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福州杂菌性龟头炎福州市做包皮多少钱Sub-Saharan Africa’s vast energy resources could be a catalyst for strong growth in the coming decades, but only if countries push through reforms and upgrade their infrastructures.对于撒哈拉以南非洲地区来说,未来数十年里,丰富的能源资源有望成为其强劲增长的催化剂,但是前提是这些国家必须推进改革并升级基础设施。According to a report released Monday by the International Energy Agency, countries in the region must enact reforms that will attract investors and spend the hundred of billions needed to upgrade aging and poorly functioning infrastructures.国际能源署(International Energy Agency)本周发布的一份报告显示,撒哈拉以南非洲地区的国家必须实施改革来吸引投资者,并投入数千亿美元对陈旧落后的基础设施进行升级改造。The African Energy Outlook found that 30% of global oil and gas discoveries made over the past five years were from sub-Saharan Africa, which includes countries south of the Sahara desert. But at the same time only 290 million out of 915 million people have access to electricity. That figure is only rising.《非洲能源展望》(African Energy Outlook)报告发现,在过去五年里,全球探明的石油和天然气0%来自撒哈拉以南非洲地区——该地区包括撒哈拉沙漠以南的若干国家。但与此同时,在当地9.15亿人口当中,仅有2.9亿人可以使用电力。这个人口基数只会不断增长。Worse, four out of five people in the region depend on firewood and charcoal mainly for cooking due to the lack of electricity. The projection is that figure will rise 40 percent by 2040, putting tropical forests at risk and further contributing to indoor pollution that is aly the second biggest cause of premature death behind AIDS in the region.更糟糕的是,由于电力供应不足,该地区有五分之四的人口主要依靠柴禾和木炭做饭。预计到2040年,数值还将增0%,热带雨林面临砍伐过度的险境,并且将进一步加重室内污染问题——室内污染已成为致使该地区人口早夭的第二大原因,仅次于艾滋病(AIDS)。“When I look at the continent, sub-Saharan Africa is very rich in energy resources and very poor in energy supply and production,IEA Chief Economist FatihBirol told Fortune.“据我了解,撒哈拉以南非洲地区的能源资源非常丰富,但能源供应和生产却极度不足,”国际能源署首席经济学家法蒂赫o比罗尔在接受《财富》(Fortune)杂志的采访时表示。“There is huge potential both for oil and gas and, when it comes to renewables, huge potential for hydropower, wind and solar,he said. “On the other hand, there is very little energy for the people in Africa.”他介绍说:“这些地区蕴藏着巨大的石油和天然气发展潜力,并且在可再生能源方面,比如水电、风能和太阳能,潜力也都非常可观。而另一方面,非洲人民现有的可用能源却极度匮乏。”Africa has long been plagued by the resource curse, where abundant oil, gas and minerals in places like Equatorial Guinea or the Republic of Congo have made a select few rich, led to widesp corruption and left the majority of citizens poor. The energy resources have also sparked conflict in countries such as Sudan and Nigeria, and have contributed to years of coups and political unrest.长期以来,非洲一直处于能源困境。像赤道几内亚或刚果共和国等石油、天然气和矿产资源丰富的国家,有极少的一部分人富了起来,但这些国家腐败泛滥,多数市民仍处于贫困之中。此外,能源资源是苏丹和尼日尼亚等国家地缘冲突的导火索,同时也是该地区长年发生政变和政治动荡的原因之一。That trend is set to continue, the IEA report said, unless countries tackle the range of problems that hinder the energy sector, from widesp oil theft (worth billion a year in Nigeria) to electricity tariffs across the region, which are among the highest in the world. Corruption, too, remains a “major barrierto investment in some countries.国际能源署的报告中显示,除非各国采取措施应对能源领域的一系列问题,比如解决盛行的石油偷盗(每年为尼日利亚造成损失0亿美元)和降低电价(这里是全球电价最高的地区之一),否则情况还会继续恶化。另外,腐败仍是在一些国家投资的“主要障碍”。“There are two major issues here the lack of investment and the second one is the governance issue,Birol said of the need for about 0 million a year across the region for the energy sector.“这里存在两个主要的掣肘——投资匮乏以及政府管理问题,”比罗尔表示,该地区能源业每年需要大.4亿美元的投资。“There are investments coming into the region but our study shows that today out of in Africa is for export-related projects not for the Africans,he said. “We don’t see the investments can come if the governance issue is not fixed.”“有一些投资进入该地区,但是我们的研究显示,目前非洲有三分之二的投资都是出口相关项目,而不是务于非洲人民,”他评价说,“在我们看来,如果政府管理问题得不到解决,就不可能吸引投资。”Meike van Ginneken, a World Bank expert on energy for west and central Africa, said she saw a lot of potential for hydropower, geothermal and natural gas across the region but agreed “investment needed to be increased tremendouslyespecially from the private sector and the building of power delivery systems.世界(World Bank)中西非能源专家梅克o范o辛内肯认为,该地区的水电、地热和天然气开发潜力巨大,但是她同时承认“这需要增加大量的投资”,尤其是来自于私营部门的投资,还需要加强电力输送系统的建设。“The question is how do you translate these large resources into increased access?Van Ginneken said. “What you need for that is a lot of infrastructure, functioning utilities and a lot of money. While there is a lot investment in energy in Africa in the past five years, there has a period of two decades where there was very little investment. So, Africa is catching up.”“问题是,如何将这些巨量的资源转变为更多的电力供应?”范o辛内肯说,“这就需要大量的基础设施、高效的公用事业部门以及大量的投资。过去二十年来对非洲的投资非常少,但最近五年来能源投资的规模较大。所以,非洲正在迎头赶上。”To ensure that the energy resources improve living standards and contribute to stronger economic growth by 2040, the report calls for investment of an additional 0 billion in the power sector. It also calls for regional cooperation that could lead to large-scale generation and transmission projects as well as the adoption of “robust and transparentprocesses that would result in “more effective useof oil and gas revenues.该报告指出,为了确保040年非洲的能源资源有效改善该地区的生活水平,并且促进经济增长,需要对能源部门增加4,500亿美元的投资。此外,该报告还呼吁,进行区域合作来促成大规模的发电及输电项目,以及采取“严格透明”的管理流程来“更为有效地利用”油气收入。As part of its billion in energy investments in Africa, van Ginneken said the World Bank has supported regional cooperation including the 1 million in guarantees this year for the Banda Gas-to-Power Project which will produce and convert natural gas from offshore gas fields in Mauritania into 300 megawatts of new electricity for the country and for export to Mali and Senegal.范o辛内肯指出,作为110亿美元能源投资的一部分,世界对区域合作的持包括今年为班达天然气发电项目(Banda Gas-to-Power Project)提供的2.61亿美元担保,该项目利用毛里塔尼亚近海天然气田的天然气,可为该国新00兆瓦电力,并可出口到马里和塞内加尔。They are also investing in regional transmission grids and setting up rural electrification projects including min-grids and off-grid solar power.这些项目还包括对区域电网及农村电气化改造的投资,如微型电网和离网太阳能发电。“Regional cooperation and regional power grids will play an important role in bringing down cost which will make it more attractive for the private sector and more affordable for households,van Ginneken said.范o辛内肯进一步介绍说:“区域合作和搭建区域电网在降低成本方面非常关键,对私营部门更具吸引力,家庭用户也更容易负担。”If some of the changes are enacted, renewables could also take off with the IEA projecting they could represent almost half the growth in electricity generation by 2040. Hydro, for example, represents 20% of the region’s power supply currently but only 10% of its technical potential has been realized.如果实施一些变革,可再生能源也可以迎来新的发展机遇。据国际能源署预计,040年,可再生能源将占新增电力的一半左右。例如,水电目前占电力供给的20%,但仅有10%的技术潜力得到了利用。Alex Rugamba, director of the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department at the African Development Bank, agreed that renewables offer a chance for the continent to pursue a greener path than the one chose by its more developed neighbors.非洲开发(African Development Bank)能源、环境及气候变化部门(Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department)主任阿历克斯o鲁甘马指出,他也承认,对可再生能源的利用,将使得非洲有望走上比其周边的发达国家更为环保的发展道路。“Certainly, the potential is high and we are seeing very good take up of all sorts of geothermal, wind, solar and, of course, hydro. We are definitely committed,Rugamba said, adding that the bank has doubled its financing to the sector to .3 million from 2007 to 2012.鲁甘马说:“确实,(非洲的)各种能源,包括地热、风胀?太阳能,当然还有水电,潜力都非常大。我们肯定都会大力开发。”他还指出,2007年至2012年,非洲开发对能源部门的融资增加了一倍,达到430万美元。Among the challenges, he said, were the high, upfront capital cost of solar and the lack of private sector investment into the geothermal sector. “The private sector is often reluctant about geothermal without proven reserves of steam,Rugamba said. “There are some schemes underway to mitigate those risk so we get more private investment into geothermal.”他表示,可再生能源发展所遇到的挑战包括太阳能高昂的前期资本投入,以及私营部门对地热行业投资的缺乏。“在蒸汽储量没有探明的情况下,私营部门通常不愿意投资地热资源。”鲁甘马介绍说,“目前有一些降低此类风险的计划正在酝酿之中,以吸引更多私营投资进入地热资源领域。”Both van Ginneken and Birol said they were confident Africa will make the changes necessary in the energy sector, which the IEA projected could boost the economy 30% by 2040.范o辛内肯和比罗尔均表示,他们有足够的信心相信,非洲会在能源行业做出必要的改革,国际能源署预测,040年该行业可推动当地经济增0%。Birol said he is aly seeing several countries take the lead in reforming their energy sectors, including Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Rwanda. Angola, meanwhile, is poised to overtake Nigeria as the continents biggest energy producer while Tanzania and Mozambique are set to take advantage of significant natural gas discoveries.比罗尔表示,他已经看到几个国家率先对能源行业进行改革,其中包括尼日利亚、南非、加纳和卢旺达。与此同时,安哥拉正蓄势待发,有望取代尼日利亚成为非洲大陆最大的能源生产国,而坦桑尼亚和莫桑比克也计划充分利用其丰富的天然气资源。“I see a momentum being built in many African countries that are understanding the critical importance of energy and making some energy sector reforms,he said. “I see hope there with good governance especially with better management. We could see the energy sector provide a strong trigger for economic growth on the continent.”“我看到一些非洲国家开始认识到能源的重要性,并且积极进行能源改革,这种势头正在不断增长,”他说,“从好的治理模式,特别是有所改善的管理方式中,我看到了希望。我们有理由期待,能源业将成为带动非洲大陆经济增长的有力引擎。”Van Ginneken agreed, saying she has seen significant changes since she has been covering the sector the past seven years.范o辛内肯对此表示认同。她指出,在过去七年对能源行业的持续关注中,她已经看到了一些重要的变化。“I certainly see Africa turning a corner,she said. “The investment in the energy sector in the past few years has been much higher than the two decades before. This is translating into more access to resources, transparency is being improved and the potential of Africa with finds of gas and geothermal in the Rift Valley (in East Africa) is tremendous.”“我的确看到非洲在转变。”她肯定地说,“过去几年能源业的投资比过去二十年高出很多。这意味着可利用的能源资源有所增加,透明度也在得到改善,在非洲大裂谷(Rift Valley,位于东非)发现的天然气和地热资源也昭示着未来的巨大潜力。 /201410/336507福州男科医院最好是那一家 Kim Jong Un has made his first public appearance in nearly six weeks, walking with a cane for a visit to a new residential area, according to a report by North Korea’s official news agency.据朝鲜官方新闻机构报道,金正Jim Jong Un)拄着手杖视察了一个新建居民小区,这是他近六周以来的首次公开露面。If true, this would mark the end of a lengthy retreat that had fuelled speculation about Mr Kim’s health and grip on power in the secretive country.如果该报道真实,它将标志着金正恩漫长隐匿期的结束。这段长时期的隐匿引发了人们对他的健康及他在这个神秘国度的掌权状况的种种猜测。Pictures in the North’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper showed the 31-year-old leader smiling and gesturing in his signature dark-buttoned suit, surrounded by top aides as he commended construction workers who had built a residential complex for scientists. He was also reported to have visited the newly built Natural Energy Institute of the State Academy of Sciences.朝鲜《劳动新闻Rodong Sinmun)的照片显示,在他的高级助手们的簇拥下,这1岁的领导人穿着带有深色纽扣的标致性制,微笑着打着手势。据报道,照片中的金正恩表扬了为科学家修建住宅区的建筑工人。该报道还表示,金正恩参观了朝鲜国家科学State Academy of Sciences)新建成的自然能源研究所(Natural Energy Institute)。“After being briefed on the district before a map showing its bird’s-eye view, he overlooked it,the KCNA agency said on Tuesday. Mr Kim “took necessary steps with loving careand vowed to turn the area into a “world-class science city周二,朝中社(KCNA)表示:“在一张该小区的俯视图前听取了相关汇报之后,他又俯瞰了这个小区。”并表示金正恩“为此采取了深恩的措斀?”,发誓要将该地区建设成“世界级科学城”。The KCNA report neither gave the date of his visit nor mentioned his health. But Mr Kim’s reappearance is expected to calm the speculation that has circulated since he vanished from public view. During his absence rumours have sp that he is suffering from afflictions such as gout or diabetes, and there has even been talk that he may have been deposed in a military coup.朝中社的报道并未指明金正恩此次考察活动的日期,也未提及他的健康状况。不过,金正恩再次露面,预计会平息自他隐匿以来四处流传的种种猜测。在金正恩隐匿期间,有传闻称他患上了痛风或糖尿病,甚至还有说法称他可能已在一场军事政变中被废黜。“Although he was supported by the cane, his appearance shows that he is firmly in control and has no serious health problems,said Cheong Seong-chang, researcher at the Sejong Institute. “He seems to have received ankle surgery.”分析师表示,金正恩的回归可能会为朝韩双方改善关系的努力增加动力。在金正恩隐匿期间,朝鲜曾出人意料地向韩国派出了高规格代表团,与韩国开展磋商。Since taking control of North Korea nearly three years ago, Mr Kim has undertaken an endless series of “guidancevisits to all kinds of state facilities such as factories, military academies and missile launch sites, with an enthusiasm never seen from his dour father Kim Jong Il.不过,就在他们承诺改善关系之后不久的上周,双方在有争议的海上边境附近发生过交火,还曾出现过横跨陆地边境线的交火事件——尽管两次事件中都未出现人员伤亡的报道。来 /201410/335700福州男人包皮手术价格

福州哪里有割包皮的医院福州市中医院割包皮 A typical Uruguayan asado, or barbecue, is made up of vast racks of prime cuts of beef, pork or chicken roasted on a grill next to not on top of a wood burning fire.一个典型的乌拉圭烤肉,或者烧烤是这样构成的:烤架上大片上好切割的猪牛颈脊肉以及小鸡,熊熊燃烧燃烧的木头。At parilla restaurants across the capitol Monte, the asados are pretty epic; the fatty cuts sizzle and then get slapped onto your plate, oozing with juice.在遍布首都蒙得维的亚的parilla 饭店,烧烤相当火爆;肥肉发出嘶嘶声,拍打在你的盘子上,渗着汁液。But if you want to grab a salt shaker and add a bit of extra salt to your meal these days in the Uruguayan capital, you cant.然而这些天来在乌拉圭首都,如果你想摇摇盐罐给你的肉上撒点盐,那是不可能的;People are not allowed to put salt anymore on the table,; says Lucia Soria, the owner of Jacinto restaurant in Monte. The city government made it illegal to have salt shakers out in restaurants, she says. No mayonnaise either. Or ketchup. In fact, pretty much anything with a lot of sodium is banned. If you want it, you have to ask for it.首都蒙得维的亚的Jacinto 饭店主人Lucia Soria,;盐不许摆在餐桌上; ,市政府颁布命令,餐馆中放置盐罐是非法的,沙拉酱、番茄酱也不行。实际上任何含有大量钠离子的都是非法的。如果你确实需要,那么就必须额外要求加点。Unlike in the U.S. where New York Citys last government was unable to pass a law limiting the size of soft drinks other countries like Uruguay take a much more active role in what you can and cant eat, in the name of public health.和美国不同,上个任期的纽约市政府没有通过一项限制碳酸饮料的法令------而其他象乌拉圭一样的国家在以健康的名义上规定你可以或者不可以吃什么东西上更为积极。Soria says she doesnt like this interventionist approach.饭店老板娘Soria说她不喜欢这种极端做法;I think its the wrong way to do it, I think we have to try to teach people not to eat salt in quantities that are not safe,; she says.;我认为这是用错误的方法去做事,我认为我们应该教育人们盐的食用量及其危;。Public health officials in Uruguay argue education can only do so much.乌拉圭公共卫生官员却认为教育能做的事是有限的;The national consumption of sodium in Uruguay is about 9 grams per person, which is double what the World Health Organization recommends,; says Pablo Anzalone, the director of public health for Monte.蒙得维的亚公共卫生主任Pablo Anzalone ; 乌拉圭人均钠消费大约克,是世卫组织推荐值的两倍;According to the Uruguayan Ministry of Health, over 30 percent of the population suffers from hypertension. Uruguay also has the largest percentage of obese children in the region.根据乌拉圭卫生部,超过百分之30的人口患有高血压。乌拉圭还拥有该地区最高的肥胖儿童比例。And its not just about removing salt from the table.这项法令并不是简单地把盐从餐桌上撤下。The salt law also stipulates that there needs to be a warning on the about salt consumption, and restaurants need to have low-sodium alternatives available to customers. Nationally, bakers have also agreed to lower the sodium content in their products by 10 percent.盐法规定,菜单上必须有盐消费的警示,饭店必须给客户提供低钠替代品。在全国范围内,面包师行业同意降低产品中盐的食用0%。Anzalone says the government has a duty to protect its citizens from bad choices.公共卫生主任Pablo Anzalone说政府有责任保护其公民避开坏的选择;People make decisions based on conditioning and the advertising that large corporations unleash. This is now a serious problem of public health,; Anzalone says.Pablo Anzalone说:;公众的选择受到大公司的广告诱导以及现实条件的限制,这是个严重的公共卫生问题;Uruguays leftist leadership has a history of getting involved in what in many countries is viewed as a private issue. The new president, Tabaré Vázquez, is a former doctor who championed Uruguays tough anti-smoking laws in his first term of office. Recently, he has announced a war on alcohol consumption.乌拉圭左翼领导人习惯于干涉在许多国家视为个人私事的事务。新任总统,Tabaré Vázquez,曾经是医生,在他的第一任期持了强硬的反吸烟法。现在,又发起了一场对酒精消费的战争。Liber Bisciottano works in an exclusive asado restaurant in Monte. So far there are no figures that show if the law, which was enacted a few years ago, is actually making a difference. He says though there is circumstantial evidence that shows its changing peoples habits.Liber Bisciottano工作于蒙得维的亚一家独家烤肉店。他认为,到目前为止没有数据显示这条几年前颁布的法律带来什么实际的变化。尽管有据表明人们的习惯有所改变;Ive worked in the restaurant business for 11 years and at the beginning it was only 20 percent of people who didnt salt their food and now its about 20 percent who do,; he says.;我在饭店干了11年,开始的时候只0%的人不在食物上撒盐,现在只有20%的人撒盐;。He says he supports the law except for one thing.他说除了一件事外,他都持这项法律;It makes us have to work harder because we have to walk more going back and forth to the kitchen to get salt,; he says. ;I think its added an extra mile to my day.;;这增加了我们的工作,为了拿盐我们必须反复去厨房,我想这大碍要让我每天多走一英里;。来 /201506/382022福州包皮环切哪家医院比较好

福州治疗生殖器疱疹囊肿医院This week’s UK general election looks unlikely to deliver an overwhelming victory for either the Conservatives or the opposition Labour party which leaves financial market participants unsure of what political climate they will be facing.无论是保守党还是反对党工党,看起来都不太可能在今天举行的英国大选中获得压倒性胜利,这让金融市场参与者不太确定他们将面临何种政治气候。But those preoccupied with the implications of the partiesdiffering policies on the economy and EU membership may well be worried about the wrong thing. More important, but less appreciated, are the distinct approaches of the main parties and their allies in any coalition towards a financial services industry that has yet to restore its credibility after the global crisis.但有些人总是担心各党派在经济以及是否退出欧盟方面的不同政策对金融市场造成的影响。他们很可能担错了心。更为重要、但仍未得到足够重视的是,主要党派(以及他们可能结盟的党派)对全球金融危机后仍未恢复信誉的金融务行业采取的不同政策。Conservative and Labour manifestos propose discrete policies for economic management; yet their ability to implement them is subject to considerable political and economic constraint.保守党和工党的竞选宣言表明了它们各自不同的经济管理政策,然而它们执行政策的能力受到相当大的政治和经济约束。With neither party set for a big majority, there is limited scope for radical policy shifts. Neither will wish to put at risk a recovery that is impressive on job creation but, judging from last week’s gross domestic product data, yet to develop secure roots. It is likely the existing approach will be tweaked, with easing of austerity and marginal structural measures to boost productivity and growth.由于保守党和工党都不会获得压倒性的胜利,根本性政策转变的空间有限。这两个政党都不会希望让经济复苏处于危险之中(英国的经济复苏在就业创造方面表现不错,但从上周发布的国内生产总GDP)数据来看,尚未形成稳固的基础—)。现有政策很可能会被调整,例如放松紧缩措斀?出台温和的结构性举措,以推动生产率和增长。In the absence of an ex#172;treme partnership involving the Scottish National party or the UK Independence party, the two main parties would probably follow similar approaches to immigration and foreign policy at least, alike enough for financial markets. The gap appears larger when it comes to the EU.由于保守党和工党都不会建立将苏格兰民族党(Scottish National Party)或者英国独立党(UK Independence party)包括在内的极端合作关系,两大政党在移民和外交政策方面的做法很可能差不多,至少对金融市场来说足够类似。就是否退出欧盟来说,两党间的分歧似乎更大。As the Tories promise a referendum on staying in Europe, a win for them would initially bring greater uncertainty. By undermining UK companiesaccess to such a large market, an exit would weaken profits. Equities would underperform while bond sps would widen as markets price in higher volatility risk. Yet it is unlikely that a vote would lead to an exit. It would probably take place after a re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron had secured concessions from fellow European leaders not enough materially to alter the functioning of the single market but sufficient for the Tories to join other parties in urging continued membership. In such circumstances, UK voters are likely to choose staying in.由于保守党承诺就是否留在欧盟举行公投,所以,该党赢得大选将会在一开始带来更大的不确定性。退出欧盟将削弱英国公司进入这个巨大市场的能力,从而降低它们的利润。股市将会表现不佳,同时随着市场反映更大的波动性风险,债券息差将会扩大。然而,公投不太可能导致英国退出欧盟。连任的英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)将会争取到其他欧洲领导人的让步(其幅度之大还不足以改变单一市场的运行,但足以让保守党加入其他党派行列,敦促英国继续留在欧盟),之后英国可能就会举行公投。在这种情况下,英国选民可能会选择留在欧盟。Indeed, the biggest likely difference, and the one with the greatest potential financial market impact, lies elsewhere.实际上,两党最明显、而且对金融市场潜在影响最大的分歧在其他地方。A Labour government would take a less lenient approach to financial services that are still not widely trusted. It would be more open to tighter regulation, pay limits and pursuing high-profile legal cases. It would engage in spirited debate with companies threatening, like HS, to move their headquarters from the UK, and would be less inclined to fight off EU regulation.工党政府将不会对仍未取得广泛信任的金融务业心慈手软。它将更愿意加大监管,限制薪酬并提起引人注目的法律诉讼。它将与汇丰(HS)等威胁要将总部搬离英国的公司展开激烈的辩论,同时也不愿意挑战欧盟监管法规。With the sector shrinking as a result, markets would price in higher risk premiums for bonds and equities on account of a possible fall in liquidity levels that is, tighter constraints on broker-dealers assuming significant counter-cyclical risk as end investors react to changes to fundamentals elsewhere.金融务业将因此收缩,鉴于流动性水平可能下降,债券和股票将获得更高的风险溢价,也就是说,随着最终投资者对其他地方的基本面改变作出反应,承担巨大反周期风险的经纪自营商将受到更大约束。Such an adjustment could be pronounced. Steps to boost growth and validate high financial asset prices, including infrastructure investment and tax reform, would then be needed. The alternative is asset prices that converge to the lower fundamentals, overshoot them and risk contaminating the general economy.此类调整可能是显而易见的。届时将有必要出台举措促进增长并让基本面跟上拔高的金融资产价格,包括基础设施投资和税收改革。否则资产价格就会向较低的基本面趋同,与基本面相比偏高,还有可能毒害整个经济。So markets should put worries about traditional questions on the economy and the EU to one side and turn their focus instead to guarding against the gross underpricing of liquidity risk.因此市场应该将对传统的经济和欧盟问题的担忧搁置一边,将注意力转向防范对流动性风险的普遍低估。来 /201505/373915 福州人民医院泌尿外福州泌尿专科治疗男性不育多少钱



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