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大良医院电话号码是多少佛山治疗前列腺增生专科医院;Even in purely non-religious terms,“就算抛开宗教信仰的因素,homosexuality represents a misuse of the sexual faculty.同性恋也是性滥交的代名词It is a pathetic little second-rate substitute for reality --它是可悲的,次等的,一种现实的替代品a pitiable flight from life.是人生中一段令人遗憾的旅程As such, it deserves no compassion,因此,同性恋不值得同情it deserves no treatment也不值得治疗as minority martyrdom,因为只有少数人为此受难and it deserves not to be deemed anything but a pernicious sickness.;同性恋只值得视为一种有害的疾病;Thats from Time magazine in 1966, when I was three years old.上述的话选自1966年发行的 《时代》杂志,那时我只有三岁.And last year, the president of the ed States但是就在去年,美国总统came out in favor of gay marriage.站出来表示持同性恋婚姻And my question is, how did we get from there to here?我的问题是,我们是如何实现这种态度的转变?How did an illness become an identity?曾经的疾病是如何成为现在的一种身份认同?When I was perhaps six years old,当我差不多六岁的时候I went to a shoe store with my mother and my brother.我和妈妈还有弟弟去一家鞋店And at the end of buying our shoes,最后,当我们付款买鞋子的时候the salesman said to us that we could each have a balloon to take home.售货员告诉我们,我们每个人可以挑选一个气球带回家My brother wanted a red balloon, and I wanted a pink balloon.我的弟弟想要一个红色的气球,我想要粉色的气球My mother said that she thought Id really rather have a blue balloon.而我的母亲说她觉得我应该选一个蓝色的气球But I said that I definitely wanted the pink one.但是我说我想要的毫无疑问是粉色的气球And she reminded me that my favorite color was blue.她提醒我,我最喜欢的颜色是蓝色The fact that my favorite color now is blue, but Im still gay --其结果是,我现在最喜欢的颜色是蓝色,但我依旧是个同性恋者is evidence of both my mothers influence and its limits.这既反应了母亲对孩子的影响,也反应了这其中的局限性When I was little, my mother used to say,当我很小的时候,母亲曾经说过;The love you have for your children is like no other feeling in the world.;父母对子女的爱是世界上,其它一切感情都无法比拟的,And until you have children, you dont know what its like.;只有当你拥有自己的孩子时,你才能体会到;And when I was little, I took it as the greatest compliment in the world我小的时候,把母亲讲的,关于抚育我和弟弟的这段话that she would say that about parenting my brother and me.当成是世界上最高称赞And when I was an adolescent, I thought当我成为一个青少年的时候,我想that Im gay, and so I probably cant have a family.我是同性恋,所以我可能不会有自己的家庭And when she said it, it made me anxious.当母亲说那些话的时候,我就会感到很焦虑And after I came out of the closet,当我的事公之于众后,when she continued to say it, it made me furious.母亲还重提此事,我感到很恼火I said, ;Im gay. Thats not the direction that Im headed in.我说:“我是同性恋。我不会走那条路。And I want you to stop saying that.;我希望你不要再说那些话了。”About 20 years ago, I was asked by my editors at The New York Times Magazine大约二十年前, 《纽约时报》主编让我to write a piece about deaf culture.写一篇关于聋人文化的文章And I was rather taken aback.我感到很惊讶I had thought of deafness entirely as an illness.我原以为耳聋就是一种疾病Those poor people, they couldnt hear.那些可怜的人呀,他们什么都听不见They lacked hearing, and what could we do for them?如果他们听不见,我们能为他们做什么呢?And then I went out into the deaf world.接下来,我走进了聋人世界I went to deaf clubs.我去了聋人俱乐部I saw performances of deaf theater and of deaf poetry.观看了聋人的表演I even went to the Miss Deaf America contest in Nashville, Tennessee我甚至去了田纳西州纳什维尔的 “美国聋人”选秀赛where people complained about that slurry Southern signing.居然有人抱怨她们甜腻的南方手语“口音”And as I plunged deeper and deeper into the deaf world,随着越来越融入聋人世界I become convinced that deafness was a culture我开始相信耳聋是一种文化and that the people in the deaf world who said,并且聋人世界中的人也说,;We dont lack hearing, we have membership in a culture,;;我们不是听力不健全,我们是一种文化,;were saying something that was viable.这是可行的It wasnt my culture,这不是我的文化and I didnt particularly want to rush off and join it,我也没想冲过去加入这种文化but I appreciated that it was a culture但我欣赏它是一种文化and that for the people who were members of it,对其中的成员而言it felt as valuable as Latino culture or gay culture or Jewish culture.它的价值就如同拉美文化,同性恋文化或犹太文化It felt as valid perhaps even as American culture.它甚至可以和美国文化相媲美Then a friend of a friend of mine had a daughter who was a dwarf.我朋友的朋友有个女儿,是个小矮人And when her daughter was born,当她女儿出生的时候she suddenly found herself confronting questions她突然发现她要面对很多问题that now began to seem quite resonant to me.这些问题使我产生共鸣She was facing the question of what to do with this child.她当时面临的问题是--该如何对待这个孩子?201505/375957顺德区治疗早泄哪家医院最好 But this is sort of the important stages in which that framework will get built,平台建设是很重要的阶段,and so we want to all be thinking about it consciously now.所以现在我们都要自然而然地思考这个问题。Just before we jump into that, theres sort of a question of: why is this important?当我们开始讨论这个问题之前,还有一个问题,那就是:为什么重要?Im sort of making this claim that there is a game layer on top of the world,为什么我刚才说的建设最棒的游戏社交网络and that its very important that we build it properly.非常重要。The reason that its so important is that, the last decade,重要的原因是,最近十年,what weve seen has been building the social layer,建立的网络社交圈,has been this framework for connections,也就是网上人与人的联系,and construction on that layer is over, its finished.这种社交网络的建设已经完成了。Theres still a lot to explore.但是还有很多值得开发的地方。Theres still a lot of people who are trying to figure out social仍然有很多人试着提升这种网络平台,and how do we leverage this and how do we use this,摸索如何使用这个平台,but the framework itself is done, and its called Facebook.但是这平台本身已经搭建起来了,叫做Facebook。And thats okay, right? A lot of people are very happy with Facebook.平台已经建成也没有关系,不是吗?很多人很喜欢Facebook。I like it quite a lot.我也很喜欢。Theyve created this thing called the Open Graph, and they own all of our connections.它们搭建了所谓的“开放列表Open Graph”,它可以拥有所有使用者的关系资料。They own half a billion people.FACEBOOK拥有5亿人的资料。And so when you want to build on the social layer,所以当你想建立社交关系网时,the framework has been decided; it is the Open Graph API.这个平台已经搭建好了,也就是开放列表应用程序(Open Graph API)。And if youre happy with that, fantastic.如果你很乐意使用它,那就太好了。If youre not, too bad. Theres nothing you can do.如果你不高兴用它,很可惜。我们无能为力。But this next decade -- and thats a real thing.但是下一个十年——一定会有事情发生。I mean, we want to build frameworks我的意思是,我们想建立一个平台-in a way that makes it acceptable and makes it, you know, productive down the road.一个人人都能读取和改变信息的平台,这个平台会不断丰富。So, the social layer is all about these connections.网络社交圈是处理人与人关系的,The game layer is all about influence.而游戏社交圈全是有关影响力的平台。Its not about adding a social fabric to the Web并不是简单地在网上增加一个社会联系and connecting you to other people everywhere you are and everywhere you go.而是把你和其他人联系起来,无论你在哪里和要去哪里。Its actually about using dynamics, using forces,它完全利用的是某种动力、影响力,to influence the behavior of where you are, what you do there, how you do it.来影响人们在哪里,去哪里以及怎样行动的方式。Thats really, really powerful, and its going to be more important than the social layer.这种方式真的很强大,比网络社交圈更加重要。Its going to affect our lives more deeply and perhaps more invisibly.它会更深刻地影响到人们的生活,或许以更无形的方式。And so its incredibly critical that at this moment,所以游戏社交圈无比重要,此时,while its just getting constructed,我们刚刚开始建立它,while the frameworks like Facebook, like the Open Graph,我们认为游戏社交圈are being created for the game layer equivalent,堪与Facebook和开放列表这样的平台并驾齐驱,that we think about it very consciously,我们认为这是非常准确的,and that we do it in a way that is open,我们把它做成一个开放的、that is available, and that can be leveraged for good.每个人都能够使用的、不断提升的平台。And so thats what I want to talk about for game dynamics,这也就是我所提到的游戏动机,because construction has just begun,因为建设才刚刚开始,and the more consciously we can think about this,我们设想的越精确,the better well be able to use it for anything that we want.我们就能够更好地利用它来做任何我们想让它实现的事情。So like I said, the way that you go through and build on the game layer is not with glass and steel and cement.就像我刚才说的,我们建设这个游戏社交圈的方式并不是用玻璃、钢筋和水泥。And the resources that we use are not this two-dimensional swath of land that we have.我们所用的资源并不是屏幕上的两维的平面地图。The resources are mindshare and the tools, the raw materials are these game dynamics.而是俘获的人们心灵,我们的工具和原材料就是人们玩游戏的动机。So with that, you know, a couple game dynamics to talk about. Four.所以今天我就主要谈一谈玩游戏的四个动机。201601/422732佛山男科医院检查精子多少钱

佛山市顺德区中医院治疗早泄多少钱佛山市三水人民医院治疗男性不育多少钱 顺德人民医院男科专家挂号

南庄里水九江丹灶镇男科预约Because what had become clear to me and I want you to know it isnt always clear in the beginning because as I said I had been on television since I was 19 years old.但我想让你们知道,任何事情的一开始对于我们未必明朗,正如我所说我19岁就开始上电视。But around 94 I got really clear. So dont expect the clarity to come all at once to know your purpose right away, but what became clear to me was that I was here on earth to use television and not be used by it; to use television to illuminate the transcendent power of our better angels.然而到了94年我才渐渐清楚,所以不要期待一下子就想清楚、并马上明白自己的使命。对我来说,我最终清楚,我要利用电视而不是被电视利用,利用电视来照亮我们内在天使的一面。So this Angel Network, it didnt just change the lives of those who were helped, but the lives of those who also did the helping.这个“天使网络”,它不只是改变那些我们帮助过的人们的生活,同时也改变那些提供帮助的人们的生活。It reminded us that no matter who we are or what we look like or what we may believe it is both possible and more importantly it becomes powerful to come together in common purpose and common effort.它提醒我们,无论是谁,看上去如何,或者我们相信什么,更重要的是它成为了我们为共同目标走到一起的驱动力。I saw something on the Bill Moore Show recently that so reminded me of this point. It was an interview with David and Francine Wheeler.我最近在“ 比利尔秀”上看到一些东西再次提醒了我。那是一个采访戴维和弗朗辛·惠勒的节目。They lost their 7 year old son, Ben in the Sandy Hook tragedy.他们在Sandy Hook惨案中痛失了他们的7岁幼子Ben。And even though gun safety legislation to strengthen background checks had just been voted down in Congress at the time that they were doing this interview they talked about how they refused to be discouraged.尽管在此次访谈时国会已经否决了加强背景调查的安全立法,他们谈到他们拒绝被国会的否决所打击。Francine said this, she said ;Our hearts are broken but our spirits are not.弗朗辛说:“我们的心都碎了,但我们的精神没有垮。Im going to tell them what its like to find a conversation about change that is love, and Im going to do that without fighting them.;我想告诉他们关于变故的对话是怎样的感觉,那感觉就是爱。我将会接受它而不是抵触。”And then her husband David added this, ;You simply cannot demonize or vilify someone who doesnt agree with you, because the minute you do that, your discussion is over. And we cannot do that any longer.然后她的丈夫戴维继续说:“你不能诋毁或妖魔化那些持有异见的人,因为如果你这样做的那一刻,就不再有下文,我们不能再那样做了。The problem is too enormous. There has to be some way that this darkness can be banished with light.;问题已经很严重了,总有方法能用光明驱逐黑暗。”In our political system and in the media we often see the reflection of a country that is polarized, that is paralyzed and is self-interested.在我们的政治体系和媒体视角下,我们经常看到人们的两级分化的、近乎瘫痪、追逐自我利益的国家的反思。201507/389021 Pardon me.不好意思。I dont think I need this clicker anymore. You can have that.我觉得我不需要这个遥控器了,给你吧。Thank you very much. I appreciate that.谢谢,非常感谢!Come on up to the stage, Joe. Lets play a little game now.请上台,乔。我们玩个游戏吧!Do you have anything in your front pockets?你前面的裤袋里有什么东西吗? 乔:现金。Money. All right, lets try that.罗宾:现金,很好,让我们试试。Can you stand right over this way for me?你能站到这边来吗?Turn around and, lets see,请转过来。if I give you something that belongs to me,嗯,如果我把我的东西给你,this is just something I have, a poker chip.我有一枚扑克筹码,Hold out your hand for me. Watch it kind of closely.把你的手拿出来,看好了。Now this is a task for you to focus on.现在需要你专注地做一件事。Now you have your money in your front pocket here? Joe: Yup.你前面裤袋里有现金,对吗? 乔:是的。AR: Good. Im not going to actually put my hand in your pocket.罗宾:很好,我可没打算把手伸到你口袋里,Im not y for that kind of commitment.我还没准备好心理准备。One time a guy had a hole in his pocket,之前有一次碰到一个人,他的口袋里有个洞,and that was rather traumatizing for me.那次经历给我留下了巨大的心理阴影。I was looking for his wallet and he gave me his phone number.我本来是在找他的钱包,结果他给了我他的电话号码。It was a big miscommunication.真是个巨大的误会。So lets do this simply. Squeeze your hand.我们开始吧,请握紧你的手。Squeeze it tight. Do you feel the poker chip in your hand? Joe: I do.紧紧地握着,能感觉到手中的筹码吗? 乔:能。AR: Would you be surprised if I could take it out of your hand? Say yes.罗宾:如果我能将它从你手中取出,你会惊讶吗?请说“会”。Joe: Very. AR: Good.乔:我会非常惊讶。 罗宾:很好。Open your hand. Thank you very much.张开手。谢谢!Ill cheat if you give me a chance.如果你稍有疏忽,我是会作弊的。Make it harder for me. Just use your hand.现在给我加大点难度。Grab my wrist, but squeeze, squeeze firm.用你的手抓住我的手腕,死死地抓紧。Did you see it go?你看到筹码溜走了吗?Joe: No. AR: No, its not here. Open your hand.乔:没有。 罗宾:没有,但它不在这,张开手。See, while were focused on the hand,看到了吧,当我们专注于手的时候,its sitting on your shoulder right now.它其实已经落到了你的肩膀上。Go ahead and take it off.请将它取下。Now, lets try that again.现在,让我们再来一遍。Hold your hand out flat. Open it up all the way.把手张开,张到最大。Put your hand up a little bit higher, but watch it close there, Joe.请稍微抬起一点,但是要紧紧看着它。See, if I did it slowly, itd be back on your shoulder.看,如果我动作慢一点,它还是会回到你肩膀上。(Laughter)(笑声)Joe, were going to keep doing this till you catch it.乔,我们可以一直这样做,直到你抓住它为止。Youre going to get it eventually. I have faith in you.你最终会抓住它的,我相信你。Squeeze firm. Youre human, youre not slow.抓紧了。作为人类,你动作敏捷。Its back on your shoulder.它又回到你肩膀上了。You were focused on your hand. Thats why you were distracted.刚才你一直专注于你的手,所以你的注意力转移了。While you were watching this, I couldnt quite get your watch off. It was difficult.当你专注手的时候,我不能取下你的手表,太难了。Yet you had something inside your front pocket.但是你前方口袋里还有东西,Do you remember what it was?你还记得里面装着什么吗?Joe: Money.乔:现金AR: Check your pocket. See if its still there. Is it still there? (Laughter)罗宾:检查下你的口袋,看看现金还在不在,还在吗? (笑声)Oh, thats where it was. Go ahead and put it away.哦,它在这儿呢,请将它放回去。Were just shopping. This tricks more about the timing, really.我们只是到处看看。这个游戏更多的是对时间的把握。Im going to try to push it inside your hand.我接下来会把它放在你手里。Put your other hand on top for me, would you?能把你的另一只手放在上面吗?Its amazingly obvious now, isnt it?这一切出乎意料的显而易见,不是吗?It looks a lot like the watch I was wearing, doesnt it?这很像我现在带着的手表,对吗?(Laughter) (Applause)(笑声)(掌声)Joe: Thats pretty good. Thats pretty good. AR: Oh, thanks.乔:这太神奇了。 罗宾:谢谢!But its only a start. Lets try it again, a little bit differently.这仅仅是个开始。我们再来一次,但这次有点不同。Hold your hands together. Put your other hand on top.把你的手放在一起,把另一只手放在上面,Now if youre watching this little token,当你在注视这枚筹码的时候,this obviously has become a little target. Its like a red herring.这就成了一个小目标,就像是红色的鲱鱼。If we watch this kind of close, it looks like it goes away.如果我们认真盯着它,好像它已经溜走了。Its not back on your shoulder.这次它不在你肩膀上,It falls out of the air, lands right back in the hand.它从空中掉下来,落在了手上。Did you see it go?看清楚了吗?Yeah, its funny. Weve got a little guy. Hes union. He works up there all day.嗯,是很有趣。 上面有个人,跟我一伙儿的,整天干这事儿。If I did it slowly, if it goes straightaway,如果我做得慢点,它马上就溜走了,it lands down by your pocket. I believe is it in this pocket, sir?这次它降落在你的口袋里了。在你的口袋里吗?No, dont reach in your pocket. Thats a different show.别,别把手伸进口袋,那是另外一个节目。So -- (Squeaking noise) -- thats rather strange. They have shots for that.嗯,(吱吱声)这是有点儿奇怪,可以打针。Can I show them what that is? Thats rather bizarre. Is this yours, sir?我能给大家展示一下这个吗? 真奇怪。先生,请问这是你的吗?I have no idea how that works. Well just send that over there.我不知道这是怎么回事。我们把它放那儿就好了。Thats great. I need help with this one.很好,我这儿需要一点帮助。Step over this way for me.请站到这边来。Now dont run away. You had something down by your pants pocket.请别跑,你裤子口袋里还有点儿东西。I was checking mine. I couldnt find everything,我在找,可是怎么也找不到,but I noticed you had something here.但我注意到你那儿似乎有点东西。Can I feel the outside of your pocket for a moment?我能摸一下你的口袋外面吗?Down here I noticed this. Is this something of yours, sir?我发现了这玩意儿。先生,请问这是你的吗?Is this? I have no idea. Thats a shrimp.是吗?我完全不知道是怎么回事,那是一只虾。Joe: Yeah. Im saving it for later.乔:嗯,这是我为晚点时间准备的。AR: Youve entertained all of these people in a wonderful way,罗宾:你给在场所有人带来了欢乐,better than you know.比你想象的还要好。So wed love to give you this lovely watch as a gift. (Laughter)所以我想把这块手表送给你以示感谢(笑声),Hopefully it matches his taste.希望它合你口味。But also, we have a couple of other things,此外,我还有其他礼物要送给你,a little bit of cash, and then we have a few other things.一点现金,还有点其他东西,These all belong to you,这些都是你的,along with a big round of applause from all your friends. (Applause)还有来自现场朋友的热烈掌声。(掌声)Joe, thank you very much.乔:谢谢。(Applause)(掌声)So, same question I asked you before,那么,我想再问一遍最开始的问题,but this time you dont have to close your eyes.但这次不需要你们闭上眼睛,What am I wearing?我今天穿了什么?(Laughter)(笑声)(Applause)(掌声)Attention is a powerful thing.注意力是非常强大的东西。Like I said, it shapes your reality.正如我之前所说的,它决定了你的现实世界。So, I guess Id like to pose that question to you.所以,我想问大家一个问题,If you could control somebodys attention,如果你能控制一个人的注意力,what would you do with it?你会用它做什么?Thank you.谢谢201409/329851暨南大学附属顺德医院泌尿系统在线咨询高明中医院泌尿科咨询



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