotiations with the international community. 一些分析人士说,北韩此举可能是要在跟国际社会谈判时有更多的筹码。They say the test may be part of an internal struggle. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who is believed to have suffered a stroke last year, has not named a successor.在另一方面,这次核试也可能是北韩内部斗争的反映。金正日去年曾有过一次中风,他到现在为止还没有指定自己的接班人。05/71633泰和县注射丰下巴费用

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