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Refined energy product producers in China can breathe a little easier. Late on Tuesday, China’s National Development and Reform Commission said it would postpone a price cut to retail petrol and diesel prices.中国成品油生产商可以松口气了。周二晚间,中国国家发改NDRC)宣布将推迟降低零售汽油和柴油的价格。Shares in refiner Sinopec rallied on Wednesday by as much as a 10th; PetroChina rose 6 per cent.炼油企业中石Sinopec)的股票周三大0%;中石油(PetroChina)上涨%。With the oil price at seven-year lows, the market was expecting prices to come down, crimping margins and profits hit by weak growth. But air in China’s cities is increasingly filthy; incentivising energy users to consume more fuel with cheaper prices would be out of alignment with social pressures.随着原油价格降至七年低点,市场此前预期成品油价格将下调,令原本就遭受疲弱增长打击的利润率和利润受到挤压。但在中国的城市空气越来越糟的背景下,以低价鼓励用户消耗更多能源是与社会压力背道而驰的。The reprieve may be only temporary. China’s NDRC has made clear its intention to liberalise prices, a process it began in 2013 by reducing the time between justments. Over the past year, it has allowed independent companies to import crude oil and export refined fuel. Tuesday’s decision not to lower prices is a temporary move.降价缓行也许只是暂时的。中国发改委已明确表示有意放开价格013年开始缩短调价之间的时间间隔,以启动这一进程。过去一年里,发改委允许独立企业进口原油和出口成品燃料。周二宣布的不降价决定是暂时的。Share price rebounds are likely to be similar.股价的反弹可能同样是暂时的。来 /201512/417442Time magazine on Wednesday named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its person of the year for 2015, hailing her leadership during debt and refugee crises that threatened to tear the European Union apart.当地时间12日,德国总理安格拉·默克尔当选(美国)《时代》杂015年度人物,《时代》称赞默克尔在处理债务和难民危机中的表现。而这两项危机险些致欧盟分裂。In power for a decade at the helm of Europes biggest economy, the worlds most powerful woman beat runners-up, the leader of the Islamic State extremist group and Donald Trump as Times dominant personality of the year.执掌欧洲最大经济体十年的默克尔,作为全球最有权势的女性,在《时代》周刊的评选中,力压“伊斯兰IS)”极端组织头目和特朗普当选;For asking more of her country than most politicians would dare, for standing firm against tyranny as well as expedience and for providing steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply, Angela Merkel is Times Person of the Year,; wrote editor Nancy Gibbs.《时代》主编南帷吉布斯评价称:“因为她比大多数政客更加勇于对她的国家提出要求;因为她对抗暴政与私利的坚定立场;因为她表现出的坚定的道德领导力,这正是这个世界所缺乏的;安格拉·默克尔因此当015年《时代》年度人物。”The person of the year accolade acknowledges what the magazine considers to be the worlds biggest newsmaker, or influential mover.该杂志年度风云人物的评选标准是“最有新闻性”或“最有影响力”。Time magazine lauded Merkel as the indispensable player in managing the prospect of Greek bankruptcy, and the migrant and refugee crisis.《时代》杂志称赞默克尔在希腊危机和难民危机中扮演了“不可或缺”的角色。Since the tradition began in 1927, Merkel is only the fourth woman to win. Last year, healthcare workers treating the Ebola epidemic were honored. In 2013, it was Pope Francis. US President Barack Obama has won twice.927年开始评选以来,默克尔是第四位登顶的女性。去年的获得者为在抗击埃拉疫情的医疗人员,2013年为教皇方济各。美国总统奥巴马曾两次被评选为年度风云人物。Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the IS extremist group, US Republican presidential candidate Trump, Americas Black Lives Matter activists and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani were named by Time as runners up.“伊斯兰IS)”极端组织头目巴格达迪、美国共和党总统候选人特朗普、美国黑人权利运动活动家们以及伊朗总统鲁哈尼也在今年的《时代》人物决选名单中。来 /201512/415066

Chinese state media and netizens have decried high pollution levels in the northeast city of Shenyang, which activists have said could be the ;worst ever; air quality seen in the country.中国官方媒体和网民们对中国东北部沈阳市的重度污染都有所描述,其中激进分子称,这是中国“最差”的空气质量了。On Sunday pollution ings were about 50 times higher than that considered safe by the World Health Organization. State media have blamed the local government for the thick smog.周日,沈阳的污染数据比世界卫生组织推荐的安全数据高出了近50倍。国内官方媒体职责地方政府管理不当。Pollution is a perennial problem in Chinas northeast, home to heavy industries including coal mining.In some parts of Shenyang, Sundays ings of tiny particulate which can get into the lungs, known as PM 2.5, exceeded 1,400 mg per cubic metre, according to state media Peoples Daily. The WHO recommends a maximum 24-hour average of 25 mg per cubic metre.对于以煤矿为主能源的东北重工业基地,污染是个永恒的问题。中国官方媒体人民日报称,周日沈阳的可吸入颗粒物,即PM2,5,达到了1400毫克每立方米。而世界卫生组织标准为每日平均最5毫克每平方米;As far as we are aware from the data we have been observing over the past few years, this is the highest ever PM 2.5 level recording; in the country, Dong Liansai a campaigner with environmental group Greenpeace, told AFP news agency. There has been no government confirmation of this assertion.一位绿色和平组织成员告诉法新社,在中国“这是我们近年来观察到的最高的PM2.5值”。但是政府并实这一说法Unreasonable不合理The deterioration in air quality came as the citys coal-powered heating system fired up for the winter. Local media reported delays in the enacting of emergency measures, such as warnings to the public and issuance of stop-work orders to work sites.随着冬天到来,城市了开动了以烧煤为主的供暖系统,这成为了空气质量的恶化的主要原因。地方媒体报道,政府延迟制定紧急措施,如警告公众和工地停工令等。A Global Times editorial blamed local officials for inexperience in tackling pollution and ;inconsistent channels of communication;. It also blamed ;unreasonable modes of energy consumption and [the] industrial structure;. But it also called for public understanding saying that in general, local governments ;are still on a learning curve;.环球时报的一篇社论职责地方政府在解决污染问题上缺乏经验,沟通不及时,并且能源消耗和工业结构不合理。但是它同时也提倡公众理解,并称,总体来说,地方政府在处理这些问题上还“正在学习”。On the microblogging platform Weibo, Shenyang residents have continued to post pictures of themselves wearing masks and of the city plunged in a hazy gloom, using the hashtag #Shenyang Haze#, as the pollution persisted.在微平台上,随着污染的持续,沈阳居民不断发出自己带着口罩处于一片雾霾之中的照片,并将标签定沈阳雾霾#;I cant go on living like this, #Shenyang Haze#, if this goes on any longer everyone will probably get cancer,; complained user BLS-Christine on Tuesday. Multiple Weibo users shared ghostly images of neon signs ;floating; in the air as buildings were rendered nearly invisible by the smog“我不能这样生活下去沈阳雾霾# 如果一直持续下去,每个人都很有可能得癌症。”一位微名为BLS-Christine的用户在周二抱怨到很多微用户分享了建筑物消失在雾霾中的,霓虹灯“漂浮”在空中的可怕的图片。Earlier this year Chinas environment ministry announced that only eight out of the countrys 74 biggest cities had passed the governments basic air quality standards in 2014. Most of the cities found to have the worst air were in the northeast of the country. China is attempting to cut pollution but still relies heavily on coal for its energy and industrial needs.今年早期,中国环境部宣布014年,在中国的74个大城市中,仅有8个达到了政府规定的空气质量标准。空气污染最严重的城市大多数都位于中国东北部。中国正在尝试减少污染,但是仍然依靠煤作为主要工业能源。来 /201511/409049

  European leaders warned Greeks that Sunday’s vote on the country’s international bailout was a referendum on its membership of the eurozone, insisting rejection would bring no better offer and could have disastrous economic consequences.欧洲领导人警告希腊,本周日就该国国际纾困举行的全民公投将是有关希腊的欧元区成员身份的公投,他们坚持表示,否决不会带来更好方案,反而可能带来灾难性经济后果。The warning came as Greece edged closer to default with a Greek official conceding that the country will not make a 1.6bn payment to the International Monetary Fund due by midnight.发出这一警告之际,希腊正接近债务违约,一位希腊官员承认,该国不会向国际货币基金组IMF)偿还将于今日午夜到期6亿欧元债务。Missing the payment will put Greece in a category with Zimbabwe, Sudan and Cuba though credit rating agencies and eurozone officials insist the move will not affect Athensother loans. Far more consequential is a 3.5bn payment that Athens must make to the European Central Bank next month.无法偿还这笔债务将让希腊与津巴布韦、苏丹和古巴为伍,不过信用评级机构和欧元区官员坚称,此举不会影响希腊其他贷款。远比这更为重大的是希腊下月必须付给欧洲央行(ECB)5亿欧元。Markets tumbled at the start of the week’s trading yesterday but a later rally suggested that few anticipate a repeat of the contagion at the height of the eurozone debt crisis four years ago.昨日金融市场在开始一周的交易之际普遍下挫,但后来的反弹似乎表明,没什么人预测4年前欧元区债务危机最严重时期的蔓延状况会重演。Yesterday’s drama was sparked by Greek prime minister Alexis Tsiprasweekend decision to break off talks with his country’s creditors, call a snap referendum on their bailout offer and close the country’s banks. He has argued that a No vote would give him more leverage to strike a better deal for Greece.触发昨日市场动荡的原因是希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)上周末决定停止与该国债权人的谈判,转而就债权人的纾困方案举行全民公投,同时关闭该国。他辩称,公投结果为“不”将为他撑腰,让他为希腊达成更有利协议。But Fran#231;ois Hollande, the French president, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, and Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, argued a No vote could lead to Greece leaving the eurozone.但法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)、欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)以及意大利总理马泰#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)辩称,公投结果为“不”可能导致希腊脱离欧元区。来 /201507/383683

  The Paris climate change talks opened with pledges worth billions of dollars from dozens of heavily guarded world leaders yesterday.巴黎气候变化谈判昨日开幕,逾百名世界领袖在严密保卫下到场,作出了巨额资金承诺。But the outpouring of promises to tackle a problem that Barack Obama, US president, said could “define the contours of this century more dramatically than any otherwas tinged by anxiety about whether the two-week meeting would strike a robust agreement.美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)称,气候变化可能“比其它任何事情都更加戏剧化地界定本世纪的轮廓”。但在各方纷纷承诺应对这个问题的同时,人们仍感到焦虑:为期两周的巴黎会议能不能达成一项强有力的协议?The memory of the attacks that killed 130 people in Paris on November 13 lent a sombre tone to the opening of the talks at the Le Bourget airfield which are due to produce what would be the first global climate accord in 18 years.对于130人遇难的巴黎11/13恐怖袭击的记忆,给在勒布尔Le Bourget)机场举行的开幕式带来阴暗基调。按计划,本次会议应当达8年来首份全球气候协议。In his opening address Hollande, French president, appealed to world leaders to curb global warming, warning of famine, mass migrations and wars if they failed.法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗Hollande)在开幕词中呼吁世界各国领导人遏制全球变暖,他警告称,如果他们失败,将会发生饥荒、大规模迁徙甚至战争。Mr Hollande told more than 20,000 attendees that climate change would bring conflict, “the risk of famine, a massive exodus from rural areas and conflicts over access to water奥朗德对2万多名与会者表示,气候变化会带来冲突,带来“饥荒、大规模逃离农村地区以及围绕水源的冲突的风险”。He said any deal needed to be “universal, binding and differentiated他表示,气候协议必须是“普遍、具有约束力和差异化的”。Surrounded by more than 6,000 police and security guards, more than 150 world leaders spoke of the need to make the talks a success, the largest group of leaders ever to attend a UN event in a single day.000多名警察和保镖的保护下,150多名世界领导人谈到有必要使本次谈判取得成功,这是史上在同一天出席联合国活动的最大领导人群体。Among the announcements made, India and France unveiled a plan to mobilise more than tn over the next 15 years to make solar energy affordable in sun-rich developing countries.各方作出的宣布包括,印度和法国公布一项计划,将在今后15年期间筹集万亿美元,使太阳能在阳光充足的发展中国家变得经济实惠。A group of 20 countries including the US, China and India vowed to double their existing combined bn of spending on clean energy research over the next five years. Norway, Germany and the UK said they would deliver more than bn over the next five years to support countries committed to reducing deforestation, a significant contributor to global warming.包括美国、中国和印度在内0个国家,誓言在未来五年里把它们目前总计100亿美元的清洁能源研发出增加一倍。挪威、德国和英国表示,他们将在未来五年里提供0亿美元,持相关国家减少森林砍伐——导致全球变暖的一大因素。Negotiators from nearly 200 countries have converged on Paris to reach an agreement to cut emissions of the greenhouse gases that scientists say are on track to warm the planet to risky levels. Any deal will be based on voluntary action plans that more than 180 nations have tabled since March.来自00个国家的谈判代表汇聚巴黎努力达成协议,以削减温室气体排放;科学家们声称,这些排放将使地球升温幅度达到危险的水平。最终的气候协议将基于180余个国家自今月以来提交的自愿行动计划。However, scientists fear that these commitments are not sufficient to prevent global temperatures warming more than 2C from pre-industrial levels, a level they deem risky for the planet. With a 1C increase nearly reached, they say evidence of a changing climate is aly widesp, ranging from rising sea levels to melting ice caps.然而,科学家们担心,这些承诺并不足以阻止全球气温与工业革命前水平相比上升超摄氏度,他们认为,超摄氏度的升温幅度对于地球是高风险的。他们表示,迄今的升温幅度已接近1摄氏度,而气候变化的据已经大面积出现——从海平面上升到冰盖融化。The talks are expected to be complicated by disagreements between rich and poor nations over who should lead the fight against global warming.富国和穷国之间围绕谁应该带头对抗全球变暖的分歧,预计将会导致谈判复杂化。Highlighting these divisions, Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, wrote in yesterday’s Financial Times that advanced countries that “powered their way to prosperity on fossil fuelmust continue to shoulder the greatest burden. “Anything else would be morally wrong,he said.突显这些分歧的是,印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)昨日在英囀?金融时报》撰文表示,“当年依靠化石燃料实现富裕”的发达国家,必须继续肩负起最沉重的负担。“其它安排在道德上都是错误的,”他说。That point was echoed by Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, who told delegates in Le Bourget that any deal would have to be comprehensive and fair. However, other wealthy countries say the threat of global warming cannot be addressed solely by the pool of older industrialised countries that account for a dwindling share of global emissions, and that big emerging economies such as China and India must play their part.这一点得到了德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)的呼应,她对汇聚勒布尔热的与会代表们表示,任何协议都必须是全面和公平的。不过,其他富裕国家表示,全球变暖的威胁无法仅由几个较老的工业化国家应对,这些国家在全球排放量中的占比日益减少,大型新兴经济体如中国和印度必须发挥自己的作用。来 /201512/413496。

  Gunmen have taken 170 people hostage inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Malis capital, Bamako, with at least three deaths reported. The hotel chain said two armed men have locked in 140 guests and 30 employees.持袭击者在马里首都巴马科的丽笙酒店内劫70名人质,被报至少已有3人死亡。酒店方面表示,两名武装人员40名客人和30名雇员锁在了酒店内。The men came in a diplomatic vehicle Friday morning, firing as they entered the hotel, said witness Amadou Keita, who works at a cultural center close by. The gunshots went on for several long minutes, he said.在附近的文化中心工作的目击者Amadou Keita说,这些袭击者于周五早上乘坐外交车辆进入酒店,一进酒店就开,他说,击持续了好几分钟。Two Malian nationals and a French national have died, a U.N. official said without elaborating.一名联合国官员透露,两名马里公民和一名法国公民已经死亡,但对此没有进一步进行具体说明。Malian soldiers with help from U.N. troops have the hotel surrounded. They were able to free a few hostages, a journalist for ORTM, the state television, told CNN from the scene. Among them were three U.N. staff members, a source told CNN. Its unknown how many other staffers remain inside. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the incident.马里国家电视台ORTM的记者在现场告诉CNN,马里军方在联合国部队的帮助下已经包围了酒店。他们已经解救了几名人质。在人质中有三名联合国工作人员,CNN记者得知。还不清楚到底有多少其他工作人员在里面。目前还没有组织宣称对此负责。But the timing of the attack is troubling because it comes just a day after French President Francois Hollande praised his troops for successfully fighting Islamists in the African nation.但是这场袭击的时间点非常令人不安,因为几天前法国总统奥朗德刚刚派部队到非洲国家成功打击了IS组织;France is leading this war with its armed forced, its soldiers, its courage. It must carry out this war with its allies, its partners giving us all the means available, as we did in Mali, as we are going to continue in Iraq, as well continue in Syria,; he said.“法国用它的武装力量,它的军人,它的勇气引发了战争。这必然会把战争带给它的同盟国,它的合作伙伴,这给了我们理由去动用所有可用的手段,正如我们在马里所做的,正如我们将在伊拉克继续做的,在叙利亚继续做的。”他说。Mali is a former French colony. At Malis request, France launched an offensive in 2013 after radical Islamists seized the strategic town of Konna in the former French colony.马里是法国以前的殖民地。应马里的要求,法国曾于2013年在伊斯兰极端分子攻陷战略重镇孔纳之后发动攻势。来 /201511/411214

  Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off his first state visit to the ed States in the West Coast city of Seattle on Tuesday, a landmark trip aimed at building up trust and stepping up cooperation between the worlds two biggest economies.国家主席习近2日在西雅图开始对美国进行首次国事访问,这次具有里程碑意义的访问旨在增进世界两大经济体之间的信任,加强双边合作。Xi will be accompanied by a team of delegates, including his wife Peng Liyuan.陪同习近平访美的代表团中包括他的妻子彭丽媛。Peng has stunned the world with her style ever since her first appearance as the first lady of China in Moscow, when she accompanied Xi on his state trip to Russia in 2013.2013年彭丽媛陪同习近平对俄罗斯进行国事访问,这是她作为中国第一夫人首次在莫斯科亮相,当时她的着装风格让世界为之倾倒。Since then, ;Liyuan style; has been synonymous with elegance and grace, as a symbol of a new and modern China and Chinas best export of soft power.从那以后,丽媛style就成了典雅的代名词,象征着新中国现代的一面,也很好地对外展示了中国的软实力。Peng carried through her love of China-inspired designs for her choice of outfits Tuesday.22日彭丽媛的着装选择流露出她对中国元素设计的喜爱。A clean-cut white jacket was selected, with a traditional Chinese high collar most often seen in cheongsams, matched with a pale purple skirt with flowing navy flowers and leaves at the trims. Peng accessorized with ear studs made of pearl, an item loved in China for centuries as a symbol of elegance and purity, a navy brooch on her jacket, and a small clutch that matched her pencil skirt.当天彭丽媛身穿剪裁得体的中式立领上衣和青花瓷图案的淡紫色短裙,配上珍珠耳钉(珍珠象征典雅纯洁,几百年来在中国广受喜爱),上衣别着一只深蓝色胸针,拿着和铅笔裙同花色的手包。Peng is also known for appearing in public with outfits that matched that of her husbands. For many times in the past, the duos outfits have echoed one another not just in style, but also in color. White and navy were the two main hues used yesterday, in which Xis navy tie harmoniously matched with Pengs jacket, which were embellished with navy hems.众所周知,彭丽媛的着装经常和丈夫习近平相搭配。他们的衣不仅在风格上相呼应,在颜色上也很相称。当天两人的衣主色为白色和海军蓝色,习近平的蓝色领带与彭丽媛的海军蓝边上衣形成了和谐的配搭。Where Peng will visit彭丽媛将访问哪些地方US President Barack Obama is to host Xi for a state banquet at the White House on Sept 25 in Washington, D.C., an event that Peng will also attend.美国总统奥巴5日将在华盛顿白宫设国宴款待习近平,彭丽媛也将出席。According to WeChat public account ;Zheng Shier;, it is not certain whether Peng will accompany Xi to attend the private dinner hosted by Obama. According to the report, ;If Michelle Obama is there, then Peng Liyuan will most likely attend.;据微信账号“政事儿”透露,还不确定彭丽媛是否会出席奥巴马的私人晚宴。报道称,“如果米歇尔出席,彭丽媛应该会出席。”Peng will accompany Xi to visit Lincoln High School in Seattle. According to ;Zheng Shier;, the school choir will perform On the Hopeful Field, a representative work sung by Peng during her days as a household name singer of traditional and patriotic songs.在西雅图,彭丽媛将陪同习近平到访林肯高中。据“政事儿”了解,这所高中的合唱团将献唱《在希望的田野上》。这首歌是彭丽媛的代表作之一,彭丽媛过去曾是家喻户晓的民歌和红歌歌手。来 /201509/401392President Barack Obama has announced a major policy reversal on Afghanistan that will see 5,500 US troops remain in the country when he leaves office in January 2017 despite his earlier pledge to pull out next year.巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)总统宣布在美国对阿富汗政策上作出重大逆转,这意味着在他2017月离任时,将仍有5500名美军官兵留在阿富汗,尽管他此前承诺明年从该国撤出美军。Speaking at the White House, Mr Obama vowed to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through most of 2016, before cutting numbers to the new level before the end of his eight-year presidency.在白宫发表的讲话中,奥巴马誓言016年的大部分时间在阿富汗保800人的美军兵力,在年总统任期结束之前才将兵力减至上述新水平。The move marks a big shift in policy for a president who campaigned for the White House on a platform of ending US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Last year, he announced that he would withdraw US forces from Afghanistan in 2016, saying it was time to “time to turn the pageon a decade of wars.对于曾把从阿富汗和伊拉克撤出美军当作竞选平台的这位总统,此举标志着一个重大的政策转变。去年他宣布2016年从阿富汗撤出美军部队,称持0年的战争“是时候翻开新的一页了”。In addition to handing the Afghan war on to the next president, Mr Obama was forced to return troops to Iraq to tackle Isis extremists after he had removed US forces from the country. The president is also highly unlikely to achieve another of his top foreign policy goals shutting Guantánamo Bay.除了把阿富汗战争交给下一任总统,奥巴马还不得不在从伊拉克撤出美军后,又派遣美军重返那个国家打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)极端分子。这位总统还极不可能实现他的另一个首要外交政策目标——关闭古巴关塔那湾美军基地的监狱。Mr Obama said he changed strategy because the Afghan security forces were still not strong enough to fend off the Taliban. He said US forces would remain to train Afghan forces and support counter-terrorist operations. The move also comes as the US worries about Isis operating inside Afghanistan.奥巴马表示,他改变战略是因为阿富汗安全部队仍尚未强大到足以抵挡塔利班。他说,留在该国的美军将继续训练阿富汗部队,并持反恐作战行动。此举出炉之际,也正值美国担心在阿富汗境内活动的ISIS。“I know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. As you are well aware, I do not support the idea of endless war,he said. “Yet, given what’s at stake in Afghanistan...I am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort.”“我知道你们很多人厌倦了这场冲突。正如你们非常了解的,我不持无休止战争的想法,”他说。“然而,考虑到阿富汗局势关系到什么……我坚信,我们应该付出这一额外努力。”While Mr Obama has won two major foreign policy victories in recent months the Iran nuclear deal and a new era in relations with Cuba after decades of hostility he has been haunted by Afghanistan and faces a dogged threat from Isis in Iraq and Syria. He is also confronted by Russia’s intervention in Syria and an increasingly assertive China in the South China Sea.虽然奥巴马在最近几个月赢得两个重大的外交政策胜利(伊朗核协议和美国对古巴关系进入新时代,结束几十年的敌对状态),但他一直受到阿富汗战局的困扰,并且面对盘踞在伊拉克和叙利亚的ISIS所构成的顽固威胁。他还面对俄罗斯对叙利亚的干预,以及中国在南中国海日益强硬的行为。General John Campbell, the top US commander in Afghanistan, recently told Congress that the US should reconsider plans to withdraw troops in 2016 given the strength of the Taliban. That message was amplified after Taliban forces recently temporarily seized the northern city of Kunduz, in an embarrassing setback for the government.驻阿美军司令、陆军上将约翰丠贝尔(John Campbell)最近对美国国会表示,考虑到塔利班的实力,美国应该重新考虑2016年撤军的计划。加大此言震撼力的是,塔利班武装最近一度攻占阿富汗北方城市昆都Kunduz),使政府遭受难堪的挫折。来 /201510/404424

  Sweden’s hunt for a foreign submarine presumed to be Russian entered its fourth day in a chase outside Stockholm that has evoked memories of the cold war and further heightened tensions in the Baltic sea.瑞典对外国潜艇的搜索进入第四天,这一对斯德哥尔的搜寻行动引发了人们对冷战的记忆,进一步加剧了波罗的海的紧张局势。Sweden’s armed forces on Sunday released a picture of what is believed to be the submarine and said there had been three sightings of it, two on Friday and one on Sunday, as it appeared to move south.周日,瑞典军方披露了一张据信是潜艇的照片,并表示曾有三次发现这艘潜艇,其中两次是在周五,还有一次是在周日。依据照片显示,这艘潜艇似乎在向南移动。The operation, involving hundreds of military personnel in minesweepers, helicopters, boats and aircraft, has sparked flashbacks to a series of hunts of Soviet submarines in the 1980s, most notably when one ran aground off the southern Swedish town of Karlskrona.这次军事行动中,瑞典出动了多艘扫雷舰、直升机、其他类型舰艇和飞机,参与的军方人员达数百名。这令人感觉仿佛是上世纪80年代对苏联潜艇的一系列搜寻活动再次出现。当时最著名的是一艘苏联潜艇曾搁浅在瑞典南部城镇卡尔斯克鲁纳。Concern is growing across the Baltic area about Russia’s intentions after numerous incidents, from incursions into the airspace of Sweden and Finland the only countries in the region aside from Russia not in Nato to the abduction of an Estonian intelligence agent.此前,俄罗斯还曾侵犯过瑞典和芬兰两国(这两国是波罗的海除俄罗斯以外仅有的两个非北Nato)国家)领空,并曾绑架过爱沙尼亚的情报人员。在经历这一系列事件之后,人们对波罗的海安全局势的担忧与日俱增。The drama began on Friday when Sweden’s military said a credible source had informed it of “foreign underwater activityin the large archipelago outside Stockholm. The armed forces have refused to comment on the nationality of the craft they are seeking, which could be a mini-submarine, underwater vessel or full-sized submarine.这一戏剧性的事件始于上周五。当时,瑞典军方曾表示,可靠情报来源显示,斯德哥尔郊外的大规模群岛中存在“外国舰艇的水下活动”。瑞典军方搜寻的这艘舰艇可能是微型潜艇、水下船只或全尺寸潜艇,但他们对舰艇的国籍拒绝置评。But Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper that last year revealed that Russia had simulated a bombing raid on Stockholm, said on Saturday that intelligence officials had picked up a distress call on a frequency used by Russians.不过,《瑞典日报Svenska Dagbladet)周六表示,情报官员用俄罗斯人常用的频率截听到了求救信号。去年《瑞典日报》曾披露,俄罗斯曾演练过针对斯德哥尔的空袭。This led to speculation that a damaged Russian submarine was somewhere in Swedish waters, further fuelled by the sighting of a Russian oil tanker in international waters off Stockholm that could be used in a rescue, according to defence experts.该报道令人不禁猜测,有一艘损坏的俄罗斯潜艇正潜伏在瑞典海域的某处,斯德哥尔附近公海海域出现的一个俄罗斯油箱又加深了这一猜测。根据防务专家的说法,这只油箱是营救行动中可能会用到的。Russia’s defence ministry on Sunday denied that any of its submarines were in an emergency or irregular situation anywhere in the world.周日,俄罗斯国防部否认了这种说法,称俄罗斯没有任何潜艇处于紧急状态或位于全球非常规地区。But later the Swedish armed forces said it was “probablethat there was foreign submarine activity in the archipelago, the highest risk assessment except verification.不过,瑞典军方随后表示,波罗的海群岛水域“很可能”存在外国潜艇活动,这是仅次于“确认”的最高风险评级。The hunt for the submarine provides an early test for Sweden’s new centre-left government, which is more hostile to the idea of Nato membership than its centre-right predecessor.Concern has been raised over the ability of the Swedish armed forces to defend the country for more than a few days, especially the strategically important island of Gotland in the Baltic.瑞典此次军事行动受到该地区广泛关注。拉脱维亚外交部长埃德加#8226;林克维奇Edgars Rinkevics)周末曾在Twitter上发消息称:“密切关注瑞典领海的事件,它们很可能改变整个波罗的海地区安全事务的游戏规则。”来 /201410/337023World saddened by accident多国哀悼长江沉船事件The world was saddened and many countries and International organizations, including the US, France, India, UN, and the EU, have sent condolences over what could be the worst shipping disaster in China for nearly seven decades.中国近日发生了可能是0年来最严重的沉船事件,世界为之痛心,美囀?法囀?印度、联合国和欧盟等多个国家和国际组织纷纷表示哀悼和慰问。By 9:00 am Thursday, 65 bodies have been recovered, and 14 of 456 people on board the Eastern Star were found alive.截至4时,东方之星轮船56名乘客中14人生还,打捞5具遇难者遗体。UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that he was ;deeply saddened; to learn of the major loss of life as a result of the passenger ship accident in China.联合国秘书长潘基文表示,对中国客船沉没事件造成的巨大人员伤;深感悲痛;。Naming it a ;terrible tragedy;, US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said her country sent its ;deepest condolences to China and to the families of the victims;.美国国务院发言人玛丽·哈夫表示,长江沉船事件;可怕的悲剧;,美国政;向中国以及遇难者家属致以最深切的哀;。来 /201506/378833

  WASHINGTON The Korean automakers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors will pay the federal government a combined 0 million in penalties as part of a settlement for overstating vehicle fuel-economy standards on 1.2 million vehicles, the Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency announced on Monday.华盛顿——美国司法部(Justice Department)和国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)周一宣布,韩国汽车制造商现代汽车(Hyundai Motor)和起亚汽Kia Motors)将向联邦政府付总计3亿美元(约合18亿元人民币)罚款。这是就两家制造商夸大120万辆车的节油标准所达成和解的部分内容。The penalty is the largest ever for a violation of the Clean Air Act, government officials said.政府官员称,这是有史以来因违反《清洁空气法Clean Air Act)而开出的最高罚单。Under the agreement, the automakers will pay 0 million in fines and forfeit an estimated 0 million in greenhouse gas emissions credits, which auto companies earn by building vehicles with lower emissions than are required by law.相关协议规定,两家汽车制造商将亿美元罚款,并且估计会失去价亿美元的温室气体排放许可。汽车公司通过生产低于法定排放标准的车辆,才能获得温室气体排放许可。“This type of conduct quite simply will not be tolerated,Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., said at a joint news conference at the Justice Department with Gina McCarthy, the E.P.A. administrator. The Justice Department, he added, “will never rest or waver in our determination to take action against any company that engages in such activities.;“决不能姑息这种行为,”司法部长小埃里克·H·霍尔Eric H. Holder Jr.)在司法部与EPA局长吉娜·麦卡锡(Gina McCarthy)举行联合新闻发布会时说。他接着说,司法部“誓要打击从事这类活动的公司,我们的决心绝不会松懈或动摇”。Ms. McCarthy said that the action reinforced her agency’s determination to uphold the Clean Air Act. “Businesses that play by the rules shouldn’t have to compete with those breaking the law,she said.麦卡锡表示,这件事坚定了她领导的EPA捍卫《清洁空气法》的决心。“不应该让那些违法乱纪的企业,和遵纪守法的企业竞争,”她说。In 2012, Hyundai and Kia, which are both owned by the Hyundai Motor Group, admitted that they had overstated the fuel economy of vehicles sold in the ed States over the previous two years. The admission came after an E.P.A. investigation into consumer complaints that their cars were underperforming the official mileage estimates on the window stickers of new cars. Although few drivers achieve the mileage claimed on the stickers, the government requires automakers to conduct standardized tests to calculate the figures so that buyers can more easily compare the fuel efficiency of different models.2012年,同属现代汽车集团(Hyundai Motor Group)的现代汽车和起亚汽车,承认夸大了之前两年在美销售的车辆的节油能力。此前EPA接到消费者投诉,称自己所购车辆的节油性能,低于新车车窗标签上给出的官方节油估值,EPA随即展开调查。尽管几乎没有驾驶员能达到标签上宣称的里程数,政府还是要求汽车制造商进行标准化测试,以计算出相关数据,这样消费者就能更容易地比较不同车型的燃油效率。At the time, both Hyundai and Kia apologized for what they called “procedural errorsin testing that resulted in incorrect mileage stickers on some of their most popular models, including the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Rio. The companies continue to say that the misstatement of fuel mileage was inadvertent and that they did not intentionally mislead customers.当时,现代和起亚均表示道歉,称测试过程中的“程序上的差错”,导致现代伊兰Elantra)和起亚锐Rio)等部分最受欢迎的车型上出现了不正确的里程标签。这两家公司接着表示,错误的燃油里程信息是无意之举,公司并非故意误导消费者。In an emailed statement on Monday, Chris Hosford, a spokesman for Hyundai, wrote: “To be clear, Hyundai’s view is that this was an honest mistake and there was a lack of clarity/broad latitude in E.P.A. rules and guidance that resulted in the issues outlined by the government.”周一,现代汽车发言人克里斯·霍斯福德(Chris Hosford)在一份邮件声明中写道,“必须说明,现代汽车认为这是无心之过,EPA的规定和指导并不明确,缺少足够的回旋余地,导致了政府提出的那些问题。”The settlement comes as the Obama administration has used the Clean Air Act to create and enforce new regulations aimed at reining in planet-warming pollution. In , the E.P.A. released new fuel economy standards requiring automakers to aggressively increase average fuel mileage of passenger vehicles in order to cut carbon emissions from tailpipes.达成和解时,奥巴马政府已经利用《清洁空气法》制定并实施了一些新的监管措施,旨在控制导致全球变暖的污染009年,EPA公布了新的节油标准,要求汽车制造商大幅提高客运车辆的平均燃油里程,以减少碳排放量。On Monday environmentalists praised the penalties on the two automakers.周一,环保人士对处罚两家汽车制造商一事表示赞扬。“For many years, E.P.A. has enforced the Clean Air Act to make sure cars are as clean as they are advertised,said Frank O’Donnell, president of the Group Clean Air Watch. “It is very encouraging to see that E.P.A. plans to make sure that climate-related emissions must also be as advertised.”“多年来,EPA实施了《清洁空气法》,确保车辆像广告说的一样清洁,”洁净空气观察组织(Group Clean Air Watch)主席弗兰克·奥多尼Frank O’Donnell)说。“EPA计划确保与气候有关的排放行为也必须达到广告水平,这让人倍受鼓舞。”E.P.A. officials said they discovered the problems with the Hyundai and Kia vehicles in the course of auditing fuel-economy manufacturing programs. They concluded that the Korean automakerstesting of fuel economy technologies included procedures that led to inaccurately high fuel-economy ratings for vehicles including Hyundai’s Accent, Elantra, Veloster and Santa Fe vehicles and Kia’s Rio and Soul vehicles.EPA官员表示,他们在审计节油型汽车生产项目的过程中发现了现代及起亚汽车的问题。他们断定,韩国汽车制造商节油技术测试中的一些程序导致汽车的节油性能评级偏高,出现不准确的数据,比如现代的雅绅特(Accent)、伊兰特、飞Veloster)和圣达菲(Santa Fe),以及起亚的锐欧和秀Soul)车型。That testing was done entirely in laboratories in Korea, government officials said. They said that as part of the settlement, the companies would pay to build a separate, American-based center for testing vehicle fuel economy.政府官员称,这些测试全部在韩国的实验室完成。他们表示,作为和解的一部分,两家公司将出资在美国建立测试中心,检测汽车的节油性能。来 /201411/340796

  Leaders from Asia’s three main powers have agreed to resume the long-stalled six-party talks aimed at dismantling North Korea’s nuclear programme while working towards greater economic integration.亚洲三个大国的领导人同意重启停滞已久的朝核问题六方会谈,同时致力于推进经济一体化。The meeting in Seoul on Sunday between South Korean President Park Geun-hye, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese premier Li Keqiang was the first of its kind in more than three years because Japan’s relations with the other two neighbours had been frayed over territorial and historical issues.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)、日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)和中国总理李克强周日在首尔举行会谈,是三年多来中日韩三国首次举行这样的领导人会议,原因是日本与两个邻国围绕领土和历史遗留问题关系紧张。In the rare three-way summit, the leaders vowed to “oppose any action that may cause tension on the Korean Peninsula or violate relevant UN Security Council resolutions在这个难得举行的三方首脑会议上,中日韩领导人誓言“反对任何可能导致朝鲜半岛紧张局势或违反联合国安理会有关决议的行动”。Their pledge to resume “meaningfulsix-party talks at an early date comes amid signs that Pyongyang’s weapons drive could be gaining dangerous momentum. The growing size and sophistication of Pyongyang’s nuclear programme have posed serious security concerns for Seoul and Tokyo.他们承诺尽早恢复“有意义的”六方会谈之际,有迹象表明,平壤方面的核武开发努力可能正在积聚危险的势头。平壤核武计划的规模越来越大,技术越来越先进,让首尔和东京产生严重的安全关切。But diplomatic efforts have made little headway as US officials argue that North Korea should first take measures promised under previous nuclear pacts while Pyongyang says talks should happen without preconditions. The six-party talks were last held in 2008.但外交努力基本上没有进展,美国官员主张,朝鲜应该首先落实其在以往的核协议中承诺的措施,而平壤表示谈判应该在没有先决条件的情况下举行。六方会谈上次是008年举行的。Experts remain sceptical of any near-term chance of the dialogue resumption. “It is positive that they finally met but it is hard to give a high mark to the results,said Bong Young-shik, researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. “It will still be difficult for the six-party talks to resume unless those preconditions are met.”专家们对于短期内恢复对话的几率仍持怀疑态度。“这些领导人终于举行会晤是积极的,但很难对结果给出一个高分,”韩国峨山政策研究院(Asan Institute for Policy Studies)研究员奉英植(Bong Young-shik)表示。“除非那些前提条件得到满足,否则六方会谈仍然会很难恢复。”The three leaders have vowed to repair strained ties by “facing history squarely and advancing toward the future.They agreed to annualise the summit and plan to meet in Japan next year.三位领导人誓言“正视历史、面向未来”,以修复紧张关系。他们同意每年举行一次首脑会议,并计划明年在日本会晤。On the economic front, they have agreed to boost efforts to sign a 16-nation free trade area as well as a separate trilateral free trade pact. China has been a key proponent of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to create the world’s biggest free trade bloc of 3.4bn people. But progress has been slow for the pact over the past four years. Separately, they have yet to find a breakthrough for talks for the trilateral pact encompassing 20 per cent of the global economy, with Japan becoming a founding member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership last month.在经济方面,他们同意加大努力达成16国的自由贸易区,以及另一项三边自由贸易协定。中国一直是“区域全面经济伙伴关系协定Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)的重要推动者,该协定将缔造世界上最大的自由贸易区,覆盖34亿人口。但该协定的谈判在过去四年进展缓慢。另外,中日韩三边自由贸易协定的谈判也一直未能找到突破口,这个自贸协定将涵盖全球经济0%。上月日本成为跨太平洋伙伴关系协Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的创始成员。Despite the many agreements unveiled in the joint statement, experts questioned if they would bring any real changes in the trilateral relations. “It is hard to say the agreements would elevate their relations to a next stage,said Mr Bong. “They were more like a declaration lacking specific action plans or guidelines on economic and security matters.”尽管联合声明中公布了许多共识,但专家们质疑它们会带来三边关系的实质性改变。“很难说这些共识将把它们的关系提升到更高一级,”奉英植表示。“它们更像是一个宣言,在经济和安全事务上缺乏具体的行动计划或指引。”No mention has been made of the contentious issue of former South Korean sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the second world war. It may be on the agenda of the first bilateral meeting between Ms Park and Mr Abe on Monday. The two leaders have been under pressure to mend ties as Washington has been alarmed by the rift between its two key Asian allies in the face of China’s rapid rise as a global power.联合声明中没有提到第二次世界大战期间日本军队强征韩国慰安妇这个有争议的问题。这件事可能被列入周一朴槿惠和安倍晋三首次双边会谈的议程上。两位领导人近来受到修补关系的压力,因为面对中国快速崛起为世界强国,华盛顿方面对于美国的两个关键亚洲盟友之间关系不和感到忧虑。来 /201511/407461。




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