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大理做无痛人流大概要花多少钱大理看不孕不育Garden designer Linsey Evans explains the perils and the triumphs of growing tomatoes in your garden, including seedling methods, greenhouse methods and indoor-to-outdoor considerations. She also explains how best to fertilize and water your tomatoes and what dangers might threaten your harvest.园艺设计师Linsey Evans解释了自己在花园中种植番茄的危害和成功因素,包括育苗方法,温室种植和室内转到室外需考虑的因素。她还解释了怎样最好地为你的番茄施肥和浇水,以及哪些因素可能会影响收成。Tomatoes need regular care, fertile top soil, heat, feed and water. Theyre not quite as easy to grow as some books would have you believe. You need to start the seeds off indoors.番茄需要常规护理,肥沃的表层土壤,热量,肥料和水分。番茄并不像某些书介绍的那么容易种植。你需要从室内育苗开始。I grow mine in these little food trays with modules. I sift some ordinary garden compost to take out some of the lumps and bumps and then you fill the seed tray with the soil and flatten off the top. I placed two seeds in each module and just cover the surface with some of this perlite, water them, place them in a propagator with a little bit of heat, about 7 to 14 days,until they germinate.我在这些有分隔的小食物托盘中种植。我筛选了一些普通的花园堆肥,挑出块状物,然后在托盘中装满这种泥土,抹平表面。每个格段中放两粒种子,用珍珠岩覆盖表面就可以了。然后浇水,放置在培育箱中,稍微加热,大约7至14天的时间,直到种子发芽。When the plants are large enough, this means usually when it got about four leaves, transfer each plant into a three inch pot. I leave the pots on a sunny window sill. Once theyre a little bit bigger, I put them into my green house, which is unheated.当植株足够大的时候,也就是大概有四个叶片的时候,将植株移栽到三英寸的盆中。把花盆留在阳光照射的窗台上。幼苗长大一点后,再转移到没有加热的温室中。The ones Im going to put outside, I harden them off gradually which means acclimatizing them to cooler outside temperatures by moving them out in the day and moving them back into the green house at night. When I think theyre y and usually when theyre large enough, about a foot tall, I put them out onto my allotment and give them a cane to support them. Prepare the planting area by digging over, incorporating plenty of composted material and a little bit of fish blood and bone.要放置在室外的幼苗,我逐渐锻炼它们的耐寒能力,白天放在室外,夜晚再搬回温室,让它们逐渐适应更寒冷的室外环境。当我认为它们已经做好准备,植株已经足够大,大约1英尺高的时候,把它们放在小菜园中,编织一些藤条来撑它们。菜园要经过精心整理,深翻土壤,加入足够的堆肥,再加一些骨粉。When you plant the tomato plants outside, put them slightly lower so that they sit slightly lower in the soil than they were in their pots. So bury them a little bit. Bush tomatoes dont need any training at all.把番茄植株栽到室外的时候,在土壤中的高度稍微低于在花盆中的高度,所以,埋的稍微深一点。丛生番茄不需要任何锻炼。If youre growing the Cordon type of tomatoes, they have a single central stem and you need to pinch out the side shoots that appear between the leaf joints. Once theyre in the ground or in their growing bags they need regular watering and lots of it. And also once the flowers start to develop, and the fruits, you need to give them a weekly feed with a good quality tomato fertilizer.如果你种植的是带状番茄,只有一条中心主干,你需要掐掉出现在叶片节点之间的枝杈。一旦种植到土壤中,它们需要经常浇水,而且需要大量的水。一旦开始开花结果,每周都要施放足够的番茄肥料。The main enemy of your outdoor tomatoes is blight. This appears as black blotches on the leaves and then eventually transfers to the fruit and makes them rot and makes them completely inedible.室外番茄最主要的敌人是枯萎病。叶片上出现黑色的斑点,然后逐渐转移到果实,导致果实腐烂。Thanks for watching Grow Tomatoes Indoors.感谢收看“怎样在室内种植番茄”视频节目。201211/207426大理祥云县妇幼保健人民中心中医院可以做人流吗 Achieve your goals by breaking them down into bite-sized pieces, and use digital shortcuts to track your steps towards success.You Will NeedA PDA (掌上电脑)A cell phone An email account A desire to organize your life Step 1: Pick a goal(制定一个目标)You talk about competing in a triathlon, writing a novel, and getting a better job, but what are you actually doing about it? Pick your goal and stick to it.Writing down your goal and your proposed completion date in your PDA — instead of on paper — makes it easier to access, revise, and share with friends.Step 2: Identify the smaller tasks(按部就班)Identify the smaller tasks you’ll need to complete. A single large goal becomes much more manageable when you turn it into a lot of smaller goals.Step 3: Be realistic(实事求是)Whatever your goal is, be realistic about your plan, as well as the amount of time you’ve given yourself to complete it. We know you want to see results right now, but overloading your plate will just make you anxious.Step 4: Prioritize(分清主次)Prioritize your tasks. Rank each one based on its urgency and the order in which it should be accomplished. As you complete tasks, re-assign the rankings.Step 5: Schedule your tasks(设定日期)Schedule tasks in your PDA. Assign times, dates, and priority to as many tasks as you can. Set reminders in advance, so you have plenty of warning.Step 6: Streamline(简化提高效率)Streamline the other stuff on your to-do list so you have more time to focus on your goal. For recurring items like monthly bills, sign up online for automatic payment. Use mobile banking to save trips to your local teller. And for other repeating appointments or errands, set chiming reminders on your PDA.Step 7: Continue your education(继续学习)Don’t be afraid to seek help. Continue your education with an online class, and do ings and homework at your convenience.Some classes have s you can download to your PDA or MP3 player and watch whenever you’re free.Step 8: Let people know(告知家人)Send an email telling your friends and family about your goal. Getting the word out not only locks you into seeing things through; it can open up your options.When sending out a mass email, Bcc all email addresses.Step 9: Reward yourself(劳逸结合)Each time you accomplish a task, give yourself a break and a reward. 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