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福州市医院排行榜政和县医院男科咨询建瓯市妇幼保健院男科预约 The race for the Senate: Colorado科罗拉多州参议院竞选High, tolerant and Republican?高容忍的共和党人?In a state that smiles on pot and same-sex marriage, Democrats are in trouble在包容大麻和同性婚姻的科罗拉多州,民主党身陷囹圄RECREATIONAL pot is legal in Colorado. So, from this week, is gay marriage. So you might think liberals would find it easy to win elections here. Yet Barack Obama is so unpopular in Colorado that when Mark Udall, a Democratic senator fighting for re-election, skipped one of his own fundraisers at the last minute, everyone assumed it was because Mr Obama was to headline it.在科罗拉多州消遣的大麻符合法律。从这周开始,同性恋婚姻也将成为合法婚姻关系。于是人们很容易联想到在该州自由主义者赢得竞选就显得轻而易举。但是由于奥巴马在科罗拉多非常不受人们的待见,努力准备再选的民主党议员马克·尤德尔在最后一刻直接跳过他的资金筹集人。人们都猜测这是因为奥巴马将突出宣传此次竞选。This is quite a turnaround. Like several Democrats in swing states, Mr Udall was first elected to the Senate on Mr Obamas coat-tails in 2008. Now, like practically every vulnerable Democrat, he is trying to distance himself from the president—something footage of the two men hugging might have made trickier.这是一个相当大的转变。正如在摇摆不定的州的其他民主党人一样,2008年尤德尔仰仗奥巴马首次进入参议院。现在,几乎像每一个易受影响的民主党人一样,他正尝试尽力疏远总统,然而几张两人相拥的连续镜头恐怕让他的尝试变得更为棘手。The Republican Senate candidate in Colorado, a young, charismatic congressman with a Mona Lisa smile called Cory Gardner, calls Mr Udall a rubber stamp for Mr Obama. Mr Udall calls Mr Gardner “extreme” (and indeed, in 2012 he was named as one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives). But Mr Gardner has run a strong campaign in a state that has moved leftward in recent years, as more young people and Latinos have moved in. With less than a month to go, the race is a dead heat. If it flips, so, probably, will the Senate.科罗拉多州共和党参议院候选人是一位年轻具超凡魅力的国会议员,名叫克里·加德纳,脸上挂着蒙娜丽莎般的微笑,称尤德尔毫无主见,简直是奥巴马的应声虫。而尤德尔则认为加德纳极端(确实,2012年他被认为是众议员最保守的议员之一)。近年来由于更多的年轻人和拉丁裔移民的加入,科罗拉多州在政治上趋左,加德纳在此开展了强势的竞选活动。距竞选不足一月,双方难分胜负。如果此次竞选结果很快出来,那么议会的结果也出来了。The Rocky Mountain State wasnt always swing territory. Before Mr Obama, no Democratic presidential candidate except Bill Clinton had carried it since 1964. But in recent years a Democratic state legislature has pushed through a series of liberal bills, for example to enforce background checks for gun-owners and allow in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants. Progressives in college towns such as Boulder applaud, but conservatives in other parts of Colorado are fed up.科罗拉多州(又称为落基山州)过去在竞选中不总是摇摆不定的。1964年以来,在奥巴马之前,除了克林顿总统,没有民主党的总统候选人占优势。但是最近几年,民主党州立法机关推行了一系列的自由法案,例如开展拥有者的背景调查和准许非法移民享受公立大学学费待遇。在像尔德(科罗拉多中北部城市)这样的大学城中的进步人士为此叫好,但是在科罗拉多州其他地区的保守人士却对此厌倦不烦。“Theres no big issue in this race,” says Floyd Ciruli, an independent pollster. “Its become entirely about accusing people of being extremists or puppets of Obama.” Mr Udall has tried to rally female voters by accusing Mr Gardner of being a footsoldier in the so-called Republican “war on women”. About half of Mr Udalls TV spots have focused on abortion and contraception. A voice-over in one said Mr Gardner had sponsored a bill to “make abortion a felony, including in cases of rape and incest” and had “championed an eight-year crusade to outlaw birth control”.一位名叫Floyd Ciruli的独立民意检测专家称“这场选举没什么利害关系,而完全是一场指着人们或是极端主义者或是奥巴马总统的玩偶”。尤德尔通过指责加德纳在所谓的共和党对妇女的战争中充当一个毫无力量的步兵,试图团结女选民。尤德尔的竞选电视广告中约有一半聚焦堕胎和避。其中一则画外音指出加德纳发起一项立法,治涉及强奸与乱伦在内的堕胎重罪,此外持一项历时八年的改革运动——宣布计划生育不合法。The ad was referring to Mr Gardners support for a so-called “personhood” ballot measure, which would have endowed fetuses with the same rights as people from the moment of conception. No state has ever passed such a measure—Colorado rejected it by 71% to 29%. And were such a law to pass, it would quickly be struck down by the courts. But critics say that, if “personhood” became law, it might make contraceptives such as intra-uterine devices illegal, because they could prevent the implantation of a fertilised egg.该广告直指加德纳持所谓的人格投票法案,这一法案赋予胎儿自怀那一刻起就有同等的选举权。目前没有任何一州通过这样的法案——科罗拉多州以71%反对29%持的结果驳回该法案。倘若该法案通过生效,也将会很快被法庭驳回。但是批评者认为倘若“人格”成为法律,将会导致像子宫内避器(避环)这样的避方法不合法,因为将阻碍受精卵的植入。Inconstant Gardner变化无常的加德纳In March Mr Gardner announced he had changed his mind; he said he hadnt realised the “personhood” measure would restrict access to contraception, telling the Denver Post: “I dont get everything right the first time.” Mr Gardner then announced in June that he favoured allowing birth-control pills to be sold without a prescription. Republicans in several states have aired the same proposal. They say it would make it easier for women to obtain contraception, and would lower the overall cost, since it would not involve a trip to a doctor. Democrats retort that since many insurance policies do not cover over-the-counter drugs, the cost borne by the women themselves would rise.三月,加德纳宣布改变主意,他声称自己过去没有意识到“人格”法案会限制避,他在丹佛邮报上刊言“我不可能每尝试一件事就事事成功”。六月他又说道他持在没有处方的情况下购买避丸。诸多州府的共和党人公开宣传持此举。他们声称这样将极大地方便妇女避。由于这省去看医生的步骤,将会降低总成本。民主党人反驳称,由于许多保险政策不覆盖未经处方购买的药物,妇女自身承担的成本将会上涨。Mr Gardners political jujitsu seems to have made an impression on voters. He scares moderate voters far less than Ken Buck, the Republican Senate candidate in 2010, who called homosexuality “a choice” and asked voters to back him because he didnt wear “high heels”. Some voters, moreover, think Mr Udall focuses too single-mindedly on reproductive rights, and have cruelly dubbed him “Mark Uterus”.加德纳的政治太极似乎在选民心中留下了印象。比起温和派的选民,加德纳更担心2010年的共和党参议员候选人肯·巴克,因为这人认为同性恋是一种个人选择,并请求选民持他因为他平易近人不摆臭架子。此外,有些选民认为尤德尔太过注重生育权,近乎固执,于是不近人情地称他“子宫标记者”。Critics say Mr Udalls negative campaign reflects his lack of accomplishments. He comes from an old political family: his father ran for president in 1976, and his cousin is a US senator from New Mexico. But “the problem is that Udall just hasnt done a whole lot,” says Mr Ciruli, the pollster. This is not fair. He is the best golfer in Congress. He is also a reliable eco-warrior, voted against the Patriot Act because of his belief in privacy and battled with the NSA over its spying on Americans. On the campaign trail he stresses his love of civil liberties and independence from Mr Obama.批评者称尤德尔的负面竞选活动反映了他缺乏风度。他生于一个有着古老政治传统的家庭:他的父亲于1976年参与总统竞选,他的表亲是新墨西哥州的参议员。民意调查人Ciruli称“问题在于尤德尔并没有什么成就”。这话实则有失公允。尤德尔是国会议员中高尔夫打得最好的,同时他也是一个值得信赖的环境斗士。他反对爱国者法案的通过,因为他认为个人隐私不可侵犯,并且对美国国家安全局监视美国民众一事进行抗争。在其政治游说过程中,他反复强调公民自由和独立于奥巴马总统,少受其影响。Mr Udall is not the only Democrat in Colorado who is struggling to stay in office. Governor John Hickenlooper finds himself in an equally tight race against Bob Beauprez, a former dairy farmer and congressman. In recent years Mr Hickenlooper, a former mayor of Denver, has struggled with a lefty legislature, working behind the scenes to temper some measures, but failing to veto much. He has alienated his base, who see him as too moderate, and upset moderates, who see him as too liberal, says Eric Sondermann, a political analyst. “There is a cumulative sense in Colorado that the Democrats pushed their agenda too far in the legislature. Now they are paying the price.”尤德尔不是科罗拉多州唯一努力争取在任的民主党竞选人。州长约翰·希肯卢珀发现他自己页面临强劲的对手伯·柏雷普,一个国会议员,曾经是畜牧工人。近年来,作为丹佛前任州长,希肯卢珀与左派人士控制的立法机构抗争,他一直在幕后调和软化一些法案,但是却没能阻止多少。政治分析家艾瑞克·桑德曼称他已经脱离了其群众基础,因为人们认为他过于温和,太过悲观,太过自由。“科罗拉多州出现了一种累计的现象,民主党人在立法方面走得太远,超出其议程。现在他们要付出代价。”译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201410/336258福州割包皮去哪个医院好

建阳市立医院割包皮多少钱Nigeria尼日利亚Why northerners feel done down为何感觉完了?A terrorist insurgency has deepened a poor regions aly grave problems恐怖叛乱—贫困的北方雪上加霜THE roads are thick with traffic and pavements throng with hawkers selling phonecards, sunglasses and leather sandals. At night, street corners are lit up with a red glow from grills cooking spicy meat. But the bustle of Kano, Nigerias second-biggest city and the commercial capital of the north, masks an uncomfortable reality: northern Nigeria is in steep decline.主干道上交通甚忙,人行道上也挤满了小摊小贩,有卖电话卡的、太阳镜的、还有皮革凉鞋的。到了晚上,街头摆满了烧烤架,红红的炭火甚是明亮。但是尽管卡诺是尼日利亚第二大城市和北方商业省会城市,这些喧闹的景象掩盖了不争的事实:北尼日利亚猛走下坡路。An increasingly bloody insurgency waged by Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist group, has sharpened frustration over the disparity between the jobless north and the oil-rich south. In recent months Kano has been relatively stable, following a military offensive to contain the terrorists. But though the pause in violence has brought people back onto the streets, they have rediscovered other problems. “Stoves are gone, people selling beer have gone, there is no market, there are few customers and I havent been able to save any money in months,” says Chineu Abason, sitting in her wooden-shack restaurant in Sabon Gari, a mainly Christian district, where Boko Haram bombs have killed scores of people this year (see picture above).科圣地是一个伊斯兰教恐怖组织,他们的叛乱越来越残忍,这让本失业人数众多的北方与油多富有的南方差距更大了。最近几个月里,军队打击并牵制恐怖分子,卡诺相对稳定多了。但是,尽管叛乱暂时平息,人们重新回到了街道上,新的问题又来了。“我们没有炉子,没人卖酒,没有销售,顾客也很少,这几个月里我都没存到钱。”Chineu Abason坐在她自己木棚餐厅里说道。她的餐厅在Sabon Gari,这儿大多数人信奉基督教,仅今年就要大量民众丧生在科圣地轰炸下。The fear of terrorism continues to cast a long shadow over the city and across the north. Bombings, kidnappings and bloody assaults by Boko Haram, as well as the armys efforts to keep a lid on the fighting, have deterred investment. Farming, the norths main source of income, has been hamstrung. Consumer-goods companies say that insecurity has forced them to retreat from some areas. Commercial drivers say dangerous roads and military checkpoints add 5-10% to their costs.整个城市以至北方都沉浸在恐怖主义的恐惧中。不断有来自科圣地的轰炸、绑架和血腥袭击,还有军队奋力回击抑制恐怖势力,这让人们打消了投资的念头。作为北方最主要的收入来源的农业也因此荒废。一些日用品公司称因局势不安,他们在很多地区都撤回了公司。商务车司机说因危险路段以及军事检查点,他们的驱车成本都增加了5-10%。Despite a construction boom across Nigeria, many foreign companies avoid the north. In February seven employees of Setraco, an international construction company, were abducted in Bauchi state by Ansaru, a group that splintered from Boko Haram, prompting an immediate shutdown of the firms operations up north. PZ Cussons, the maker of Imperial Leather soap, and Guinness Nigeria are hanging on but have been hit by the conflict, too.虽然建设热潮风靡整个尼日利亚,但是大多数外企自然而然地避开了北方。二月份,国际建筑公司Setraco的七名员工在包奇州遭到科圣地分组织安萨鲁绑架,这立即导致公司北上的运营全部瘫痪。皇皮革浴肥皂制造商卡森国际和英国吉尼斯黑啤虽然站住了阵脚,但也不免受到了冲击。Even before Boko Harams insurgency intensified nearly three years ago, the north was struggling. Unreliable electricity, cheap Chinese imports, smuggling and counterfeit goods have made life hard for local companies. Vast spaces on Kanos edges have become industrial graveyards. In rural areas the picture is bleaker still. Poor education puts off investors seeking skilled labour. Whereas the literacy rate in Lagos, Nigerias commercial capital on the coast, is 92%, in Kano it is 49%. In the north-eastern state of Borno, where Boko Haram got going, it is 15%. Without better education, the region will struggle to attract investment or create jobs. The malaise is a useful recruiting tool for terrorists, as well as politicians with their eye on the top.甚至在三年前,科圣地叛乱还未像如今越演越烈,北方就处于水深火热之中。受到电力不稳,便宜的中国进口商品,以及走私和假冒商品的冲击,当地企业生存异常艰难。卡诺广阔的空间成了工业的墓地。农村的场景更加荒凉。这里教育程度低,投资者都不在这里找技术工人。相比而言,在尼日利亚沿海商业首都,92%的人会识字,而卡诺只有49%。东北部的尔诺州尽力吸引来商投资创造就业机会。在这个经济的萎靡期,恐怖分子正好招兵买马,官员们此时则死死地盯着他们。Northerners habitually complain that politicians have made personal fortunes from the booming oil industry in the south, while failing to share its benefits. Mutterings of a north-south divide have grown louder with the prospect of President Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, running for a second term in 2015. Northerners resent what they see as a violation of an unwritten rule that the presidency should rotate every two terms between the largely Muslim north and the mostly Christian south. A southerner has held the post for 11 of the past 14 years.北方人民常常抱怨官员们从南方石油产业中为自己捞油水,却从来不与人民分享。总统古德勒克·乔纳森是一位南方基督教徒,他很有可能参加2015的总统竞选,这使得南北方分歧的抱怨声更大了。在北方主要是穆斯林民族,而南方主要是基督教徒,南北方间有一条不成文的规矩:总统每两届南北轮换一次,现在完全违背了这个规则,这让北方人民痛恨不已。过去的14年里,南方人就占了11年。Nigerias finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, insists that the government recognises the norths need. Nigeria has courted billion of foreign direct investment in the past three years, 10% of the African total. Yet most investors set up shop in Lagos. “When we advise investors coming to Nigeria, they dont even talk about the north,” says a South African banker in the plush Hilton Hotel in Abuja, the capital, which lies between north and south. “It simply isnt a consideration. Its the sad truth and it isnt about to change.”尼日利亚财政部长伊卫拉强调政府深知北方人民的需求。过去三年里,尼日利亚获外商直接投资200亿美元,占非洲总额的10%。然而,大多数的投资者都在拉各斯开店。在位于中部的首都阿布贾的豪华希尔顿酒中,一位南方家说到“我们建议投资者来尼日利亚,但他们并不谈论北方。这不是简单的考虑,这就是残酷的事实而且暂时改变不了。”There are few signs of revival in Kano, though it is nearly as big as Lagos. “Shoprite OPENING SOON” is splashed on a red-and-orange sign where the Ado Bayero Mall, the norths first modern shopping centre, is going up. It has been a long wait: Shoprite, a South African food distributor, has been operating in Lagos since 2005.尽管卡诺和拉各斯面积差不多,卡诺却很少有复兴的苗头。红橙相间的“Shoprite即将开业”字样喷在Ado Bayero购物中心,这是北方的第一个现代购物中心,正逐渐恢复过来。这是一个漫长的等待:Shoprite作为南非最大的食品经销商,早在05年就进驻拉各斯运营。Kanos state governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has poured millions into infrastructure. Taxis weave through huge concrete columns that will eventually support a flyover. But while three-lane highways are being built, feeder roads from rural communities remain decrepit. A multimillion-dollar development, the Mega Five Projects, will have three posh housing estates and two transport terminals.卡诺的州长Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso投入了上百万用于基础设施。巨大的水泥柱下出租车往来穿梭,而上面将撑起一座立交桥。但是正当三条高速公路建设时,通往农村社区的路却还是残破不堪。投资百万美元的5个大型项目将建成3个豪华住宅区和2个运输站。Such projects make little sense when many northerners, struggling to make a living, are deciding to leave Kano in search of better prospects—down south. “It is the only logical way for the government,” says the owner of a big construction company. “Visible development gives the impression of stability and progress.” But it will not be enough to close the gulf between Nigerias two halves. As a result, northerners are increasingly resentful.努力谋生的北方人民决定离开卡诺寻找更好的出路---南下,这项工程就没有太大的意义了。一个大型建筑公司的老板说道:“看得到的发展才会让人觉得稳定和进步,这才是政府该有的逻辑思维。”但是,尼日利亚南北方的鸿沟一时还无法消除。因此,北方人民怨恨情绪日益高长。译者:邓于珍 译文属译生译世 /201507/387939福州看男科哪家医院最好 I had a feeling.I could tell by the look on your face.我感觉到了 我从你脸上的表情看出来了So I decide when Im going to do is I will just turn the volume down and then I will go to sleep.于是我决定调低声音 然后睡觉So I press volume on the TV and I can see the little nozzle go to zero on the wall unit thing but I can still hear it.于是我按了电视的音量键 我能看到壁橱电视上的小圆标变成了零 但是我还能听见And Im like what is going on?What the hell is happening?我心想怎么回事 发生了什么And then I remember that the night before,I had gone out to my backyard with a glass of wine and listened to the music.然后我记起了前一晚 我拿着红酒去了后院 听了音乐Then I realized for the last hour I had been blasting a porno out of my outdoor speakers.然后我意识到了 过去的一小时里 我一直在我的户外音响上放毛片I remember that day.all the way down into the San Fernando Valley.我记得那天 传遍了整个圣费尔南多谷Thiss one oclockin the afternoon,mind you.这是下午一点 提醒你们一下Kids are riding bike around.People are walking their dogs.孩子们在周围骑着自行车 人们在遛It was terrible.I moved shortly thereafter.You had to.太糟糕了 之后我很快就搬了 你不得不搬Good God!All right.My apologies.Thats why you wont get your picture taken with Tom?天啊 好吧 我要道歉 这就是你不和托马斯·列农拍照的原因吗oh,ok,thats why.All right.You never know whats going to happen.You never know.对 好吧 这就是原因 好吧 你永远不知道会发生什么 你永远不知道Lets take a break.Much more with Matthew Perry after this.Stick around.我们休息一下 稍后继续采访马修·派瑞 别走开Were back here with Matthew Perry.Now,you tweeted recently about going to the gym.我们回来了 这是马修·派瑞 你最近发推说了去健身房的事Are you a gym rat?Are you one of those guys that goes to the gym often?你是个健身狂魔吗 你是那种经常去健身房的人吗Im not a gym rat.I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of years and I cant move.我不是健身狂魔 我这几年来第一次去了健身房 然后我动不了Right,right.I cant move.Really?I dont understand the gym.I dont understand the point of the gym.对 对 我动不了 真的吗 我不了解健身房 我不知道健身房的意义Weights to me seem like theyre very heavy.哑铃在我看来非常沉201607/457432福建省立医院泌尿外科

晋安区治疗龟头炎多少钱Lexington莱克星顿The nostalgia trap怀旧陷阱Politicians need to stop pretending to angry voters that globalisation can be wished away全球化通过许愿就能消失?政客们,别再蒙蔽愤怒的选民了THE public is losing faith in the American Dream, Mitch McConnell declared on the night that he won a sixth Senate term, amid an electoral wave that handed his Republican Party control of Congress. Now begins a more important contest, Mr McConnell told Kentucky Republicans: the race to save the centuries-old “compact” that every American generation leaves the next one better off. Mr McConnell declared that promise imperilled by “distant planners in federal agencies”, whether they are killing jobs in coal mines or—in their zeal to impose Obamacare—cancelling families health insurance plans. The senator thanked his parents, survivors of the second world war, for passing their American optimism to him. Now, in unhappy contrast, Mr McConnell says he sees “hurt” in the eyes of ordinary folk.在共和党取得国会控制权、同样也是米奇·麦康诺赢得第六次参议院连任的当晚,他说,公众正在对美国梦失去信心。他还对肯塔基州的共和党人说,如今,一场更为重要的竞争接踵而至,那就是挽救每一代美国人都应当比前一代更好的这个古老不成文规律。他说,“联邦机构中那些远在天边的出谋划策者”不论是减少煤矿业的就业机会,还是热忱地推行奥巴马医改、取消家庭健康保险计划,都对这一规律造成了伤害。这位参议员还感谢了他曾逃过二战的父母将乐观遗传给了自己。然而,麦康诺称,很不幸地,他现在在普通人眼中只能看到“受伤”。He is right about the national mood. Voters are almost united in their belief that America is heading in the wrong direction. Alas for Mr McConnell, who is set to become Senate majority leader, that is about where their unity ends.在国民情绪的问题上,他是对的。几乎所有选民都不约而同地认为,美国正在走向错误的方向。但对于即将成为参议院多数党领袖的麦康诺来说,可叹的是选民的共识将止于何处。Too many leaders in the rich West have picked up on gloom about the future as a driver of public distrust of politics, but offer only narrow, partisan solutions, often focused on scrapping opponents policies that they always disliked. Republicans such as Mr McConnell are right to criticise government when it overreaches. But it is a stretch to suggest that reining in environmental rules on coal, or even repealing Obamacare, can revive the American Dream.在富庶的西部,许多领导人都把美国人对未来的悲观情绪,看做公众对政治普遍不信任的罪魁祸首,但他们只能提出狭隘、且受党派限制的解决方案,往往只关注于废除敌对党派不受选民欢迎的政策。而当政府过线时,麦康诺等共和党的确应该出言声讨。但暗示控制环保规定中涉及煤炭业的部分,甚至废除奥巴马医改,就能复兴美国梦,也是言过其实。That dream looms large in American politics. So much voter disquiet is linked to nostalgia for hazily-remembered golden decades when factories offered jobs for life, baby booms filled maternity wards and millions of families enjoyed the fruits of post-war prosperity (though women and non-whites may recall those years a bit differently). But coal mines, steel mills and factories have closed throughout the rich world, in countries with very different governments, labour laws and environmental rules. What all faced was an explosion in global competition, followed by a second wave of automation.美国梦在美国政治中有举足轻重的作用。许多选民的不淡定源于他们记忆中模糊的黄金时代的怀念,当时工厂是终身雇佣制,产房中挤满了呱呱落地的“婴儿潮”婴儿,无数家庭享受着战后繁荣(尽管女性和非白人家庭对那段时光也许有不一样的记忆)。但在整个发达世界,在那些有着不同政府组成形式、不同劳动法和环保法的国家里,煤矿、炼钢厂和工厂也都在倒闭。所有国家都面临着全球竞争的加剧和第二波自动化。That helps to explain why voter unhappiness sounds so similar across the rich world. Your columnist has covered elections on four continents, and the same themes keep cropping up. Mr McConnells speech in Kentucky reminded him of one given in 2011 by Ed Miliband, the leader of Britains Labour Party, a leftwinger with whom Mr McConnell ought to have little in common. Mr Miliband accused Britains Conservative-led government of betraying the “British Promise” of upward mobility, tempered with egalitarianism. He noted that fewer than one in ten Britons believed that life would be easier for their children. He talked of his parents, refugees from Nazism, and the post-war opportunities they enjoyed. His British Promise is built on government: his speech saluted the National Health Service and state schools for helping new generations get ahead, and denounced Conservative cuts as “kicking away the ladders”.这或许也是为什么,选民们的不悦情绪笼罩着所有发达国家。本专栏涵盖着四个大陆上的选举,而相同的话题总是屡见不鲜。麦康诺在肯塔基的演讲让人联想起英国工党领袖艾德·米利班德在2011年的一次演讲,这位左翼人士本该与麦康诺没有什么共同点,但他也同样指责本国政府背叛了要提高国民阶级地位的“英国承诺”,而是以平等主义敷衍糊弄。艾德·米利班德指出,每十个英国人中,只有不到一个人相信,下一代的生活会少一些艰难。他谈起了自己的父母,他们曾是纳粹时期的难民,还谈起了他们享受过的战后机会。他口中的英国承诺是建立在政府的基础上的,在他的演讲中,他向英国的国民医疗保健制度和国立学校致敬,称他们帮助下一代进步,而他把保守派削减计划的行为称作“踢走了人们向上爬的梯子”。In Brussels, your columnist used to watch politicians defend what some called the European Dream, involving lots of “solidarity”—ie, farm subsidies, industrial policies to prop up favoured firms, welfare, transfers from rich countries to poor ones and a dose of protectionism. Voters needed a more protective Europe, thundered Nicolas Sarkozy, Frances president from 2007-12, or they would reject it as a “Trojan horse” for globalisation.本专栏也曾报道,布鲁塞尔的政客也在捍卫有些人口中的欧洲梦,团结是欧洲梦的一个主要内容,即农场补贴、促进受优待企业发展的工业政策、福利政策、富国接济贫国和保护主义等。法国2007年至2012年的总统萨科齐怒斥道,选民需要欧洲更大力度地实行贸易保护,否则就会把全球化看做“特洛伊木马”。All this is revealing. In rich country after rich country, under governments both of the left and of the right, the biggest worry for voters is that middle-class incomes are stagnating and the job-for-life is dead. Politicians instinctively blame their domestic opponents wicked or foolish policies. They cannot all be right.这些都相当说明问题。不管在哪个发达国家,也不论政府是左派控制还是右派掌权,选民最大的担忧都是中产阶级收入的停滞不前和终身雇佣制的消失。政客们总会下意识地把责任推给国内竞争党派或意图不轨或愚不可及的政策。但这并不全都正确。American conservatives growl that if the country feels all wrong it is because Democrats buy elections with “free stuff” for the feckless poor, destroying the national work ethic. Democrats say no, it is because Republicans are too heartless to care about the middle classes, and because unpatriotic billionaires send jobs overseas. Similarly, in Britain, Mr Miliband implies that the middle class are getting stiffed because the Conservatives care only about the rich. French presidents blame technocrats in Brussels for the same problem. Few of these leaders will admit that their countries travails owe more to global forces than to their opponents folly.美国的保守党咆哮着,如果美国人感觉不对,那是因为民主党用“免费的东西”讨好了无用的穷人,收买了选举,破坏了美国的职业道德。民主党否认说,其实这是因为民主党麻木不仁,对中产阶级毫不关心,以及因为毫无同情心的亿万富翁把大把工作拱手送给外国。同样地,在英国,米利班德也暗示,中产阶级陷入困境的原因是保守党只关心富人。法国总统则也以同样的罪名谴责布鲁塞尔的技术官僚。很少有领导人会承认,自己国家的困境更多地是由于全球大势,而不是竞争对手的愚蠢。More and more voters now express a generalised contempt for established parties. Though his condemnations of Mr Obama resonate, Mr McConnell is not loved in Kentucky. Britons may dislike Conservatives, but painfully few trust Mr Miliband to deliver state-sponsored prosperity. Mr Sarkozy was hooted from office; his Socialist successor is now even more despised.如今,越来越多的选民都会已有的党派表现出一种普遍的轻视。尽管麦康诺和选民在谴责奥巴马这件事上是同一阵营,但麦康诺在肯塔基州并不受欢迎。英国人也许不喜欢保守党,但也很少有人相信米利班德,把通过国家力量实现普遍繁荣的重任交给他。萨科齐已经在一片谩骂声中离任,他社会党的继承者日子也越来越不好过。Unhappy voters are all alike不快乐的选民都一样That general collapse of trust can trump national quirks. Take British campaign spending, which is ferociously regulated—even paid political ads on TV and radio are banned. Total spending by parties and outside groups on Britains 2010 general election was 34.3m (54.3m). That is less than the seventh-costliest Senate race in 2014, in Alaska (59.2m). Yet Britons voice the same furious suspicions that politicians are bought by big money as Americans do. Given the vast differences in absolute spending, that suggests voters are mostly saying something else: that they feel the fix is in (and that campaign-finance rules dont buy much public trust).信任的普遍坍塌盖过了每个国家的独特性。拿英国的竞选花销为例,这在英国是明令禁止的,就连电视和广播付费政治广告也不被允许。在2010年大选中,所有党派和团体的花费一共为3430万英镑(约合5430万美元)。相较于美国2014年的参议院选举,这比花费排名第七位的阿拉斯加州还要少(约为5920美元)。但英国人仍然愤怒地怀疑英国政客们像美国政客一样受到了收买。而相对于在绝对出上的差别,大多数选民更关心的,是问题是不是真的正在解决(而竞选筹得的款项规定并不能买来很多公众信任)。This is not a call for political apathy. In every country some policies are better than others, and bad ones should be changed. Populists peddling false remedies (Close the borders! Quit the EU! Secede!) must be debated and beaten. But let political leaders everywhere tell their publics the truth: the years of easy post-war growth are gone, replaced by competition that cannot be wished away, and so must be met head-on—and ideally harnessed. That will take hard work and new ideas. Time to wake up.本文并非鼓吹政治冷漠。在每一个国家中,总有一些政策要优于其他政策,而不好的政策也需要被修改。必须要同叫卖错误解决方案(关闭国界!退出欧盟!独立!)的民粹主义者辩论,并制止他们。要各处的领导人们对公众说实话吧,战后容易的发展已经一去不复反了,取而代之的是即使希望也不可能消失的竞争,因此必须要直面竞争,最好还能利用竞争。这需要努力和创意。是时候该醒醒了。翻译:杨雪 校对:萧毛毛译文属译生译世 /201411/344354 福建省第二人民医院治疗生殖感染价格福州治早泄最好的男科医院



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