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SECRETARY KERRY: Well, thank youvery much, Secretary Ryan. I am really excited to be here. This is a big dealfor – what did you say, I was a kid when I played? (Laughter.) I actually – Iplayed in university. I didn’t think of myself as a kid, but I’ll take it.(Laughter.)It’s a real pleasure to be here.I’m honored to be here with members of the American national team, veterans ofour American team. Cobi Jones is sitting here in front of me and I thought TonySanneh was here somewhere. Am I wrong? Is he back over here?PARTICIPANT: Yes.SECRETARY KERRY: He’s over here.And of course, Julie Foudy, who only has two gold medals from the Olympics, oneas she calls it white gold, and two World Cup championships. Pretty amazing.But we’re honored to have you here. Thank you all for being here with us.(Applause.)I should say that AmbassadorThorne, who works here in the State Department with us, we were teammates backin those crazy days, and he’s still at it. He’s still playing, actually. Soit’s good to have him here. And Heather Higginbottom also played. She’s deputy– I only hire soccer players, folks. It’s part of the deal. (Laughter.)I want thank our friends fromBrazil for being here with us: Minister Aldo Rebelo[1], Ambassador Viera, thankyou very much, sir. Thank you for remind us of the dominance of Brazil a fewminutes ago – (laughter) – as if we needed to be reminded. We grew up withnothing but a healthy respect for the magic of the way you guys play. ClydeTuggle from Coca-Cola, thanks so much for being a part of this. Delia Fisher,thank you also, and thank you for your contributions to sports and diplomacy.We greatly appreciate it.The Department of State has along history of working with athletes, and athletes, frankly, can be some ofour finest ambassadors. Historically, they’ve actually been part of diplomaticbreakthroughs. The Boston Celtics were famous for their journeys during theCold War when they went behind the Iron Curtain in the 1960s to help break theice. And the ping pong diplomacy helped to open up China in the 1970s. Sothere’s been a history of sports, obviously.I have absolute certainty thatthose of us who have been privileged to travel – the Vice President and myself– we see it all the time. I was recently in Colombia and I had a chance to playseated volleyball with physically challenged veterans, and it was as animated agame as any game I’ve ever been part of and a lot of fun. I had the privilegerecently of talking hockey in the locker room with Nicklas Backstrom and AlexOvechkin before they went off to the Olympics, and got a sense of their – evenas professional players, their excitement about this kind of internationalcompetition. I’ve had the privilege of kicking around a soccer ball with womenplayers in Afghanistan of all places and one woman who had started a businessmaking soccer balls and selling them.And I can remember anywhere I go,whether it’s been in Sudan, South Sudan, or Indonesia or Afghanistan, kids,just all you need is a ball and you go out and you play. And it’s remarkablehow it captures the imaginations of young people everywhere.I saw some of that power lastweek when I was in Algeria, and Nike had assembled a group of young kids at aclinic outside their store. And thankfully, almost all of them were much tooyoung to remember Landon Donovan’s overtime extra-time goal that beat Algeriaback in – if they’d remembered that, it might not have been such a friendlygathering. But it was exciting, and what leapt through to me was really justthe incredible sense of excitement and optimism that soccer – football as theycall it – brought to them. That’s what’s going to leap out at the world fromBrazil this summer.This trophy, which the VicePresident and I will have the privilege of uncovering shortly, represents theshared hopes and dreams of billions of people around the world. And I can’tthink of anything that unifies people as much, brings out the best, and showsour commonality, the common spirit of sportsmanship, the common spirit ofcompetition, the common spirit of great athleticism. And I think that Juliewill tell you the extraordinary feeling you have as an athlete when you win aworld contest and raise that trophy over your head in victory.We’ve seen the power of sports tobring people together. And how fitting it is, Mr. Ambassador, that the WorldCup will be held in Brazil – a country that has hosted such an extraordinarilyrich conversation between continents and cultures for a long time. As theambassador reminded us, it is also a country steeped in the rich tradition ofshowing how the Joga Bonito is played, “the beautiful game.” It celebratesdiversity and it celebrates excellence.So the ed States and Brazilare natural partners in so many ways. Despite occasional differences that riseto the surface, we have a huge shared commitment to democracy, to diversity,and a determination to increase the opportunities for our people. I am very,very pleased the world is going to have an opportunity to feel the dynamism ofBrazil firsthand the course of this summer, and I agree with Brazilian TourismMinister Vinicius Lages that there could be nothing better than to watch amatch between the ed States and Brazil. Now, having said that, I have to,in the spirit of candor, tell you that to do that the ed States has to getthrough Germany, Portugal, Ghana, but we have a strong squad and strong spirit.(Laughter and applause.) The one thing I can promise you is this: We will bothbe rooting to bring the cup back to our hemisphere. (Laughter.) That’s forsure.So I’ll tell you, there’s nogreater fan. He’s been our head of delegation to the World Cup. He will watchthe World Cup. There’s one leader I know who’s going to be sharing this withhis granddaughters, and that’s our Vice President. So he’s been to his share ofWorld Cup matches, folks, and he was the leader of our last delegation to theWorld Cup in South Africa.The Vice President of the edStates, Joe Biden. (Applause.)201502/361307Hello Global Citizens!What a beautiful crowd!Our world needs more solar power and wind power.But I believe in an even stronger source of energy: People power!The ed Nations has heard your voices tonight.Loud and clear.You are the generation that can end extreme poverty by 2030.I commit to challenge world leaders to develop the most ambitious set of sustainable development goals.And I commit to bring your voices to the table.A better world is around the corner.As united nations – as united global citizens – let’s commit to get there together!Thank you. Thank you very much.201505/377737亚马逊CEO Jeff Bezos在普林斯顿大学的演讲(中英双语视频)201305/242148

Let me tell you about Mahabuba.我要告诉你们马哈布巴的故事。She lives in Ethiopia.她住在埃塞俄比亚。She was married against her will at age 13.她13岁时被迫结婚。She got pregnant, ran to the bush to have the baby,她怀了,试图在灌木丛中生下孩子,but you know, her body was very immature,但她的身体还那么稚嫩,and she ended up having obstructed labor.她不幸发生了难产。The baby died, and she ended up with a fistula.孩子死了,她得了阴道瘘管。So that meant she was incontinent;这意味着她会失禁。she couldnt control her wastes.她无法控制大小便。In a word, she stank.总之,她浑身发臭。The villagers thought she was cursed; they didnt know what to do with her.村民认为她被诅咒了;他们也不知道如何对待她。So finally, they put her at the edge of the village in a hut.所以他们把她安置在村子边缘的小草屋内。They ripped off the door并且把门卸掉,so that the hyenas would get her at night.好让土狼晚上进来吃她。That night, there was a stick in the hut.那天晚上,草屋里只有一根棍子。She fought off the hyenas with that stick.她奋力用棍子赶跑了土狼。And the next morning,第二天早上,she knew if she could get to a nearby village where there was a foreign missionary,她决定去邻村找外国传教士,she would be saved.她知道他们会救她。Because she had some damage to her nerves,因为神经受到创伤,she crawled all the way -- 30 miles --她一路是爬过去的--30里路--to that doorstep, half dead.她爬到的时候,已经奄奄一息。The foreign missionary opened the door,外国传教士打开门,knew exactly what had happened,了解了一切,took her to a nearby fistula hospital in Addis Ababa,带她去了亚的斯亚贝巴的一所瘘管医院,and she was repaired她得到了治疗,with a 350-dollar operation.350美金的手术。The doctors and nurses there noticed那里的医生和护士还注意到,that she was not only a survivor,她不仅是个幸存者,she was really clever, and they made her a nurse.她还非常聪明,所以他们让她做了护士。So now, Mahabuba,现在的马哈布巴,she is saving the lives每天都在拯救生命,of hundreds, thousands, of women.上百上千的女人的生命。She has become part of the solution, not the problem.她已经成为了解决方案的一部分,而非问题。Shes moved out of a vicious cycle她也冲破诅咒and into a virtuous cycle.开始了全新的生命循环。Ive talked about some of the challenges,我已经谈了一些挑战,let me talk about some of the solutions,现在来说说解决办法,and there are predictable solutions.有可预测的解决办法。Ive hinted at them: education其实我已经暗示过了:教育,and also economic opportunity.以及经济机会。So of course, when you educate a girl,很显然,一个接受了教育的女孩,she tends to get married later on in life,倾向于更迟结婚,she tends to have kids later on in life, she tends to have fewer kids,更晚生孩子,生更少的孩子,and those kids that she does have,并且对于她的孩子,she educates them in a more enlightened fashion.她会给他们提供更好的启蒙教育。With economic opportunity,至于经济机会,it can be transformative.改变是革命性的。201510/402690

Now, there are a lot of folks, a lot of skeptics who often downplay the effectiveness of multilateral action有很多质疑者 经常贬低多边行动的有效性For them, working through international institutions like the U.N. or respecting international law is a sign of weakness在他们看来 通过联合国这样的国际机构 或是尊重国际法来解决问题 是美国示弱的信号I think theyre wrong我认为他们都错了Let me offer just two examples why让我举两个例子来解释原因In Ukraine, Russias recent actions recall the days when Soviet tanks rolled into Eastern Europe俄罗斯最近在乌克兰的举动让人想起了 苏联坦克碾进东欧其它国家的情景But this isnt the Cold War但现在并不是冷战时期Our ability to shape world opinion helped isolate Russia right away通过世界舆论 我们立刻就让俄罗斯陷入了孤立Because of American leadership, the world immediately condemned Russian actions由于美国的领导 世界各国纷纷谴责俄罗斯的行为Europe and the G7 joined us to impose sanctions NATO reinforced our commitment to Eastern European allies欧洲和七国集团同我们一同施加制裁 北约增强了对东欧盟友的持the IMF is helping to stabilize Ukraines economy OSCE monitors brought the eyes of the world to unstable parts of Ukraine国际货币基金组织采取措施帮助稳定乌克兰经济 欧安组织监察员让全世界都看到了乌克兰的不稳定局势And this mobilization of world opinion and international institutions served as a counterweight to Russian propaganda and Russian troops on the border and armed militias in ski masks世界舆论和国际机构的共同施压 足以对抗俄罗斯的宣传攻势 让俄罗斯屯扎在边境的部队陷于不义This weekend, Ukrainians voted by the millions本周末 乌克兰有数百万人参与投票Yesterday, I spoke to their next President昨天 我同乌克兰候任总统通过话We dont know how the situation will play out and there will remain grave challenges ahead我们不知道事情会如何发展 前面肯定还有很多挑战but standing with our allies on behalf of international order working with international institutions has given a chance for the Ukrainian people to choose their future without us firing a shot不过 代表国际秩序 同盟友们站在一起同国际机构共同协作让乌克兰人民获得了选择自己未来的机会我们甚至不需要开一一炮201506/378969

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