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t,ZF!_V75awrh6@vCKKguuiz*XMToday in History: Sunday, September 23, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月23日,星期天l2Xn88QArh(cRoOOn Sept. 23, 1952, Sen. Richard M. Nixon, R-Calif., salvaged his vice-presidential nomination by appearing live on television to refute allegations of improper campaign fundraising. (The address became known as the ;Checkers; speech because of Nixon#39;s on-air reference to the family pet, a dog named ;Checkers.;)1952年9月23日,参议员理查德·尼克松在电视上现场反驳他涉嫌不正当竞选筹款的控告,挽回了其副总统提名Fpe7mlv|lm*~hEJZhGV(。(此次演讲被称为;Checkers;,因为尼克松实况转播时提及到家里一只叫;Checkers;的)Xm3#8QA3S]wbbf63 B.C. Caesar Augustus was born in Rome.公元前63年,凯撒奥古斯在罗马出生6t#Wlc6Gm6)CvXh。.*9@pL2hS|1779 American commander John Paul Jones is said to have declared, ;I have not yet begun to fight!; during a Revolutionary War naval battle.1779年,据说美国指挥官约翰·保罗·琼斯在革命海域战中说过,“我还没有开始战斗!”nn%_An95-%7Zk4*1806 The Lewis and Clark expedition returned to St. Louis from the Pacific Northwest.1806年,刘易斯和克拉克探险队从太平洋西北地区回到圣路易mwabA5G6YWtS^。3zs-U8j0TY1846 The planet Neptune was discovered by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle.1846年,德国天文学家约翰·戈特弗里德·加勒发现海王星*)H;pc.|e*F0hz。M^aDCsPcCl5Mv;yG.GA1926 Jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane was born in Hamlet, N.C.1926年,爵士萨克斯管吹奏者和作曲家约翰·柯川出生在北卡罗来纳州哈姆雷特出生B8nJqwhK%ETLT,J8wo!。sOdxPIse]W3gzSmJ.1930 Musician Ray Charles was born Ray Charles Robinson in Albany, Ga.1930名,音乐家雷·查尔斯在在佐治亚州奥尔巴尼出生#Z_j[yZsB2r8d(。DvPm~[*h9]1939 Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, died at age 83.1939年,精神分析的创始人西格蒙德·弗洛伊德逝世,享年83岁lIPz2n!#FS2]@AVEpoA。iC|sBukcj%n*1957 Nine black students who had entered Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas were forced to withdraw because of a white mob outside.1957年,9个已经进入阿肯色州小石城中心高中的黑人学生因外面一白人暴徒而被迫退学Fwg.I;O5M(uD7Qa;A。i)lkW_S~NrZ1987 Choreographer-director Bob Fosse died at age 60.1987年,舞蹈导演Bob Fosse去世,享年60岁E^|aZE(2;~ncd;yS。Ue+M,~M*D4GT1990 Iraq threatened to destroy Middle East oil fields and attack Israel if other nations tried to force it from Kuwait.1990年,伊拉克威胁称如果其他国家试图从科威特对其施压,他将摧毁中东油田并攻击以色列_dQ9]_s.AQSw。04gP4eT^)pMq-Tk(Hnwr1999 The Mars Climate Observer apparently burned up as it was about to go into orbit around the Red Planet.1999年,火星气候观察者正要围绕着这颗红色行星进入其轨道时明显的燃烧起来+Tps|2ydH[6tW。h;(IBp5k!6E7-nTi%MD2011 The soap opera ;All My Children; broadcast its final episode on A, ending a 41-year run.2011年,肥皂剧《我所有的孩子》在A播放了最后一集,结束长达41年的播放vJenBDpl1HLCHc。e8(*,.51;vQQ@4CNcC#(s|2sZlChhWy]Hn5fk /201209/201224

How To Improve Reading Comprehension on HowcastYour ing comprehension improves when you treat the text as more than just words. Here are some practices to help you do that.当你读文章时,不仅仅只把阅读材料当做文字,这样你的阅读理解能力就会提高。下面是几条帮你提高的实践小知识。Step 1: Remove distractionsRemove distractions such as the TV or radio before you start ing. Your brain only has so much capacity for attention, so dedicate it all to your studies.第一步:排除分心在阅读前不要看电视或听广播,避免分心。大脑的注意力是有限的,将所有注意力都用来学习吧。Step 2: Build anticipationBuild anticipation for what you are about to by reviewing chapter titles and subheads, or by ing a chapter summary. Reading first and last paragraphs is another good way to start.第二步:先有总体印象对所要阅读的材料有个大体的印象,在阅读之前可以看下文章的标题和副标题,或是读下文章小结。读文章的第一段和最后一段也是开始阅读的好方法。Step 3: Be an active erBe an active er. Make connections between the text and things that you aly know, and consider ideas the author may have left out.第三步:做一个积极的阅读者做一个积极的阅读者。将阅读的材料和你已经知道的知识联系起来,并思考作者可能遗漏的信息。Step 4: Close the bookClose the book and quiz yourself on what you’ve . Summarize the main points and facts from the text, and then go back to see how much you got right.第四步:将书合上选本书并对阅读的内容进行自测。总结文章的要点和事实,再回过头来看你做对了多少。Tip:If you need more structure in your study sessions, research techniques on the internet.小贴士:如果在学习中需要更多的知识结构,可以去网上寻找方法。Step 5: Reinforce the textReinforce what you’ve learned by discussing it with others or teaching someone else the lesson. Reviewing lectures and s on the material also reinforces learning.第五步:加深对文章的理解通过和其他人讨论文章或给别人讲解文章的内容来加深对所学知识的掌握。回顾与阅读材料有关的演讲或视频也能起到同样的效果。Step 6: Test againTest yourself again. If you do it enough, you’ll learn the material by heart.第六步:再次测试再次测试。如果你已经下了很多功夫,你就能用心牢记所学的知识。 Article/201012/121041Aspirin is not only used for health benefits, but can be used for all kinds of unusual remedies.阿司匹林除了对健康有益之外,还可以用于各种各样不同寻常的疗法。Step 1 Place aspirin in battery1.放入电池Put two aspirin in your car#39;s battery if it#39;s dead. The acetylsalicylic acid and the battery’s sulfuric acid may produce a charge good for one more turn of the engine.如果汽车电池失效,放入两片阿司匹林。乙酰水杨酸和电池中的硫酸溶液可以产生电荷,让引擎再次发动。Step 2 Add to water2.延长鲜花寿命Add a crushed aspirin to water before adding fresh flowers to extend their life.将一片阿司匹林压碎,加入水中,然后再插鲜花,这样可以延长寿命。Step 3 Wet skin3.消肿Wet your skin with water and rub an aspirin on a mosquito bite or bee sting to reduce inflammation.用水将皮肤湿润,然后把阿司匹林涂抹在蚊子咬或蜜蜂叮过的地方,可以消肿。Apply aspirin dissolved in water to acne to dry out skin and get rid of pimples.将阿司匹林溶解在水中,涂抹痤疮,可以消除脓包。Step 4 Restore color-treated hair4.修复染色头发Restore color-treated hair affected by a chlorinated pool by dissolving six to eight tablets of aspirin in a glass of warm water. Apply the solution to your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing.将六到八片阿司匹林溶解在一杯温水中,可以修复被含氯染色剂损伤的头发。将溶液涂抹在头发上,十五分钟后清洗。Step 5 Remove stains5.清除汗渍Remove perspiration stains from shirts by soaking the stained part in a solution made by crushing two aspirin in 1/2 cup of warm water.将两片阿司匹林溶解在半杯温水中,然后浸泡被汗渍污染处,可以清除衬衣上的汗渍。Aspirin can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.阿司匹林可以降低心脏病和中风的风险。 Article/201302/224021

Remove Tap Limescale by watching and listening to this simple one minute explanation. No scrubbing necessary! Learn how to Remove Limescale From Taps.跟随这段只有一分钟的简短的视频学习一下怎样清除水龙头上的水垢。根本不需要用力擦!现在我们一起来学习吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要rubber gloves,cotton wool,vinegar橡胶手套,棉絮,醋Step 2: Apply the vinegar2.涂抹醋Soak cotton wool in vinegar. Place it anywhere you can see lime scale building. The overflow fitting and at the base of the taps are key. Place enough vinegar soaked cotton wool to cover the areas.把棉花浸入醋中,然后放在任何可以看到水垢的部位。溢水部位和水龙头底座是关键部位。放置足够的醋浸过的棉花来覆盖这些地方。Step 3: Leave and rinse3.放置并清洗Leave the over night to allow the vinegar to do the job. Remove in the morning and give it a quick rinse. Sparkling like new.将这些棉花放置过夜,让醋和水垢发生反应。早上拿掉棉花,快速清洗。现在,水龙头就像新的一样了!Thanks for watching How To Remove Limescale From Taps.感谢收看“怎样清除水龙头上的水垢”视频节目。 Article/201211/208286Natural shelter in the wild is a potential life saver. If you do not have a tent or bivouac with you, knowing how to make a lean-to shelter is one of the most important bush craft survival skills. So watch VideoJug#39;s guide to building a shelter in a forest.野外天然庇护所,关键时候可以用来保命。如果没有帐篷和宿营地,建立容身处的知识就是丛林生存的关键。现在我们来学习如何在森林中建立一个容身之所。Step 1: You will need1.所需材料#8226;An uprooted tree1棵连根拔起的大树#8226;Some sturdy branches一些粗的树枝#8226;Plenty of leaves and debris from the forest floor大量的枯枝败叶。Step 2: Preparation2.准备Make sure you choose the right spot to make camp. If you are stuck outside after nightfall and it is too dangerous to carry on. You must work with the environment you find yourself in, but if you have a choice then there are a number of things to consider.选对地点再继续,而且夜幕降临之后很难完成,所以要提早进行选址。要先选择一个合适的地点,另外,选址结束后还有很多别的事情要考虑。Where are you? If you are on high exposed ground, head to lower more sheltered ground. If you are in a valley, then head to higher ground. Hot air rises, so the lower ground will tend to be colder and damp.你的地点应该选在哪儿呢?平地环境中要选择低一些的、更容易隐蔽的地方,不要选择高地,那样极其容易暴露自己;而如果是在山谷中,就要反其道而行之,因为受太阳照射影响,低处一般比较湿冷。Are there any natural resources? Ideally you would like to be near a water source, and a good source of fuel for your fire. Are there animal trails nearby? You don#39;t want bear or any other animals wandering through your camp at night.还有别的可利用的资源吗?理想状态下,避身处应该接近水源,同时还要有生火的燃料。附近有没有野兽出没的迹象?你一定不愿意看到熊或者别的野兽在你的藏身处附近转来转去的。Also spend a minute checking the area above where you intend to camp, are there any bees nests or dead branches in the trees? These may crash down on top of you in if the wind picks up.同样要花些时间大致查看一番营地周围的环境,看看树上有没有马蜂窝或是枯死的树枝,这些东西受风影响也许会砸在你头上。Always try to camp at the edge of a forest, rather than in the middle of it, so that you can see what is going on around you.永远选择在森林边缘宿营,而不要选择在森林中央。在森林边缘地带更容易看清周边发生的一切。Step 3: Location3.地点You will need to find the right structure to lean your branches against, an uprooted tree is perfect, especially if it has a hollow where the roots once were as this will give you more space inside. Be sure that it is dry as sometimes these hollows fill with water.你需要找到合适的构架进行搭建,连根拔起的大树最适合,当然如果树根部分中空一块,那就更好了,这意味着你有更大的空间。只不过需要确定这个树根中空部分是干的,因为里面可能含有水。Step 4: Construction4.构建Now you have the main structure you will need the branches to create the rest of your shelter. Light fades very quickly in wooded areas, so it is essential the construction is done quickly and efficiently.有了构架之后,你就需要用树枝搭建剩余的部分了。火燃烧的很快,所以要在火熄灭之前完成,速度和效果都要有保。The shelter can be made from fallen branches and debris. Once you have collected your wood, start by leaning it against the structure, each piece should be firmly pushed into the ground, at a 45 degree angle. This allows the rain to run off effectively. Use the stronger, thicker branches first, as these will form the main support for your structure, then fill in with the thinner pieces.这个避身所可以用掉落的树枝和落叶组成,收集完木材之后,每一根树枝都要牢牢地土里,呈45度角搭在构架上,这样如果下雨,雨水会流的很快。优先选择那些细而结实的树枝作为主要的撑体,然后用更细的树枝填充。Leaving just one end open for your entrance gives you further protection from the elements and will insulate you better. With the structure finished add handfuls of leaves to create an insulating roof. You will need a lot of leaves and debris, because as a general rule you want a 30 cm layer of leaves, to have any hope of retaining warmth.避身处只留一个出口,这样能更好地保护自己。最后把树叶铺在这个构架上,形成一个“屋顶”,工作就算完成了。你需要很多的树叶,因为通常30厘米厚的树叶层才能起到保暖的效果。Thanks for watching How To Build A Shelter In A Forest谢谢收看本期“林中避身”节目 /201208/197127

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Hibbard and everyone else at Southern Oaks Middle School at Port St. Lucie, Florida.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了Hibbard先生的南橡树中学。Who was featured on the first CD released to the public?谁出现在了第一张公开发行的CD上?Here we go, was it the Bangles, Billy Joel, the Beatles or Janet Jackson?开始!他是手镯合唱团、比利#8226;乔、披头士乐队还是珍妮#8226;杰克逊?You#39;ve got three seconds. Go! Billy Joel#39;s ;52nd Street; was the first commercial compact disk. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;你有三分钟的时间。开始!比利#8226;乔的“五十二大街”是第一张商业的激光唱片。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: That CD came out exactly 30 years ago today, and it wasn#39;t exactly cheap either.那张CD正是在30年前的今天问世,而且它也并不便宜。Back in 1982, that Billy Joel#39;s CD sold for what would have been the equivalent of about 35 bucks.回到1982年,比利#8226;乔的CD要卖相当于现在35美元的价格。When they first came out, CDs were praised for their sound quality.第一张CD问世时,CD因为它良好的音效而备受称赞。They were more portable than records, and they could hold more music on them.它们比磁带更便携,而且也能记录更多的音乐。In the 30 years since then, hundreds of billions of CDs have been sold and even with MP3s around now, CDs still make up more than 60 percent of all album sales in the U.S. Although the format is losing ground to digital files.30年以来,成百上千万张的CD被销售出去,尽管现在有MP3的包围,CD在美国依然可以占到专辑销售的60%,尽管这种形式在与数字文件作战时丢失了阵地。 /201210/202605这首Lacoste(兰蔻)香水广告歌曲来自性感、充满活力的Natasha Thomas。18岁时她以一曲翻唱自Carly Simon的名曲"Why Does Your Love Hurt So Much",成功打响知名度。标准的鹅蛋脸,加上直顺闪亮的金发,不但美,还多了一份少女难得的气质,一出道即被全球知名的品牌Lacoste相中,为旗下新发行的香水及饰代言,Natasha不仅成为广告中的女主角并演唱了这首广告曲"Let Me Show You The Way"。Title: Let Me Show You The Way Let me show you the way show: 指示,指点;指出It's a game that we play Oh everyday so easy Let me show you the wayOh just say what you saySo easilyeasily: 容易地 The way of your touch is always heavenlytouch: 触;碰;摸 heavenly: 神的,神圣的,在天堂的And I love the way that you are loving meYou wrapped me up in the color of your lovewrap up: 包(包裹)起来;严密裹住You must be an angel high from above in the game of the heartangel: 天使You know I know that you are mine Let me show you the way It's a game that we playOh everyday so easyLet me show you the wayOh just say what you saySo easily Are you gonna be there when I need someonegonna: lt;美gt; 将要(going to)And will I be always just the only oneI don't wanna have just another heartbreakwanna: (want to)仅能用于口语,相当于"want to"或者"want a" heartbreak: (尤指因失恋而)心碎,断肠;伤心事So tell me is your love true or fake in the game of the heartfake: 假的You know I know that you are mine Let me show you the wayIt's a game that we playOh everyday so easyLet me show you the wayOh just say what you saySo easily One kissOne loveOne wordOne vowvow: 誓约With nothing moreOne lifeOne dreamGonna save it save it for mesave: 留下,保留 Let me show you the wayIt's a game that we playOh everyday so easyLet me show you the wayOh just say what you saySo easily (Show you the way)Show you the wayGame that we playEveryday so easyLet me show you the wayOh just say what you saySo easily Let me show you the way Article/200912/93177

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