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福州中心医院泌尿科咨询福州市泌尿系统在线咨询福州经济技术开发区医院看泌尿科怎么样 Rising incomes, rapid urbanisation and concerns over the toxic smog that enshrouds many of its cities are driving China away from coal and oil and towards natural gas.不断增长的收入、快速推进的城镇化以及人们对笼罩多个中国城市的有毒雾霾的担忧,正促使中国改变对煤炭和石油的依赖,更多地使用天然气。Gas usage has risen almost sevenfold in 13 years to 168bn cubic metres, and China has become the largest consumer after the US and Russia.过去的13年中,中国天然气用量几乎增长了6倍,达到1680亿立方米,中国也成为位居美国和俄罗斯之后的第三大天然气消费国。Further increases are expected. The power, industrial and transport sectors are forecast to drive demand to 315bcm by 2019, according to the International Energy Agency, the wealthy nations’ energy watchdog, and Beijing has set its sights even higher.中国天然气用量有望进一步增长。作为富裕国家能源监督机构的国际能源署(IEA)预测,到2019年时,中国电力、工业和交通部门将推动中国天然气需求量增至3150亿立方米,而中国政府设立的目标则更为高远。But uncertainty remains about the pace of growth into the next decade.但是在下一个十年,中国天然气的发展步伐还存在一些不确定的地方。“Natural gas demand in China has potential to grow much more rapidly than it is now,” says Anne-Sophie Corbeau, senior IEA gas analyst. “However, there is still a lot standing in its way. In some ways we are less optimistic about the Chinese.”“中国天然气需求有潜力实现比现在快得多的增长,”国际能源署高级天然气分析师安妮-索菲#8226;科尔(Anne-Sophie Corbeau)说,“然而,在其前进的路上还有很多障碍。在某些方面,我们对中国的天然气前景不那么看好。”The expansion of the country’s gas sector is a massive logistical and capital investment challenge. Supply availability, delivery infrastructure, pricing levels and policy, and funding to promote gas over other fuels are all factors that dictate the speed at which the switch occurs.中国天然气行业的扩张将给物流和资本投资带来巨大挑战。供应能力、输送基础设施、定价标准和政策、以及推广天然气以取代其他燃料所需的资金,这些都是决定能源结构转换速度的因素。The government wants to boost gas’s share of total energy consumption from 4 per cent to about 8 per cent by the end of 2015 and 10 per cent by 2020, to reduce the plumes of black clouds resulting from heavy coal use.中国政府希望提高天然气在能耗总量中所占的比重,目标是到2015年底将这一比重从现在的4%提高到8%左右,到2020年提高到10%,以减少大量燃烧煤炭造成的黑云。But China’s ability to construct the vast infrastructure network needed to produce, import and transport enough gas to meet demand is under scrutiny.然而,生产、进口和输送足够多的天然气以满足中国的需求,需要庞大的基础设施网络,中国是否有能力建好这个网络,正受到密切的关注。“There is a lot of pent-up demand, particularly over the last decade, but infrastructure and the availability of supply have been a constraint,” says Michael Stoppard, gas strategist at IHS. “They really haven’t been able to develop the gas quickly enough.”“有很多被压抑的需求,特别是在过去10年里,但基础设施和供应能力一直是瓶颈,”咨询机构IHS的天然气策略师迈克尔#8226;斯托帕德(Michael Stoppard)说,“他们确实未能以足够快的速度发展天然气。”Pipelines have been at the top of the agenda. After a decade of negotiations, China struck a 0bn supply deal with Russia in May as part of a long-term strategy to raise gas imports via pipeline and liquefied natural gas. China is also connected to pipeline corridors in central Asia and Myanmar. But these will take years to ramp up to full potential, says Ella Chou at the Brookings Institution’s China Center.管道建设是当务之急。在经过10年的谈判后,中国在5月份与俄罗斯签订了一项价值4000亿美元的天然气供应合同,这是中国通过输气管道和液化气方式提高天然气进口量的长期战略的一部分。另外,中国还连入了中亚和缅甸的管道走廊。但布鲁金斯学会中国中心(Brookings Institution#39;s China Center)的Ella Chou表示,这些举措需要数年时间才能发挥最大潜能。The country, which is believed to hold the world’s largest reserves of shale gas, hopes to replicate the US production boom in the form of tight gas, coal-bed methane and coal-to-gas conversion. But unlike the US shale industry, China does not have thousands of independent oil and gas entrepreneurs competing to expand production.中国被认为是世界上页岩气储量最大的国家。它希望通过发展致密气、煤层气和煤转气来复制美国的天然气繁荣。但中国的页岩油气行业与美国不同,中国没有成千上万独立的油气企业家相互竞争来提高产量。Everything depends on state-owned companies that lack development experience. Exploration rights, geological surveys and the adaptation of drilling and exploration technologies to suit the country have proved problematic, as has pulling together the relevant statistics.在中国,一切都依赖国有企业,这些企业缺乏发展经验。勘探权、地质勘测、改进钻探和勘探技术以适应中国情况,都被明是困难重重,将相关统计数据汇集在一起也是如此。Beijing has halved its target for shale gas production by 2020 to 30bcm, according to Reuters, after efforts to unlock the unconventional fuel ran into difficulties.路透社(Reuters)消息称,尝试开采非常规能源遇到困难后,北京方面将2020年的页岩气开采目标减半到300亿立方米。China became a net gas importer in 2007 and import dependency reached 32 per cent last year. Aside from questions over how quickly indigenous production can increase and whether China can contract enough imports by pipeline, there is a shortage of LNG storage facilities.2007年中国成为了天然气净进口国,去年中国对进口天然气的依存度达到32%。国内产量能以多快的速度增长,中国是否能签订合同进口足够多的管道天然气——除了这两个问题以外,中国还面临着液化天然气贮藏设施短缺的困境。“On top of its long-term contracted gas [deals with] Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Russia, and LNG deals with the Qataris, Australians and Canadians, the ability of the Chinese to continue to grow domestic production – conventional and unconventional – quickly will dictate the needs of extra uncontracted gas that could be at a lower cost,” says Thierry Bros, senior analyst at Société Générale in Paris.“除了与土库曼斯坦、缅甸、俄罗斯达成的长期合约天然气(交易)以及与卡塔尔、澳大利亚和加拿大达成的液化天然气交易以外,中国继续快速提高国内常规和非常规天然气产量的能力,将决定对额外的非合约天然气的需求,这些天然气的价格可能更低,”法国兴业(Société Générale)驻巴黎的高级分析师蒂埃里#8226;布罗斯(Thierry Bros)说。Ultimately demand will be determined by price, analysts say, because of the many alternatives to imported gas that are cost-competitive. The single biggest competitor is power from coal transported via transmission lines to the coastal regions.分析师表示,最终,需求将由价格决定,因为进口天然气的许多替代品的价格也颇具竞争力。其中煤电是最有力的竞争者,煤电通过输电线路传输至沿海地区。Until 2006 growth in consumption was met entirely by relatively low-cost domestic gas supply. However, higher-priced imports have been added to the mix, and their cost has risen considerably with the oil price.2006年之前,价格相对低廉的国内供应的天然气完全可以满足消费量的增长。但是,由于价格较高的进口天然气也进入市场,导致天然气价格随油价猛涨。“Policy makers often have to strike a balance between providing affordable gas supplies to encourage gas penetration, and setting a price that will serve as an incentive for more domestic production and higher imports,” writes Michael Chen of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies in a report.“是提供较为廉价的天然气供应来推广天然气的使用,还是将定价作为激励措施来促使国内提高天然气产量并增大进口量,政策制定者不得不经常在二者中求得平衡,”牛津能源研究所(Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)的Michael Chen在一份报告中写道。Manufacturers, which are aly paying relatively high prices, want to stay competitive in the global market, while Chinese households want to keep their costs low.那些已在付相对较高价格的制造业企业,希望在国际市场上保持竞争力,中国的家庭则希望生活成本不要升高。But without even higher prices, the national oil companies will continue to face significant financial losses, diminishing any incentive around exploration, production and developing unconventional reserves.但是,如果天然气价格无法进一步提高,中国国有石油公司将继续面临巨额经济损失,从而削弱勘探、生产以及发展非常规储备的动力。 /201408/320475连江县男科咨询

福州泌尿专科医院生殖科周末上班吗Visitors are often attracted to southwestern Guizhou province for its rugged hills and the colorfully dressed minority people, including the Miao, who populate it.说起中国西南的贵州,游客们通常被其崎岖的山脉和当地衣着鲜艳的少数民族所吸引,包括人口众多的苗族。But according to local people and official reports, some of the tiny hamlets in the province#39;s east have begun to attract visitors looking for something else: gambling.然而根据当地群众和官方的报告,贵州东部的一些小村庄开始寻求用其他东西来吸引游客――。China#39;s Xinhua news agency called one such area where police say a blast was deliberately set off Monday afternoon a #39;gathering place for gamblers.#39; The explosion occurred at a makeshift gambling tent, killing at least 15 people and injuring eight more, according to Xinhua.据新华社报道,周一下午贵州省凯里市龙场镇老山村一处聚众的场所发生人为的爆炸案件。发生爆炸的这个窝点是一个临时搭建的帐篷。爆炸造成至少15人死亡,八人受伤。Little is known about the event, which occurred in Laoshan village, but state media linked the apparent bombing and gambling.这起事件的具体情况还不得而知,但官方媒体暗示此次爆炸与有明显的关联。Some 20 kilometers northwest of Kaili city, Laoshan is located one of China#39;s most remote and poorest spots. The pepper-farming village claims an average income around 1,300 yuan annually, far less than the national average of around 7,000 yuan.老山村位于凯里市偏西北约20公里处,是中国最偏僻、最贫穷的村子之一。这个种植胡椒的村子据称当地村民平均年收入只有约人民币1,300元,远远低于大约人民币7,000元的全国平均收入水平。News of the deadly explosion linked to gambling follows other signs of betting in the area. Last month, police in Kaili said they raided three gambling sites there. The take was limited: 210,000 yuan confiscated, with seven organizers and 57 gamblers detained.此次与有关的爆炸事件发生前已有迹象显示当地存在聚众现象。上个月,凯里警方说查处了那里三处聚众窝点。此次行动成果有限:警方共收缴赌资人民币21万元,七名组织者和57名人员被拘留。In the broader Qiandongnan prefecture where Kaili and Laoshan are located, police late last year estimated gambling rackets worth more than 100 million yuan. A report from China News Service said the gambling was causing family tragedies, including large debts and high-interest rate loans.在凯里和老山村所在的黔东南州,去年底据警方统计,一年内额超过了人民币1亿元。中国新闻社报道称,这导致不少痴迷者欠债,甚至借高利贷,也让不少家庭遭受了的悲剧。After Monday#39;s event, eight suspects were detained, including three who turned themselves in, according to a statement posted to the official microblog of the Guizhou province police. China Central Television saida preliminary investigation shows Monday#39;s event was a man-made criminal undertaking.据贵州省公安厅的微,周一爆炸发生后,已刑拘犯罪嫌疑人八人,其中自首三人。中国中央电视台报道,初步调查,该疑似爆炸案系人为造成的刑事案件。An official from Longchang township, where Laoshan is located, government said he was dealing with the logistics of the case and #39;knows pretty much the same information that has aly been reported in the news.#39; Government officials in Kaili city couldn#39;t be reached for comment.龙场镇一位官员表示,正在处理善后工作,他所了解的情况与媒体报道的大致相同。记者未能联系到凯里市政府官员发表。Yang Guangcao, a corn farmer who lives nearby the site of the blast, said he hasn#39;t been to the site but has heard about it, describing it as a shack built on wasteland.住在距离爆炸地点不远处的农民杨广曹(音)表示,他没有去过出事地点,但是听说过,他说那是一处在荒地上搭建的棚子。Xinhua ed the wife of a survivor as saying the gamblers were playing a game called Gundilong, which uses dice and a big box. Mr. Yang said that most people who come to the village do so to gamble.新华社引述一位伤者妻子的话称,听说是赌“滚地龙”(一种使用骰子和一个大盒子的方式)。杨广曹说,大多数来老山村的人都是赌这个。#39;All the gamblers are from other villages or places,#39; Mr. Yang said.杨广曹表示,所有参与的都是别的村子或其他地区的人。 /201401/273095福州包皮手术大约多钱 福州市中医院男科专家挂号

闽清县泌尿外科 China has sent thousands of doses of an experimental anti-Ebola drug developed by the Chinese military to Africa. The company manufacturing the drug said it plans to start human clinical trials there soon.中国已将中国军方研发的一种实验性抗埃拉(Ebola)药物送往非洲,数量达到数千剂。制造该药的公司表示,计划在那里很快开始人体临床试验。Sihuan Pharmaceutical, the private Chinese company that last week purchased the rights to commercialise jk-05 from a branch of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said it began manufacturing the drug after it was approved in August as a “special drug for military needs”.四环医药(Sihuan Pharmaceutical)上周向中国军事医学科学院(简称“军科院”)买下jk-05的商业化权利。该公司表示,它在该药8月“获得军队特需药物批件”后就投入了制造。The Chinese military has aly sent enough of the drug to treat 10,000 people to west Africa, according to Dr Huo Caixia, associate president of research and development for Sihuan and head of its Beijing Aohe Drug Research Institute. Sihuan, whose founders are former military doctors, is part-owned by Morgan Stanley private equity funds.四环医药研发部总经理助理、该公司旗下北京澳合药物研究院院长霍霞介绍说,中国军方已向西非发运了足以治疗1万人的药物。四环医药的创始人是前军医。根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)旗下的私募股权基金持有该公司部分股权。The aim is to have the drug on hand in case any of the Chinese medical personnel sent to help out with the Ebola epidemic fall ill and for use in clinical trials which are now being designed, she said. It had not yet been used to treat any African patients, she said, but added that could not be ruled out.她说,目标是准备好药物储备,以备被派去帮助抗击埃拉疫情的中国医务人员受到感染,并用于目前正在策划的临床试验。她表示,迄今该药尚未被用于治疗非洲的任何病人,但随后又说,无法查这一点。Eager to cement its relationship with African countries that may be affected by the virus, China is stepping up its contributions to the fight against Ebola.中国正加大其对抗击埃拉疫情所作的贡献,急于巩固中国与可能受疫情影响的非洲国家之间的关系。Beijing has sent 200 medical workers to the affected countries and pledged more than m in medical aid to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and the World Health Organisation. China told a World Bank crisis meeting in Washington last week its Ebola effort was aly worth 0m altogether and would grow further.北京方面已向受影响的国家派出200名医务工作者,并承诺向塞拉利昂、利比里亚、几内亚和世界卫生组织(WHO)提供3500多万美元医疗援助。中国在上周于华盛顿举行的世界(World Bank)危机会议上表示,中国为抗击埃拉作出的贡献总计已达到2亿美元,并且在进一步增长。China’s Academy of Military Medical Science, which according to its website was set up in 1951 by Mao Zedong to help China counter germ warfare waged by the US in North Korea, declined to comment on jk-05.军科院官网称,该院是毛泽东在1951年指示成立的,目的是帮助中国对抗美国在朝鲜发动的细菌战。该院拒绝对jk-05置评。The large amount of the drug aly present in Africa puts it on a scale with GlaxoSmithKline’s plans, announced in August, to manufacture 10,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine being developed with the US National Institutes of Health. Human trials are under way in the US, UK and Mali to prove its safety.已经送到非洲的药物数量在规模上与葛兰素史克(GSK)的计划相仿。GSK在8月宣布,将制造1万剂与美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)合作开发的埃拉实验性疫苗。人体试验已在美国、英国和马里展开,以明其安全性。The Chinese drug is being developed to treat Ebola and is not a vaccine. But it also has preventive uses, according to Dr Huo. She said it had passed cell and animal tests, but not human testing. Clinical trials would initially be done in Africa, she said, since no Chinese patients have yet contracted the disease.上述中国研发的药物将被用于治疗埃拉,而不作为疫苗。但霍霞说,它也有预防的用途。她表示,该药已通过细胞和动物实验,但尚未在人体上试验。她说,临床试验将首先在非洲进行,因为还没有中国患者受到感染。Sihuan has released little technical information about jk-05, beyond saying that it “can selectively inhibit virus replication by inhibiting the RNA polymerase of the Ebola virus”. That means it blocks a key enzyme that the virus needs to replicate its genes.四环医药几乎没有发布jk-05的技术信息,只是说,这种药物是“新型的核糖核酸(RNA)聚合酶选择性抑制剂,能够抑制埃拉病毒的RNA聚合酶,从而达到抑制病毒复制的目的”。也就是说,该药物能够抑制埃拉病毒复制基因时需要的一种关键酶。 /201410/336008福州哪里治疗龟头炎福州泌尿专科医院治疗早泄多少钱



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