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  • Ashton Carter, the US defence secretary, told Chang Wanquan, his Chinese counterpart, yesterday that the US would continue to conduct naval operations in the South China Sea, which Beijing considers to be “illegal美国国防部长阿什顿愠Ashton Carter)昨日告诉中国国防部长常万全,美国海军将继续在南中国海执行任务——这些行动被中国政府认为是“非法的”。During a meeting that US officials described as “cordial Gen Chang told Mr Carter that China would defend what it considers to be sovereign territory and had a “bottom linewhen it came to US missions in the South China Sea.在被美国官员形容为“坦诚”的会晤期间,常万全上将向卡特表示,中国会保卫它认为拥有主权的领土,在美国在南中国海的军事行动的问题上,中国是有“底线”的。The differences were aired when the defence leaders met for the first time on the fringe of a South East Asian summit in Malaysia. Their conversation came a week after a US destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island in the South China Sea that is claimed by China and where it is building an airfield that could have military use.两位国防部长在马来西亚一次东南亚峰会的间隙首次会晤,交换了上述不同意见。在他们对话一周前,一艘美国驱逐舰驶入了南中国海一座人造岛周边12海里水域内。中国声称拥有该岛的主权,并正在岛上修建一座可能具有军事用途的机场。The US Navy says the mission, which it insists was a “freedom of navigation operation was not designed to challenge China’s land claims in the South China Sea, where five other countries also contest many of the islands and land features. The US says it wanted to show that artificial islands, such as the reclaimed land at Subi Reef where the USS Lassen sailed, do not confer rights to the seas surrounding them.美国海军坚称这是一次“航行自由行动”,不是为了挑战中国在南中国海的领土声索。除了中国,还有五个国家宣称对南中国海的许多岛屿和地物拥有主权。美国表示,它想表明,人造岛——比如中国在渚碧Subi Reef)填海造出的岛——并不会给造岛方带来岛屿周边海域的任何权利。美国拉森号(USS Lassen)驱逐舰驶近的就是渚碧礁。Behind the sparring over international law is a broader contest between the US and China in the western Pacific. China’s ambitious programme of land reclamation in the South China Sea is one element of a strategy slowly to shift the balance of power in a region that the US Navy has dominated for 70 years.在这场围绕国际法展开的争吵背后,是美中在西太平洋上演的一场全面较量。中国雄心勃勃的南中国海填海造岛计划,是它缓慢改变西太平洋力量对比的战略的一部分。美国海军主宰西太平洋已0年。Describing the brief conversation between the defence ministers, the senior US official said Mr Carter “reaffirmed that the US will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allowsand had insisted that “the South China Sea would not be an exception在评述两位国防长的简短对话时,上述美国高官表示卡特“重申美国将继续在国际法允许的任何地方飞行、航行和开展行动”,并坚称“南中国海不会成为一个例外”。Gen Chang argued the Chinese build-up in the South China Sea was largely to help other countries in the region, including with humanitarian assistance. However, according to a US official, he told Mr Carter: “We need to do things that help us defend our sovereign territory, and I need to be very clear to you that there is a bottom line to this.”常万全辩称,中国在南中国海的建设行为在很大程度上是为了帮助该地区其他国家,包括提供人道主义援助。然而,根据一位美国官员的说法,他告诉卡特:“我们必须做些事情帮助我们保卫我们的主权领土。我必须明确告诉您,在这个问题上我们是有底线的。”Gen Chang gave no details of what that “bottom linewould entail, the US official added.这名美国官员补充说,常万全并未说明这一“底线”的具体涵义。Earlier, Admiral Harry Harris, head of the US Pacific Command, told an audience in China that the US would continue to conduct “routineoperations in the South China Sea, even as he called for closer ties between the American and Chinese militaries. US naval operations near territory claimed by China were not “a threat to any nationbut were to defend freedom of navigation in international waters, Adml Harris insisted.更早一些时候,美国太平洋司令部(ed States Pacific Command,代号USPACOM)司令、海军上将哈里哈里斯(Admiral Harry Harris)在中国向一群中国听众表示,美国将继续在南中国海展开“例行”行动。哈里斯上将坚称,美国海军在靠近中国宣称拥有主权的地方展开的行动“不对任何国家构成威胁”,而是为了捍卫国际水域的航行自由。“We are making it clear that... military will continue to fly, sail and operate whenever and wherever international law allows,he said in a speech at Peking University’s Stanford Center. “The South China Sea is not and will not be an exception.”“我们明确指出……美军将继续在国际法允许的任何时间和任何地方飞行、航行和开展行动,”他在北京大学斯坦福中心发表讲话时表示,“南中国海现在不是例外,将来也不会是。”Although Adml Harris, who earlier this year accused China of trying to create a “great wall of sandin the South China Sea, issued a strong defence of the US operation last week, his remarks in Beijing were relatively restrained. He said it was important to have “personal and candid conversations今年早些时候,哈里斯曾指责中国企图在南中国海构筑一道“沙长城”。尽管哈里斯上周对美方的行动作出了强势辩护,但他在北京发表的讲话相对克制。他表示,美中进行“面对面的坦诚对话”很重要。来 /201511/408034。
  • Ski instructors are among the foreign workers who could find it easier to live in Japan after the government revealed an economic strategy that pledges a three-year dash for growth and no extra tightening of fiscal policy until 2018 or beyond.日本政府已公布一项经济战略,承诺将用3年时间促进经济增长,同时018年(或者更晚)之前不会提出更多财政紧缩政策。The draft plan, expected to be approved by Japan’s cabinet next week, shows Shinzo Abe, prime minister, is betting on higher growth rather than fiscal measures to tackle the world’s largest public debt of 246 per cent of gross domestic product.预计日本内阁将在下周批准该计划草案,这项计划表明日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)正押注于经济更快增长,而非财政举措,以应对该国高比例的公共债务,日本公共债务占国内生产总GDP)246%,为全球最高。It outlines several measures to add to the “third arrowof Mr Abe’s stimulus strategy, which is aimed at boosting growth including a revamp of national universities and allowing the tourist and IT industries to hire foreign workers and shows his determination not to choke the economy with a premature fiscal squeeze.该计划概述了加入安倍晋三刺激战略“第三只箭”的几项举措,其经济战略旨在促进增长(包括国内大学实行改革,以及允许旅游和IT行业聘用外国员工),同时体现了安倍晋三不用不成熟的财政紧缩遏制经济的决心。The fiscal strategy contains no big spending cuts or revenue rises beyond the 2 percentage point rise in consumption tax aly planned for 2017.除了原本计划的在2017年将消费税上个基点之外,这项财政战略不包括任何大规模出削减或增税措斀?While some analysts have criticised the government’s rosy economic assumptions including faster growth in Japan than the US the strategy suggests Mr Abe’s cabinet office has won a bureaucratic turf war against the finance ministry’s wish for rapid fiscal tightening.尽管一些分析人士批评日本政府的乐观经济设想(包括日本经济增速超过美国),但该战略表明,安倍晋三内阁在与日本财务省计划实行快速财政紧缩的交锋中已获胜。Rather than prescribing tax rises or spending cuts, the strategy describes 2016-2018 as the “period of intensive reformaimed at boosting growth, ending deflation and restraining social security spending. The government will revisit fiscal policy in 2018.该战略将2016年至2018年描述为旨在促进增长、结束通缩以及限制社会保障出的“集中改革期”。日本政府将018年评估财政政策。来 /201506/382737。
  • Europe is not quite the basket case it was a few years ago. But with low-as-you-can-go-growth, mounds of debt, throngs of unemployed youth and a rising tide of Euroskepticism, the European Union, to put it kindly, is still in a tough spot.如今的欧洲已经不再是几年前那个毫无希望的人。但一点点经济增长、一大堆债务、大批失业的年轻人和欧元怀疑论不断升温,欧盟往好了说也仍旧困难重重。As if the above didn’t make it obvious aly, it’s also in need of a strong leader.如果上面这些还说得不够清楚,换句话说,欧盟还需要一位强大的领袖。In theory, Europe has a spot at the top in which a real leader might sit and wield some gavel of authority, clarity, and resolute power—and that is the high office of President of the European Commission.理论上欧洲有一个最高职位,一位真正的领袖可以在这个位置上施展权威,廓清迷雾,行使绝对权力——这个职位就是欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席一职。In reality, Europe has nothing of the kind. Which would explain why few but his immediate family and a handful of bureaucrats in Brussels know precisely who the current holder of that office is. (For the record, it’s Jose-Manuel Barroso, a former Prime Minister of Portugal, law professor, and one-time student at Georgetown.)但事实上,欧洲根本没有这样一个职位。这可以解释为什么只有他的直系近亲与布鲁塞尔的几位官员明确知道目前的欧盟委员会主席到底是谁。(他就是若曼努埃尔o巴罗佐,葡萄牙前总理,法学教授,曾在美国乔治敦大学求学。)All of which brings us to Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and No. 13 on Fortune’s 2014 list of the 50 World’s Greatest Leaders. There are some who now hope that Lagarde will emerge as a candidate for the European Commission presidency—whose role is to oversee the body that proposes and enforces EU laws—when the current office-holder’s second five-year term ends later this year.由此,人们将目标投向了国际货币基金组织总裁克里斯蒂娜o拉加德,2014年《财富》全0位领导力榜样排行榜排名第13。有些人希望,今年晚些时候现任欧盟主席结束第二个5年任期后,拉加德能成为候选人,负责管理欧盟立法和执法机构。One such booster, apparently, is Angela Merkel, Germany’s well-regarded Chancellor (and No. 2 on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leader list), who reportedly pressed Lagarde to run for the job.显然,德国总理安吉拉o默克尔就是这样的一位持者(默克尔在《财富》全0为领导力榜样榜单中排名第二)。报道称,她力推拉加德竞争这个职位。The path to the position is hardly straightforward. Merkel raised the matter with French President Francois Hollande, who generally speaking would be the one to put Lagarde forward as a candidate—something Hollande, who is loathe to lose a compatriot at the powerful IMF, is unlikely to do. So, technically, for Lagarde to be considered, she would likely have to be nominated by one or another pan-European political parties.通往这个职位的道路并非没有曲折。默克尔与法国总统弗朗索瓦o奥朗德提起过这事,一般而言,应该由法国总统提名拉加德为候选人。但奥朗德可能不会这么做,他绝不想在有实权的IMF中失去一位亲法者。因此,从技术层面,如果拉加德要加入候选人行列,她可能必须获得一个泛欧政党的提名。Later this month, European leaders will choose from such candidates. As per the EU’s purportedly more democratic rules, they must factor into their decisions the results of May’s parliamentary election. The emergent nominee must then win majority approval of the European parliament.本月晚些时候,欧洲领导人们将从这些候选人中做出选择。按欧盟据称更为民主的条例,他们的最终决定必须考虑5月份的欧洲议会选举结果。获得提名的人选必须获得欧洲议会多数通过。May’s election results suggest that the favorite may well be Jean-Claude Juncker, a former prime minister of Luxembourg and an old-school European federalist, who Merkel initially backed. The ed Kingdom’s David Cameron, however, has been openly opposed to Juncker. Hence, the backroom negotiations that led to the conversation between Merkel and Hollande, according to reports.5月份的选举结果显示,最受欢迎的很可能是前卢森堡总理克洛德o容克,也是默克尔起初持的一位老派欧洲联邦主义者。但英国的戴维o卡梅伦已经公开表示反对容克。因此,报道称,种种幕后角力导致了默克尔与奥朗德之间的对话。Getting involved in all that politicking merely to join ranks with a mélange of underweight Eurocrats, may sound like a step back for Lagarde, whose star has been rising on the international stage ever since she replaced the disgraced Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the “World’s Bankerin 2011. And, well, it probably is.参与这些政治斗争,泯然于一群无足轻重的欧洲官员之列,对于拉加德而言可能是一种倒退。自011年她取代斯文扫地的多米尼克o斯特劳斯o卡恩成为“世界的家”后,她就已经成了国际舞台上冉冉升起的明星。嗯,可能就是这样。Indeed, Lagarde has said she is not interested in the presidency. Her current job, after all, affords her a platform from which she wields considerable influence in a global conversation on the world’s most pressing issues—from rising income inequality to banking reforms to climate change.确实,拉加德已经表态,她对主席一职不感兴趣。毕竟,她当前的职务为她提供了一个很好的平台,让她可以就全球最紧迫的一些事务在国际对话中施加相当的影响力。这些事务涵盖了从收入不平等加剧,到改革,再到气候变化的大量问题。Still, one can’t blame Merkel for trying. The German Chancellor and many other top European leaders have no doubt been spooked by the dramatic gains made by anti-EU parties in late May’s elections. Lagarde, meanwhile, is regarded as a consensus-builder who can contend with the increasing dissatisfaction among EU member states—in three years Britain plans to hold a referendum on its membership—and bring positive change to the organization.不过,人们也不能怪默克尔有这样的想法。这位德国总理以及欧洲其他很多最高领导人们无疑都月底欧洲议会选举中反欧盟党派持率的飙升给吓坏了。与此同时,拉加德还被视为共识缔造者,她能够应对欧盟成员国日益滋长的不满情绪(英国计划年内就欧盟成员身份举行全民公投),同时给欧盟组织带来积极的改变。If for some reason the EU Presidency doesn’t work out, of course, there’s always the role of President of the European Council. Or President of the European Parliament. Chances are you don’t know who holds these grand offices either. But hey, we’ll give you a hint: One of them used to be a Prime Minister of Belgium.当然,如果欧盟主席因为某种原因不起作用,总还有欧洲理事会主席这个职位。再或者,还有欧洲议会主席。或许大家还不知道这些主席是谁。我们可以给你一点提示:他们中的一位曾经是比利时首相。(财富中文网) /201406/308318。
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