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芜湖治疗早泄哪家医院最好芜湖鸠江区人民医院包皮手术怎么样Members of Bibobox Studio didn#39;t expect a call from the Apple team.Bibobox工作室的成员做梦都没有想到会接到苹果团队打来的电话。But that#39;s what happened after they created a series of squeaky animals including a penguin and giraffe for the iPad. ;We tried to make the characters as lifelike, interactive and user-friendly as possible,; said Liu Bo, a teacher from Dalian Nationalities University, and the chief director of Bibobox. ;Our team pays close attention to the tiniest details.;但当他们在iPad上创造出包括长颈鹿、企鹅等在内的一系列能发出吱吱叫声的动物形象后,这一切都成真了。;我们尽量让这些动物形象栩栩如生,具有互动性,并易于操作。我们的团队十分注重微小细节。;大连民族大学教师兼Bibobox工作室的总设计师刘说。The group#39;s innovation and efforts captured the attention of Apple engineers.该团队的创新与努力引来了苹果工程师们的关注。Bibobox#39;s 30-page interactive storybook Little Star won the student developer award at Apple#39;s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held June 11-15 in San Francisco, US.6月11-15日于美国旧金山举行的;苹果全球开发者大会;(简称WWDC)上,Bibobox开发的30页交互书籍应用Little Star摘得学生类开发者大奖。The team behind Little Star is made up of five students and two teachers from Liu#39;s university. They are all design or computer engineering majors.Little Star的背后是一由五名学生和两名老师组成的团队,他们来自大连民族大学,均是设计或计算机专业出身。It#39;s the first time that a Chinese team has won a prize at the annual Apple Design Awards, since the awards began in 1996. According to Apple, the award is given to developers who match its own philosophy of good design, innovation and state-of-the-art hardware.这是自1996年苹果年度设计大奖开设以来,中国团队首次得奖。据苹果公司称,该奖项是颁发给那些符合苹果;打造设计感、创新性与艺术性并存的一流硬件;理念的开发者们。;Our design philosophy is very simple. We want children to think outside the box to reach an answer,; Liu explained. ;The point of our book is to provide children with methods and ideas for them to think creatively by themselves.;;我们的设计理念非常简单。我们希望孩子们能够打破常规寻求,;刘解释道。;我们这款电子书便是为孩子提供创造性思维的方法和观点。;Little Star features a story of five friends on their journey to catch stars. After several failed attempts, they discover their shortcomings and weaknesses, and realize that the power of teamwork is the key to success.《Little Star》讲述了五个好朋友一起踏上旅程去捉星星的故事。在几次失败的尝试后,他们终于发现了自身的不足和弱点,同时也意识到团队协作才是成功的关键。;In our process of creating the app, teamwork also proved to be crucial,; said Wang Kun, 22, a senior animation major who did the coloring.;我们开发该应用程序的过程也明了团队协作的重要性。; 22岁的王坤(音译)说。王坤是一名动画专业的大四学生,主要从事配色工作。;It#39;s important for designers and engineers to work together and get their ideas across.; Wang said the team had a brainstorming session every week. At first, it was hard to communicate because they had different jargon and ideas.;对于设计师和工程师而言,共同工作,各抒己见,这点非常重要。;王坤表示,团队每周都会进行一次;头脑风暴;。最初,因为专业术语及想法各异,他们沟通起来十分困难。;We then spent time together,; Wang recalled. ;As a result, engineers knew how to put our ideas into reality, and we designers understood how to respond to their needs.;;后来我们就经常待在一起,;王坤回忆道。;最终,工程师们懂得了如何把想法转变为现实,而我们这些设计师也明白了该如何去回应他们的需求。;The children are able to interact with the app in many ways, including touching to reveal different characters as well as using an accelerometer to shake the stars out of the sky.孩子们可以通过多种途径同故事进行互动,其中包括触摸屏幕发现不同的人物,使用加速器将星星摇出天空之外。Besides the exquisite and flawless design, the language was important.除了完美精致的设计,语言也十分重要。Instead of Mandarin, Little Star was first launched in English. Then they added simplified Chinese and Cantonese versions.《Little Star》初次发布时使用的是英语,而非中文。之后他们又增添了简体中文和粤语两个版本。;We were thinking with a global mindset,; said Maggie Li, a tutor who was in charge of translating the script. ;From the outset our book was aimed at children around the world, not just those in China. Kids think the same universally.;;我们用全球性思维来考虑问题,;负责脚本翻译的玛吉#8226;李 (音译)老师表示,;从一开始,我们电子书的目标人群就是全世界的儿童,并不仅仅是中国儿童。而孩子们的想法普遍相同,不分地域。;Bi Wenting, 23, a classmate of Wang, said they spent almost a year creating the storybook. They did research at primary schools in Dalian, to find out if children liked their plotlines and characters.王坤的同班同学,23岁的毕文婷(音译)称,他们几乎花了一年的时间来开发这本故事书。他们首先在大连各个小学做调研,看看孩子们是否喜欢他们的故事情节和人物设置。Fluent English also helped the team promote itself at the conference. The representatives at the event exchanged ideas with fellow developers.流利的英文也帮助该团队在此次大会上做自我推广。会议期间,与会代表与开发者相互交流了观点。;Apple looked interested in our project,; said Li. ;We told them about our future plans, as well as Chinese app-developing and education-related markets.;;苹果公司看上去对我们的项目很感兴趣,; 玛吉#8226;李说。;我们向他们阐述了我们未来的计划,以及中国的应用程序开发及教育市场的情况。;Bibobox is working on a successor to Little Star, and a series of apps to teach Chinese characters#39; etymology.Bibobox正在开发《Little Star》后续产品,以及教授汉字词源的系列应用。;We students also learnt a lot from sessions with s available in English on Apple#39;s website,; said Wang. ;And I#39;ve tried to share them with everyone interested in app developing. ;;作为学生,我们也从苹果网站的英文视频讲座中收获良多,;王坤说,;我已在设法同所有应用程序研发爱好者分享这些内容。;Eric Jou contributed to the storyEric Jou对本文亦有贡献。 /201207/189514芜湖割包茎价钱 Microsoft agreed on Monday to buy the company behind Minecraft, the world-building computer game, for .5 billion in a cash deal meant to add the immensely popular title to its stock of content.本周一,微软同意斥资25亿美元(约合人民币154亿元),收购《我的世界》(Minecraft)所属的公司,以便把这款炙手可热的游戏收入囊中。Last week, Microsoft was reported to be in talks to buy the company to ensure that the games was available for its family of devices.据报道,微软上周进行了收购该公司的会谈,以确保该游戏可以登陆微软的各种设备。As part of the deal, employees of Mojang, the Swedish developer that created Minecraft, will join Microsoft Studios, which aly publishes games like the blockbuster Halo.该交易的内容之一是,《我的世界》的瑞典开发商Mojang旗下员工将加入微软工作室(Microsoft Studios);后者已经发行过一些游戏,比如大热的《光晕》(Halo)。Yet Minecraft looks little like Halo and its Hollywood-level graphics. Its worlds look blocky, like pixelated Legos. But the gameplay — focused on building elaborate virtual structures — has drawn a huge and dedicated following around the world.然而,《我的世界》看上去和《光晕》及其好莱坞级别的图像效果相似度极小。它的世界看起来很斑驳,如同像素化的乐高积木。但是其玩法——侧重于构建复杂的虚拟结构——已经在全球吸引了大批忠实粉丝。Games remain one of the biggest categories of apps, including those for mobile devices. Adding one of the most popular offerings could help bolster Microsoft’s Windows series of devices, including phones and tablets.游戏仍然是各种应用中最大的类别之一,包括移动设备上的游戏应用。提供一款时下最为流行的游戏,有助于提振微软的Windows系列设备,包括手机和平板电脑。In a news release, Microsoft said that its cloud and mobile offerings would help add more sophisticated worlds, development tools and ways for players to connect with one another.在新闻发布会上,微软表示,它的云计算和移动务将有助于添加更复杂的构造、开发工具和途径,让玩家可以彼此连接。“Gaming is a top activity spanning devices, from PCs and consoles to tablets and mobile, with billions of hours spent each year,” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, said in a statement. “Minecraft is more than a great game franchise — it is an open world platform, driven by a vibrant community we care deeply about and rich with new opportunities for that community and for Microsoft.”“游戏催生了大量活动,从PC和家用游戏主机,到平板电脑和手机,人们每年花数十亿小时在游戏上,”微软首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)在一份声明中说。“《我的世界》不仅是一款极为出色的游戏——它还是一个开放世界的平台,拥有一个充满活力的的社区,我们非常看重这个社区;对于微软及其社区来说,《我的世界》都蕴含着丰富的新机遇。”One person who will not stick around to see what changes lie in store for the game, however, is Minecraft’s creator, Markus Persson. Mr. Persson — better known by his gamer tag Notch — wrote in an unusually candid blog post exactly why he would leave Mojang after the closing of the deal, which is expected late this year.但是,《我的世界》的创造者马库斯·佩尔松(Markus Persson)不会留在公司,亲眼看着它发生变化。佩尔松——他在这个游戏中的代号Notch更加广为人知——写了一篇异常坦率的文,解释自己为什么会在拟于今年年底完成的交易结束之后,就离开Mojang。Rather than engage in fist-bumping or writing a missive to users about how selling his baby will only expand Minecraft’s horizons, Mr. Persson sounded as if he were having a large tumor excised from his body. He described the pressures of being the figurehead of such a big and influential game as too much for him to bear.佩尔松的文中没有指责谁,也不是在告诉用户,卖掉自己的心血结晶只会有助于它的扩张,而是写得好像从他身上切除了一个巨大肿瘤似的。据他形容,在这样一个富有影响力的大作中担当名义领袖,其压力超过了他能承受的范围。“I’ve become a symbol,” Mr. Persson wrote. “I don’t want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don’t understand, that I don’t want to work on, that keeps coming back to me. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a C.E.O. I’m a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.”“我已经成为了一个符号,”佩尔松写道。“可我不想当符号,去承担一些我弄不懂,也不想弄懂,但又如影随形的巨大责任。我不是当企业家的料,也当不了CEO,我就是一个喜欢在Twitter上发表意见的书呆子程序员。”Mr. Persson and Mojang had repeatedly rebuffed takeover entreaties in the past, but by the time Microsoft made an initial approach about three months ago, the game developer was more willing to consider cashing out. He is expected to make nearly .8 billion from the deal.佩尔松和Mojang以前曾多次回绝过其他公司的收购意向,但大约三个月前,微软开始和他们接触时,佩尔松显得比较愿意考虑套现选项。预计他将从这笔交易中获得近18亿美元。“Anyone want to buy my share of Mojang so I can move on with my life?” he wrote in a Twitter post on June 16.“有人想买我在Mojang的股份吗,好让我可以在生活中做别的事情?”6月16日,他在推特上写道。Taking the lead in the negotiations was Carl Manneh, Mojang’s chief executive, who will leave along with his fellow co-founders, Mr. Persson and Jakob Porser. Some of the most important objectives for the company, according to people briefed on the talks, were ensuring that the Minecraft community would be preserved and that younger developers at Mojang would have jobs after a deal.牵头谈判的是Mojang首席执行官卡尔·曼恩(Carl Manneh),他将与联合创始人佩尔松和雅克布·珀瑟(Jakob Porser)一起离开该公司。根据了解会谈内情的人说,该公司最重要的谈判目标之一是,确保在交易达成后,《我的世界》的社区将得以存续,而且该公司较年轻的开发人员能保有自己的工作岗位。Mojang was advised by JPMorgan Chase.根大通(JPMorgan Chase)为Mojang提供了相关咨询务。 /201409/329398芜湖割包皮哪个医院比较好

芜湖东方门诊部男科专家芜湖治疗梅毒要花多少钱 芜湖包茎手术得花多少钱

镜湖区男科医院男科专家Apple seems to be gaining some ground in the world#39;s largest smartphone market.苹果公司(Apple)在全球最大智能手机市场的“版图”似乎有所扩大。In China, Apple#39;s market share rose slightly in the fourth quarter of last year, helped by strong demand for its new iPhone 5S, the latest market research data shows.最新市场研究数据显示,受新款iPhone 5S的强劲需求推动,苹果在中国的市场份额去年第四季度小幅上升。According to research firm IDC, Apple#39;s market share in mainland China rose to 7% in the quarter from 6% in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was the first full quarter after Apple launched its iPhone 5S and 5C in China in late September, on the same day the new phones came out in the U.S. and a host of other markets. In the past, iPhones went on sale in China months after they were launched in the U.S.据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)说,第四季度苹果在中国内地的市场份额从第三季度的6%上升至7%。第四季度是苹果去年9月底在中国、美国及其他一些市场同时推出iPhone 5S和5C之后第一个完整的季度。过去,iPhone通常是登陆美国几个月后才在中国推出。Still, the latest quarterly ranking was yet another reminder that China#39;s smartphone market consists mainly of Android models that are much cheaper than the iPhone. With its 7% share, Apple was the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in China.尽管如此,最新的季度排名让人们再次看到,中国的智能手机市场主要由比iPhone便宜得多的安卓(Android)手机占主导。苹果销量在中国智能手机市场排第五,占7%的市场份额。Samsung, which sells smartphones at various price points from high-end to low-end, held onto its No. 1 position in China with a 19% share in the fourth quarter, followed by Lenovo Group with a 13% share. Coolpad -- the smartphone brand of Shenzhen-based Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific -- and Huawei Technologies came third and fourth, taking up 11% and 10% respectively.三星(Samsung)继续保持在中国销量第一的位置,第四季度市场份额为19%,其次是联想(Lenovo Group),市场份额为13%。三星销售从高端到低端等各种价位的智能手机。酷派(Coolpad)和华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies)分别以11%和10%的份额排在第三和第四位。酷派是深圳宇龙计算机通信科技(Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific)推出的智能手机品牌。Lagging just outside of the top five in the quarter is upstart smartphone maker, Xiaomi, with 6% of the market, a significant jump from about three years ago when the company first began offering phones. Though Xiaomi sits below Apple in China for now, IDC analyst Melissa Chau said the company is poised to get into the top five soon.第四季度销量排第六的是新贵智能手机生产商小米(Xiaomi),市场份额为6%,较大约三年前该公司首次开始销售手机时有大幅上升。尽管目前小米在华销量排名不及苹果,但国际数据公司的分析师Melissa Chau说,小米很快有望跻身前五。#39;[Xiaomi] is still rising, at some point it could come into top five on the growth path it#39;s on,#39; she said.她说,小米仍在上升,按它目前的增长势态,有朝一日可能跻身前五。Still, Apple, which sat just above Xiaomi in the fourth quarter, is expected to get a boost of its own in the current quarter through March due to its new agreement to sell its phones through China Mobile, which is by far the country#39;s largest carrier with more than 760 million subscribers. China Mobile, which started selling iPhones Jan. 17, is expanding its speedier fourth-generation network in the country, and the iPhone is expected to play a major role in getting more subscribers to sign up for 4G services.尽管如此,由于苹果与中国移动(China Mobile)达成新的手机销售协议,预计苹果销量在今年第一季度可能获得提振。中国移动是中国最大的移动运营商,有超过7.6亿用户。中国移动于1月17日开始销售iPhone。该公司目前正在中国扩大速度更快的4G网络,预计iPhone将在吸引更多用户使用4G务方面发挥重要作用。Apple couldn#39;t immediately be reached for comment.记者无法立即联系到苹果置评。As a measure of Apple#39;s performance in China, shipment volume is a tricky one that often triggers heated debates. Some argue that maintaining a certain level of market share by volume is essential, while others say Apple as a high-end brand doesn#39;t have to compete on volume with cheap Chinese smartphones.发货量作为衡量苹果在华表现的一个指标也常常引发激烈争论。有些人称,通过提高销量保持一定水平的市场份额很重要,另外一些人则说,苹果作为一个高端品牌,不必在销量上与其他低价中国智能手机竞争。Either way, a slowdown in total smartphone sales in the fourth quarter from the third quarter shows that both high-end and low-end makers are now competing for a China market that is unlikely to return to the eye-popping growth levels it experienced over the past two years.无论怎样,第四季度智能手机总销量增速较第三季度放缓都是一个不争的事实,显示出高端和低端生产商都在争夺中国市场,而目前的中国市场不太可能重现过去两年那种惊人的增长水平。#39;Not everyone will be picking up a smartphone. A segment of the market won#39;t be able to afford them,#39; said Chau, pointing out that new users in China will increasingly be coming from smaller cities and rural areas.Chau说,并非每个人都会买智能手机,有些人买不起。她指出,中国新的智能手机用户将越来越多地来自较小的城市和农村地区。Still, Apple is competing to win over users who might look to upgrade their phone, or switch from Android, as fourth-generation networks continue to be built in China.尽管如此,随着中国继续建设4G网络,苹果正在努力争取可能寻求手机更新换代或从安卓转向其他系统的用户。In an interview with The Wall Street Journal earlier this month, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook shared his view on market share. #39;I look at the mobile phone market as having three kinds of phones: feature phones, smartphones that function as or are used as feature phones, and real smartphones,#39; he said. #39;I do care about the market share of the last category and you want to be relevant.#39;在本月早些时候接受《华尔街日报》采访时,苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)讲述了自己对市场份额的看法。他说,我认为手机市场有三类手机:功能手机、被当做功能手机使用的智能手机和真正的智能手机。我确实关心最后一个类别的市场份额,我们希望参与其中。 /201402/276580 芜湖包皮过长费用是多少芜湖市南陵县妇幼保健人民男科中医院看前列腺炎好吗




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