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广州白云输卵管通水多少钱广州药流得需要多少钱THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. President Peres, thank you, sir, for your hospitality. Mr. Prime Minister and Mrs. Olmert, it's great to be with you. We consider you friends. Heads of state, thank you all for coming. I think it's a great tribute to this conference, as well as to Israel that some so many heads of state have come. Ex-heads of state and ex-leaders, thanks for being here. Save a seat in the ex-leader's club. (Laughter and applause.) Citizens of Israel, Laura and I loved coming to your beautiful country, and thank you for your warm hospitality. Citizens of the ed States, my fellow Americans -- (applause) -- spend freely and behave yourselves. (Laughter.)   Distinguished guests, I really appreciate your warm welcome. And we are thrilled to be here with one of America's closest friends. Laura and I are honored to represent the American people on the 60th anniversary of your independence. Happy birthday. (Applause.)   As we celebrate the anniversary, it is useful to look back at the story of your founding. It is the story of how faith guided the Jewish people through centuries of bitter exile. It is a story of how those living behind ghetto walls and barbed wire never lost sight of Jerusalem. And it is a story of how brave pioneers risked everything to redeem the promise of this land. It is a marvelous story.   When Israel's founders gathered in Tel Aviv to sign your declaration of independence, the threat of war loomed. But it could not overshadow the joy of people who had lived to see their prayers answered. Celebrations broke out all across this land, and of course they broke out in America, as well. In New York, young men and women danced the hora in the streets. In Washington, a crowd gathered to watch a flag-raising ceremony outside the building that would become Israel's first embassy. After one man saw the flag bearing the Star of David, he said, "I never thought I'd live to see this day." (%bk%)  Looking back 60 years later, it is important to remember what the founders of Israel had to overcome at every stage of the journey. They established one of the world's great democracies in a region where democracy had few roots. They formed a unified army out of immigrants and refugees from many different countries. They planted the seeds of a modern economy in the sands of an ancient desert. In these accomplishments, we see the visionary leadership of men and women like Herzl and Weizmann and Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir and Rabin and Sharon -- and we honor each of them this evening. (Applause.)   And looking back 60 years later, we've also got to remember the courage of Harry S. Truman. As Israel prepared to declare independence, President Truman faced a tough choice over whether to recognize a new state. The future of Israel hung in the balance. As Chaim Weizmann told the President, he said, "History and providence have placed this issue in your hands." And today we know that the forces of Providence could not have chosen a better man than America's 33rd President. (Applause.)   Eleven minutes after Israel came into existence, the ed States became the first nation to recognize its independence. And because Harry Truman did what was right instead of following the conventional wisdom, we can say today that America is Israel's oldest and best friend in the world. (Applause.)   With every passing year, the bonds of friendship between America and Israel have grown stronger. America stands for peace, and so does Israel. And as we stand in peace, we must understand the realities of the world in which we live. We must be steadfast, and we must be strong in the face of those who murder the innocent to achieve their objectives. (Applause.) And in the long run, we share a powerful belief in a powerful weapon against the terrorists. We believe that the surest way to defeat the enemies of hatred is to advance the cause of hope through the cause of freedom; liberty as the great alternative to tyranny and terror. (Applause.)   Mr. President, and Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for inviting me to speak at the Knesset tomorrow. I hear it's a place of many a sharp elbow. (Laughter.) I'm looking forward to giving my speech. (Laughter.) I'm not going to be throwing any elbows. But I will talk about the day when I believe every child in the Middle East can live in peace and live in freedom. (Applause.) With trust in the Rock of Israel, we know that day will come. And when it does, the ed States of America will be by at your side.   God bless Israel, and God bless America. (Applause.) 200806/41592广州天河人流大概要多少钱 Building Skills for America’s FutureToday, President Obama announced the launch of a new initiative Skills for America’s Future - an effort to improve industry partnerships with community colleges to ensure that America’s community college students are gaining the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce.Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (700MB) | mp3 (67MB) 201010/115135东莞那个医院做人流手术

番禺中心医院正规吗Download Video: mp4 (417MB) | mp3 (58MB)广州治多囊卵巢那个医院好 President Bush Honors Cinco de Mayo  THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for coming. Welcome. Si ntese. (Laughter.) Laura and I welcome you to the Rose Garden for what is going to be a spectacular evening. We are so glad you are here. Ambassador Garza, thank you for coming. Ambassador Sarukhan, thank you for being here as well. I appreciate members of the ed States Senate for joining us, members of the House of Representatives for joining us, members of my Cabinet, members of the Hispanic American community.   I want to thank the Mariachi Campanas de America from San Antonio, Texas for joining us here today. (Applause.) After dinner we are so fortunate to have Shaila Durcal, who will be singing for us. Hold your applause for Shaila until after she sings -- I will tell you, however, that she has interrupted her honeymoon to come to the Rose Garden tonight, for which we are very grateful.   Cinco de Mayo is a joyous celebration. It commemorates a joyful moment in history of Mexico -- it's when Mexican soldiers defended their independence against what appeared to be an elite and insurmountable army from Europe. Nearly a century and a half later, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by Americans and Mexicans alike -- after all, it is a symbol of determination against great odds and is a source of inspiration for all who love freedom.   For me, Cinco de Mayo is a chance to say that Mexico and the ed States are connected by more than geography. Sure, we share an important border -- but we're also united by values, our love of family and faith and freedom. We share an interest in making sure our people are prosperous and safe.   In America we deeply value the culture and the contribution of Mexican Americans. The ed States is a richer place, a more vibrant place because people who have -- claim Mexican heritage now are called ed States citizens. And today we honor those Mexican Americans who live in America and we consider ourselves fortunate to have Mexico as a friend and a neighbor.   And so my toast is to Mexico and to the ed States and the people therein. Que Dios los bendiga. Feliz Cinco de Mayo. (Applause.) 200806/41531广州番禺妇科

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