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Shinzo Abe on Friday declined to issue his own clear apology for Japan’s wartime actions, as the prime minister maintained the forms of past statements of remorse but sharply changed their context.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)周五拒绝发表自己对日本战时行为的明确道歉,这位日本首相在形式上保留了日本政府过去有关反省的声明,但大幅改变了相关背景。In a landmark statement on the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in the second world war, Mr Abe said he upheld past apologies but reframed them in a more nationalist narrative about resistance to western colonialism.在纪念日本二战投0周年的里程碑式谈话中,安倍表示维持过去的道歉,但将其重新组织成更具民族主义色的有关抵抗西方殖民主义的表述。By repeating crucial phrases used by past Japanese prime ministers, such as “colonial ruleand “aggression Mr Abe may have done enough to avoid a sharp backlash from former enemies in China and South Korea.安倍重复了历任日本首相使用过的关键措辞,比如“殖民统治”和“侵略”,这样一来或许足以避免日本在中国和韩国曾经的敌人剧烈反弹。However, he also signalled to his right-wing base that Japan’s interpretation of history is not settled, and the country does not intend to keep apologising forever. “We must not let our children, grandchildren, and even further generations to come, who have nothing to do with that war, be predestined to apologise,the prime minister said.然而,安倍也向右翼群体表示,日本对历史的解释还没有定,日本不打算永远道歉。他说:“与战争没有任何关系的我们的子孙,以及以后的世代,不应背负继续谢罪的宿命。”Speaking at his official residence in Tokyo, Mr Abe delivered his statement much longer than those on the 50th and 60th anniversaries calmly and without great emotion.安倍在东京首相官邸发表谈话时,平静而没有流露强烈的情绪,谈话篇幅比日本投降50周年0周年时的谈话长许多。“I bow my head deeply before the souls of all those who perished both at home and abroad,he said. “I express my feelings of profound grief and my eternal, sincere condolences.”他说:“我向日本国内外所有死难者的亡灵深鞠躬。我在此表示痛惜和永远诚挚的哀悼。”When it came to apology or culpability, however, Mr Abe often spoke in generalities. “Incident, aggression, war we shall never again resort to any form of threat,he said. “We shall abandon colonial rule forever.”然而,在道歉和认罪问题上,安倍经常是泛泛地表态。“事变,侵略,战争。再也不能将武力恐吓和行使作为解决国际争端的手段,”他说。“世界应该彻底告别殖民统治。”China and South Korea, both deeply suspicious of a prime minister they regard as an unrepentant nationalist, had demanded a clear apology. But rather than make one himself, Mr Abe chose to uphold those of the past.中国和韩国都对他们眼中这位不思悔改的民族主义日本首相深感怀疑,要求日本明确地道歉。但是,安倍本人并未做出自己的道歉,而是选择维持历届日本政府的道歉。“Japan has repeatedly expressed the feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology for its actions during the war,he said. “Such positions articulated by the previous cabinets will remain unshakeable in the future.”“我国对过去那场大战中的行为,反复表达了深刻的反省和由衷的歉意,”他说。“历代内阁的立场在今后也不会动摇。”Mr Abe started his statement by describing the “vast colonies possessed mainly by western powersand how Japan’s victory in the Russo-Japanese War had encouraged subject peoples to resist colonial rule an anti-colonial narrative that is important to how nationalists view Japan’s history.安倍谈话一开篇,首先描绘了“主要被西方强国占据的广大殖民地”,以及日本在日俄战争中的胜利是如何激励受压迫的人民抵抗殖民统治的——这种反殖民表述对民族主义者如何看待日本历史非常重要。Mr Abe did not refer to the suffering of “comfort womenwho were forced into prostitution by Japan’s army during the war, but he did make a fresh acknowledgment of the sexual violence that accompanied the war.安倍没有提及“慰安妇”遭受的苦难,但他的确第一次承认二战中发生的性暴力。在二战期间,“慰安妇”被强虏进日本军队提供性务。“We will engrave in our hearts the past, when the dignity and honour of many women were severely injured during wars in the 20th century,he said.“我们将把过去铭记在心,不能忘记0世纪的战争里尊严与名誉被深深伤害的女性们,”他说。Thousands of women from Korea, China and the Philippines were forced into sexual slavery in Japanese military brothels during the second world war.在二战期间,数以千计来自朝鲜、中国和菲律宾的女性被迫成为了日军的性奴隶。来 /201508/393315。

In a historic moment on June 26, the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across all 50 states. The Supreme Court justices ruled states cannot deny gay men and women the same marriage rights. The decision means the 13 states with bans on same-sex marriage are no longer able to enforce them.66日是一个历史性的时刻,美国最高法院裁决同性婚姻在全美50个州全部合法。美国最高法院大法官裁定任何一个州都不能剥夺同性男女获得平等婚姻权利。这也意味着之前美国13个州对同性婚姻的禁令失去效应。Same-sex couples “ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion: “The Constitution grants them that right.”大法官安东#8226;肯尼迪在意见书中这样写到:同性情侣“寻求法律保障下的平等的尊严,而宪法也将赋予他们这份权利。”The decision came after decades of litigation and activism. It set off celebrations across the US. In affected states including Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Texas, same-sex couples rushed to wed, while officials in Mississippi and Louisiana said marriages had to wait until procedural issues were addressed, reported the B.该裁决是几十年来不断的诉讼与行动的结果。庆祝的热潮正席卷全美。据B报道,在裁决生效的诸多州包括乔治亚州、密歇根州、俄亥俄州和德克萨斯州,大批同性情侣涌去登记结婚,而密西西比州和路易斯安那州的官员则表示还需等待一些程序问题的处理。According to “The New York Times the ruling came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in public opinion in the US, with polls indicating that most Americans now approve of same-sex marriage.据《纽约时报》报道,通过这项裁决也能看出美国快速变化的公众舆论,民调显示现在大多数美国人都认同同性婚姻。US President Barack Obama welcomed the ruling, saying it “affirms what millions of Americans aly believe in their hearts.“Today,he said in a press release, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”美国总统奥巴马也持此项裁决,他表示“该裁决肯定了成千上万美国人内心已经相信的东西。”在新闻发布会上,他还说道:“今天,我们终于可以毫不含糊地说,我们让美利坚变得离完美更进一步。”Another win另一场胜利This was the second time the Supreme Court took up same-sex marriage, according to an article in “Business Insider The first time, in June 2013, the court made a decision that allowed the US federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in states where they were aly legal.据《商业内幕》的一篇文章所言,这其实是美国最高法院第二次受理同性婚姻合法化案件。第一次是013月,当时美国最高院裁定美国联邦政府承认已经允许同性婚姻的州同性婚姻合法。But at that time, the Supreme Court declined to rule on the broader question about gay marriage: Is there a constitutional right to same-sex marriage? The June 26 ruling gave a positive answer to that question.但当时,最高法院拒绝就更广泛的同性婚姻问题做出裁决—“同性婚姻是否享有宪法权利?”。不过今6日的裁决对这一问题给出了肯定的。Justice Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion that the Constitution should evolve with societal changes.肯尼迪大法官在意见书中写道:宪法应根据社会的变化而不断发展。“The nature of injustice is that we may not always see it in our own times,he wrote. “The generations that wrote and ratified the “Bill of Rightsand the “Fourteenth Amendmentdid not presume to know the extent of freedom in all of its dimensions, and so they entrusted to future generations a charter protecting the right of all persons to enjoy liberty as we learn its meaning.”他还写道:“公平的本质就是我们在有生之年也许总是难见。写出并批准《权利法案》与《第十四条修正案》的先贤们深知自己无法理解自由的全部方面,因此他们给后代委以重托,希望他们能保护所有人享受自由的权利,正如我们所了解的自由的含义。”The Fourteenth Amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the law. In the June 26 ruling, the Supreme Court declared that the equal protection clause of the amendment requires marriage rights be extended to same-sex couples, too.《第十四条修正案》赋予公民以权利,让他们享受法律的平等保护。今6日,美国最高法院宣布该修正案平等保护条款也要求将婚姻权利赋予同性情侣。来 /201507/384164。

Emperor Akihito has expressed “deep remorsefor Japan’s wartime actions, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war with language that deviated from previous years.日本明仁天皇(Emperor Akihito)对日本的战时行为表示“深刻反省”。天皇在纪念第二次世界大战结0周年时所用的措辞与往年有所不同。The 81-year-old emperor‘s words of regret were delivered following a minute’s silence at noon. At the same moment in 1945, his father Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender.在正午默哀一分钟后,现年81岁的天皇发表了表示悔意的讲话945年的此时此刻,他的父亲裕仁天Hirohito)宣布日本投降。“Reflecting on our past and bearing in mind the feelings of deep remorse over the last war, I earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated,the emperor said on Saturday. The ceremony in Tokyo to remember the war dead was also attended by Empress Michiko and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.“在回顾过去、对先前战争深刻反省的基础上,我殷切期盼战争惨祸不再重演,”天皇在上周六表示。美智子皇后(Empress Michiko)和安倍晋Shinzo Abe)首相也出席了在东京举行的纪念战死者的仪式。The emperor’s words were closely watched this year as Mr Abe is seeking to reinterpret Japan’s pacifist constitution to make it easier for its armed forces to fight. On the eve of the 70th anniversary, Mr Abe issued a statement in which he stopped short of giving his own clear apology. He upheld the forms of past statements of remorse, but said the country did not intend to keep apologising for ever.天皇的讲话今年受到密切关注,因为安倍晋三正寻求重新解释日本的和平宪法,放宽对自卫队投入战斗的约束。在二战结束70周年前夕,安倍发表了他的声明,其中没有表示明确的道歉。他在形式上维持了过去的反省声明,但表示日本不打算永远道歉下去。Every year on Aug 15, the emperor has stuck to the same script using the phrase “deep sorrow.But it is believed to be the first time that he used the word “remorsefor the annual speech. His statement was also longer this year with new wording on the public’s commitment to peace.每年85日,天皇都在讲话中使用“深深悲痛”这个措辞。但据信这是他第一次在年度演讲中使用“反省”一词。今年他的演讲篇幅也更长,在日本公众向往和平这一点上有新的表述。“Seventy years have passed since the end of the war, and our country today enjoys peace and prosperity, thanks to the ceaseless efforts made by the people of Japan towards recovery from the devastation of the war and towards development, always backed by their earnest desire for the continuation of peace,the emperor said.“战争结束已经过去了70年,今天我们的国家享有和平与繁荣,这要归功于日本人民对于战后重建、对于发展作出的不懈努力,撑他们坚持下去的始终是他们对于保持和平的真诚愿望,”天皇表示。While the emperor is forbidden by constitution from having a political role, he has on several occasions expressed remorse for the war and used language that appeared to be more conciliatory to China and South Korea.尽管宪法禁止天皇扮演任何政治角色,但明仁天皇已几次对战争表示反省,并使用看起来对中国和韩国更为安抚性的措辞。On Saturday, three cabinet ministers visited the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo, which honours Japan’s war dead including some convicted of war crimes. Mr Abe did not visit the shrine and only sent his ritual offering in an apparent bid to avoid causing tension with neighbouring countries.上周六,三位内阁部长级官员参拜了东京的靖国神Yasukuni shrine),这里供奉着日本的战争亡灵,包括一些被判有罪的战犯。安倍本人没有参拜靖国神社,只是向靖国神社献上了“玉串料”(祭祀费),显然是为了避免造成与邻国的紧张局势。South Korean president Park Geun-hye said on Saturday that Mr Abe’s speech left much “to be desiredand contained “regrettable elements.Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said “Japan should have made an explicit statement on the nature of the war of militarism and aggression and its responsibility on the wars.”韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)上周六表示,安倍的讲话有很多地方“不够好”,并含有“令人遗憾的元素”。中国外交部发言人华春莹表示,“日本理应对那场军国主义侵略战争的性质和战争责任作出清晰明确的交代。”In his statement, Mr Abe did not refer directly to the suffering of so-called comfort women who were forced into prostitution by Japan’s army during the war, but he did make a fresh acknowledgment of the sexual violence that accompanied the war.安倍晋三在他的讲话中没有直接提及慰安妇的苦难(这些妇女在战争期间被日本军队强迫提供性务),但他确实对战争期间的性暴力作出了新的承认。Isao Tokoro, professor emeritus at Kyoto Sangyo University and an imperial family expert, said the emperor’s words were not meant to have any political implications. But he added the 70th anniversary marked a “turning pointwhere the emperor felt compelled to use clearer language to express his feelings for the war.京都产业大学(Kyoto Sangyo University) 名誉教授、皇室专家所Isao Tokoro)表示,天皇的话本意不是要具有任何政治含义。但他补充说,战争结0周年标志着一个“转折点”,天皇觉得不得不使用更清晰的语言来表达自己对那场战争的感想。“The emperor wanted to mark this turning point with his deepest hope that people will reflect on the war with remorse and think seriously about peace,Mr Tokoro said.“天皇在纪念这个转折点时,最深切地希望人民以反省的心情反思那场战争,认真思考和平,”所功表示。来 /201508/393306。

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is suggesting his regime has developed a hydrogen bomb.朝鲜领导人金正恩暗示,朝鲜已经研制出一枚氢弹。Kim was ed Thursday by the official KCNA news agency saying North Korea is now ;a powerful nuclear weapons state y to detonate a self-reliant A (atomic)-bomb and H-bomb to reliably defend its sovereignty.; KCNA says Kim made the comments while touring the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site.朝鲜官方媒体朝中社星期四援引金正恩的话说,朝鲜现在“是一个拥有核武器的强大国家,随时准备使用自行研制的原子弹和氢弹来切实捍卫国家主权”。朝中社说,金正恩是视察平川革命历史遗迹时做出这一表示的。A hydrogen bomb, also known as a thermonuclear bomb, is far more powerful than a atomic bomb because of the advanced technology involved.氢弹又称热核弹,制造氢弹需要更尖端的技术,而氢弹的威力也远远超过原子弹。South Koreas Yonhap news agency says it was told by an official with the countrys intelligence agency that there is no evidence to support Kims claims.韩联社说,韩国情报机构的一名官员表示,目前还没有据持金正恩的这一说法。North Korea is under strict economic sanctions imposed by the ed Nations Security Council for conducting three underground nuclear tests in 2006, and 2013.朝鲜曾于2006年009年和2013年进行三次地下核试验,联合国安理会因此对平壤实施了严厉的经济制裁。来 /201512/415497。