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jocular --------- 爱开玩笑的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Tending to make jokes often and to behave in a lighthearted manner.例句 My normally silent and serious relatives often become talkative and quite jocular at family birthday parties.在家庭的生日聚会上,我的那些一般不爱说话、很严肃的亲戚们经常变得健谈,很爱开玩笑。 /201505/374390在双方谈判的过程中,一定要注意倾听对方的发言,如果对对方的观点表示了解,可以说: I see what you mean. (我明白您的意思。)如果表示赞成,可以说: That's a good idea. (是个好主意。) 或者说: I agree with you. (我赞成。)如果是有条件地接受,可以用on the condition that这个句型,例如: We accept your proposal, on the condition that you order 20,000 units. (如果您订2万台,我们会接受您的建议。 )在与外商,尤其是欧美国家的商人谈判时,如果有不同意见,最好坦白地提出来而不要拐弯抹角,比如,表示无法赞同对方的意见时,可以说: I don't think that's a good idea. (我不认为那是个好主意。) 或者 Frankly, we can't agree with your proposal. (坦白地讲,我无法同意您的提案。)如果是拒绝,可以说: We're not prepared to accept your proposal at this time. (我们这一次不准备接受你们的建议。) /201004/102530

第一句:My mailbox got packed with loads of junks.我的邮箱里尽是些垃圾邮件。 A: My mailbox got packed with loads of junks.我的邮箱里尽是些垃圾邮件。 B: I absolutely hate junk e-mails.我真讨厌这些垃圾邮件。A: I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet.我对网络真是又爱又恨。第二句:It has wasted me so much time to delete the junks.我耗费了大量的时间来清理垃圾邮付。A: It has wasted me so much time to delete the junks.我耗费了大量的时间来清理垃圾邮付B: I feel like I spend half my time online doing nothing but deleting.我感觉我上网的一半时间都是在删除垃圾邮件。A: I had the same headache.也挺让我头疼的。背诵句型:Those junks are really pests.那些邮件真让人心烦。Im driving crazy by the junks.垃圾邮件快让我疯掉了。 /201308/253590

French voters turned their backs on the political establishment last night in round one of the presidential election.在昨晚的第一轮总统大选中,法国选民舍弃了法国的政治体制。Emmanuel Macron an independent centrist won first place ahead of National Front leader Marine Le Pen.独立的中间派候选人伊曼纽尔·马克龙赢得了首轮选举,领先于法国国民阵线(极右翼党派,极端民族主义阵营)领袖马丽娜·勒庞。The result will have major implications as Miss Le Pen wants to completely renegotiate France’s relationship with Brussels while Mr Macron wants closer links.该结果会产生重大影响,因为马丽娜·勒庞想彻底重新谈判欧盟与法国之间的关系,而马克龙先生想要与欧盟保持更紧密的联系。According to Frances Interior Ministry, 46 million people voted in the first stage of the elections which knocked the traditional mainstream Right and Left parties out of the running for the first time in 60 years.法国内政部指出,在第一轮选举中,600万人参与了投票,并在60年中首次将法国传统主流党派右翼政党和左翼政党淘汰。Macron had never before stood for election and only started his independent centrist movement 12 months ago. He served as an economy minister under President Francois Hollande, ran without the backing of an established party, forming his own called ‘En Marche!’之前马克龙从未担任过候选人,并且只2个月之前才开始他的独立中间派活动。在弗朗索瓦·奥朗德总统执政的时候,他曾担任过经济部长。他没有任何公认党派的持,成立了自己的党派“En Marche!”(不左不右党)。With 97 per cent of the vote counted, Macron achieved 23.9 per cent, followed by Le Pen on 21.4. But it is thought that Le Pens chances of winning the second round are limited as supporters for Republican candidate Francois Fillon, who conceded but has gained 19.9 per cent of the votes, will support Macron. Moreover, Frances Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, also called on voters to support Macron.在计数的97%的选票中,马克龙赢得了23.9%的选票,其次是获得1.4%的选票的勒庞。不过人们认为勒庞赢得第二轮大选的可能性有限,因为共和党候选人弗朗索瓦·菲永的持者会持马克龙。菲永退出了大选,但他获得9.9%的选票。此外,法国总理伯纳德·卡泽纳夫也号召选民们持马克龙。Macron acknowledged widesp anger at traditional parties and promised new transformations in French politics. And he has vowed to reinforce Frances commitment to the EU and euro. However, Le Pen has vowed to offer French voters a referendum to leave the EU and wants to leave the euro, known as Frexit.马克龙认识到人民普遍对传统党派感到愤怒,他承诺会在法国政界进行“新的改革”。而且他还郑重声明会加强法国对欧盟和欧元的投入。然而,勒庞则郑重宣告会为法国选民举行一次脱欧公投,并且她还想脱离欧元区,也就是法国脱欧(Frexit)。Initial election results triggered riots across the country, initially sparked in Paris Place du la Bastille, the birthplace of the French Revolution, tonight against the Le Pens National Front.初步选举的结果在法国各地引发了暴乱。为了反对勒庞的国民阵线,暴乱首先于今晚在法国大革命的发源地巴士底广场爆发。The second round of voting between the two front runners of todays poll will take place on Sunday 7 May.在今天投票中领先的两位候选人之间进行的第二轮选举将于5日星期天举行。来 /201704/506020on the money --------- 准确无误(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) Accurate; exactly correct. (NOTE: often used to describe opinions, assessments, or predictions)例句 My grandfathers weather forecasts are usually on the money.我祖父对天气的预测通常是准确无误的。 /201501/349533

Talking about vacationA: You are going to be really jealous when you find out where I’m headed for the holidays!B: Don’t tell me! I’m sure it’s someplace warm and sunny with great beaches!A: You got it! I’m going to spend two fabulous weeks in Hawaii!B: You are so lucky! Send me a postcard!谈论度假A:你要知道我度假去哪儿你肯定会妒忌坏了!B:不用说!肯定是个充满阳光的温暖的海滨什么的。A:你猜对了。我要在夏威夷度过两个星期的快乐时光。B:你太走运了!给我寄张明信片来。 /200706/13933pauciloquent --------- 微言大义的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Speaking in few words; terse.例句 My pauciloquent grandfather never spoke more than a dozen words at one time.我的爷爷微言大义,每次说话从不超过12个单词。 /201504/366195

Id be glad to cash a check for you.我很高兴为您兑现票。Please endorse your check and show me your identification.请在票背面签名,并出示身份件。Would you please countersign it here?请您将票副签一下,好吗?Any bank will cash it at the present travelers check buying rate.任何都是按照现时买入旅行票的兑换率来兑现的。This check is drawn at a bank in San Francisco. It will take about ten days to clear.这张票是从旧金山的一个开出的,大约要花10天时间来兑现。These checks are not valid until they are countersigned.这些票只有在副签后才有效。Im sorry, sir, but we cannot cash this check immediately.对不起,先生,我们无法立刻兑现这张票。Your check is overdue.您的票过期了。Cashing a Check for a Customer为客户开票Hello. Can I help you?您好,您有事需要帮忙吗?Yes. I need some more cash for my travel in this country. May I cash some travelers checks here?是的。我在这个国家旅游期间还需要一些现金。我能在这儿兑现些旅行票吗?Clerk Sure. Id be happy to cash it for you.当然可以,我很乐意为您兑现。I was going to cash it at the hotel, but one of my friends said that banks always give better exchange rates.我原本打算在宾馆兑现的,但我的一个朋友说的兑换率通常高一些。Well. any bank will cash it at the present travelers check buying rate. Our rate is better than the hotels because of the difference of service charge .嗯,任何都是按现时买入旅行票的兑换率来兑现的。因为手续费的差异,我们的兑换率比宾馆的要高一些。You see, hotels arent really in the money exchange business although;h they will cash travelers checks for their guests.您知道,宾馆虽然可以为客人兑现旅行票,但他们并不是专门从事兑换业务的。You mean theres not that much of a difference?您是说,与宾馆的兑换率没多大差别?No, madam, not very much.是的,夫人,没多大差别。Well. may I cash these three checks? I think that will be enough.嗯,我能把这3张票兑现吗?我想该够用了。Yes, Ill be happy to cash these for you. Would you please countersign them here?好的,我很乐意为您兑现。请您将这些票副签一下,好吗?Okay.好的。 /201404/285035

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