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惠州博罗县包皮手术多少钱博罗县看男科怎么样Why Mountains Stop Growing山脉为什么停止上升了If you live up in the mountains, understanding the continually shifting landscape can mean survival.如果你居住在山上,了解持续不断移动的风景就意味着生存。Mountains are continually shifting? Because of the erosion? Not just erosion.山脉是不断移动的吗?因为侵蚀?不仅仅是因为侵蚀。Erosion wears mountains down, but active mountain ranges are also continuously rising. And heres the interesting thing: despite this, once mountains reach a certain height, they achieve a state of equilibrium. So they rise but do not get any taller? Weird.侵蚀磨损山体使之高度下降。但是活跃的山脉也同样不断在上升。这有个有趣的现象:尽管山脉会不断上升,但上升到一定高度后,它们就达到一种平衡状态。所以它们上升但高度不会继续增加?真不可思议。You see, mountain ranges form in places where tectonic plates meet—those are the thick sheets of rigid rock that cover the earths surface. When one tectonic plate slides beneath the other, the parts of it that are scraped off pile up in buckling folds to form mountains.你看。山脉是在地壳板块交接的地方形成的,地壳板块是覆盖地球的坚硬岩石厚片。当某地壳板块俯冲到另一板块下面时,被擦掉的那部分岩石就以褶皱的形式堆积起来形成山脉。Of course, were talking geological time here, which is measured in tens of thousands of years. So one question geologists are investigating is which forces counteract the shifting and colliding of the tectonic plates and enable still-active mountain ranges to level off at a certain height.当然,我们现在谈论的是地史时期,是以数万年测量的。因此地质学家一直研究的一个问题就是哪些力量中和了板块的移动和碰撞,并使得仍活跃的山脉在某一特定高度呈平衡状态。And thats where erosion comes yet. Yes, but erosion is caused by many factors, like weather and rivers carving into the mountains. Also, as mountains get higher, they get steeper, and the greater the slope, the more sediment ends up sliding down into the oceans instead of accumulating on the mountains themselves.那就是侵蚀出现的原因了。是的,但是侵蚀是由多种原因引起的,比如天气和侵蚀山脉的河流。同样,山脉变高时,他们也变陡峭了,坡度越大,就会有越多的沉积物滑向海洋,而不是堆积在山脉上。So the big question is what role each of these factors plays in maintaining the height of mountain ranges. And thats where the debate comes in—and its a tough one.所以最大的问题就是这些因素在保持山脉高度时各自扮演着什么角色。而且那就是争论的源头——是个难题。 /201208/195184惠州医院男科电话号码 As Irene travelled north to the Canadian border, she continued to inflict damage, leaving destruction in her wake. Heavy rains falling on aly sodden ground, led to widesp flooding and damage in the northeast. It will be a long time before these communities return to normal life.飓风艾琳北上越过加拿大边境时,灾难仍在持续。飓风扫过,满目疮痍。暴雨倾泻在满是积水的地上,在东海岸造成大面积洪灾。让这些社区恢复到原样还需很长时间。;Around the State, there has been very significant damage. I understand that more than 260 roads are closed. There are numerous bridges that have been knocked out. Theres one confirmed fatality and theres a search going on for four people in the southern part of the State.;“肆掠的飓风已经造成了重大灾害。目前了解到,有超过260条公路被迫关闭,大量桥梁轰然倒塌。确认已造成1人死亡,4人失踪,目前搜救队仍在西部地区紧张寻找失踪人口下落。”Up and down Americas east coast, people assess the damage. Irene has been a deadly storm, destroying property and infrastructure and leaving millions without power. But the predicted catastrophe never fully materialized. New York, one of those cities, that escaped the worst. Despite a total public transport shut-down and evacuations, an inconvenient Monday commute and the ongoing cleanup, now the real concerns as Americas most populous city recovers from a near miss.美国东海岸上上下下的居民都在评估灾难带来的损失。致命风暴艾琳摧毁了房屋,基础设施,造成断电,使上百万人口无电可用。然而灾祸是永远预测不了的。其中一个受灾城市——纽约躲过了这一劫。除了公共交通完全瘫痪,人口疏散,工作日上下班不方便和清理工作外,最关键的是美国这个最受欢迎的城市侥幸脱险。;Its going to take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude. The effects are still being felt across much of the country, including in New England and States like Vermont where theres been an enormous amount of flooding.;“从如此巨大的飓风中恢复还需一段时日。全国大对数地区,包括新英格兰州,佛蒙特州等遭遇到巨大洪灾的州仍然受到影响。”The damage caused by this storm will cost billions to put right. Irene may not have been as devastating as feared but her impact will be felt for some time to come.将灾区恢复正常将花费数十亿美元。飓风艾琳的毁灭性也许不那么令人胆寒,但未来一段时间会感受到她带来的压力。Hannah Thomas-Peter, Sky News, New York.汉娜·托马斯·彼得,天空新闻,纽约。201206/186818惠州惠城区男科挂号

龙门县前列腺炎多少钱We all know that smoking is unhealthy. But whatrsquo;s the best way to get someone to quit? By harping on the dangers of lighting up, or by touting the benefits of kicking the habit? According to one study, being positive may be the best approach. The researchers looked at how callers to a stop-smoking- tobacco-quit-line responded to positive and negative messages. The results were encouraging, if somewhat limited. When smokers trying to quit called the hotline, they were told either about the costs of smoking and the benefits of quitting, or only about the benefits of quitting. Callers hearing only the benefits of quitting message were nearly twice as likely to quit smoking.我们都知道,吸烟是不健康的。但什么是最好的戒烟办法?通过反复强调吸烟的危害,或极力赞扬不吸烟的好处?根据研究发现,积极乐观可能是最好的戒烟方法。研究人员观察了处在戒烟边缘的人对正面和负面的消息是如何反应的。结果是令人鼓舞的,如果有些是有限的。当想放弃戒烟的吸烟者试图拨打电话,他们被告知有关吸烟的成本和戒烟的好处,或告诉戒烟的好处。只听到戒烟的好处的人戒烟的可能性要高出近两倍。201201/167788惠州市友好泌尿专科治疗男性不育多少钱 PATH is one of the worlds smallest railways, just 23 kilometers, but it links Northern New Jersey to all 1,300 kilometers of the New York subway system. Each day, the trains make hundreds of trips, carrying almost 200,000 commuters. Like the subway, PATH trains stay in perpetual motion.帕斯是世界上最小的铁路之一,只有23公里,但它把新泽西以北和全部1300多公里的纽约地铁系统联系到了一起。每一天,列车会有数以百计的旅行,承载几乎200000名乘客。就像地铁一样,帕斯列车也在永恒的运动中。I mean some people come from other places and they tell me, ;oh what time do I have to be back from the city?;, ;you know, or what time we shall last;. I said, ;we run 24 hours.;我的意思是有些人来自其他地方但他们告诉我;哦,我得什么时候才能回到城市?;,;你知道,这会持续多久;。我说,;我们跑24小时。;Bob Garcia has been a PATH conductor for 2 decades.鲍勃;加西亚是一名从业20年的调度员。I enjoy being in the crowd with passengers and I think the passengers feel a lot safer, too. You have to remember. Since 9.11, things have changed. We lost our innocence because... Now, any little delays and anything that happens on our system, passengers tend to look up.我喜欢在人群中,而且我认为乘客也会感到很安全。你必须记住。自9.11年以来,事情已经改变。我们失去了我们的纯真,因为;;现在,任何一点延迟和凡发生在我们的系统里的事情,乘客都会抬起头来看。Every day, Garcia pulled into the PATH station beneath the twin towers.每一天,加西亚都会穿梭于双子塔下的帕斯地铁站里。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172370惠州市第三人民医院治疗生殖感染价格

惠州不孕不育哪家If asked to imagine the first prehistoric tools, crafted and used by our early, hominid ancestors, youd probably think of crude knives or spear heads, chipped from stone.You probably arent aware of another human innovation that might be just as old. Today well learn about the two million year history of the toothpick, possibly one of humanitys oldest tools.如果让你去想象做工粗糙,人类最早的祖先使用过的史前牙签,你可能会想到由石头磨成的原始刀具或者矛尖。你可能没有意识到另一种同样古老的革新。今天我们就来了解200万年的牙签历史,这可能是人类历史上最古老的工具之一。Early stone tools, like knives and scrapers, are easy for anthropologists to learn about because these items are still around. Even after two million years, a chipped stone tool is still going to be there when you dig it up. Toothpicks, however, are another story. Made from splinters of wood, thorns, or bone fragments, these can rot and crumble away over time, leaving no recognizable trace. If this is so, how can an anthropologist look at a two million year old fossil site and claim that these early pre-humans picked their teeth?早期的石头工具,如小刀和刮刀,让人类学家很容易理解,因为在现代社会仍然存在这些东西。即使再过200万年,这些东西仍然埋在地里。然而牙签却是另一回事了。大多数牙签由木头的碎片、荆棘或者骨头碎片制成,会随着时间的流逝腐烂消失,不留下任何可辨别的痕迹。如果是这样的话,为什么人类学家会只凭着200万年前的化石遗址,就声称古代史前人类也用牙签剔牙?Its certain that no toothpick will ever last two million years, but this isnt the case with teeth. In fact, fossil teeth are the most durable remnants that anthropologists work with, and some of these ancient teeth display a curious set of grooves. Although these might have been caused by tooth decay, a close examination of the marks seems to indicate that the grooves were worn by repeated toothpicking--probably to alleviate the pain of gum disease. Indeed, these fossil grooves match the toothpick grooves in the teeth of several modern aboriginal populations.可以肯定的是,没有牙签会保存200万年,但牙齿却不一样了。事实上,牙齿化石是人类学家所研究的最持久的残留物。这些古时人类的牙齿上排列着一道道凹槽,很令人好奇。尽管这可能是由于蛀牙引起的,但经过进一步仔细检查,明这些凹槽似乎是因为长期剔牙而形成,古人类剔牙也可能是为了减轻牙龈疾病引起的疼痛。事实上,不少现代土著居民的牙齿上也出现了凹槽,并与化石上的凹槽相匹配。Its enough to warm every dentists heart: The first tools werent just for preparing food, hunting, or fighting. They might have been used for dental hygiene as well. 这足以温暖每一位牙医的心:第一个工具不只是为了准备食物,为了狩猎或战斗,也可能是为了保持牙齿卫生。201205/184384 惠州哪家医院男科好惠州市最好的男科医院是哪家



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