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Saturday's search activities involved a total of eight aircraft and covered an area of about 5,000 square km, AMSA said.In April , Kim was elected the NDC's first chairman at the fifth session of the th Supreme People's Assembly.He also spoke of "utmost support the efts of ASEAN countries" over maritime issues and suggested that a stronger military was needed Japan's "greater and more proactive role in making peace in Asia".

A major boost to the Indian economy cannot be achieved without impetus provided by ChinaIndian economic cooperation, and Modi will continue to take lessons from China's experiences of rem and opening up, said Fu Xiaoqiang, an expert on South Asian studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations.

世界各国领导正会聚伦敦参加联合国大会,此次大会议题可能会涉及叙利亚问题,虽然该问题并未正式出现在会议议程中学生中国传统的私立学校读书 1:18:1 学生中国传统的私立学校读书China’s annual national college entrance exams will take place across the country this weekend. This year’s exam will be taken by 9.39 million students, up 70,000 from . many, the exams are a turning point in life, but in some areas, students are not preparing any tests. They attend traditional Chinese private schools instead of primary schools or middle schools.These students are from to years old. In the class, they classic literature by the likes of Confucius or Mengzi hours. This is an old style of study, the same as the private schools, “or sishu,” in ancient China. He Yayingxue left primary school after the third year. Since then, the last four years, she has studied at private schools."When I was in the third year of primary school, I had a lot of homework. Sometimes I was doing homework until 1am. My dad felt it was too much pressure, and sent me here," He said.Li Mengjing, , dreams of studying fashion design at college. After finishing secondary school, she decided to take two years to learn classic literature and art bee returning to high school."Many people don’t have chance to learn the Chinese traditional culture and knowledge. I think it will be helpful my future if I can learn some," Li said."The education is not to tell them the meaning of the classic literatures, As these children are growing up with ing classic books, they will gradually understand the profound meaning. Later this knowledge will benefit them a life time. This is not exams skills, but intelligence." Suzhou Leqian Traditional Chinese School’s master Liu Xiang said.The school is run in a private residential villa, where more than children study and live together. Sending children to such schools is a difficult decision many parents."My daughter is also self learning math course. I was planning to send her back to primary school if she cannot progress, but so far she is doing well," Yi Zhifang, a student’s mother, said.More traditional private schools like Leqian are opening across China, but they are not yet legally recognized. There may also be problems when students want to enter higher level schools or colleges."Traditional private schools have positive impacts in the society, because now our education models are unified, which is examoriented, but regulations on self study and private schools are incomplete. The government should be more supportive on this," Wu Hua from Zhejiang University said.Hours later, Obama, wiping away tears and pausing to collect his emotions, mourned the "beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and years old" who were killed. He ordered flags flown at half staff at US public buildings.

Latest reports say that a sudden turn caused vehicles and shipping containers on board to throw the ship off balance. The reason the turn has yet not been determined.Those who seek to challenge this narrative face overwhelming opposition, which makes an honest, open debate difficult.关于大众排放丑闻的英文报道 :30:58 German automaker Volkswagen will start in January to recall millions of diesel cars fitted with emissionscheating software. Company CEO Matthias Mueller wants all vehicles fixed within months. It could be a tough task.Volkswagen management has acted swiftly since the emissions scandal broke. Within days the company had a new CEO. Now a new chairman who warns fixing the automaker's beleaguered brand could take years."The public and above all our clients have a right to be inmed comprehensively. (pauses) Nobody is served by speculation or vague, preliminary progress reports. Theree, it will take some time until we have factual and reliable results and can provide you with comprehensive inmation," Volkswagen chairman Hans Deiter Poetsch said.Chief Executive Matthias Mueller wants all cars fitted with diesel emissions cheating software fixed by the end of next year. Up to million vehicles worldwide will need software upgrades some may even need new parts. And that's just the start of a comprehensive overhaul. Mueller told employees at VW's Wolfsburg headquarters on Tuesday that massive savings would be needed because the fines, and the loss of sales, could cost many billions of dollars.VW is calling its plans an "evolution not a revolution." But Mueller himself says it won't be painless. The company employs more than half a million people in more than 0 countries. There's no talk of job cuts yet but industry experts believe that at some point, it's inevitable.

Nepal's senior army officers have been ordered to ditch(丢弃) their cars at least once a week when coming to office to reduce air pollution and traffic jams.德国文化:德国红灯亮了年年月大学英语四级翻译考前模拟(中译英) :59: 年月大学英语四级翻译考前模拟(中译英)过去的七年,中国的房地产(real estate)业经历了前所未有的高速增长对于那些月薪较低却渴望在大城市 拥有一套属于自己的体面、舒适的栖身之所的人来说,高昂的房价是他们无法承受的负担鉴于这一状况,政府近来采取了一系列的措施来防止房价过快增长,包括提高利率及增加房产税等目前,这些措施在部分城市已经 取得了初步的成效参考In the past seven years, China’s real estate industry has developed in a record high speed. those who earn less but are eager to own a decent and comtable place of their own in a big city, the high housing price is a heavy burden that they cannot afd. this reason, the government has taken a series of measures to prevent the housing price from rising too fast, including raising interest rates and increasing taxes on real estate etc. Presently, these measures have achieved initial effects in some cities.难点精析1.房地产业:翻译为real estate industry.前所未有的高速增长:翻译为a record high speed3.鉴于这一状况:可以根据上下文的语境转译为 this reason.采取一系列的措施:翻译为take a series of measures5.取得初步成效:翻译为achieve initial effects

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