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英文小品剧本 羊肉串和纳税人 --7 :3:59 来源: Characters:  Mr. Shi, Xiaofu, Dabao  Mr. Shi: Tax is the major source of the fiscal revenue. There is an evident change about the relationship between the tax collector and taxpayer in the past years. Now, the tax collector, Xiaofu, and the tax payer Dabao, a vendor selling Yangrouchuan will show you the very change. The first Act happened in 1980s.    Act I  (in Bazaar of Beijing, sanlihe, 1980s)  Dabao: Yangrouchuan , yangrouchuan, eaten one ,want nine, eaten one, want nine.   Hi, Take my yangrouchuan.(slipped, take it up, )  Xiaofu: Tax! Pay the tax!  Dabao: (change faces)  Taxi? Where is the taxi? Here’s no taxi.  Xiaofu: Tax! T---A ---X!  Dabao: What’s the tax? I just know taxi! Do you want me to call a taxi you?  Taxi----! Taxi----!  Xiaofu: Enough! Are you the vendor?  Dabao: No , No, No, no! I 'm just have a look. The vendor has gone to the toilet.  Xiaofu: Not the vendor ? Impossible! you 've been here hours.  Dabao: Really ? (Xiaofu: Yes, of course.)   How do you know it?  Xiaofu: The window of my office is open to here and I 've been looking at you two hours.  Dabao: It’s a big bug!  Xiaofu: Oh. Don’t waste my time! Please pay the tax---- Yuan!  Dabao: yuan?! My god. I had just earned Yuan one day! 5 Yuan, ok?  Xiaofu: Don't cheat me, you've sold more than hundred ones.   Dabao: 6yuan, my dear sisiter.   7Yuan, my lovely beauty.  Dabao: Not you ,not me, let's split the difference. 8 yuan ,ok ?  Xiaofu: (looking around) All right ,a deal. But no receipt.  (Dabao payed 8 yuan and Xiaofu left)  Dabao: What a smart woman! Bad luck! I’m bankrupt. I have to change my place.   Hope I would not meet her any more! Let’s go!    Act II    Mr. Shi: The next scene happened in new century. China had been marching in the way of the market economy twenty years more, in the new era of building the well-off society in an all-round way, how do the vendor regard tax as and how is the tax collected? The scene will tell you.   Let’s enjoy it!  (In the market; Dabao in white clothes ,a board with "NO SARS")  Dabao:: Yangrouchuan, yangrouchuan. Eaten one, want nine. Eaten one, want nine.   Xiaofu: Hi,  Dabao: Hi.  Two: What a familiar face.  Two: It’s you!   Dabao: years past, you are a still a tax collector.  Xiaofu: years past, you still sell Yangrouchuan.  How is your business?  Dabao: Everything is OK!    years past, you are still beautiful lady in Sanlihe of Beijing.  Xiaofu: years past, you and your Yangrouchuan look more clean than years bee.  Dabao: Thank you. No SARS, no dirtiness; Serve people, serve me.  Xiaofu: Great! Have you……  Dabao: Married? I ‘m not married; I’m still single.   Xiaofu: Have you claimed your tax this month?  Dabao: What? Taxi? Oh, tax! Of course. I should pay the tax of 50 Yuan this month and I have claimed at the begin of this month.  Xioafu: Your receipt, please.  Dabao: (shows the receipt )   Here you are, I have paid my tax in the tax service center by computer.  Xiaofu: Great! What a good taxpayer you are.  Dabao: Thank you. It is my duty. I’m proud of myself to pay the tax our country.  Xiaofu: Yeah! The tax you paid is a share of our country’s economy, and you do a lot Olympics of Beijing!  Dabao: Let’s do it together! . It’s said that, Don't ask what your country can do you but ask what you can do your country. Just like me, sell Yangrouchuan, and pay the Tax ten years more.  Xiaofu: You 're the loveliest people in new century!   Dabao: Thank you! And you 're the loveliest tax collector in new era!  X: Excuse me, and I have to go now. Bye-bye.  D: A moment, are you free tomorrow evening? Could I have a dinner with you?  Xiaofu: Well, may I have the company of my husband?  Dabao: No, no, no problem. 6 o’clock in the evening, Beichuanyuan, ok?  Xiaofu: just a kidding. I have to go home now.(leaves)  Dabao, See you tomorrow.  Dabao: Hope to see you everyday. 英文 小品 剧本。

A Chinese Teacher 一位语文老师 -- :1:51 来源: A Chinese Teacher 一位语文老师  Shen Fang is a primary school teacher. She teaches Chinese in a fourth grade class. She helps the boys and girls and write. Her classes are interesting, and the children all love her.  Shen Fang gets to school at half past seven in the morning, half an hour bee classes begin. At luch she eats together with her pupils. After class she corrects their home work. She leaves school at six. She is busy with her work all the day, because she loves teaching children.  沈芳是一名小学老师她教四年级语文,教孩子们读书、写字她的课很有趣,孩子们都爱她  沈芳早晨七点半到校,比上课时间提前本个小时中午她和学生们一起吃午饭课后她批改作业,六点钟离校她整天忙于工作,因为她喜欢教孩子。

我最喜爱的老师My Favorite Teacher -- :5:50 来源: Miss Hou is my English teacher, she is , we all like her. My English is really bad at first, I am afraid of having Miss Hou’s class, when she finds this, she doesn’t blame me, she tells me that the only way I can learn English well is to fall in love with English, she asks me to watch English movie, it works. Miss Hou is my favorite teacher.候老师是我的英语老师,她岁,我们都很喜欢她我的英语一开始真的很不好,我怕上候老师的课,当她发现了,她并没有责备我,她告诉我唯一能学好英语的方法就是喜欢上英语,她叫我去看英语电影,这起作用了候老师是我最喜欢的老师If ask me who my favorite teacher is, I will no doubt answer you that Miss Hou is my favorite teacher. She is an English teacher, she is kind to everyone, she is not like other teachers who are so strict to students. As Miss Hou is so popular among students, students learn English with high enthusiasm, that is what they return to her. Miss Hou is a good teacher.如果你问我我最喜欢的老师是谁,我会毫无疑问回答你候老师是我最喜欢的老师她是一位英语老师,对每个人都很好,她不想其他的老师那样对学生很严格候老师很受学生的欢迎,学生怀着很高的热情学习英语,这是他们所能回报她的候老师是一位好老师I remember the first time I see Miss Hou, she walks in class, and then talks with students about small things. She doesn’t talk about English in the first class, everyone feels Miss Hou is so amiable, we like her so much. Miss Hou is good at teaching us, she explain the question very patiently, when we understand, she will be move to the next topic, Miss Hou is a good teacher.我记得我第一次见到候老师,她走进教室,然后和学生讨论一些小事情她在第一次课上并不讲英语,大家都觉得候老师很和蔼,我们很喜欢她候老师很擅长教我们,她很耐心地解释问题,当我们明白了,她才会讲下一个题目,候老师是一名好老师。

The Sports Meeting 运动会 --7 :31:5 来源: The Sports Meeting 运动会  Our school had a sports meeting last week. Eleven classes took part in it. The weather was sunny and warm, and the whole playground was quite exciting.  In the boys' relay race, Class 6 fell behind at first. But the second runner Li Lei ran faster than any other runner. Then he caught up with others little by little.  At last, their classmate, Wang Lin passed the finishing line first. Besides, Li Lin from Class 7 broke the school record 0-meter race and Class won the team title. The headmaster gave the prizes to the winners.  上周我校举行了一场运动会,有个班参加那天天气晴朗而温暖,整个操场一片沸腾  在男子接力比赛中,6班开始时落后但是在第二棒李雷比其他选手跑得都快他逐渐赶上了其他人  最后,他的同班同学王林第一个到达了终点另外还有来自7班的李林打破了0米短跑的学校记录,班获得了团体总分第一校长给得胜者颁奖。

My hoies --3 ::6 来源: My hobbiesi have many hobbies. now let me tell you about my hobbies. i like running. i often run with my friends every weekend. usually we run in the park. do some sports are healthy us. i like ing books,too. i have many books. usually i english dictionanies, sometimes i magazines about plant. some books are useful us. what's your hobby? can you tell me?。

My Clock 我的闹钟 -- :3:58 来源: My Clock 我的闹钟  Everybody has his favourite thing, so do I. My favourite thing is a clock. It looks like Mickey. I got it from my mother on my eleventh birthday last year.  It is the best birthday present of all. I love it not only because it is lovely but also because it helps me a lot. Every morning it wakes me up and tells me,"It's time to get up!" Thanks to its help, I am never late school. It's my best friend.每个人的都有自己最喜爱的东西,我也是,我最喜爱的东西是一个闹钟它看起来像个米老鼠一样我是在去年我岁生日时从妈妈那里得到的  它是所有生日礼物钟最好的我喜欢它,不仅是因为它可爱,而且是因为它能帮我好大忙每天早晨它都把我叫醒,告诉我,“该起床了!”多亏它的帮助,我上学从未迟到过它是我最好的朋友。

中国大私人物馆英文介绍:玺宝楼青瓷物馆 -- :: 来源: 中国大私人物馆英文介绍:玺宝楼青瓷物馆Top 6: Xi Bao Lou Celadon Museum(玺宝楼青瓷物馆)Located in Luohu District of Shenzhen, the museum is the biggest celadon museum in China, holding the largest and widest collection of celadon objects. Covering more than ,000 square meters, the museum boasts more than 1,000 objects and more than ,000 ceramic chips from famous kilns. The objects are displayed according to four different stages: Initial stage, development stage, prosperous stage and decline stage. The collection spans more than 3,500 years and dynasties. It is perhaps the Mecca the study of celadon in China.玺宝楼青瓷物馆位于深圳罗湖区,是中国最大的青瓷物馆,是藏有青瓷数量最多,品类最广的物馆玺宝楼青瓷物馆占地面积00平方米,收藏青瓷器物00余件、各大名窑瓷片00多件,馆内布展青瓷初创期、发展期、鼎盛期和衰落期的先后个时段进行排列,收藏品跨越多个朝代,历经3500余年玺宝楼青瓷物馆可能是研究中国青瓷者最亲睐的地方 私人物馆英文介绍 玺宝楼青瓷物馆。

我的梦想 我想去太空旅行 --6 19:5:50 来源: 我的梦想 我想去太空旅行I'm a boy in Grade ,I'm 9 years old.Many children at my age like watching cartoons,but i don't like it.What i like most is programs about the space. in my mind the space is a miraculous place,and the astronauts are real supermen .我是一名四年级男生,我九岁了很多在我这个年纪大孩子都喜欢看动画片,但是我不喜欢我最喜欢的是有关太空的节目在我心中,太空是一个神奇的地方,宇航员是真正的超人How does people walk and live in the space?It's amazing! I believe several decades later,people can finally live in the space.I wish to travel to the space.人类怎样在太空行走,怎样做太空生活呢?真是奇妙!我相信,几十年后,人类一定可以在太空生存的我渴望去太空旅行。

小学生英语作文范文篇 -- 19::1 来源: 小学生英语作文Hello Hello!My name is Jingjing.I am a pupil.I like English very much.I go to school five days every week.Every day I go to school by car.Because my school is not near my home.I like my school.there are about 00 students and teachers in my school.And I study Grade 6.there are 6 students in my class.My English teacher is short .I love her very much. Welcome to my school.You must be very happy.I am .......I am a girlboy.My name is Jiajia.I am a pupil in Shenyang.I like English very much,and I like singing,too.I go to school five days every week. My school is not far from my home,and it is a nice school.there are 0 teachers and 00 students in my school.there are 5 classes in my school.My Chinese teacher is tall, my English teacher is tall,too.I love them a lot.Welcome to my school.。

My brother(我的哥哥) -- :: 来源: My brother(我的哥哥)  my brother  i've a brother. he is a good brother. he studies very well and he is very look after me.   one day, i was ill.he took me to the hospital.the doctors and the nurses said:"you have a good brother!"i said:"yes,he is a good brother ."and my brother was shy.   oh,i'm get to tell you what my brother looks like.   he is very tall and thin. his favourest sport is play basketball and he like play the guitar. he play them is very well.   i like my big brother.i hope he will happy everyday.。