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厦门哪里双眼皮的医院比较好厦门治腋臭哪家医院好Wal-Mart Stores is teaming up with Alibaba to roll out the Alipay mobile payment service in China — its latest move to increase sales in a tough, but potentially lucrative international market.为了在中国这个形势严峻但潜在利润丰厚的海外市场提升销售额,沃尔玛迈出了新一步:它宣布与阿里巴巴合作,开始持付宝付款。Ant Financial, a financial affiliate of Alibaba, said on Wednesday that the partnership with the world’s biggest retailer would start with 25 stores in Shenzhen, including one of its Sam’s Club locations, and be accepted at all 410 Wal-Mart stores in China by the end of the year.阿里巴巴子公司蚂蚁金表示,沃尔玛在深圳的25家分店将率先参与这一合作,其中包括一家山姆会员店。今年年底,双方合作范围将扩大到沃尔玛在中国的全部410家分店。The tie-up with China’s leading e-commerce company comes as Wal-Mart looks to dramatically improve its performance in the world’s most populous country. Last quarter, Wal-Mart’s net sales fell 0.7%, while comparable sales, which strip out the effect of newly opened or closed stores, were down 2.3%.这场与阿里巴巴的合作来的恰逢其时,沃尔玛正急于快速提升在这个全球人口最多国家的业绩。上个季度,沃尔玛在中国的净销售额下降了0.7%;剔除新开和已关闭分店的影响,可比销售额下降2.3%。Wal-Mart has grappled with the perception in China that its prices are not the lowest, among other challenges.沃尔玛在中国面临的挑战之一就是,消费者认为其商品售价并不是最低的。Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon told investors in February that the company is “taking the right steps to solidify a foundation for long-term growth.”今年2月份,沃尔玛首席执行官董明伦曾告诉投资者,正“采取适当措施为长期增长奠定基础”。One of those steps has turned out to be working with China’s leading mobile payments service: last fiscal year, ended June 30, 2014, Alipay settled 8 billion in transactions, and had some 190 million active users for its mobile app as of last fall.显然,其中一项措施就是和中国主要的移动付务商合作。在截至2014年6月30日的财年中,付宝完成的交易金额达7880亿美元;去年秋季,其移动应用活跃用户数约为1.9亿。The Alipay deal won’t entail new capital spending by Wal-Mart. Its cash registers won’t need extra equipment to accept Alipay Wallet mobile payments, given that basic barcode scanning guns will do the trick. Customers will be able to check out by having their smart phones scanned.而且,与付宝合作不会增加沃尔玛的资本出。超市收银机自带的扫码就能完成付宝付,无需添加其他设备。消费者只需拿出智能手机,轻轻一扫就可结账。“Alipay will help us serve our customers better by allowing mobile payment in seconds. Increasingly, our customers want convenience,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Marilee McInnis told Fortune in an e-mailed message. This is all the more important given how prevalent mobile payment has become in a country with such limited credit card use.沃尔玛发言人玛丽莉o麦金尼斯通过电子邮件向《财富》杂志表示:“移动付几秒钟内就能完成,与付宝合作有助于我们更好地务消费者。顾客越来越希望享受便捷的体验。”这点特别重要,尤其在中国这样一个移动付格外流行,信用卡使用却非常有限的国家。For Alipay, working with the world’s largest retailer can help it increase adoption of the mobile payments service.对付宝来说,和全球最大的零售商合作则有助于扩大其移动付业务的覆盖范围。Last month, McMillon told journalists on a trip to Beijing that his goal was not to make Wal-Mart the biggest retailer in China, but rather the most trusted, eschewing a previous strategy anchored on aggressive store expansion. So the company is pulling back on the pace of store openings and in fact is closing many underperforming stores in China.董明伦上个月在赴北京途中向记者透露,他的目标并不是让沃尔玛成为中国规模最大的零售企业,而是最受信任的一家,不能再延续过去大量开分店的策略。所以沃尔玛正放慢设立新店的速度,实际上还关闭了不少表现欠佳的门店。The retailer, which first came to China in 1996, plans to open to open 115 new stores by 2017, which would bring its store count in China to 530 locations. By contrast, Wal-Mart has nearly 5,200 in the U.S. across its various banners.沃尔玛1996年登陆中国市场,计划到2017年再开115家新店,届时其在中国的门店数量将达530家。而在美国,沃尔玛旗下各子品牌分店已接近5200家。 /201505/375660厦门最好的治疗痘痘的地方 Apple is hiring a team of journalists to run its Apple News service, part of a broader push by the company to personalise the content it selects and delivers to users of its devices.苹果(Apple)正招聘新闻从业者组建编辑团队,运营其Apple News务。此举是苹果一项更宏大举措的一部分,目的是对选送给苹果设备用户的内容进行人工干预。The Apple editorial team will liaise with publishers, which include the Financial Times, New York Times, The Guardian and The Economist, which have signed up to provide content to the news service.苹果编辑团队将负责与出版商联络。这些出版商包括英国《金融时报》、《纽约时报》(New York Times)、《卫报》(The Guardian)和《经济学人》(The Economist),它们已和苹果签约,将为其新闻务提供内容。A job ad posted for Apple News, which replaces Apple’s Newsstand and will compete with Facebook’s new Instant Articles service, said successful candidates would “identify and deliver the best in breaking national, global, and local news”.在为Apple News发布的招聘广告上,苹果表示,符合条件的候选者应能“识别和发送最佳的国内、国际及地方突发新闻”。Apple News将取代苹果的虚拟报摊(Newsstand),并与Facebook新推出的Instant Articles务展开竞争。It is seeking candidates with more than five years of “newsroom experience” able to “recognise original, compelling stories unlikely to be identified by algorithms”. Apple declined to comment beyond the job ad.该公司希望找到这样的人选:拥有五年以上“编辑部工作经验”,能够“识别不太可能被算法识别出的、扣人心弦的原创性报道”。苹果拒绝就这个招聘广告以外的事情置评。One publisher that has had negotiations with Apple over the news service said the hiring of journalists was “jaw-dropping” and “a real surprise”.一个曾与苹果就新闻务进行过商谈的出版商表示,苹果聘用新闻从业者之举“令人大跌眼镜”、“着实令人意外”。Ken Doctor, an analyst with Newsonomics, pointed to other examples of technology companies hiring journalists, such as Flipboard and Yahoo. “Apple hasn’t done it so it’s a departure but it’s not a surprising departure,” he said. “To do curated distribution you either use algorithms, like Google News, or you use people.”Newsonomics分析师肯#8226;多克托(Ken Doctor)则提到其他高科技企业聘用新闻从业者的例子——比如Flipboard和雅虎(Yahoo!)。他说:“苹果以前没这么做过,因此这算是一次新的尝试,但它并不出人意料。做策划发行,你要么靠算法、就像谷歌新闻(Google News)那样,要么靠人。”Apple’s news recruitment drive is the latest example of a steady uptick in traffic from Fleet Street to Silicon Valley. In the last few years, social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have hired reporters and editors from the likes of News Corp and N to help broker relationships between media groups and their distribution platforms. Within the past six months, Snapchat has hired reporters from CNN and tech site The Verge.苹果招聘新闻从业者之举,是新闻业人士转投硅谷的步伐逐步加快的最新例。最近几年,社交网络Facebook、Twitter和领英(LinkedIn)已从新闻集团(News Corp)、美国全国广播公司(N)等机构招了不少记者和编辑,以帮助处理媒体集团与其发行平台之间的关系。过去六个月里,Snapchat也从美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)及技术网站The Verge聘用了多名记者。The launch of Apple News comes as the company tries to introduce more of a human element to its other services. Apple Music, which was unveiled last week, includes personally selected playlists and Beats 1, an international radio station staffed by newly hired DJs — including Zane Lowe, formerly of B Radio 1.苹果推出Apple News的同时,也试图向自己的其他务引入更多人的元素。上周推出的Apple Music务,就包括了人工挑选的歌单以及一个名为“Beats 1”的国际广播电台。该电台的人员由新近聘用的DJ组成,其中包括曾在英国广播公司广播一台(B Radio 1)工作的赞恩#8226;洛(Zane Lowe)。The publishers participating in Apple News will supply Apple with a few stories each day, which will be served as a stream from an icon on the homescreen of connected Apple devices. The publishers will keep any advertising revenue they generate from ads sold around these stories; if they want Apple to sell the ads the iPhone maker will keep a 30 per cent cut of any revenues.参与Apple News的出版商每天将向苹果提供数篇报道,这些报道将通过联网苹果设备主屏幕上的一个应用以流媒体的形式提供给用户。出版商自己围绕这些报道卖出的广告,收入全归它们自己所有。如果它们希望由苹果来卖广告,苹果将获得相当于收入30%的分成。 /201506/381139福建厦门隆鼻需要多少钱

厦门玻尿酸隆鼻价格是多少欧菲整形丰屁股价格 Apple Pay has officially launched here in China.苹果移动付务近日已在中国正式推出。Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of the contactless payment system today through his Sina Weibo social media account. The tech giant is teaming up with Chinese bankcard association UnionPay.苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克今天通过他个人的新浪微社交媒体帐户宣布,正式推出这种非接触式的付系统。这家科技巨头公司正式与中国银联强强联手。Nearly 20 Chinese banks have let their customers tie their bank accounts to Apple Pay, and UnionPay has provided compatible Point-Of-Sales terminals for users to complete the transactions.中国近20家已经让他们的客户将其账户关联到Apple Pay,而中国银联则为帮助用户完成交易提供了兼容的销售点终端。Users of the iPhone 6, certain iPads, and Apple Watches equipped with near field communication, or NFC technology, will be able to use the system to buy items in certain stores in China.使用iPhone6、某些型号的iPad以及Apple Watch且搭载近场通信的用户,将可以在中国指定的商店使用这套系统购买商品。McDonald#39;s said today that it will accept Apple Pay in its 1,700 restaurants in China. Apple also lists Lane Crawford, 7-Eleven, Burger King, and KFC among the merchants aly accepting Apple Pay in China.麦当劳今天宣布,在中国的1700家餐厅将会持Apple Pay务。此外,苹果公司还列出了包括连卡佛、7-11便利店、汉堡王、肯德基等在内的多个位于中国的商家已经持Apple Pay务。Chinese restaurant review and group buying services Meituan and Dazhongdianping and online retailer Dangdang.com have also made Apple Pay-compatible versions of their apps available to iPhone users.主打中国餐馆点评和团购务的美团和大众点评,以及在线零售商当当网,都已经为iPhone用户推出了兼容Apple Pay的最新版APP。 /201602/426965福建第三人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱

厦门市欧菲医院医生名单Innovation is an essential yet elusive ingredient in corporate success, and one that is notoriously difficult to measure.创新对于企业的成功至关重要,但它往往难以实现,而且众所周知,它也很难衡量。But for the past decade, the Boston Consulting Group has picked up the challenge, publishing a ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world and an accompanying analysis of successful innovators. The 2015 ranking and report, published on Wednesday, shows the top two companies, Apple and Google, are the same pair as last year.但是在过去十年,波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)直面这项挑战,持续发布全球最具创新力企业50强榜单,同时也对最成功的创新者进行分析。周三发布的2015年榜单和报告显示,排名最靠前的两家公司,仍是去年高居榜首的苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)。American corporations account for six of the top 10. In addition to Apple and Google, they are Tesla (ranked third), Microsoft (fourth), Gilead Sciences (eighth) and Amazon (ninth). But the company that has climbed the most since last year, up 35 places to the 12th spot, is the Chinese company Tencent.排名前十的公司,有六个都是美国公司。除了苹果和谷歌,还有特斯拉(Tesla,排名第三)、微软(Microsoft,第四)、吉利德科学(Gilead Sciences,第八)和亚马逊(Amazon,第九)。但和去年相比,排名上升最快的是中国公司腾讯,它今年上升了35个位次,排名第12位。Technology companies occupy the most slots at the top of the list, but car companies are a rising presence. Besides Tesla, the top auto innovators include Toyota (sixth), BMW (seventh) and Daimler (10th). The automotive ascent on the list has been evident for the last three years, said Andrew Taylor, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of the report.榜单顶端的位置大多被科技企业占据,但汽车厂商的排名正在上升。除了特斯拉,最具创新力的汽车企业还有丰田(Toyota,第六)、宝马(BMW,第七)和戴姆勒(Daimler,第十)。波士顿咨询集团高级合伙人、同时也是这份报告共同作者的安德鲁·泰勒(Andrew Taylor)表示,过去三年,汽车企业排名上升非常明显。“Cars have become delivery systems for technology,” Mr. Taylor explained, including hybrid and electric power systems, driver-assisting safety features, heads-up displays and touch screens for entertainment and information. “The amount of consumer-facing technology is incredible compared with five years ago,” he added.“汽车已经成为技术应用的载体,”泰勒解释说,比如混合动力和电力系统、安全驾驶辅助功能、平视显示器和用来提供和信息的触摸屏。“相比于五年前,面向消费者的技术数量之多,让人难以置信,”他接着说。The rankings are determined largely by a survey of 1,500 chief executives and senior executives worldwide. They are asked what companies in their own industry and in general they consider most innovative. They can’t name their own company. The rest of the ranking formula, 40 percent, is based on a company’s total return to shareholders over five years.这些排名主要基于对全球1500名企业首席执行官和高管进行的问卷调查。他们需要回答在自己所在领域,以及在普遍意义上,哪些企业最具创新力,还需要将自己所在企业排除在外。剩余40%的排名依据是各企业在过去五年的股东权益总回报率。But the ranking questions are only a few of the dozens included in the annual survey. The Boston Consulting Group report is grounded mainly in answers to the wider set of responses, supplemented by the management consultant’s other research.但有关排名的问题,只是这个年度问卷中出现的几十个问题中的少数。波士顿咨询集团的报告主要是基于高管们针对更广泛问题的回答,然后再结合该咨询公司的其他研究。Reading the report, two themes seem most prominent: speed and technology. The executives were asked which of more than a dozen “areas of innovation, research and development or product development will have the most impact on your industry over the next three to five years?” The top three choices were “speed of adopting new technology,” “big-data analytics” and “technology platforms.”这份报告似乎有两个最为显著的主题:速度和技术。高管们被问到,在所列出的十多个“创新、研发或产品开发领域中,哪一个会在未来三五年对你所在行业产生最大影响?”被提到最多的前三个选项是“采用新技术的速度”、“大数据分析”和“技术平台”。In the survey and in follow-up interviews with executives, Mr. Taylor said, “The word that keeps coming up is speed” — accelerating traditional innovation processes to rapidly develop products and experiment with ideas.泰勒表示,在对高管们进行的问卷调查和后续采访中,“不断被提到的词是速度”——加速传统创新过程,以快速开发产品和实践新想法。Technology, Mr. Taylor noted, opens the door to faster innovation — as even industrial companies, for example, use sensors and software to build more intelligence and flexibility into their products. And techniques originally employed by software engineers, like agile programming and quickly building prototypes and testing them on customers, are being embraced in many industries. “It’s all about learning fast,” Mr. Taylor said.泰勒还指出,技术可以带来更快的创新——比如,即使是工业公司,也可以利用传感器和软件使自己的产品更智能、更灵活。而且,原先只有软件工程师使用的技术,如敏捷编程、快速建模和在消费者中进行测试,也正被很多行业采用。“重要的是快速学习,”泰勒说。However achieved, innovation seems to be increasingly valued by senior executives. This year, 79 percent replied that innovation was either their company’s top priority or among the top three. That is the highest percentage since the survey began in 2005, when the innovation priority share was 66 percent.无论以什么方式实现,创新似乎都越来越被高管们看重。今年接受采访的高管有79%都回答,创新是他们所在企业的第一要务,或者头三要务之一。自2005年进行这项问卷调查以来,今年这个比例是最高的。在2005年,这个数字是66%。Have they just browbeaten by the term over the years, so that nearly everyone would say yes? That is not the explanation Mr. Taylor offered.是不是因为他们在过去数年被创新这个词给唬住了,所以几乎所有人都给了肯定的回答?泰勒可不是这么解释的。Instead, he suggested that so many of the other steps to create higher corporate value — like acquisitions, cost-cutting and outsourcing, restructuring and financial engineering — have run their course at many major companies. “As the toolkit gets narrower, innovation rises to the top,” he said. And Wall Street investors, he added, bid up the shares of companies that produce strong organic growth through innovation, like Apple and Google.相反,他表示,很多其他的创造更高企业价值的方法,比如收购、削减成本、外包、重组和金融工程,都已经被很多大公司采用过。“当可选择的工具选项减少时,创新就一跃成为首选,”他说。他还表示,华尔街投资者也会抬高通过创新实现有机增长的企业的股价,比如苹果和谷歌。 /201512/414142 欧菲美容医院厦门整容不错的医院




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