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Scarlett JohanssonEurope 1 radio said the birth "went well" the 3-year-old mother, a singer and mer supermodel. She entered the medical facility in western Paris in the morning accompanied by Sarkozy, according to the reports.As revealed by “A word Gao Xiaosong”, an online activity launched by Sina Weibo, public opinion is in favor of Gao. Many fans voiced their support to Gao, saying they will continue to love him because he dared shoulder his responsibility despite having made mistakes.,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Are you happy?你快乐吗?Are you satisfied with your finances,relationships, and career? 你是否对自己的财务状况,人际关系和事业感到满意?Being satisfied doesnt necessarily meanthat you have all the money in the world, a perfect marriage, or an outstanding career. It just means that things are all right the moment.这种满意不是说你拥有世界上所有的钱,完美的婚姻或高大上的职业而是指目前一切都处于正常状态Are you optimistic about your life? From where youre standing, does the future look bright? 你对生活是否有信心?从你现在所处位置来看,未来是否是光明的?Do you envision more good times than badin the months ahead? Are you hopeful about the future? If so, you can move ward with joyful anticipation.对接下来的几个月的幻想是否是好事情多于坏事情?你对未来是否充满希望?如果是,你可以满怀期待地继续自己的生活【知识讲解】be satisfied with例句:As a matter of fact he isnt really satisfied with the hotel service.事实上,他对旅馆的务不尽满意I am not at all satisfied with the present situation.我对现状根本不满意Im not satisfied with his interpretation of this sentence.我不太满意他对这个句子的翻译We are satisfied with the smoothness of the negotiation.我们对谈判的顺利进行很满意更多详情敬请关注新浪微:安夏Ukki 微信公众号: (安夏01)anxia01[本节目属] 85,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 人生该有的感觉The feeling when someone is kind to you.被善待的感觉Pay it ward and keep the cycle going.也要善待他人,让这种善意传递下去The feeling after speaking your mind.大声表达自己看法的感觉Research suggests over-thinking can not only make you more stressed but stand in the way of even perming simple tasks. You have every right to express your thoughts and opinions. State them clearly and with conviction.调查表明,考虑过度不仅会带来更多的压力,更会妨碍简单问题的解决你完全有权力表达自己的想法,大胆坚定地说出来吧!The feeling when someone just gets you.有人懂你的感觉You know the one: The peanut butter to your jelly. The Harry Potter to your Ron Weasley.There are few feelings greater than knowing you found your person.你知道我在说谁:TA就是果冻的花生酱,罗恩的哈利波特真的没有什么比拥有懂你的伙伴更棒的事情了更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 6956

在中国餐馆点餐- :01:19 A:Hi, welcome to Happy Buddah! Can I get you anything to drink?大家好,欢迎来到Happy Buddah!想喝点什么饮料?B:A Coke me, please!给我来杯可乐A:I'll have a Sprite.我喝雪碧B:Okay, I'll go get that you. Are there any questions with the ?好的,我去给你们拿饮料对菜单有疑问吗?A:Do you use MSG?你们用味精吗?B:No ma'am, we are MSG-free.不,女士,我们不用味精A:Oh man, I haven't had Chinese food in so long! I want everything! This place has the BEST sesame chicken.我很长时间都没吃中国菜了我什么都想吃,这个地方做的芝麻鸡最好吃了B:Yeah, I've been craving Chinese such a long time. I used to get take-out all the time. It's definitely been a while. Let's start off with some crab rangoon.我很想吃中国菜我过去总是点份外卖那已经是很长时间的事了我们先吃点炸蟹角吧.A:Ooh yeah, that sounds good. I think I'm going to get the sesame chicken with fried rice, a spring roll, and egg drop soup.听起来不错我想我会吃芝麻鸡和炒饭,一个春卷,和鸡蛋汤.B:It's so tempting to order everything on the , it all looks so appetizing! I think I'll get General Tso's chicken, hot and sour soup, fried wontons, and white rice.点菜单上的菜很吸引人,看起来都很有食欲我想我要吃左宗棠鸡,酸辣汤,炸馄饨,和白米饭A:Aren't you supposed to be on a diet? You should at least get brown rice.你们不是该节食吗?至少应该吃点糙米饭B:I don't think so! I hate brown rice, and I'm so sick of eating healthy all the time. I've been eating so much salad I swear I've gotten what meat tastes like! There's no better remedy than some nice, greasy, calorie-laden Chinese food. I might even get an order of broccoli beef!我不这么想,我讨厌糙米饭,我对一直要吃健康的食物已经感到厌烦我已经吃了太多的沙拉,我发誓我甚至忘了肉是什么味道什么也没有美味的,滑溜溜的且含热量的中国食物好我也许会要份西兰花牛肉A:Gosh, I'm so hungry! Let's call the waitress over!我饿极了赶紧叫那边的务员吧

A Chinese province has ordered a halt to the production of fireworks after nine people were killed in an explosion at a factory on Friday. Investigators in Shanxi province said the factory was over-crowded and staff hadn't had proper safety training. State media said the police and the safety officials had been ordered to overhaul all fireworks factories in the province.周五,中国某省份一个烟花厂发生爆炸事件,造成9人死亡,该省下令停止烟花爆竹的生产山西省调查人员表示,该厂过于拥挤,职员未接受过恰当的安全训练国家媒体称,警方和安全官员已下令对山西所有烟花厂进行全面检查 019019

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