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The process of deciding on an outfit for the Oscars normally begins months in advance of the highly anticipated Hollywood awards ceremony.一般来说,在万众瞩目的奥斯卡颁奖礼开始前的几个月,挑选礼的过程就已经开始了。But if any nominated actresses have left their outfits for Sunday#39;s ceremony to the last minute, they may wish to take note of this advice.但是,如果有提名女演员直到颁奖礼前的最后一刻才选择礼,那么她们可能需要注意以下建议。Fashion experts at Cosmopolitan claim to have calculated the winning formula for what hopefuls should wear to be in with the best chance of winning an Academy Award.《Cosmopolitan》杂志的时尚专家们称,他们为提名者们计算出一套最有机会获奖的穿着公式。Charles Manning, style director at the magazine, analysed the dresses of the past 30 years of female Oscar winners to work out the common features of their outfits.该杂志时尚总监查尔斯?曼宁分析了过去30年里奥斯卡奖女性获奖者的礼,得出了一些共同特征。Taking into account ten different aspects of style - including color, neckline and train - he said the luckiest dress would have #39;a shiny or sparkly opaque black sheath dress with a train, worn without a belt or a wrap#39;.曼宁对颜色、领口以及裙裾等10种不同的时尚元素进行考量,认为最幸运的礼是不透视的亮黑色紧身拖尾连衣裙,且不搭配腰带或披肩。In case nominees do not have time to find a dress with all the key characteristics, he identified a dress from the spring 2015 Armani Privé couture collection that would fit the bill.他从Armani Privé 2015春季时装系列中选出了一条符合要求的礼,以防提名者没有时间去找一件拥有所有关键特征的裙子。Black was found to be the most popular dress color or shade. It was worn by around a third of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress winners - including Julia Roberts when she was awarded best actress for Erin Brockovich in 2001.研究发现,黑色是最受欢迎的颜色。约三分之一的最佳女主角得主以及最佳女配角得主穿的都是黑色,比如,茱莉亚?罗伯茨2001年凭借《永不妥协》获得最佳女主角时穿了黑色礼。The sheath won the battle for best silhouette after it was worn by 60 percent of winning women.紧身连衣裙当选最佳轮廓款式,有60%的获奖女性穿的都是紧身裙。The V-neck, as modeled by Reese Witherspoon in vintage Chanel in 2006, was found to be the most common neckline.研究发现,V字领是最常见的领口样式,正如瑞茜?威瑟斯彭2006年穿着的香奈儿复古礼那样。Winning actresses historically go for bare arms in sleeveless dresses such as Lupita Nyong’o#39;s 2014 Prada outfit, while favorite fabrics were either shiny or sparkly.往届的获奖女演员青睐露手臂的无袖礼,比如露皮塔?尼永奥2014年穿着的普拉达礼。而她们最爱的是闪闪发光的材质。Although the analysis noted that sheer has been a consistent trend over the last few years - not when it comes to Oscar-winning dresses.尽管,分析指出,在过去几年里透视礼成为一种趋势,但是“奥斯卡赢家礼”却并非如此。Only 18 percent of winners - including Cher in 1988 - went for sheer with most opting for opaque gowns.只有18%的获奖者穿的是透视礼(包括1988年奥斯卡最佳女主角雪儿),而大多数获奖者选择的是不透视的礼。When it comes to a train, actresses were split almost down the middle: 53 percent, including Renee Zellweger in 2004, went for one, while 47 percent followed Anne Hathaway#39;s lead by going without.在裙摆方面,女演员们几乎可以平分为两派:53%的女演员选择拖尾连衣裙,比如蕾妮?齐薇格2004年的礼,而47%的女演员效仿安妮?海瑟薇选择没有拖尾的礼。Brie Larsen wore a belt with her Gucci dress at last year#39;s Oscars but the research claims that generally Oscar-winning actresses do not. Only 15 percent of winners have worn one.2016年,布里?拉尔森为她的古琦礼搭配了一条腰带,但研究称奥斯卡获奖女演员一般不会这么做。只有15%的获奖者带过腰带。Embellishment also divided actresses in half - with winners split 50-50 - while wraps were shunned by the vast majority of winners.在配饰方面女演员们也可以平分为两派,不过绝大多数获奖者不会佩戴披肩。 /201702/494412Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg are set to divorce, the royal palace has announced.近日,卢森堡皇室宣布,路易斯王子和苔丝王妃即将离婚。A statement was released on behalf of Louis#39; parents, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.代表路易斯王子的父母亨利大公和玛丽亚·特雷莎夫人的一则声明随即发布。The statement, written in French, : ;Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess regret to announce that Prince Louis and Princess Tessy have decided to divorce. In these difficult times, they ask for privacy.;声明(原文为法文)称:“大公陛下及夫人遗憾地宣布,路易斯王子和苔丝王妃已决定离婚。在这艰难时刻,他们请求公众尊重他们的隐私。”Louis is the third son of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess. He has two older siblings, Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Prince Felix, and two younger siblings, Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien.路易斯王子是大公和大公夫人的第三个儿子。路易斯王子有两个哥哥,一个是卢森堡大公储吉约姆,另一个是菲利克斯王子;他还有一个和一个弟弟,亚历山德拉公主和塞巴斯蒂安王子。Louis, 30, and Tessy, 31, share two sons, Gabriel, ten, and nine-year-old Noah.路易斯王子现年30岁,而苔丝王妃则是31岁,共育两子:十岁的加百列和九岁的诺亚。The couple married in September 2006, six months after Tessy gave birth to their first child. Gabriel was the first grandchild for the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess.路易斯王子和苔丝王妃于2006年9月结婚,六个月后,苔丝产下了第一个孩子加百列,他也是大公和大公夫人的第一个孙子。Upon his marriage, Louis gave up his succession rights and those of all the couple#39;s children.为了这桩婚事,路易斯王子放弃了自己和孩子的王位继承权。Louis retained his title the Prince of Luxembourg, while Tessy was given her title the Princess of Luxembourg on the country#39;s National Day in June 2009, three years after her marriage.结婚时,路易斯还延续了卢森堡王子的头衔,而苔丝的王妃头衔则是在婚后三年、于2009年6月在卢森堡国庆节时授予的。 /201702/490876Fangshan Drum Dance方山鼓戏Fangshan drum dance also called ;Sparrow Skipping;,this folk dance originated in Fangshan, Jiangning District, Nanjing City. The dance imitates the movements of a sparrow, such as sping its wings, pecking at grains,sitting on eggs and so on. The number of instruments has increased to 12 drums, 12 gongs and 10 cymbals. Colored flags accompany the Fangshan Drum Dance,making the scene more majestic.方山鼓戏也被称为“麻雀跳”,这种民间舞蹈起源于方山,江宁地区,南京市。舞蹈模仿麻雀的动作,如展开翅膀,啄食谷物,坐在蛋上等。鼓的数量已增至12种,12种锣和10种钹。旗与方山鼓戏一起,使得场景更加雄伟壮观。 /201612/482286

The news came like a blindside burst of machine gun fire from the evil Red Baron: Snoopy, the *plucky *beagle and a star of the Peanuts comic strip, has been shot down: Insurance giant MetLife has eliminated Snoopy as its advertising mascot.这则消息就像邪恶的红男爵突射机关一样出其不意:史努比,那个勇敢的小猎犬,同时也是连载动漫《花生》中的明星被“击落”了——保险业巨头大都会人寿不再使用史努比作为广告吉祥物。“We brought in Snoopy over 30 years ago to make our company more friendly and *approachable during a time when insurance companies were seen as cold and distant,” says Esther Lee, MetLife’s global chief marketing officer.大都会人寿全球首席营销官艾斯特.李表示:“30多年前,我们引入史努比,是想在一个保险公司被视作冷酷无情的时期,使我们的公司看起来更加友善和亲切。”And now, the giant insurer is seen as ...warm and *fuzzy?那现在呢,这个保险业巨头就看起来……温暖可亲了吗?We don’t think so. Certainly not after *strafing Snoopy.我们不这样认为,尤其是史努比被“打入冷宫”后。Nevertheless, we won’t second guess MetLife. The company is launching a new global branding effort and plans to focus more on corporate clients. So Snoopy *spirals to the ground.尽管如此,我们不会去事后评价大都会人寿。这家公司正在启动新的全球品牌化策略,希望更关注企业客户。所以史努比就被“扫地出门”了。In the ad world, this is business as usual. Heck, in any business this is the way things work.在广告世界里,这是再正常不过的事。而且说到底,这也是任何一个行业的运行之道。You produce desired results or, in Snoopy’s case, you wind up in the doghouse. MetLife found that while people considered the Peanuts gang friendly and approachable, the cartoon characters didn’t summon images of leadership and responsibility, The New York Times reports. Snoopy, with his vivid fantasy life as a World War I pilot, didn’t resonate in the way that MetLife would hope: In other words, Snoopy apparently didn’t chase consumers into insurance offices.你要么得以实现你想要的结果,要么,在史努比的案例中…最后进了窝。据《纽约时报》报道,大都会人寿发现,尽管人们认为《花生》漫画里的人物是友好的、平易近人的,这些卡通人物并不能唤起一种领导感和责任感。史努比和它在第一次世界大战王牌飞行员生动的奇幻生活,无法与大都会人寿所期望的形象产生共鸣:换句话说,史努比显然没有驱使消费者参与到保险业务中去。So Snoopy takes his place in the unemployment line with other famous-brand mascots of yesteryear–obsolete characters such as Bucky Beaver of Ipana toothpaste fame.因此,史努比就加入到了昔日风光无限的品牌吉祥物的失业队伍中——那些已遭淘汰的形象,比如Ipana牙膏的巴奇海狸。We *shudder to think who could be next. There are so many icons peering out from cereal boxes, *detergents and other household staples.我们不禁要打一个冷颤,想想谁会成为下一个呢?还有很多卡通形象正从麦片盒、洗涤剂和其他家庭生活用品的包装上瞟眼看着呢。Some characters, of course, have second acts. For instance: Hipster Charlie the Tuna, forever disappointed that he wouldn’t be allowed in a StarKist tuna can. “Sorry, Charlie. StarKist doesn’t want tunas with good taste; StarKist wants tunas that taste good.” After a deep-sea hiatus, Charlie came out of retirement in 1999 and thrives again.当然,也有一些卡通形象迎来了“第二春”。比如,嬉皮士金鱼查理永远都对自己无法出现在星基斯特(StarKist)金鱼罐头包装上感到失望。“抱歉了,查理。星基斯特不想要品味不错的金鱼;星基斯特想要味道不错的金鱼。”在经历了一段“深海退休生活”后,查理在1999年复出,并一直活跃至今。The problem isn’t always flagging sales or a character out of tune with the times. McDonald’s announced recently that it has temporarily sidelined Ronald, after a series of so-called “creepy clown” sightings across the country.问题也不总是与下滑的销量或过时的形象有关。麦当劳近期就宣布,在最近发生了一系列席卷全国的所谓“小丑恐慌”后,他们暂时把麦当劳叔叔收了起来。Question: If Ronald stays disappeared, will enough people care? We may find out.问题是:如果麦当劳叔叔永远消失,会有更多人在意吗?我们可以拭目以待。When you stroll down the grocery aisle, glance at the faces peering out from bottles, cans and cartons: Aunt Jemima. The Pillsbury Doughboy. Elsie the Cow. The Brawny Lumberjack. Tip your hat to them and all the others. They’ve survived generation after generation, thanks to you.当你在货架前闲逛时,留意一下那些从玻璃瓶、罐头盒和纸盒上出现的面孔:杰迈玛阿姨、面团宝宝、奶牛埃尔希和强壮伐木工。请向他们以及其他形象致敬吧。托你的福,他们得以一代代地幸存下来。 /201611/477786

What? Am I not allowed to chillax and get a chai latte?怎么?我就不能喝杯拿铁,放松放松吗?(请注意他肩上扛的家伙) /201701/487642

Hong Kong martial arts novelist Huang Yi has died at age of 65 after suffering a stroke last Wednesday.香港知名武侠小说作家黄易因突然中风于上周三病逝,享年65岁。Huang, whose real name was Wong Cho-keung, died in a public hospital with loved ones by his side.黄易本名为黄祖强,是在家人的陪伴下于医院走完的最后一程。Several of his martial arts works were turned into popular television series, such as ;A Step into the Past,; adopted from his novel Xun Qin Ji. It was broadcast on TVB Jade in 2001 and featured Louis Koo Tin-lok and Raymond Lam Fung.黄易的许多武侠作品都已被翻拍成颇受欢迎的电视剧,比如根据他所创作的同名小说改编成的《寻秦记》。这部电视剧于2001年在TVB播出,由古天乐和林峯领衔出演。He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1977 and once worked as the assistant curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.黄易于1977年毕业于香港中文大学艺术系,曾在香港艺术物馆做过一段时间的馆长助理。In the late 80s, Huang, as a lover of Chinese art, history and the Chinese classic I Ching, started to explore a new career as a writer, and picked the Chinese character Yi, or I, as his pen name.在上个世纪八十年代末,作为中国艺术、历史以及经典著作《易经》的爱好者,他开始以一名作者的身份探索一段新的职业生涯,并将黄易作为自己的笔名。In the 1990s, after the golden age of wuxia literature, the general public became increasingly skeptical about wuxia literature and it lost much of its previous aura.在二十世纪九十年代,武侠文学的黄金时代刚刚结束,越来越多的人开始对武侠文学持怀疑态度,导致武侠失去了其原有的大部分光环。However, the emergence of Huang Yi infused new life into the wuxia genre.但是,黄易的出现为武侠流派注入了新的生命和活力。From Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion to A Step Into The Past and to the now popular Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan (Twins of Brothers), Huang Yi has combined science fiction with traditional Chinese culture including metaphysics and philosophy to create a new style of work.从《覆雨翻云》到《寻秦记》,再到现如今大受欢迎的《大唐双龙传》,黄易将科幻小说与包括玄学和哲学在内的中国传统文化结合在一起,开创了一种全新的武侠方式。 /201704/503934

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