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郑州/玻尿酸丰唇哪家医院好郑州/大学第一附属医院整形美容中心Lession3Presenter: Now bee the weather report, we have some road news you from Philip Thomson. Philip Thomson: Yes, well, the Al is still very busy at the Dome roundabout this morning. Harrow Road, the A, Harrow Road is now flowing freely, no problems there. The other congestion we have is in the A1M up near Hatfield. The M1 is heavy but at least is moving along, a little bit slower than normal. In Hammersmith, road repairs between Ridge Street and King Street are causing delay. Finally, a demonstration march at twelve thirty will cause congestion in central London. Presenter: And now our weather report. Reporter: Nice sunshine all day long today, soon becoming very warm, but there will be some relief from the heat with something of a breeze developing. Even so, the temperature will get up to twenty-five degrees later today, it's aly up to nineteen degrees Celsius now, at nine in the morning, and it'll go on rising. Very little cloud at any stage during the day, just a few clouds drifting around early in the afternoon, so we should end up the day with a good fourteen hours of sunshine going into the record books. That breeze is an easterly one that's going to keep the coastal areas a little bit cooler during the day but still quite pleasant. Over the night, clear, dry weather still a little bit of the breeze and the temperature down to sixteen in central London and twelve or thirteen out of town. Visitor: Where can I stay in this town? Resident: There are lots of hotels, but they tend to be fairly expensive. And then there are bed and breakfast places, which are much cheaper—and you can find out about them through looking in the paper, or else just walking around the streets, and they have signs in the window saying 'Bed amp; Breakfast'. And then there are youth hostels. Visitor: What are the youth hostels like? Resident: The youth hostels are OK. All you get is a bed, but they do tend to be very cheap. Visitor: Do I have to become a member? Resident: Yes, you do, in fact. But it's very easy to join, and there's an office along the road, where you can go and sign on. Mrs. Weston is describing her schedule in the nursing home. I usually get up at 6:30. I've always been an early riser. When my husband was alive, we had to be up by five o'clock. He was a long distance train driver, you see. Bee breakfast I have a cup of tea and I listen to music on the radio. Then between seven and eight I get dressed and eat breakfast—a boiled egg and a large glass of orange juice—I never have anything else. Then at eight o'clock I always watch breakfast television— the news and the weather and the chat. And then I usually have a nap until lunch. That's always at twelve. We have a big lunch here at Twybury's—soup, roast meat, potatoes, vegetables, always a pudding. After lunch I like being taken out in my wheelchair, or even in a car, if there's anyone to take me. I hate staying indoors. I like looking in the shop windows, or sitting in a park and watching the world go by. Sometimes someone will to me or write some letters. I usually fall asleep about three, and then of course we have our tea around five—nothing heavy—cold meats and salads and fruit, and that kind of thing. In the evening we play cards, or do knitting, and then I'm in bed by eight. I am getting on a bit, you know. I'm nearly eighty-three. Man: Good morning, love. Woman: Morning. Man: Sleep well? I've made some tea; there you are. Woman: Thanks. Any post? Man: Not really. There's a postcard from Aunt Lil and there's a questionnaire to fill in from the company which gave us the free samples of tinned meat to try out them. Woman: They've got a nerve! Man: But we did say we'd return the questionnaire when we took the samples. Woman: What do they want to know? Man: If we liked it. Woman: If we liked it? Are they joking? You're not filling it in now, are you? What ? Man: We did promise and if I do it now I can post it on my way to work. Woman: Well, write 'we didn't like it.' Man: I'll put 'not much'. That sounds nicer. Then it says 'If not, why?' Woman: No flavor. Too much fat. Man: 'How did you cook it?' is next. Woman: Fried it like they said, didn't I? Took a mouthful and gave it to the cat. Man: 'Guests' comments, if any!' Woman: The cat became ill. Poor thing, her fur went all green. Man: 'Did guests ask the brand name?' Woman: Tell them that our cat can't speak. Man: 'Will you be buying our product regularly?' Woman: Certainly not! They must be out of their minds. Man: 'Did you find the tin attractive?' Woman: Cut myself opening it. Nearly lost my thumb. Couldn't use it a week. I thought it was infected. Man: 'Any other comments?' Woman: Well, tell them we're too polite to answer that. 318河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院开双眼皮多少钱 Poor dog 8397郑州市妇幼保健儿童医院修眉手术多少钱

许昌市大腿抽脂价格多少河南省郑州华山整形美容医院韩式隆鼻好吗 Vienna—the Land of Music维也纳—音乐之乡On the first night of the New Year,在新年之夜people eyes are frequently drawn to Vienna.人们的目光常常被吸引到维也纳来,The first-rate orchestra一流的管弦乐队and its wonderful permance of the world-famous waltz和它演奏的世界名曲are an elegant monument to this capital of music.给这个音乐之乡增添了一种优雅的色A divine gift music is believed to pervade the landscape,人们感到,一种神圣的音乐才华不仅渗透了维也纳的景色,the people,the atmosphere,and even the stones of Vienna.人民和空气,它渗透在那里的草石之间Vienna is associated with a great musical tradition.维也纳有着伟大的音乐传统,Many of the great classical composers had lived and worked in the city.许多伟大的古典作曲家都曾在这个城市生活和工作过Gluck,Haydn,Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert格鲁格,海顿,莫扎特,贝多芬和舒伯特were all composing in Vienna within a span of 50 years,五十年里都曾在维也纳进行过创作,from about 80 to 1830.在80—1830年间Brahms,Bruckner, Mahler,hugo Wolf and Johann Strauss勃拉姆斯,布鲁克纳,马勒,雨果.沃尔夫和斯特劳斯were there in the late 19th century.在19世纪后期,也曾生活在那里The creators of th-century classical music此外,还有世纪古典音乐的创造者Schoenberg,Berg and Webern—followed them.勋伯格,伯格和伯恩The roll-call of honor is long and all very impressive.这串长长名单上的每个名字都能唤起人们无限的钦佩,And their historical presence seems to reassure every inhabitant of Vienna他们在维也纳历史上所留下的身影似乎使每一个维也纳人都坚信,that he shares in something glorious and universal.自己在分享着某种光辉的,无处不在的东西 198郑州华山医院美容整形科

郑州/颐和医院做祛疤手术多少钱My morning routine varies little from day to day. I walk the dog, eat breakfast at the kitchen counter with Katie and Matt, then settle in a day at the computer. And because I work mostly from home, I have learned that little ays into the outside world are imperative psychological well-being. So bee I begin attempting to put sentences together, I stroll over to a quirky little coffee shop in my neighborhood, chat with the folks behind the counter, and get a large coffee to go. No sugar. No cream.  每天早上,我都要做这样几件事遛一阵小,坐在厨房餐桌前陪妻子卡蒂和儿子马特吃早餐,然后对着电脑,一头扎进写作天地中天天如是,无甚变化由于主要在家里工作,我很明白时不时到外边的世界;闯荡;一下对自己保持良好的心态有多么重要,在推敲词句着笔成文之前,我会散步去附近一间风格奇特的小咖啡店,和店里的伙计们聊聊天,然后带回一大杯咖啡;;不加糖、不加奶的那一种The coffee shop is on the other side of the historic Chesapeake amp; Ohio Canal from my house. In season, a mule-drawn barge is docked there, and tourists line up to take a slow boat, if not to China, at least into the 19th century. The men who work the boat wear what canal workers might have worn back then-broad-brimmed straw hats and suspenders that pull their scratchy-looking pants high above their boots.  离我家不远的地方就是历史悠久的切萨皮克;俄亥俄运河,那间小咖啡店就座落在运河对岸每逢旺季,便有一条用骡子拖拽的驳船停靠在河边,游客们会排起长队等着乘坐一艘慢悠悠的小船,即使不像驶往古老的中国,至少也像是要驶回19世纪的昔日时光船上的工人穿着只有当年运河船工们才有的行头宽边草帽和吊带裤那吊带把他们那看起来粗糙的裤子高高吊起,露出他们的靴子One warm day last fall, I was on my morning outing when I turned the corner to see one of the men sitting alone on the boat, bathed in early-morning light. He was playing a tiny accordion, the kind such canal men squeezed as they floated down the inland waterways of a westward-expanding America. The sound was both melancholy and sweet. It was as if he were alone in the universe. The scene stopped me in my tracks. What I witnessed could only be described as a perfect moment. Ten seconds at most. But months later I still remember just standing there, watching, listening, taking it all in.   去年秋天里的一天,风和日丽,我还和平常一样一早外出溜达刚转过街口,我一眼就看见那条船船上没有别人,只有一个船工静静地坐着,沐浴着晨曦他正在船上拉着小手风琴当年的运河船工正是这样,抚琴驾舟,沿着这条古老的内陆河道向美国西部航行琴声忧郁而甜美,仿佛整个宇宙只有他一人此情此景,令我情不自禁停了下来我所看到的这个情景只能用;完美时刻;来描述!不过十秒的时光可数月后,我仍清楚地记得当时自己就站在那里,注视着,倾听着,把一切都刻印在脑海中We all have such moments put bee us. Little surprises. Whether wersquo;re wise enough to see them is another thing.  我们都曾经历过类似的时刻小小的惊喜不过,我们是否都具有发现这种瞬间之美的智慧,则是另外一回事I thought of the accordion man Sunday afternoon while ing the biographies of those killed in the Columbia tragedy. Mission specialist Laurel Clark, talking from the shuttle a few days bee it was to land, said she was delighted by the simple unexpected wonders of space. Like a sunset. ;Therersquo;s a flash; the whole payload bay turns this rosy pink,; she said. ;It only lasts about second and then itrsquo;s gone. Itrsquo;s very ethereal and extremely beautiful.; A moment not lost on her.  一个周日的下午,当我阅读有关哥伦比亚号航天飞机事故中丧生的宇航员的传记时,我的脑海中又浮现出那个船工在演奏手风琴的情景执行那次飞行任务的女专家劳雷尔bull;克拉克,在哥伦比亚号着陆前的几天,曾从飞船上发回讲话,她说能有幸看见太空中那些意想不到的自然奇观令她非常开心比如日落;有一道闪光,整个有效载荷舱被晕染成了玫瑰红,;她说,;这仅仅持续了秒就消失了过程神奇非凡且美艳绝伦;她没有错过这一瞬间In The Hour Meryl Streep and Ed Harris recall a moment they shared years bee at a beach house on Cape Cod. It was nothing more than him watching her walk out into the early-morning light. But that moment, everything was right with their world, everything was possible, everything aligned. They agreed it was the happiest they had ever been.  在电影《时时刻刻里,梅丽尔bull;斯特里普和埃德bull;哈里斯回忆起多年前他们俩在科德角上的那间沙滩小屋里共度的时光也就是他看着她走出小屋,走进晨曦的一幕就在那一刻,在他们的两人世界里,一切都正好,一切都变得可能,处处是生机他们都认为,那是他们一生中最幸福的时刻And in last monthrsquo;s issue of her magazine, Oprah Winfrey confessed to a ;moment; she had last summer. It was a walk down a Santa Barbara lane, a hummingbird and the smell of orange blossoms. She said it was one of those rare times she could say she was truly happy.  奥普拉bull;温弗瑞在她上个月出刊的杂志中提到,去年夏天她也有过一次美妙的;时刻;那一刻她正走在圣巴巴拉市的一条小巷子里,猛然间看见一只蜂鸟,和着一阵扑面而来的橘子花香她说,这是她一生中难得的几次让她真正感到幸福的时刻之一I once had a friend who had an odd habit that never ceased to amuse me, maybe because I never quite knew when she was going to spring it on me. It could be while sitting quietly at the end of a dock on Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks. Or it could come in the middle of a particularly lively dinner with old friends. Out of the blue, shersquo;d say, ;Stop! I want to remember this moment.;  我曾有一个朋友,她有个怪习惯,对此我总觉得很好笑,或许是因为我始终没法料到她的怪癖会在什么时候发作或许在我们静静地坐在阿迪朗达克山下舒伦湖边的码头边上之时,或许在和老朋友那次尤其热闹的聚餐之时每每在这样的时刻,她会突然说道;停一下!我要记住这一刻!;I realize now, after her death, what wise advice that is.她去世以后,我才明白到,那是多么明智的建议啊 561 Rebecca: You look exhausted! Another tough day at the daycare center?瑞贝卡: 你看起来很疲惫! 在日托中心又度过了辛苦的一天?Puneet: Yeah, it was. This is a record year the kids getting sick. The chicken pox is going around. Last year, it was the measles. The year bee that, it was the mumps. This year, it’s the chicken pox.庞妮特:对啊,确实辛苦今年孩子们生病的情况创历史记录近来儿童流行得水痘,去年是麻疹,前年是腮腺炎到了今年,变成了水痘Rebecca: You sent the kids home, right?瑞贝卡:你把孩子们送回家了,对吗?Puneet: Yeah, but today, a couple of the kids looked like they have pink eye, and I had to call their parents to let them know.瑞贝卡:是的,但是今天,有两个孩子看起来好像得了红眼病,我得打电话通知他们的父母Rebecca: What happened to simple nosebleeds and earaches?瑞贝卡:如果症状是流鼻血和耳朵疼,是怎么回事?Puneet: Oh, we have kids with those, too, but it’s the contagious diseases that really take its toll. I’m not sure, but I think one of the little kids has strep throat, and a couple of the really little kids have croup. I wish there were a way to immunize all of them from every illness and disease out there.瑞贝卡:啊,我们有的孩子也是这种状况,这种病传染性强,严重时会造成伤亡有个小孩可能患有脓毒性咽喉炎,不过我不太确定还有两个很小的孩子得了哮吼我希望有一种方法能帮助孩子们预防各种疾病Rebecca: Are you sure you’re working in a daycare center?瑞贝卡:你确定你是在日托所工作?Puneet: Yeah, why?瑞贝卡:是啊,为什么这么说?Rebecca: Because it just sounds like you’re working at the Center Disease Control. Tomorrow, I suggest wearing a gas mask to work.瑞贝卡:因为你听起来像是在疾病控制中心工作明天,我建议你戴面具去上班 原文译文属! 1898郑州鼻梁歪治疗焦作市隆胸多少钱



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