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1. Always carry a reusable thermos and bring your own drink as much as possible. The two dollars cup of coffee or one dollar bottle of iced tea add up fast over a week. Whether you are using the water boiler in your hotel room to steep your own tea bag or using some fountain water in a clean bottle, bringing your own hot tea, coffee, water or juice will save you a lot of money. 随身携带一个可重复使用热水瓶。无论您正在使用酒店客房的热水锅炉陡峭自己的茶叶袋或使用一些喷泉水干净的奶瓶,带上自己的热茶,咖啡,水或果汁可以节省很多钱。 /201003/99733容桂治疗包皮包茎多少钱Breaking a Mirror One of the most common superstition is that to break a mirror brings death, or seven years of bad luck. Since very early times the mirror has been used in fortunetelling. People believed that one could see the will of god in the mirror. To break a mirror accidentally, therefore, was interpreted as an effort on the part of the gods to prevent the person from seeing into the future. This was understood as a warning that something unpleasant would happen in the future. It is said that when Napoleon was in Italy fighting in a war, he broke a mirror accidentally which hung over Josephine’s portrait. An idea came into his mind that she had died, and he couldn’t rest until he returned home and saw for himself that she was well and alive.最普遍的一种迷信说法是打破镜子的人会死去,或至少倒运7年。镜子自古就用来算命,人们认为从镜子里能看到神的意旨。因此,不慎打破镜子就被解释为神不愿泄露天机,因而是一种警告,有不妙的事即将发生。据说拿破仑在意大利作战时偶然打破了约瑟芬画像上方的镜子,马上想到爱人已死,于是马不停蹄地赶回家,看到约瑟芬安危无恙才放下心来。 /200906/75709暨南大学附属顺德医院看男科医院Obama beats Brad Pitt as most stylish man: pollMove aside Brad Pitt. US President Barack Obama has beaten all the usual male style icons to be named the world's most stylish man in a poll.The survey of 3,000 men put the 47-year-old president at the top of the style list after impressing people all over the world with his suits and dress sense.Actor Brad Pitt came second, praised for his ability to look stylish in a suit or in jeans.Third in the poll, conducted by researcher OnePoll.com, was British footballer David Beckham, whose trendy style has seen him become one of the most photographed men in the world and the face -- and body -- for Giorgio Armani's underwear campaign."Barack Obama has a great sense of style, which no doubt adds to his popularity," said Jonathan Heilbron, CEO of luxury British shirt brand Thomas Pink which commissioned the poll."World leaders and politicians are not known for their dress sense, so it's refreshing to have Obama who seems to genuinely care about his appearance."James Bond star, actor Daniel Craig, was voted fourth in the list, followed by US actor Al Pacino.Rounding out the top 10 were actors George Clooney, Bill Nighy, Clint Eastwood and Will Smith as well as painter and filmmaker Andy Warhol. /200906/74778An apple a day really could keep the doctor away – as long as you don’t throw away the peel.   有这样一句谚语:一日一苹果,医生远离我,常吃苹果的确有益健康,不过前提是得连皮一块儿吃掉。   The chemical behind the apple skin’s waxy shine is being credited with a host of health benefits from building muscle to keeping the lid on weight. Ursolic acid also keeps cholesterol and blood sugar under control, meaning an apple a day could do wonders for all-round health.   苹果表皮之所以具有蜡质的光泽全因其含有的某种元素,该成分有益于强健人体肌肉,并且维持健康体重。这种名为熊果酸的物质同时还可以控制胆固醇和血糖水平,这便可以解释“一日一苹果”所造就的“健康奇迹”。   Researcher Christopher Adams said: ‘Ursolic acid is an interesting natural compound. It’s part of a normal diet as a component of apple peels.   研究者克里斯托弗·亚当斯说:“熊果酸是一种非常有趣的天然化合物,它不仅是苹果皮中所含有的物质,同时也是人们每日健康饮食的一部分。”   The importance of apple peel was discovered after Dr Adams, a U.S. expert in how hormones affect the body, set out to find a drug that stops muscles from wasting, keeping pensioners strong as they age and cutting their risk of hard-to-heal fractures.   亚当斯士在一项研究减缓肌肉萎缩并保持其强健性,同时避免骨折后愈合困难的试验中意外发现了苹果皮的重要性。   He said: ‘Muscle wasting is a frequent companion of illness and ageing.   他说:“疾病和衰老常常伴随着肌肉萎缩的发生。” /201106/140044佛山第一人民医院看男科怎么样

佛山去那里割包皮比较好顺德区大良龟头炎症前不久英国皇室宣布了威廉王子和女友凯特·米德尔顿即将结婚的消息。全球对这位新平民王妃都异常期待。而凯特本人在英国国内也摇身变成时尚偶像。她的穿衣风格被无数女性追捧。今天小编就带你一起来看看这位平民王妃如何演绎英国上流社会的穿衣范儿吧!The 28 year-old fiancée of Prince William has stayed true to her demure and practical style over the years.凯蒂的气质被英国媒体称为"demure and practical style",意思就是正经严肃,但又很实用的穿衣风格。图上凯蒂的一袭宝蓝色连衣裙搭配黑色小西装和礼貌,的确很有大家闺秀的风范。 /201012/120656'Change' voted Japan's character of the yearAfter helping Barack Obama sweep to victory in the US election, the president-elect's motto of "change" was Friday declared character of the year by a monk at one of Japan's most revered temples.Using a calligraphy brush to write the single character on a wooden platform as tourists looked on, Seihan Mori, chief monk at Kiyomizu temple in the ancient capital of Kyoto, declared "change" to be Japan's character of the year.The event was hosted by a Kyoto-based group that promotes the use of "kanji," the Chinese characters used in the Japanese language.The public sent in 111,200 nominations for the kanji of the year.Of those, a majority 5.42 percent endorsed "change," followed by "gold," suggesting the Beijing Olympics, and "fall" to reflect the global market plunge."I think it is an expression of the Japanese people's wishes to see political, economic and societal changes, as they were impressed by Mr. Obama's message of change," Mori said.He added that the term's significance also came into prominence because of the world's growing attention to the impact of climate change.The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation has been conducting a poll on the year's kanji each year since 1995.Last year’s top choice was 'Nise' (fake). /200812/58914佛山山医院前列腺Several theories have been proposed for why religions and religious beliefs have evolved, but before now none of them have involved parasites.Previous theories have suggested that religions help enforce group cooperation. Another suggestion is that religious thoughts and practices are a side-effect of mental abilities that have evolved for other purposes. For example, prayer is a small step from our evolved ability to rehearse what we plan to say to someone who isn't physically with us right now.Crucially, none of these accounts can ily explain why the diversity of religions varies so much around the world. Brazil, for example, has 159 religions compared with Canada's 15, even though both countries are of comparable size.Now Corey Fincher and Randy Thornhill have tested the idea that religious diversity is a side-effect of the fragmentation of cultures that tends to occur in the face of increased threat from infectious disease.Fincher and Thornhill used the World Christian Encyclopedia and the Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network to compare the sp of infections and religions across 219 countries. Their results were clear: in regions with a greater variety of infectious parasites, the diversity of religions also tends to be greater. This association held strong even after exploring the impact of other potential factors, such as differences in democratisation and histories of colonisation.The researchers say the association between religion and parasites occurs because reducing contact with outsiders can help protect against disease. In turn, when cultures fragment and groups avoid making contact with each other, more religions are likely to spring up."Although religion apparently is for establishing a social marker of group alliance and allegiance, at the most fundamental level, it may be for the avoidance and management of infectious disease," Fincher and Thornhill said. The pair also believe that the diversity of languages and parasites tends to co-vary across the globe for similar reasons. 一些探索宗教和宗教信仰的演变原因的理论已经有人提出了,但到现在为止还没有任何相关理论涉及寄生虫。以前的理论认为,宗教促进人类的团体合作。也有的认为,宗教思想和实践是人类用于其它目的所形成的心智能力的一种副作用。举例来说,祈祷来源于人们排练对不在身旁的人说话的内容。最重要的是,所有这些理论都不能解释世界上宗教多样性的原因。例如,巴西有159种类型的宗教,而加拿大却只有15种,即使这两个国家的面积大小相关不大。现在科里#8231;芬奇和兰蒂#8231;陶希尔已经实他们的想法:宗教的多样性是文明分散的一种副效应。而文明分散往往是因为面临来自传染病不断扩大的威胁产生的。利用世界基督教百科全书、全球传染病和流行病学网络,芬奇和陶希尔在219个国家内对传染病传播与宗教传播进行比较。其结果是明确的:在传染性寄生虫种类繁多的区域,宗教的多样性也往往会更明显。这种联系对之后探讨其他潜在因素有很大的影响,如不同的民主化历程和不同的殖民统治历史。研究人员表示,宗教和寄生虫之间的关联是因为减少与外界接触可以帮助抵御疾病。反过来,当文明的片段或人类群体避免彼此接触,更多的宗教就有可能涌现。“虽然宗教表面是为团体同盟或忠诚建立一种社会标志,但根本上,它可能是为了避免和控制传染病, ”芬奇和陶希尔说。两人还认为,语言和寄生虫在世界各地的多样性可能出于同样的原因。 /200811/56479顺德中医院不孕不育收费好不好

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