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Hello? Hello?你好?你好?Oh, Ive lost the signal, hes gone.我没信号了,他挂了。Never mind Anna.没关系,安娜。I think he got the message.我想他明白了。Another drink?再来一杯吗?Lets hope Paul has got the right message about Anna and Tom!希望保罗不会误会安娜和汤姆!Anyway, shes briefed the boss and kept him in the picture.总之,她通知了老板并且让他了解情况。Heres a reminder of some of the phrases she used: Its good news – Ive closed the deal and the contract is signed.这是她使用过的表达方式。我有好消息。我达成了协议并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们要尽快推进订单。Im committed to getting the order delivered on time… but I will need some help.我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我需要帮助。A good days work for Anna but now its time for bed.安娜今天做的不错,但现在到了睡觉的时间了。Right, well, its time for bed.好吧,是时候休息了。Weve got an early start tomorrow.明天我们要早起。So, where are we staying?所以我们住哪呢?A lovely little boutique hotel, just round the corner.街角处有一个很不错的小型精品酒店。Ive booked a room with a view.我定了一间可以看风景的房间。A room? One room? !一间房?一间房吗?Err yeah. Thats all they had, actually… honest!是的,说实话,他们其实就这一间了。This could be interesting.这可有意思了。Lets hope things remain professional.希望一切都能公事公办。Until next time. Bye!下次见了! /201705/507586China has its problems: faulty products , tyres, seafood, dog food, toys with lead.But it’s also potentially a giant market for American companies. It’s China Rising. And it’s only on CN. Tonight, Melissa Lee On the Money Inside China’s giant online gaming industry which has more players than the US has people.Harold Zhang doesn’t consider himself an online gaming addict even though the Beijing lawyer spends about two hours a day online, four hours a day on weekends. He says he loses sleep to gaming and has even lost girlfriends. For me, if you don’t let me play starting tomorrow, it feels like something from my life is missing. Zhang is one of millions in china who switch off real life to go online instead to play what’s known as massively multiplayer online role-playing games.Playing games is the same as every other kind of entertainment, like going to a movie or playing badminton. And that makes online gaming a burgeoning business in China where research from IDC says revenues will double by 2010. Many companies like Shanda Interactive give away access to the games, but charge for items that help players rack up points. Shanda also expects to add in-game advertising next year. Its president Tang Jun says making money is all about the numbers. The business is about the volume, and especially in china, you know the volume is so high. And we have 20 million active users and we have over 300 million registered accounts. You know, and I am sure some of them spend less time or more time, spend more money or less money but if you combine them together, that’s phenomenal. On average, gamers spend about 2 to 3 hours online per day and surprisingly most of these gamers are adults with the disposable income to spend. Active players on average spend 59 RMB per month, bringing the total market to 816 million dollars last year. But what is so profitable has become a social problem. Last month, the government mandated that games have monitoring software;that warn under-18 gamers to exercise at the 3-hour mark. At 5 hours, it’s game over. When a warning isn’t enough, the next stop may be here, the Internet Addiction Clinic in Beijing where patients, typically teens, come to be cured at a steep cost of 40 US dollars a day through medication, and military-like training. Those bad behaviors some could be corrected when people get older. A lot people don’t get treatment and they drop out of school or develop psychological illnesses and they get end up in jail. It could ruin their lives. Only 10% of gamers are under 18, many more are like Harold Zhang, who thinks his hobby could turn into a habit. I worry about it every single day. Just one customer of 300 million and counting. On the Money, Melissa Lee CN, Beijing.Notes:rack up: To accumulate or score200807/43950North-South Tensions Rising Again in Sudan's Abyei Region苏丹南北方关系再度紧张  Tension is mounting again in Sudan's oil-rich region of Abyei, following complaints from south Sudanese officials that northern troops have not withdrawn from the area. According to an agreement signed last month, both armies were to fully withdraw from Abyei by June 30 to avoid a repeat of the fighting in May that displaced tens of thousands of civilians. 在苏丹石油蕴藏丰富的阿卜耶伊地区,局势再次紧张,因为南部苏丹的官员抱怨说,北方政府部队还没撤离该地区。根据上个月签署的协议,双方军队应当在6月30号之前完全撤出阿卜耶伊,以避免5月的冲突重演。那次冲突导致成千上万平民流离失所。The former rebel force of south Sudan, Sudan People's Liberation Army, also missed the end-of-June deadline to withdraw all of its troops from Abyei.  原来苏丹南方的反政府力量苏丹人民解放军也没有在6月底的限期之前从阿卜耶伊撤出所有的部队。But the SPLA's Chief of Staff Oyay Ajak Deng tells VOA that while almost 90 percent of his soldiers have been moved out of Abyei town, government troops still remain there in full force. 但是苏丹人民解放军总参谋长对美国之音说,尽管他的部队几乎有90%已经撤离阿卜耶伊城,政府军仍然全部驻扎在当地。"They should have started pulling out their forces on the 30th, but we are not seeing any movement on their side," said Deng. "Of course, we are very much concerned. Definitely, there is tension in the area. If they continue to remain there, of course, it will be complicating the matter again." 他说:“他们本该在30号撤离,但是我们没看到他们那边有任何动静。我们当然感到很担心。这个地区的局势确实紧张。如果他们继续驻扎在那里,当然会使局势再度复杂化。”Abyei, which sits on rich oil fields straddling the north-south border, is claimed by both sides.  阿卜耶伊座落在跨越苏丹南北边境线的石油蕴藏丰富的油田上,双方都声称这片油田属于自己。Its disputed status has long threatened a fragile peace deal the rebels and Khartoum signed in 2005 to end more than two decades of civil war. An international boundary commission determined that Abyei belongs to the south. But Khartoum has refused to recognize the findings.  这片油田引发争议的归属长期以来一直危及着反政府力量同喀土穆政府2005年为结束长达20多年内战而签署的脆弱的和平协议。一个国际边界委员会裁定,阿卜耶伊属于苏丹南方,但是在北方的苏丹政府拒绝承认这个裁决。In mid-May, fierce clashes between northern and southern troops in Abyei destroyed the town and sent as many as 100,000 people fleeing for safety. The fighting renewed fears that the two sides could slide back into a civil war. 在今年5月中旬,苏丹南北双方的部队在阿卜耶伊爆发激烈冲突,摧毁了这个城镇,使10万人逃难。这场战斗令人担忧苏丹南北双方可能重开内战。Last month, the political arm of the SPLA and Khartoum's ruling National Congress Party drew up a road map for peace in Abyei, which included an agreement for a full military withdrawal and the deployment of a special joint unit of northern and southern troops and a new police force. 上个月,苏丹人民解放军的政治分和苏丹执政党国民大会党拟定了一份阿卜耶伊和平路线图,包括双方同意完全撤出军队,在当地部署一特别的南北联合部队和新的警察部队。A battalion of 320 soldiers from the SPLA and 319 from Khartoum is in place. But the police force has not arrived and the joint unit cannot take full charge of security in Abyei until the military withdrawal is complete. 由320名苏丹人民解放军军人和319名政府军人组成的一个营已经进驻当地,但是警察部队还没有到位。在双方的部队完全撤离之后,这联合部队才能全面负责阿卜耶伊的治安。A special advisor to Sudan's Information and State Ministry, Rabie Abdul Arthi, says technical and logistical issues have delayed the withdrawal of northern troops from Abyei town. But he says the troops are moving out.  苏丹新闻和国务部的一位特别顾问说,技术和后勤问题拖延了北方部队从阿卜耶伊城的撤离。但是他说,部队正在撤离。"According to the information that I am aware of, the withdrawal of government forces has started and within a few days, this withdrawal will be completed," said Arthi. "There is no difference between the two parties and the government is not insisting to keep troops in the Abyei area. This is not the situation." 他说:“根据我了解的情况,政府军已经开始撤离,在几天内将完成撤离行动。双方没有分歧,苏丹政府并没有坚持要让政府军驻扎在阿卜耶伊。情况并非如此。”The road map also calls for The Hague's Permanent Court for Arbitration to decide whether or not the Abyei boundary commission exceeded its mandate in its 2005 ruling. 路线图还呼吁海牙国际仲裁法庭裁定,阿卜耶伊边界委员会2005年的裁决是否超越了这个委员会的权限。200807/43439

onerous ———— 繁重的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing something that causes significant, troublesome and unpleasant obligations; burdensome.例句 Every year I d the onerous task of preparing my taxes.每年,我都害怕繁重的报税工作。 /201606/450527

Cambodian-Thai Border Talks Fail to Reach Solution泰柬边界会谈未达成解决方案   Top-level talks between Thailand and Cambodia have failed to resolve a dispute over who owns an ancient temple. The talks were called after Thai soldiers entered Cambodia and troops from both countries gathered along the disputed border. 柬埔寨和泰国高层的会谈未能解决一个引发争执的古庙归属问题。在泰国军队越境进入柬埔寨,泰、柬两国军队在有争议的边界地区集结之后,双方商定举行这轮高层会谈。The Defense Ministers of Cambodian and Thailand met Monday at a border town away from the disputed temple site. 柬埔寨和泰国的国防部长星期一在离引起争议的寺庙不远的一个边界小镇举行了会晤。They spoke for eight hours, but the discussion ended without a solution to the dispute or a schedule for further talks. 两国国防部长的会晤持续了8个小时,但是磋商结束时双方没有达成解决争执的方案,也没有商定举行进一步会谈的时间。The Director General of the National Authority for Preah Viheah, Professor Hang Soth says the two sides had different ideas on how to resolve the standoff, but said the Cambodian government was committed to finding a non-violent solution. 柬埔寨的国家帕威夏神庙权限机构总干事杭索教授说,双方关于如何解决僵持局面的意见不同,但是他说,柬埔寨政府致力于找出一个非暴力的解决方案。"No matter how long it takes, Cambodian government still calm, still use any new way to find peace, never want to make the conflict and no want to have fighting with each other," he said. 杭索说:“无论需要多长时间,柬埔寨政府仍会保持镇静,仍会通过各种新途径来谋求和平。柬埔寨方面永远不想发生冲突,不想双方兵戎相见。”At Preah Viheah temple, Cambodian and Thai soldiers chatted and posed for photographs together in an atmosphere that was mostly friendly. 在帕威夏神庙,柬埔寨和泰国军人相互交谈,并摆姿势照相留念,气氛非常友好。But both sides have hundreds of well-armed troops and heavy machine guns in place in case fighting does break out.  但是柬埔寨和泰国双方都在边界附近部署了配备重型机关的精锐军队,以备爆发战斗。Thailand sent troops to the border after anti-government demonstrators attacked Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej's government for supporting Cambodia's request to designate the temple a UNESCO World Heritage site.The Thai protesters say the temple's new status will undermine their country's claim to land around the site.200807/44570

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