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France’s government and business法国政府和商业Angry pigeons愤怒的鸽子An online revolt forces the government into an embarrassing tax climbdown在线的抗议活动迫使政府陷入税收让步的窘境Usually it takes millions of demonstrators on the streets to force a French government to back down. This time it took just 65,000 supporters of a social media campaign. Calling themselves les pigeons, or “suckers”, French entrepreneurs mounted an online revolt last week against the government’s plan to double capital-gains tax to some 60%. In an embarrassing climbdown just days later, Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, announced he would think again.在通常情况下,几百万的群众在大街上进行抗议游行才会迫使政府为此做出让步。但是这次只有65000名在社交网站上自称“鸽子”,意为“傻瓜”持者就完成了此项壮举。那是由法国企业家所发起的一次网上抗议活动,用来反抗上周对资本利得税翻倍至升至60%的政府法案。几天后政府窘迫的做出了一个让步,社会党人——财政部长 Pierre Moscovici,宣布,他将会就此作出讨论。These indignés of the start-up generation, protesting not at capitalism but at the Socialist government’s plans to limit their ability to make lots of money, were inspired by a newspaper article by Jean-David Chamboredon, a venture capitalist, denouncing new rules in the 2013 budget. In line with a campaign promise by Francois Hollande, the Socialist president, to tax “work and capital” equally, the budget taxes all financial income—whether from interest, dividends or capital gains—at top marginal rates for higher-band earners.对于愤怒的创业一代来说,这一系列的抗议行为反抗的并不是资本主义本身,而是对社会党政府的计划经济限制了他们赚取更多的财富感到不满。而这一切都是受到了一位风险资本家——Jean-David Chamboredon刊登在报纸上的一篇文章鼓动,他公开强烈谴责了2013年的政府预算报告中的新规定。社会党Francois Hollande竞选时承诺对劳资双方平等征税,与此承诺相符的是,预算对利息、股息或资本利得等各项金融所得进行征税,而征税范围越广泛,边际税率越高。The article touched a raw nerve. A Facebook page was created, as was the Twitter hashtag #geonpi, French slang for pigeon, and the revolt went viral. “I’ve never seen people so depressed. They’ve had enough, they are leaving,” warned Marc Simoncini, an internet entrepreneur. The “pigeons” begged the government to understand that when an entrepreneur invests his money and hard work in a start-up and then sells it, that investment is not quite the same as the “sleeping capital” in shares that the government wants to tax so heavily.这篇文章触发了人们的脆弱神经。人们甚至在Facebook和Twitter上建立了相关页面(在后者的标签为“#geonpi”,意为法语俚语中的鸽子),反对之声铺天盖地。跨国企业家Marc Simoncini说警告说:“我从未见过人们如此沮丧,他们似乎受够了,正准备离开”。那群“鸽子们”希望政府们能理解企业家们筚路蓝缕后出售家业。而这些投资并不像那些“沉睡资本”,但是政府却想对这一部分征税。Mr Moscovici now says that he will lighten the burden on capital gains for entrepreneurs, though he has ruled out altering his plans to tax capital and work equally. “What we want to tax isn’t risk, but rent,” he insisted. The plan, still under debate, is to revert to the previous tax rate, but only if an entrepreneur holds on to his business for, say, five years.但是Moscovici称他将资本利得上的的负担,尽管他要拒绝修改税收征管计划,他坚称:“我们的征税对象并非风险,而是租金”。而现在,这项备受争议的计划将要回到过去的税率水平,但其前提是企业家们持续经营达到约五年时间。Had the fiscal revolt been led by established employers’ groups, it might have been dismissed as special pleading. The government was not much impressed by bosses who argued that the new 75% top income-tax rate was a disaster. But the pigeon movement captured the imagination thanks to its spontaneity, its grass-roots nature and its youth. The biggest single age-group backing the movement on Facebook was 25- to 34-year-olds.而这次抗议活动如果是由那些商业巨头们领导的,可能会被当做一场特殊的请愿而被驳回。而目前,当企业家们认为最高达75%的所得税率对于他们来说是场灾难的时候,政府却对此不以为然。但是这场“鸽子运动”却因其自发性,草根性以及年轻化引起了政府的注意。多为25~34岁的个人在Facebook持此项运动。The French, who gave the English language the word “entrepreneur”, are deeply ambivalent about business. In popularity polls, they seldom cite any businessmen. School textbooks rarely portray companies favourably. The angry pigeons may help win entrepreneurs more sympathy in France. If not, if will not be just the pigeons who are stuffed.法国,这个在英语中赋予了“企业家”一词的国家,却对商业有如此复杂的情绪。在一项民意调查中,他们很少用“商人”去称呼别人。而学校的教科书上几乎没有对公司有任何的赞美之词。“愤怒的鸽子”的运动可能会使得企业家在法国获得更多的同情。不然的话,被剥削的可就不仅仅只是这些‘鸽子’了。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/457325The wetter the summer, the more mosquitos youre likely to find outside.In hot, dry summers, like the summer we are having now, there are fewer mosquitoes. But the mosquitos that are around pose a greater threat. Thats because West Nile virus sps more easily in warm weather. This summer Michigan State University has predicted an outbreak of West Nile in Michigan.Ken Wuerfel is co-owner of the pest control company Mosquito Squad. Wuerfel says he doesnt usually get as many calls when its a hot, dry summer like this one.There arent as many mosquitoes out there. But while some species of mosquitoes suffer in the heat, the one that carries West Nile virus thrives.(Subscribe to the Stateside podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or with this RSS link)Its a hardy little mosquito called Culex pipiens and it likes urban areas with standing water. Wuerfel says they breed in everything from large retention ponds to the smallest pooling water you can find.;If you have a water bottle and you take the cap and give it a toss and it happens to land cup side up, that little bottle cap a mosquito could—if it filled with water—lay a raft of 300 eggs,; says Wuerfel.Its not just the army of Culex mosquitoes that makes summers like this bad for West Nile. Ned Walker researches mosquito-borne diseases at Michigan State University. He says the hot weather also helps the virus sp.;Mosquitos are animals. Theyre cold blooded, and so the warmer it is, the faster things happen,; says Walker. ;And mosquitos get the virus infection by feeding on infected birds and then once a mosquito has gotten a blood meal from an infected bird, the virus has to grow inside the body of the mosquito. And it grows faster when its warmer.;Every year Walkers team at MSU tries to predict West Nile outbreaks based on weather patterns. He says this season closely resembles the summer of 2012. That year we saw the most deaths from West Nile in U.S. history. Out of more than 5,000 cases, roughly 280 people died.Because the Culex mosquito likes urban areas, youre safer in the woods than you are in the city. In fact, Walker says most people probably get West Nile in their own homes. He nicknames Culex pipiens the ;Northern house mosquito.;;Its very good at sneaking into houses. For example, its common for people to leave a back door propped open if theyre say barbecuing on a back deck and theyll leave the door open. Or if they want their dog to be able to run in and out theyll just leave a door open or maybe open a window. Or perhaps the screens arent repaired properly and theres holes in screens. Things like that that allow those mosquitoes to come in doors,; says Walker.Walker says they also bite very late at night.;So its not the typical time people put on repellant. For example, I dont know anyone who puts on mosquito repellant right before they go to bed,; he says.So how do you fight such a stealthy, tough mosquito?Walker says the best way is through community-wide control.;You cant dump out an abandoned swimming pool and you cant empty out thousands of street catch basins, but you can treat them. And there are communities that have adopted programs like this,; he says.According to the Michigan Mosquito Control Association, only Bay, Midland, Saginaw, and Tuscola counties, and about 10 townships, have treatment programs.Tom Putt of the association says there used to be a lot more 10 years ago, but cities and towns dont have the money for that anymore.Ned Walker says the few municipalities that have mosquito programs are often the only ones that send MSU mosquitoes for testing. Walker says even high risk areas like Grand Rapids and Detroit dont report.;Unfortunately without good surveillance, we cant make strong statements about the risk, but we do have this forecast model and thats been reliable so far,; he says.Ken Wuerfel of the Mosquito Squad says there are some things you can do to keep Culex mosquitoes from breeding. Dump out any standing water in your yard, clean your gutters, and get rid of yard waste that could hold water. There are more tips from Mosquito Squad here.Blue jays and crows are often susceptible to the disease. So if you see a freshly dead crow or blue jay in your yard, call the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Disease Lab at 517-336-5030.Fortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 70 to 80% of people who contract the virus dont have any symptoms.201607/456099Its cool because so many people,there are so many talented people, like Gods blessed so many people这很酷因为很多人 有很多受到上帝眷顾很有才华的人But it takes a lot of hard work as well,He wants you to work for it但这同样需要付出巨大的汗水 你需要为之不懈奋斗and he wants you to always just trust him and just always dont stop你要相信他 永远不要停下前进的脚步and never give up,right never say never,never say never,never say never永不放弃 永不言弃 永不言弃 永不言弃Now, youre surrounded by very very good people too,Yes, its great你现在身边也有不少好人 是的 很棒because Ive surrounded myself with core group who have now become like my family因为我身边的这些人 这些人都成了我的家人Theyre been really close to me and its been really cool他们和我很亲密 这很棒because they want me to become not just a great artist but a good person in the end因为他们不仅仅想让我 成为一个成功的歌手 更成为一个正直的人A lot of people that havent seen the movie,a lot of people think Im just some product很多没有看过电影的人 很多人觉得我只是个商品that people put together package and put out there,Sing Baby,just do it是被人包装出来的 唱《Baby》 快唱but Ive been playing music ever since I remember,I just wanna people to see the movie and really see I work really hard从我记事起我就在玩音乐 我只希望让大家看这个电影 看到我真的很努力Yes you work reall hard,The fact youve got to play Madison Square Garden sold out in 22 minutes是的 你真的很努力 事实上你在Madison Square Garden的演出门票 在22分钟之内就销售一空And did it in such a short amout of time and you see youre heart breaking when you throat is在这么短的时间内就售完 当你嗓子有问题的时候 你很伤心In fact you cant talk for a few days you ha to cancel the concert事实上 你有几天都不能说话 你不得不取消演唱会I have to say about the Michael Jackson thing though,Do you feel sometimes you我还是要提到Michael Jackson 有时候你有没有感到because the tough thing is,you have the talent, you have all these fans因为最困难的事情是 你很有天赋 你粉丝成群and youre huge all over the world,Do you get to go out and do things你红遍了全世界 你可以像正常人一样生活吗because thats one thing Micheal suddenly didnt have a life,He had to hide all the time因为Micheal因为这件事而迷失了方向 他必须要一直躲躲藏藏 /201606/450805

The 2016 field2016大选阵势Romney returns罗姆尼回归The list of possible Republican candidates grows longer and more familiar共和党竞选人数越来越多,面孔愈发熟悉WHEN a man wishes to run for president, he no longer announces the fact to voters, or chooses an issue on which to take a stand. Instead, he lets a group of donors know that he is “exploring” the possibility of a bid, as if the campaign trail were some inaccessible region inhabited by polar bears. For Mitt Romney, who told donors on January 9th that he might run again, after months of scoffing at the idea, it is hardly unfamiliar terrain. Should he give it a go, 2016 would see the third Romney presidential campaign (not counting his fathers).一个人即使想要竞选总统,对选民他也会绝口不提,也不会就某事踩定立场,而是放出风声给那些捐助人,让他们知道他正在“招标”,貌似竞选遥遥不可及,还缩在北极熊那旮旯里。而对于罗姆尼,这一场景也是似曾相识,他在1月9号告知捐助人,在几个月的深思熟虑后,他可能决定再度参选。若不算他的父亲,这已经是第三个参选的罗姆尼。Why Mr Romney—a decent man who in 2012 was pounded by adverts painting him as a heartless capitalist and careless pet owner, then denounced as useless by fellow Republicans when he lost—should want to make another attempt on the presidency is a puzzle. Perhaps the best explanation was given by another explorer: because it is there. In very early polling, Mr Romney tops a list of possible Republican candidates so long that it is sometimes quicker to mention who is not running. The likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, currently looks a formidable opponent for any of them, but she has hardly been tested yet and, if she runs, will get little campaigning practice in her partys primary.为何罗姆尼决定再注一掷原因仍然不明,要知道这样一个体面的人在2012年却被媒体渲染成一个没心没肺的资本家,粗心大意的饲养者,铩羽而归之日又被共和党人指责毫无用武之地,也许原因来自一项调查:调查结果显示总统一职几乎手到擒来。早先的投票结果中,罗姆尼位居所有共和党人之首,领先差距之大有时能一眼看出哪些已没希望,而民主党候选人可能是希拉里克林顿,一旦成功几乎是他们所有人最为强劲的对手,但她还没有经过试炼,在初选中获得的经验也是寥寥无几。Also in Mr Romneys favour is his surname. He would begin any campaign with the sort of recognition that costs many millions of dollars. More important, his name is not Bush, which polling suggests is not a popular one among independent voters. Republicans last won the White House without a Bush on the ticket in 1972. But if feelings were to harden against Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and a fellow 2016 explorer, it would create some space on the business wing of the party, which thought it had found a winner until Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, got into a kerfuffle over a bridge and saw his states bonds downgraded.罗姆尼的姓氏无疑给他赢得了加分,这种认可度作为任何竞选的起点往往会耗资百万,更重要的是它不姓布什,这个姓氏在选民中可不受欢迎,上一次非布什家族的人入主白宫还得追溯到1972年,但如果人们一意抵制杰布布什—佛罗里达前州长及2016参选人,到会给该党经济翼创造更多空间,之前他们也是满心以为胜券在握,但新泽西州州长克里斯克里斯蒂无疑给他们泼了一盆冷水,Were that gap to open, one of Mr Romneys immediate tasks would be to write a campaign book. Even for a life as lively as his, a third autobiography may seem like overkill. Though he is a self-described turnaround specialist, a Romney presidency seems unlikely. But thats what they said about Ronald Reagan, whose first two bids also failed.若差距拉大,那罗姆尼的当务之急便是写一本竞选书籍,但即使他的阅历多姿多,第三本自传也显得叠床架屋,虽然他自称尤擅重张旗鼓,但赢得希望还是十分渺茫。但这也是当年对于里根的主流看法,他前两次竞选均为碰壁。 译文属译生译世 /201501/356221Britain-Women in prison英国 牢房中的女性Breaking worse让女性走出牢房Female prisoners are more badly behaved than male ones女性囚犯比男性囚犯表现更差Bad behaviour behind bars牢房之内,女性更坏?AS A rule, women behave better than men, or are less frequently caught out: they make up just 5% of Britains prison population. Even these troublemakers are gentler than the opposite sex. In 2014 eight in ten women prisoners were jailed for non-violent offences, compared with seven in ten male prisoners.女性比男性行为更规矩,或至少从表面上看如此,这似乎是大家都承认的。英国监狱中只有5%的犯人是女性。就算是这些女性犯罪者也比男性显得温和。2014年,每10名女性犯人中有8人是因为非暴力犯罪被捕,但每10名男性犯人则是7人。Behind bars, however, a different trend emerges. It is women who more frequently run up against prison rules. In 2014 there were 137 punishments doled out per 100 women but only 105 for every 100 men. They are also more violent, committing 52 assaults on staff per 1,000 female prisoners in 2015 whereas the male rate was 45. Why do women behave so badly in prison?然而,牢房之内,情势却大不相同。和监狱纪律对着干的更多的是女性。2014年,平均每100名女性囚犯受到了137项惩罚,而每100名男性,只有105项。女性在监狱里更加暴力。2015年统计表明,平均每1000名女性会对狱警有52次攻击行为,,男性则是45次。为什么女性在监狱中表现得如此暴力呢?Diego Gambetta, a sociologist, says women make rougher inmates because they take longer to establish a hierarchy. Fighting, he says, “is an information-seeking device”, and although the toughest men sport large muscles and scars, the toughest women are harder to spot without a scrap. Another theory is that female prisoners are trickier to manage because they are more likely to suffer from mental illness: in 2015 26% of them (and 16% of male inmates) had had a psychiatric admission before going to prison. A third argument is that female jails are less crowded, so unruly prisoners are easier to spot.社会学家Diego Gambetta说,因为女性囚犯需要更多时间来建立等级关系。Diego Gambetta还说,打架是“一种寻求信息的方式”,你很容易判断出最凶狠的男性,他们通常有着结实的肌肉和伤疤,但最凶狠的女性却没有这些特征,只能通过打架来判断。另一个说法是女性囚犯比男性囚犯更难管理,因为她们更容易患上心理疾病:2015年,26%的女囚犯(和16%的男囚犯)在入狱前就有精神病明。第三种说法是女性监狱相对没有那么拥挤,所以一旦犯事,更容易被(狱警)发现。译文属译生译世 /201604/439864Carbon dioxide is a potent greenhouse gas.二氧化碳是一种强力的温室气体。Levels of carbon dioxide, or CO2, in the atmosphere are increasing at an unprecedented rate.大气中的二氧化碳的浓度正在以前所未有的速度增长。But what impact do higher CO2 levels have on plants?但是空发中高浓度的二氧化碳对植物有什么样的影响呢?Plants use CO2 from the air along with sunlight and water to produce carbohydrates they use for energy.植物运用空气中的二氧化碳,与阳光、水一起产生能量所需的碳水化合物。This process is called photosynthesis.这个过程叫做光合作用。Higher atmospheric CO2 increases the rate of photosynthesis, and thus the amount of carbohydrates in plant leaves.二氧化碳浓度较高的大气增加了光合作用的速率,因此植物中碳水化合物的数量就会过剩。Sounds beneficial, right?听起来很有利,对吧?However, scientists have found that asCO2 levels go up, plant defenses might go down.然而科学家们发现随着二氧化碳浓度的升高,植物的防御将会降低。Researchers at the University of Illinois used a special open-air research facility that allowed them togrow soybean plants in different concentrations of CO2—without changing other factors such as sunlight, insects or rainfall.伊利诺伊大学的研究人员采用了特殊的露天研究设施,这些设施可以使他们在不同浓度的二氧化碳中种植大豆植物-不用改变其他的因素,如阳光,昆虫,或者雨水。They discovered that soybeans grown in fields with higher CO2 levels had much more insect damage and attracted more adult insect pests than those in plots with less CO2 in the air.他们发现在较高浓度二氧化碳中种植的大豆会遭受更严重的虫害,与在空气中二氧化碳浓度较低的地方相比,它们会吸引更多的成年害虫。The insects might have been attracted by the higher carbohydrate levels in the leaves of plantsgrown in high CO2.这些昆虫被植物叶子中由高浓度的二氧化碳产生的高含量的碳水化合物所吸引。But a higher carb diet wasnt the only thing that encouraged infestation.但是高碳水化合物的饮食并不是引起虫害的唯一原因。Normally, soybean plants under attack by insects will produce jasmonic acid.一般来说,被昆虫攻击的大豆植物都会产生抑制昆虫消化叶子能力的茉莉酸,This inhibits theinsects ability to digest leaves, which protects the plant from further attack.以保护植物免受进一步的损害。In high CO2atmospheres, the plants were unable to produce this defensive chemical.在高二氧化碳环境中,植物无法产生这种防御性化学物质。So, the dangers of rapidly increasing CO2 in our atmosphere might extend beyond climate change.所以二氧化碳急速增长所带来的危害可能远远不止气候变化。Since soybeans grown at higher CO2 would lose a crucial defense pathway and attractmore hungry beetles, other food crops might also be more vulnerable if CO2 levels continue torise.既然在高二氧化碳环境中种植的大豆会失去防御的关键通道并引来更多饥饿的甲虫,如果二氧化碳浓度继续升高的话,其它粮食作物可能也会变得更加脆弱。201410/336260

Politics this week本周政治要闻Alexander Van der Bellen, a former head of the Green party, won Austrias presidential election by just 31,000 votes, defeating Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party. Had he won this post, Mr. Hofer would have been the first far-right head of state in the European Union. His surprisingly high support reflected voter anger over immigration. As in several European countries, the far right has been making ground.奥地利绿党(Green party)前导人亚历山大·范德贝伦(Alexander Van der Bellen)仅以31000票击败自由党候选人诺贝特·霍费尔(Norbert Hofer),赢得奥地利总统选举。如果霍费尔赢得此次选举,他将成为欧盟历史上首位极端右翼国家领导人。霍费尔高涨的持率反映了选民在难民问题上的愤怒。极右派势力已在欧洲多国逐渐兴起。In Brussels Greeces creditors agreed on a deal to secure debt relief for the country. The measures, which were thrashed out in late-night talks after months of wrangling, are intended to restructure Greek debt, which is currently 180% of GDP. Greece will receive 10 billion (billion) in aid to help it avoid a default, starting with 7.5 billion next month.希腊债权人于布鲁塞尔达成协议,同意为该国承担债务责任。经过数月争论和多次深夜商讨,债权人最终提出相应方案,旨在重组希腊债务(希腊目前债务总值是其GDP的1.8倍)。希腊将收到100亿欧元(约110亿美元)援助金,用于偿还拖欠金额。第一批75亿欧元援助金将于下个月发放。After being detained in Russia for two years Nadia Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot, was released from jail and sent home. She was exchanged for two Russian prisoners captured in Ukraine. On her return home Ms Savchenko ironically thanked those who had “wished me evil”, and was greeted as a national hero.在被俄罗斯扣押两年之久后,乌克兰飞行员纳季娅·萨夫琴科(Nadia Savchenko)获赦回国,同时作为交换,两名关押在乌克兰的俄罗斯囚犯也重新回到俄罗斯。回国途中,萨夫琴科讽刺地向那些“咒骂自己”的人表示感谢。她被乌克兰民众奉为国家英雄。In Turkey Binali Yildirim was sworn in as prime minister following the ouster of his predecessor, Ahmet Davutoglu. Mr. Yildirim is a loyal supporter of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president, and vowed to continue with an overhaul of the constitution which is handing more powers to the presidency.继土耳其前总理艾哈迈德·达乌特奥卢(Ahmet Davutoglu)辞去总理一职后,比纳利·耶尔德勒姆(Binali Yildirim)宣誓接任总理职位。耶尔德勒姆是土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)的忠实持者,并承诺继续推进制度改革,将更多的权力递交到总统手中。Romero Jucá, Brazils planning minister, stepped aside after tapes were leaked in which he appeared to suggest that the impeachment of the president, Dilma Rousseff, would blunt an investigation into the multibillion- dollar scandal centered on Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company. Mr Jucá, one of the targets of the investigation, says his remarks were misinterpreted. He was only recently appointed by the interim president, Michel Temer. The new government proposed several reform measures, including a cap on the growth of public spending.随着“录音丑闻”的曝光,巴西计划部长罗梅罗·茹卡(Romero Jucá)引咎辞职。茹卡在录音中称,只有弹劾总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)才能阻止贪腐调查的进行。该贪腐调查主要针对巴西国家石油公司(Petrobras),涉及金额数十亿美元。作为调查对象之一,茹卡表示自己的言论受到了曲解。茹卡近日被代总统米歇尔·特梅尔(Michel Temer)任命为计划部长。巴西临时政府提出了数项改革方案,其中包括限制政府开。 译文属译生译世201606/447947I never actually ran into him when I was shooting.Because he was right next door.I know.我从来没在拍的时候遇见过他 他就在隔壁 我知道I was gonna surprise you.Hes not here.Hes out of town.我本打算给你个惊喜 但他不在这里 他出去了But I was really gonna surprise you.Oh,thats so sweet.I know.But I would show people.我本来真的打算给你惊喜的 哦 你真好 我知道 所以我要展示给大家Remember I asked if I can download the that you did on my phone?What?记得我问你我可不可以下载你用我手机拍的视频吗? 什么?I may not have asked you,but I did download your onto my phone.我也许没有问过你 但我确实下载了手机上的视频you mean,Oh,Ellen.That was some thing.Oh,my Lord,no,no,no.你是说 Ellen 哪个是 哦 天哪 不Its harmless.Its harmless.Its not harmless.Its mortifying.没事的 没事的 不会没事的 这太丢人了Tell people what you did then we will show them.告诉人们你做了什么 然后我们给他们看视频Ok,I cant believe you are doing this to me.好吧 我不敢相信你这样对我Uh,I was leaving,actually just done your show.呃...我正要离开 事实上刚结束了你的节目ah,see this is want I get into when I get on your show,just trouble看这就是上你节目的后果 都是麻烦And then I was leaving your show and I was at the stop light,about to turn left onto Balrog我刚离开你的节目 我在等红灯 正要向左转到Balrog路上and then all of a sudden,Clint Eastwood pulls up right in his car然后突然 Clint Eastwood开着车出现了and I have never seen Clint Eastwood and,and,and...you know,in front of me.我从没见过Clint Eastwood 你知道吗 就在我面前and I kind of got overly excited,and,and I took a cell phone .我有点过分激动了 然后 我用手机拍了段视频So,so,actually I dont have to hear it here.I can just play it there,right?Because ok,this is real.Oh,god.所以 事实上我不需要在这里听这个故事 因为我可以现在就放这个视频 但 好吧 这是真的 哦 天哪This is Jen.And you can hear her talking,GO ahead.这是Jen,你可以听到她说话 继续Ok I am sitting next to Clinton Eastwood right now.哦 我就坐在Clinton Eastwood的旁边Thats Clinton Eastwood at the light at the Warner Brothers studio.I am recording this moment.Clinton Eastwood在华纳兄弟摄影棚的红灯 我正在录这一时刻I am mortified with myself.I will never forgive myself.我觉得太丢人了 我不会原谅我自己He has no idea what is happening.This is whats happening.Where did he go?他完全不知道发生了什么 此时此刻 他要去哪?Hes going that way so maybe he lives somewhere like Pasadena.在往那边走所以也许他住在帕萨迪纳 /201604/436738

For decades, circumstances forced me to talk almost exclusively of peace.数十年来,迫于形势,我只能谈和平。But now, he told the journalists,the news had to be presented so as to create the impression that...但现在他告诉记者必须通过新闻来制造假象。There are matters which, if they cannot be achieved by peaceful means,must be enforced by means of violence.若一些事端不能通过和平方式解决则必须使用暴力。What was crucial was to say to the people...重要的是要告诉人民领导人永远是正确的...This was now important, said Hitler,in order to free the German people from the bondage of doubt.希特勒说,当前这点尤为重要,唯有这样,能让德国人摆脱疑虑。These were the scenes in Munich, in July 1939,for a celebration of German art.这是1939年7月,慕尼黑庆祝德国艺术节的场景。By the time these pictures were taken,Hitler had orchestrated the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia,and the British and French governments had warned Hitler that if the Germans moved on Poland, then there would be war.庆祝期间希特勒已策划进军捷克斯洛伐克,英法政府警告希特勒,若德国进军波兰,势必引发战争,德国媒体对此事的态度则大相径庭。The German press saw things very differently and with one voice had been telling the people that Germany was being treated unjustly.口径一致地向人民宣传德国受到了不公平待遇。That their Fuehrers legitimate demands were simply not being met.元首的合法要求没得到满足。 译文属201605/442052

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