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上海做疤痕修复多少钱上海曙光医院激光祛斑手术价格Around 1800, Lord Elgin removed some of the sculptures from the ruins of the Parthenon in Athens, and a few years later put them on public show in London.1800年左右,驻奥斯曼帝国的英国大使埃尔金伯爵从雅典帕台农神庙遗址带走了一些石雕,几年后在伦敦进行了公开展览。For most western Europeans it was the first time they had ever been able to look closely at Greek sculpture, and they were overwhelmed and inspired by the breathing vitality and the beauty of these works.对大多数西欧人来说,这是他们第一次近距离接触希腊雕刻,不由被它们的魅力深深折。But in the 21st century, the Elgin Marbles, as theyve long been known, are famous less as art objects than as objects of political controversy.到了二十一世纪,这些被称为埃尔金大理石雕的艺术品,其艺术特色被淡化,更多地成为政治争端的焦点。For most people today, the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum provoke only one question:对今天的大部分人来说, 提到大英物馆的帕台农雕像,只会想到一个问题:should they be in London or in Athens? The Greek government insists they should be in Athens; the British Museums Trustees believe that in London theyre an integral part of the story of world cultures.它们该保存在伦敦还是雅典?希腊政府坚持认为它们应归还雅典,但大英物馆的理事们则认为应留在伦敦,因其属于世界文化不可分割的一部分。201409/327196静安复合彩光祛斑多少钱 Flying demands enormous skill and effort,飞行需要极大的技巧和力气and nowhere is that more evident than here,在秘鲁安第斯山脉的小丘陵这里in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes.这一点看得最清楚This female hummingbird hovers这只雌蜂鸟在寻找花蜜with precision in her quest for nectar.精准无误的盘旋着Her wing and tail design allow her to fly in any direction.凭翅膀和尾巴的设计 它能飞向四面八方But the male has a real problem flying.但是雄蜂鸟实在飞不起来And this is why原因就在这儿hes weighed down with two super-long tail feathers,它被两根超长的尾羽拖累tipped with cumbersome discs.尾羽末梢是笨重的圆盘This is the marvellous spatuletail hummingbird.这是令人惊艳的叉拍尾蜂鸟and these are his flags with which to seduce a mate.这些是它用来引诱伴侣的旗帜Waving them back and forth takes a lot of effort,即使它安然的栖息在树上 来回摆荡这两根羽毛even from the comfort of his perch,也得花不少力气but to win her heart hes got to go up a gear.但要赢得雌鸟的心 它非加把劲不可201308/253663Not all snacks that you think are bad for you really are. Check out the health and nutrition benefits of these so-called junk foods.并不是所有你认为有害的零食真的有害。看看这些所谓的垃圾食品的健康和营养价值。You Will Need你需要Beef jerky牛肉干French fries法式薯条Pork rinds熏(炸)猪皮Popcorn爆米花Coconut椰子Pizza批萨Microwavable pork rinds (optional)微波猪肉皮(可选)Dark chocolate (optional)黑色巧克力(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Chew some beef jerky1.咀嚼牛肉干Chew on some beef jerky; it’s high in protein. Just choose low-sodium brands.咀嚼一些牛肉干,其中的蛋白质含量很高。不过要选择低钠品牌。STEP 2 Have some French fries2.吃一点法式薯条Nibble on some French fries -- but make them at home so you can fry them in canola or safflower oil rather than the corn oil used in many eateries, which is full of saturated fat.少吃一点法式薯条——不过尽量在家中自己做,这样就可以用菜籽油或红花油来炸,而不是像许多快餐店那样用含有很多饱和脂肪的玉米油。Oven fries are even healthier.用烤箱来制作炸薯条更加健康。STEP 3 Pig out on pork rinds3.多吃一些猪肉皮Pig out on pork rinds. Yes, they’re made from pigskin and they’re usually deep-fried. But they have no carbs, lots of protein, and nearly half the fat is unsaturated.多吃一些猪肉皮。是的,是用猪皮做成的,通常炸得很脆。但是其中没有碳水化合物,却含有很多蛋白质,接近一半的脂肪是不饱和的。Buy microwave pork rinds; they’re better for you than deep-fried.购买一些微波猪肉皮,比用油炸的更加健康。STEP 4 Pop some popcorn4.爆米花Pop some popcorn. It’s a whole grain, making it a great source of fiber -- as long as you don’t pop it in oil or drown it in butter.做一些爆米花。这是全谷类的,含有很多纤维,只要你不用油来爆或者用黄油浸泡。STEP 5 Be a coco-nut5.吃一点椰子Indulge in some coconut. Even though it contains a lot of saturated fat -- the kind that raises your bad cholesterol -- researchers have found that it raises your good cholesterol even more, so in the end you come out ahead. Just be aware that it is high in calories.埋头大吃椰子肉。尽管含有许多饱和脂肪——导致坏的胆固醇水平增加的脂肪——研究人员发现,椰子在增加好的胆固醇方面的作用更大,所以,最终会让你的身体受益。不过要记住,椰子含有很高的热量。Pair coconut with dark chocolate, which contains heart-healthy antioxidants.椰子肉和黑巧克力一起食用,其中含有对心脏健康有益的抗氧化剂。STEP 6 Order a pizza6.预订批萨Order a pizza without guilt: the cheese is chock full of calcium and the tomato sauce delivers the antioxidant lycopene. Add some vegetable toppings, request a thin crust, and enjoy!预订一份批萨,不要有负罪感:奶酪中含有丰富的钙质,而番茄酱中含有抗氧化剂番茄红素。添加一些蔬菜配料,要求一层薄薄的脆皮,开心地享用吧!France has the fewest junk food junkies, with only 19 percent of French people agreeing with the statement, ;I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up.;法国人是最不承认垃圾食品的,只有19%的法国人认可这种说法。“我觉得快餐的味道非常好,难以割舍。”视频听力译文由。 /201410/337955上海九院整形美容科纹眉多少钱

第一人民医院宝山分院激光去红血丝价格费用UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for ;The Shoutout;. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Whats the third country to send the person into space? If you think you know it then shout it out! 第三个把人送上太空的是哪个国家?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it Russia, China, France or the ed Kingdom? Youve got three seconds, go!是俄罗斯、中国、法国还是英国?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!In 2003, China joined the U.S and Russia as the only countries that put a person in space. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.2003年,中国同美国和俄罗斯一样,成为世界上仅有的能把人送上太空的国家。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: A decade later, China is hoping that breaking of that same (inaudible) group with another space milestone. 10年后,中国想要用另一太空里程碑来进入航天技术的最前沿。So far, only the U.S. and former Soviet Union have launched spacecraft that have landed on the Moon. 至今,只有美国和前苏联的太空器在月球上着陆过。This week, a Chinese rocket took off in the same direction, and by later this month, the lunar landing list could lengthen the three.本周,一枚中国的火箭也朝着同样的方向进发了,到这月底,在月球着陆的名单会加长到三个国家。 /201312/267107上海做双眼皮多少钱 How can I create my own milestones as a single person?作为单身人士,我应该如何打造自己的里程碑呢?One of the interesting things about being single is you dont have to have milestones. But if you want to, you can create the milestone thats important to you. So for me, I became passionate about setting the record straight. So what I wanted to do was to publish a book that sets these myths straight, that debunks them all, and that became my goal. And I didnt say to myself, ;I have to have this book in print by such-and-such a year or by so many months from now.; I said, ;I want to do this and I want it to be the best book I can write and I will take as long as I need to take to do it.;作为单身人士,最有趣的事情之一就是你不需要有里程碑。但是如果你想的话,你也可以创立对自己来说比较重要的里程碑。对我来说,我对于直接设立目标非常富有。我想要出版一本书,一本能够揭穿他们假面具的书,这成为我的目标。我没有对我自己说,“从现在开始一年内或几个月内,我要出版这本书。”我对自己说的是,“我想这样做,我希望这成为我能写出的最好的书,需要多长时间就花多长时间。”Thanks for watching How To Create Your Own Milestones As A Single Person.感谢收看“单身人士如何创立自己的里程碑”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/247011上海复旦大学附属华东医院做双眼皮手术价格

上海整形价格 He doesnt look right.His balance is all wrong.他的踢法不太对。完全没有平衡感。Doesnt look up enough.一个劲儿地盯着脚下。Doesnt lift his legs high enough.腿抬得也不够高。Thats what all the other teams think.其他球队都是这么说他的。重点词汇: balance 平衡例句:The first thing is to balance the budget.首先要平衡预算。 201405/294856金山区黑脸娃娃多少钱上海激光祛雀斑价格



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