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  • Vesta is quite far away.灶神星距地球的距离很远。Like many asteroids, it has an orbit out between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.像其它许多小行星一样,它在火星与木星之间有自己的运行轨道。Astronomers first spotted it when looking for a new planet they thought should exist between these two.天文学家们首次发现它时是在寻找介于这两大行星间的另一个行星。As I said, Vesta is quite small–about three hundred and twenty-five miles across.正如我所说,灶神星是很小的—它的直径也就只有325英里而已。So if it’s small and far away, how come we can see it from here?那问题就是,它又小,距离我们又远,我们怎么能从地球上靠肉眼就看到它呢?Vesta’s surface has a coating of pyroxine and olivine, two minerals that are actually also spewed up by volcanoes here on earth.在灶神星的表面覆盖了厚厚的一层玄武岩和橄榄石,这两种矿物质都是由此处的火上喷发而出的。They give it a whitish exterior that reflects well, making it just possible to see Vesta with your eyes, even when the only two larger asteroids, Ceres and Pallas, are completely invisible.这两种矿物质使得灶神星的表面呈白色,且发光的效果相当好。如此一来,我们便仅凭肉眼就可以看到灶神星了。甚至在比它还大的另外两个小行星——谷神星和智神星都无法看到的情况下,我们还是能看到它。201503/365763。
  • Politics this week本周政治要闻Ukraines prime minister, Arseniy Yatseniuk, said he will resign as soon as the parliament finds a candidate to replace him. President Petro Poroshenko has nominated Volodymyr Groisman, the speaker of parliament, but he has struggled to gather enough support among the splintered parties to form a new government. Mr Yatseniuks approval ratings had fallen to single digits over his failure to attack corruption; Mr Poroshenkos are drooping too.乌克兰总理亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatseniuk)表示一旦议会找到继任人选,他就辞职退位。总统佩特罗·波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)任命议长格罗伊斯曼(Volodymyr Groisman)为新任总理。为赢得各分裂党派足够的持从而组建新政府,波罗申科费尽了心思。自治理腐败失利以来,亚采纽克的持率一路下降直至个位数。波罗申科的持率也在下降。Belgian police arrested Mohamed Abrini, a suspected terrorist who confessed to being the ;man in the hat; in images of the attack on Brussels airport on March 22nd. He is believed to have played a role in the terrorist attacks in Paris last November too. Police interrogators said he revealed that the Brussels attackers had originally aimed to strike a football tournament in France.比利时警方抓获恐袭嫌犯默罕默德·阿布里尼(Mohamed Abrini)。他承认自己就是3月22日布鲁塞尔机场袭击案现场录像中捕捉到的那个“戴帽者”。不仅如此,他还涉嫌参与去年11月份的巴黎恐袭事件。警方调查后表示,阿布里尼一伙的最初目标是法国某足球比赛现场,最后临时决定袭击布鲁塞尔。Emmanuel Macron, Frances economy minister, launched a movement called “En Marche!”(On the Move!), to bring liberal economic ideas into the Socialist Party. France is preparing for presidential elections in 2017 with a Socialist president, Fran?ois Hollande, who is the least popular president in French history.法国经济部长艾玛纽埃尔·马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)发起一项名为“无限动感”的运动,意在为社会党(Socialist Party)引入自由主义经济思想。现任总统社会党人弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Fran?ois Hollande)民意持创历史新低,法国正在为2017年的总统大选做准备。Turkey formally requested that Germany prosecute a comedian who ridiculed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Under a little-used German law criminalising the defamation of foreign leaders, Jan Bohmermann faces up to three years in prison for a poem that involved ludicrous sexual innuendoes regarding Mr Erdogan and animals. The row complicates Germanys increasingly important relationship with Turkey.土耳其正式要求德国对喜剧演员简·伯默尔曼(Jan Bohmermann)提起公诉。因其作诗讽刺土总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)有“恋兽癖”这种荒唐的乱欲行为。根据德国刑法规定,侮辱外国元首可被判处最高3年监禁,这一法律之前基本没有用到过。德国与土耳其的关系日益密切,但这场风波给两国关系提出了挑战。Keiko Fujimori, a conservative, came top in the first round of Perus presidential election with nearly 40% of the vote. She will face Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a liberal former prime minister and IMF official, in a run-off on June 5th. Ms Fujimoris father, Alberto Fujimori, Perus president in the 1990s, is serving a jail sentence for human-rights abuses and corruption.秘鲁总统大选中,保守派参选人藤森惠子(Keiko Fujimori)以近4成选票的成绩在首轮选举中处于领先地位。在6月5日第二轮决胜选举中,她将面对前总理兼任IMF官员的自由派人士佩德罗·巴勃罗·库钦斯基(Pedro Pablo Kuczynski)。藤森惠子的父亲阿尔韦托·藤森(Alberto Fujimori)90年代出任秘鲁总统,现今由于侵犯人权和腐败问题正在刑。A congressional committee in Brazil voted to press ahead with impeachment proceedings against the president, Dilma Rousseff. Next, the lower house of Congress will take up a vote against her, on charges that she manipulated government accounts. If that passes by two-thirds, she will face trial in the Senate. A steel wall was raised in the capital to separate the crowds who are expected to demonstrate for and against impeachment.巴西国会投票决定继续持弹劾总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)。此外,众议院指控罗塞夫操纵国家账户,为此将举行投票公开反对罗塞夫。如果众议院获得2/3的投票,那么罗塞夫将在参议院面临审判。为了避免持和反对弹劾的民众之间起纷争,巴西首都竖起了一堵大铁墙。A federal appeals court in New York cleared the way for Argentina, which defaulted on its debt in 2001, to repay bondholders who had rejected earlier debt restructurings. This should allow the country to resume borrowing on international capital markets. It plans raise up to billion through a new bond issue. Most of the money will be used to pay the holdout bondholders.纽约一联邦上诉法院为阿根廷铺平了偿债之路,使其有能力偿还2001年拖欠债券持有人的相应债务。早期,这些持券人拒绝阿根廷提出的债务重组计划。上述法院的举动使得阿根廷能够重新在国际资本市场借款。阿根廷欲发行新一轮债券,计划融资150亿美元以上。大部分的融资将付给拒绝合作的持券人。Congress made an opening bid towards solving Puerto Ricos billion debt crisis. A House committee offered the island most of the benefits of a bankruptcy, including the suspension of litigation while a fiscal plan is sorted, new abilities to corral creditors and the power to modify its debt. This relief would come at a steep cost. An “oversight board”, nominated by Congress, would in effect revoke the self-government the commonwealth has enjoyed since 1948.美国国会举行公开招标活动,旨在解决波多黎各720亿美元的债务危机。众议院委员会给这个岛国提供破产带来诸多益处,包括中止诉讼、重整财政政策、稳定债权人的能力以及降低债务的权利。这项救助成本高昂。自1948年以来,波多黎各一直是美国的自治邦,现今国会成立“监督委员会”准备着手撤回其自治权力。 译文属译生译世201604/439208。
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