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要求退钱给我退钱吧A:I believe so. But if it redly bothers you, Ill replace it you.我想是的不过如果您觉得喝的不舒的话,我可以给您换一个B:No, dont replace it. Give me a refund.不用换了,给我退钱吧同类问句:Sorry, I am afraid we cant. But you may order something else instead.抱歉,这恐怕不行但您可以叫个其他的菜来代替Oh, really? Give me a clam soup.噢,真的吗?给我来个蛤蜊汤Okay, Miss.好的,保下次满意我保你下次光临时,一切都会妥妥当当A: Oh, the house, sir. Insure you that everything with be right next time you come. 这是免费的我保你下次光临时,一切都会妥妥当当B: Thank you, then.那么谢谢你了同类问句:I see, sir. Im sure everything will be right again next time you come. 我明白了相信下次您再来时,一切都会使您称心满意的All right. Ill come again.好的,我下次会再次光临的 05。

Confident 19-year-old Tang Wen is nation's hope for the Miss Universe title and if her unusual selection for the pageant is any clue, this 'oriental beauty' may just make it.19岁的唐雯周身散发着自信气质,中国人冀望她能够摘下环球的桂冠。如果说她不同寻常的环球推选之路预示着什么,想必这位“东方美女”一定可以让人们梦想成真Even though China's best ranking in the Miss Universe pageant so far has been 18th, Tang Wen is not worried. "I think I can make it into the top five," says the confident 19-year-old.尽管截止到目前,中国选手在环球大赛中的最好成绩是8名,但唐雯并不担心9岁的她自信地表示:“我相信自己能进入前五名。”A model with the Beijing-based New Silk Road Modeling Agency (NSR), Tang is putting in 12-hour days in preparation for the upcoming 2010 Miss Universe Competition.作为北京新丝路模特机构的签约模特,唐雯每天都要花2个小时的时间来准备即将到来的2010年环球大赛 Her daily grind includes learning English until midnight, striking poses for fashion magazines, and learning about foreign cultures. "I never imagined I would undergo training on how to sneeze," she says, laughing.她每天都过苦行僧般的生活——熬夜学习英文、为时尚杂志拍照、还要学习外国文化。她笑着说:“我从没想过还要去练习如何打喷嚏。”来 /201007/109720。

1. I guess our conversation naturally comes to an end.我觉得我们该结束对话了吧. Ill call you later if there is an interview you. See you.有面试机会的话我会打电话给你,再见3. Yes, that the end of the story.我愿意,就这么办吧. I wont keep you any longer. See you later.我不耽误你的时间了再见5. Shall we call it a day?那我们今天就到此为止好吗?6. Nice talking with you.和你聊天很愉快7. I am looking ward to your reply. Goodbye.期待您的回信,再见8. I am waiting that.我期待你的回信9. I really appreciate your support. Bye.感谢您的持再见. We will consider your matching degree with the job seriously and give you a call.我们会认真考虑你和所申请职位的匹配度,然后给你回话Dialogue 1对话 1A: So, did you get all the inmation you need about the Deputy General Manager?A: 那么,你已经了解了关于经理一职的所有信息了?B: Yes. Thank you so much.B: 是的,非常感谢A: I guess our conversation naturally comes to an end. Bye.A: 我觉得我们该结束谈话了再见B: OK. I am looking vvarcl to your reply. Bye.B: 好的期待您的回信再见Dialogue 对话 A: I thought highly of your longevity and experience.A: 我很看重你的资历和经验B: Thank you. You flattered me.B: 谢谢你你这么说让我受宠若惊A: Sorry, I have to get back to work. Ill call you later if there is an interview you. See you.A: 抱歉我必须回去工作了,有面试机会的话我会打电话给你B: OK. Nice talking with you. Thank you. Sec you.B: 好的和你谈话很愉快谢谢再见 3365。

Hatoyama To Promote Idea Of Asia Bloc At SummitWhen the leaders of Japan, China and South Korea meet for a trilateral summit in Beijing on Saturday, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama will try to persuade his counterparts to share his vision that Asia needs its own economic bloc.Since taking office last month, Mr. Hatoyama has repeatedly discussed his desire to create what he calls an East Asian Community, a regional alliance inspired by the European Union. The meeting will be the first major test of his plan, which faces obstacles that include regional rivalries and decades of mistrust following the Second World War.The proposal is also a key part of Mr. Hatoyama's effort to recalibrate Japan's foreign policy after more than five decades of nearly uninterrupted rule by a party closely aligned with the U.S. Mr. Hatoyama's new ruling Democratic Party of Japan sees a regional alliance as a way to deepen ties with faster-growing neighbors as well as preserve its clout amid a weakening economy and a shrinking population.Mr. Hatoyama is visiting Bejing Saturday to sit down with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. This is the first such meeting since the heads of the three East Asian powers met in December last year and agreed to meet regularly to strengthen cooperation. Japanese foreign-ministry officials say one of the main topics of Saturday's meeting will be North Korea, after Mr. Wen visited North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang last week.Mr. Hatoyama will stop in Seoul on Friday to meet first with Mr. Lee. South Korean diplomats have welcomed Mr. Hatoyama's promise not to visit a Tokyo shrine honoring Japan's war dead, including more than 1,000 individuals classified as convicted war criminals from World War II. Mr. Lee has tried to tamp down some nationalist disputes with Japan since he took office last year, saying he thinks the two countries' relationship should be 'future-focused.'China's reaction to the proposed alliance has been cool, according to Japanese officials speaking after Mr. Hatoyama met with Chinese Prime Minister Hu Jintao in New York last month. Still, Chinese state-controlled media has also responded positively to Mr. Hatoyama's vow not to visit the war shrine.Earlier this week, Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada said the group should include Japan, China, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The group should initially focus on economic cooperation, he said.The nations together accounted for 23% of the world's economic output last year, compared with 24% for the U.S. and 30% for the EU, according to Japanese foreign-ministry data. /10/86130。

Cruise Tours乘船巡游Do you have cruise tours?有巡游项目吗?Yes.Sir.We have the all-inclusive luxury cruise.Maybe you would like to look at the itinerary.有,我们有全包的豪华巡游,或许您想看看旅行手册Suto.That really amazing.However I dont have so much time.Do you have a full day cruise?当然,真是太好了可是我没有太多的时间,你们有单日往返的巡游吗?Yes.what about this one?有的,这个怎么样? 3985。

A: Good afternoon. What can I do you today. Madam?下午好我今天能为您做些什么吗,夫人?B: It a little sensitive, actually. I need to get hold of some money, and quickly.说起来我还真有点儿不好意思我需要用钱,而且很急A: OK, Madam. We are here to help.好的,太太我们在此就是为了帮您B: I aly have some Time Deposits with you, but untunately, they havent matured yet. I really dont want to cash those just yet.我已经在你们这里存了一些定期存款,但不幸的是,它们还没有到期我还真不希望把它们兑现呢A: I understand completely. There are other options, such as a Personal Pledge Loan.我完全理解我们有其他的选择,比如个人质押贷款B: Ive not heard of that, could you tell me more, please?我没有听说过,请你多告诉我一些,好吗?A: The procedure is really simple and convenient. All you need to do is fill in this Loan Application m.办理的手续很简单,而且很方便您所需要做的就是填写这份贷款申请表B: Right …anything else?好的……还有什么其他的吗?A: Of course, well need some documentation from you. Like your resident permit, proof of salary and your USD Deposit Certificate, to use as collateral.当然,我们将需要您提供一些文件像您的居住许可、薪金明以及您的美元存单,用作抵押B: And then I just sign here? Youre right! It certainly is simple and extremely convenient.然后我只要在这里签名?你说得对!这的确实很简单,而且非常方便 830。

The U.N. Security Council is set to approve tough new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, despite warnings from Pyongyang that it will end a 60-year-old ceasefire with South Korea in response.针对平壤最近进行核试验,联合国安理会准备批准对朝鲜实施严厉的新制裁,尽管平壤发出警告说,将对此做出回应,废除已经存0年的朝鲜停战协定。Diplomats say the council will vote early Thursday on the U.S.-drafted resolution, which would impose some of the strongest sanctions ever ordered by the ed Nations.外交官们说,联合国安理会将于星期四就美国起草的一项决议案进行表决,该决议案是联合国对朝鲜实行一些迄今为止最严厉的制裁。South Korean foreign ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-young says Seoul is satisfied with the draft text, which appears to have the support of all 15 Security Council members.韩国外交部发言人赵泰永说,首尔对这项决议草案感到满意。这项决议案看来已经得到安理会所5个成员国的持。The resolution would block any financial services or money transfers that help Pyongyangs nuclear or missile programs. It would also tighten travel bans and strengthen inspections of cargo into and out of North Korea.这项决议案规定,断绝有助于平壤核项目及导弹项目的一切金融务和资金转帐,对朝鲜有关人员实行更严格的旅行禁令,并加强对进出朝鲜的货物的检查。Ahead of the vote, North Korea has threatened to void the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean war. It has also announced a series of military exercises to compete with drills being held by the U.S. and South Korea. Reports say Pyongyang has been taking steps to camouflage public transport and broadcast messages from citizens in favor of war.在安理会就这项决议案进行表决之前,朝鲜威胁要废除结束朝鲜战争953年停战协定,并宣布举行一系列军事演习,与美国和韩国的军演抗衡。有报道说,朝鲜目前采取措施,对公共交通系统进行伪装,并播送本国公民持开战的言论。The South has vowed swift retaliation in the event of any North Korean military action. Defense ministry spokesperson says Seoul is closely monitoring the border.韩国誓言如果朝鲜做出任何军事行动,韩国方面就要采取迅速的报复。韩国国防部说,首尔当局密切监视边界情况。来 /201303/228884。

更改预定你好我想更改我预订的从6月日到6月3日的房间A: Hi, Id like to change my reservation from June to June 3.你好我想更改预订的从6月日到6月3日的房间B:OK, May I have your name, please?好的,您叫什么名字?同类问句:Oh, according to our records you booked a single room from June to June 3. What seems to be the problem?噢,根据我们的纪录,你预订了6月日至6月3日的一个单人房间有什么问题吗?Well, Id like to change the date from June to 5, and make that two singles instead of one. 我想把日期延至5日,并且要两个单人房间,而不是一个Let me see. Yes, that can be arranged. Two single rooms from June to 5 under the name of Helen Carter. 让我看一看是的,可以安排以海伦?卡特的名义预订两个单人房间,6月日至6月5日Yes, thanks a lot.是的,多谢期待光临我们盼望下周末见到您A: Well be Ihere next Sunday morning. 我们将在星期天上午到达B: And wo look ward to seeing you next Sunday. 我们盼望下周末见到您同类问句:Certainly, sir. Our check-in time is after 1:00 pm. We look ward to seeing you 好的我们的登记时间是在下午一点钟之后静候您的光临 3198。

A U.N. agency says world food prices rose to a record high in December because of increased costs for sugar, grain and oilseed, as well as bad weather for some crops. 联合国一个机构说,世界食品价2月升到历史新高,原因是糖、粮食和油料作物的生产成本提高,以及恶劣天气对一些作物收成的影响。Wednesdays report from the Food and Agriculture Organization showed cost increases for wheat, corn and other grains.联合国粮农组织星期三公布的报告显示,小麦、玉米和其它谷物的生产成本提高。An FAO economist, Abdolreza Abbassiann, said there is a lot of uncertainty with food prices, and they might rise even more. 联合国粮农组织的经济学家阿巴西安说,食品价格的变化有很多不确定因素,价格可能会升得更高。In November, the Rome-based FAO warned the international community to brace for hard times in 2011 unless production of major food grains increases significantly. 位于罗马的联合国粮农组织11月警告说,除011年的主要粮食生产显著增加,否则世界各国将面临困难时期。The agency said food import bills will likely rise 11 percent globally this year and 20 percent for many developing economies with food deficits. 该组织说,全球食品进口费用今年可能上1%,对许多粮食短缺的发展中经济体而言,费用可能会提高20%。The FAO attributed the anticipated cost hikes largely to bad weather. 联合国粮农组织将预期的成本提升主要归因于恶劣天气的影响。来 /201201/167250。