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unit 336 购买炊具dialogue 英语情景对话A:Id have a look at some pots and pans.A:我想看看有什么炊具。B:Weve got several kinds. All are made of different materials.B:我们有好多种产品,材料各不相同。A:What kind is most durable, please?A:请问哪一种最耐用?B:Well, here is one made of duralumin. Thats cheap and durable. Over竹’ere weve also got some made of stainless steel, and those over there are enamel ones.B:这个嘛,这款硬铝制品,廉价耐用。那边还有不锈钢的,那边是搪瓷的。A:Ill have the stainless ones. They look very solid.A:我就要不锈钢的吧。这种看来挺结实。B:Yes, sir. Stainless steel products are always popular.B:是的,先生。不锈钢产品一向很受欢迎。 /201602/426934。

  • 5. Well not pay until we see the shipping documents for the goods.见不到货物装船单据,我们不付款。还能这样说:We prepare to pay when goods are received.You can receive the payment as soon as you deliver the goods.谚语:The more you pay, the more you will gain.付出越多,收获就越多。6. Would you rather accept D/P payment terms or L/C payment terms?您愿意接受付款交单方式还是信用付款方式?还能这样说:Which would you prefer, D/P payment or L/C payment?There are two kinds of payment: D/P payment and L/C payment. Which would you choose?应用:D/P是“document against payment”的缩写,意思是“付款交单”;L/C是“letter of credit”的缩写,意思是“信用”。7. We expect payment in advance on first order.我们希望第一次订货预付货款。还能这样说:Since this is our first cooperation, we hope that you can pay in advance.Prepayment is a necessity for first order.8. I heard you accept various kinds of payment.我听说你方会接受不同形式的付款。还能这样说:I heard that different kinds of payment are acceptable to you.I heard that in your company, different kinds of payment are available.谚语:Every ass likes to hear himself bray.每只驴子都爱自己叫。 /201504/366813。
  • Jana: Peter, youre from South Africa, right?嘉娜:彼得,你来自南非,对吗?Peter: Thats right, yeah.彼得:没错。Jana: I heard theres a lot of beautiful mountains that are famous for hikes. Is that true?嘉娜:我听说南非有很多漂亮的高山,非常适合徒步。是这样吗?Peter: Thats true, yeah. Actually, Ive been hiking since I was in elementary school really because theres so much, there are so many hikes to go on. The area that I grew up is actually quite close to the Drakensberg which is a famous mountain range in South Africa and it runs almost the whole length of the country and there are so many hikes, camping spots, places that you could go to and the hikes that you can go on for like a day, or two days, a week, ten days, a month if you want to. Really so much so I used to go most, I guess most holidays, or twice or three times a year even go hiking.彼得:没错。我从小学开始徒步旅行,因为有很多可以徒步的地方。我成长的地方离德拉肯斯山很近,这座山是南非著名的山脉,几乎横跨整个南非,有很多徒步旅行地和露营地,你可以选择为期一天、两天、一周或是10天的徒步旅行路线。有很多路线可以选择,我以前在节假日会去徒步旅行,一年大概去两三次。Jana: That sounds great. Is it safe? Are there any dangerous animals like snakes?嘉娜:听起来太棒了。那安全吗?有没有蛇之类的危险动物?Peter: I guess, hmm I guess Id have to say yes to that but in all my years of hiking, I have, I have seen many snakes but Ive never been bitten or even felt in danger. Like once or twice maybe but South Africa is like also famous for its many poisonous snakes and there are quite a few things that youd rather avoid but I guess, especially in the Drakensberg, the altitude for the mountains its quite high so not many dangerous animals live at high altitude if I can put it that way. So its really, its really kind of, yeah, its not dangerous I would say. Like obviously you have to take care and, you know, go during times of the year that is less, that you are less likely to get caught in a snowstorm or get snowed in or freeze to death or something but I think if you take adequate preparation there shouldnt be any problem and its really gorgeously beautiful.彼得:我想应该是有的,不过虽然我徒步旅行时看到过很多蛇,但是我从来没有被蛇咬伤过,我也没有感觉到危险。南非也因有许多毒蛇而闻名,有许多事是你最好避免的,不过尤其像德拉肯斯山这样的地方海拔非常高,可以说,生活在高海拔的危险动物并不多。所以我认为那里并不是很危险。显然,你要小心,选择在一年中不会被暴风雪困住或是不会被冻僵的时间去徒步,在准备充足的情况下,应该不会有任何问题,那里真的非常壮美。Jana: It sounds really nice. Is it easy to get to? Do you need a car to get around?嘉娜:听起来真好。去那里方便吗?需要车吗?Peter: Yes. Mostly you should, you should, you need a car and in some places youd even need a...彼得:需要。你需要开车去一些地方,你甚至还需要……Jana: Helicopter?嘉娜:直升飞机?Peter: No. I guess you could go with a helicopter but like if you have something like a Land Rover or a Land Cruiser or a four by four vehicle of some kind then you could get even into more beautiful places and more far away distant places that I would recommend even more. There are really so many places you can go to.彼得:不是,我想你可以坐直升飞机去,不过如果你开路虎或是丰田陆地巡洋舰或是四驱车,你可以去更多美丽的地方,可以去更远的地区,我可以推荐。有很多地方可以去。Jana: It sounds really great. Ill ask you again. Hopefully one day I will get a chance to visit South Africa.嘉娜:听起来真不错。我会再问你的。希望有一天我有机会去南非游玩。Peter: Yes, you should, you should go I say. Do you like hiking?彼得:你应该去。你喜欢徒步旅行吗?Jana: I do but I hardly ever go, you know, as you get so busy with your daily life and I like the idea of hiking but I hardly ever go, do any sort of outdoor activity but yeah I guess its a good thing to do during holidays.嘉娜:我喜欢,不过我很少去,因为日常生活太忙了,我很喜欢徒步,不过我很少有机会进行户外活动,不过我想可以在节假日去。Peter: Hmm.彼得:嗯。Jana: Yeah, when I was a kid we often went to the mountains with my parents so we would go for walks, short hikes, that kind of thing.嘉娜:我小时候经常和父母一起去山区玩,我们会散步、短程徒步。Peter: OK.彼得:好。Jana: But yeah then one just gets a bit busy with the daily life so I kind of forgot.嘉娜:但是后来生活忙碌了以后,我就忘了这种活动了。Peter: Yeah, life really has a way to get away with one, it really goes fast.彼得:嗯,生活真的过得很快。 译文属 /201611/476642。
  • Daniel: Hey how are you?丹尼尔:你好吗?Valeria: Fine and you?瓦莱里娅:我很好,你呢?Daniel: Fine thanks. I have a topic for you.丹尼尔:我也很好,谢谢。我想问你个问题。Valeria: OK.瓦莱里娅:好。Daniel: I think its a really, what do you think of the weather? Do you like this kind of like really changing weather, thunderstorms.丹尼尔:你认为天气怎么样?你喜欢这种多变的天气吗,喜欢雷雨天气吗?Valeria: Actually not that much.瓦莱里娅:不太喜欢。Daniel: No?丹尼尔:不喜欢?Valeria: No. I dont like the things like this every day raining.瓦莱里娅:不喜欢。我不喜欢这种下雨天。Daniel: Yeah, its kind of annoying.丹尼尔:对,有点恼人。Valeria: The combination of rain plus humidity plus hot, I dont like it.瓦莱里娅:下雨再加上潮湿,我不喜欢这种天气。Daniel: Yeah, for me its really difficult to get used to it because for me rain means winter and cold weather and having, you know if its raining Im going to get my umbrella and my coat, my scarf and everything.丹尼尔:对,我很难适应这种天气,因为下雨对我来说就像冬天一样,如果下雨,我就要拿雨伞,穿上大衣,围上围巾。Valeria: And it will be cold of course.瓦莱里娅:当然也会很冷。Daniel: Yeah, of course. But sometimes it just rains and its really hot. Youre wearing flip-flops so I dont know it is, at least now its not a matter if I like it or not, its Im not used to it and I dont really know what to wear when its raining.丹尼尔:没错。不过有时下雨也会很热。要穿夹脚拖鞋,不过现在这不是我喜不喜欢这种天气的问题,而是我无法适应,我不知道下雨时要穿什么。Valeria: Thats right. Its like summer clothes and rain doesnt go at all.瓦莱里娅:没错。下雨的时候不适合穿夏天的衣。Daniel: Yeah, it doesnt go together.丹尼尔:对,不适合。Valeria: No, no, no and another thing that bores me a little is, I mean in Argentina if it rains one day, its one day and maybe it will rain again in one week but every day raining is kind of too much.瓦莱里娅:还有一件令我烦心的事,在阿根廷,如果下雨只会下一天,一周内可能会再次下雨,不过每天都下雨太烦人了。Daniel: Yeah.丹尼尔:对。Valeria: I need to wash my clothes.瓦莱里娅:我要洗衣。Daniel: Exactly. I have the same problem. I have exactly the same problem.丹尼尔:没错。我也有同样的问题。我和你有同样的问题。 译文属 /201610/471989。
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