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With just five months until Christmas, Santas from around the world are gathering in Copenhagen for a mid-season break at the annual World Santa Claus Congress.距离圣诞节还有五个月,为了在季中休息期间参加一年一度的世界圣诞老人大会,世界各地的圣诞老人们齐聚哥本哈根。The annual conference gives them a chance to network, meet the public and get into shape for the busy days in December.这一每年举办一次的大会让他们有机会进行交流,与公众见面,并为12月的忙碌生活提前做好准备。This year 140 Santas from 12 countries gathered in the Danish capital for the three-day event.今年共有来自12个国家的140位圣诞老人齐聚丹麦首都,参加为期3天的盛会。Santa Cherry from Canada, who is taking part for the fifth time, said there was much more to being a Santa than just the clothes.来自加拿大的圣诞老人彻丽,今年已经是她第五次参加盛会了,她表示,做一个圣诞老人,除了那身衣,还有许多东西需要学习。;A successful Santa is not just about the costumes and the clothes. You have to have Christmas in your heart. You have to have the love of children and caring and giving in your heart to be a really successful Santa and it#39;s not something you can make up. It has to be in you and people know, they can see it,; she said.“一个成功的圣诞老人不仅仅是那些装和饰,你必须把圣诞节记在心里。想成为一名真正意义上成功的圣诞老人,你必须喜欢孩子们,从心底学会关爱和给予。这些东西是无法装扮的。它必须在你的心里,人们能够知道,可以感受到。”她说道。The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place at the Bakken amusement park near Copenhagen since 1957 and always in the summer which is Santa#39;s off season.世界圣诞老人大会从1957年就在哥本哈根附近的巴肯游乐园举办了,并且时间总定在夏天,因为这是圣诞老人放假的季节。;I think the congress was started as a way of bringing Santas from all over the world together and sharing ideas and sharing our love of Christmas and being Santa and it#39;s just joyous. It#39;s great to be here,; said Santa Ian from London in the ed Kingdom.来自英国伦敦的圣诞老人伊恩表示:“我认为大会把世界各地所有的圣诞老人聚集到一起,分享各自的想法,分享我们对于圣诞节以及成为圣诞老人的爱,这种方式很有趣。我很高兴来到这里。”During the congress they have the opportunity to discuss important issues concerning their trade, such as presents and weight regulations for Santa Clauses. One of the most hotly contested topics is the date for Christmas Eve.在大会期间,他们有机会谈论与工作有关的重要问题,例如圣诞老人的礼物以及对他们的体重规定。当然,其中最受争议的话题就是平安夜的日期了。For Santa Allan from Denmark, there is only one correct date.对于丹麦的圣诞老人艾伦来说,平安夜只有一个正确的日期。;I think the main question will be when is it Christmas Eve. Because everyone is talking about have you decided when that Christmas Eve will be or are you disagreeing like you used to? But the Danish guild is saying we have to have Christmas Eve on December 24th,; he said.他对此表示:“我认为主要的问题是平安夜是什么时候。因为所有人都在讨论:你决定了平安夜是什么时候吗?或者是:你还像过去一样不同意吗?但是丹麦协会表示,我们必须在12月24日过平安夜,” /201608/458946

As you get older, it feels like time tends to move faster.  年纪越大,时间似乎就过得越快。  We perceive time something like a stack of memories, so the less new experiences you have, the less likely you are to fill in those memories with interesting things.  我们把时间视为诸多记忆。所以经历得越少,你记忆中有趣的事儿就越少。  Time does go by more quickly the older we get. In the first few years of our lives, anything we sense or do is brand new, and many of our experiences are unique, so they remain firmly in our memories.  我们年纪越大,时间过得越快。生命最初的几年里,所做、所感知的任何事情都是全新的,许多经历都是独一无二的,因而记得牢。  But as the years go by, we encounter fewer and fewer new experiences—both because we have alyaccomplished a lot and because we become slaves to our daily routines.  岁月流逝,新的体验越来越少,因为我们成就颇丰,也因为已成为日常生活的奴隶。  Maybe we need some new app that will encourage us to try out new experiences, point out things we#39;ve never done, recommend dishes we#39;ve never tasted and suggest places we#39;ve never been.  也许我们需要一个新的应用鼓励我们尝试获得新的体验,指出那些我们从未做过的事情,推荐我们从未品尝过的菜肴。  Such an app could make our lives more varied, prod us to try new things, slow down the passage of time and increase our happiness.  这样一个应用可以丰富我们的生活,鼓励我们尝试新事物,放慢时间脚步,增加幸福感。 /201603/434576

An Indian man who bought one of the world#39;s most expensive shirts made entirely of gold has been allegedly battered to death, police said.据警方表示,曾购买了一件由纯金打造、堪称全球最贵的T恤的一名印度富豪,近日竟然被人活活打死。Datta Phuge shot into the global limelight in 2013 when he bought a shirt made with more than 3kg of gold and worth 0,000 (186,943 pound). A money lender based in western Pune, Mr Phuge was called ;the gold man;.2013年,达塔·普盖购买了一件由超过3公斤重的黄金打造的T恤,价值25万美元(约合186943英镑),凭此闻名全球。他是一名印度西浦那地区的放贷人,人们称其为“金人”。Four persons have been detained for questioning. Police suspect a dispute over money led to the murder.目前已有四人被拘留审问。警方怀疑是因金钱纠纷而导致的这起谋杀案。The police said some 12 people attacked Mr Phuge, 48, in Pune on Thursday night. One of the suspects had invited Mr Phuge and his 22-year-old son to celebrate a birthday at an open ground in Dighi area when the men attacked him with stones and a sharp weapon.据警方表示,在周四晚上,共有多达12人在浦那袭击了48岁的普盖。其中一名嫌疑人邀请普盖和他22岁大的儿子参加蒂基区一个露天场所举办的生日庆祝会。但是在事发地,普盖被手持石块和锋利武器的人袭击。Police said the son had witnessed his father being murdered and had been spared by the alleged killers.据警方表示,普盖的儿子目睹了父亲被杀的全程,但是凶手并没有对他下手。;However, we are investigating how Mr Phuge reached the open ground where he was murdered,; Dighi police station inspector Navnath Ghogare told the Press Trust of India news agency.蒂基警察局局长Navnath Ghogare在接受印度诚信新闻出版社采访时表示:“无论如何,我们目前正在调查普盖到底是如何抵达他被杀的露天场所的。”Mr Phuge often wore gold all over his body: his knuckles, neck, and wrists were weighed down by signet rings, chunky bracelets, and a medallion.普盖经常在全身都穿上黄金:手指上戴着金戒指、脖子上戴着金项链、手腕上戴着沉甸甸的图章戒指和厚重的金手镯,胸前还戴着一块大奖章。;Some people ask me why I#39;m wearing so much gold but it was my dream. People have different aspirations. Some elite people want to own an Audi or Mercedes, and have big cars. I chose gold,; he told the B in 2013.2013年,普盖在接受B采访时曾说道:“一些人不理解为什么我要穿这么多黄金在身上,但这是我的梦想。人们都有不同的愿望。一些精英人士想要有一辆奥迪或者奔驰、拥有豪车。而我则选择了黄金。” /201607/456167

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