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Good evening, everybody. Please have a seat. On behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to the White House. This city, this house, has welcomed foreign envoys and leaders for more than two centuries. But never before have we hosted a dinner at the White House like this, with so many Presidents, so many Prime Ministers all at once. (Applause.) So we are grateful for all the leaders who are in attendance. We are grateful to the spouses. I think the men will agree that the women outshine us tonight in the beautiful colors of Africa. Tonight we are making history, and it’s an honor to have all of you here. And I stand before you as the President of the ed States and a proud American. I also stand before you as the son of a man from Africa. (Applause.) The blood of Africa runs through our family. And so for us, the bonds between our countries, our continents, are deeply personal. We’re grateful for the ties of family. Of all the incredible moments of our trips to Africa, one of the most memorable was being able to bring Michelle, and later our little girls, to my father’s hometown in Kenya, where we were embraced by so many relatives. We’ve walked the steps of a painful past – in Ghana, at Cape Coast Castle; in Senegal, at Gorée Island – standing with our daughters in those doors of no return through which so many Africans passed in chains. We’ll never forget bringing our daughters to Robben Island, to the cell from which Madiba showed the unconquerable strength and dignity of an African heart. We’ve been inspired by Africans -- ordinary Africans doing extraordinary things. Farmers boosting their yields, health workers saving lives from HIV/AIDS, advocates standing up for justice and the rule of law, courageous women asserting their rights, entrepreneurs creating jobs, African peacekeepers risking their lives to save the innocent. And both of us stand in awe of the extraordinary young Africans that we’ve met, not only across Africa, but most recently here in Washington just last week when we hosted our Mandela Washington Fellows from many of your countries. And those young people show the world that Africa has the talent and the drive to forge a new future. These are the tides of history, and the ties of family, that bring us together this week. These are the citizens who look to us to build a future worthy of their dreams – especially those who dream of giving their children a future without war or injustice, without poverty or disease. They are in our prayers tonight. And also with us are the words of a song – “New Africa” – that have inspired so many across the continent, and that Michelle and I first heard last year in Senegal: Come together, New Africa Work together Keep on working, for Africa And so I propose a toast to the New Africa – the Africa that is rising and so full of promise – and to our shared task to keep on working for the peace and prosperity and justice that all our people seek and that all our people so richly deserve. Cheers. (A toast is offered.) Enjoy your dinner, everybody. (Applause.)201503/365671

But we can do so much more. 但是,我们能做的还不止这些。Last year, Vice President Biden said that with a new moonshot, America can cure cancer.去年,副总统拜登曾说,要把治愈癌症作为一项新的登月计划去实现。Last month, he worked with this Congress to give scientists at the National Institutes of Health the strongest resources theyve had in over a decade.上个月,他与国会通力合作,为国立卫生研究院的科学家们提供了大量资源,这是10多年来科学家们获得的最强有力的资源持。So tonight, Im announcing a new national effort to get it done.今晚我宣布,我们将举全国之力促成这项新计划。And because hes gone to the mat for all of us, on so many issues over the past forty years, Im putting Joe in charge of Mission Control.在过去的40年里,乔为我们在众多问题上竭尽心力,因此,我任命他主管这一抗癌计划。For the loved ones weve all lost, for the family that we can still save, lets make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.为了我们已逝去的亲人,为了我们还能拯救的家庭,我们应该携手,让美国成为一个彻底攻克癌症的国家。Medical research is critical. We need the same level of commitment when it comes to developing clean energy sources.医学研究是重中之重。在发展清洁能源的问题上,我们同样需要全力以赴。Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it.如果你还要质疑我们针对气候变化进行的科学研究,你可以试试。Youll be pretty lonely, because youll be debating our military, most of Americas business leaders, the majority of the American people, almost the entire scientific community, and 200 nations around the world who agree its a problem and intend to solve it.你会发现自己孤立无援,因为站在你对面的是我们的军方、绝大多数美国商业领袖、大多数美国民众、几乎整个科学界,以及全世界200个国家,这些国家都意识到了问题的严重性,想要着手解决它。But even if the planet wasnt at stake; even if 2014 wasnt the warmest year on record until 2015 turned out even hotter why would we want to pass up the chance for American businesses to produce and sell the energy of the future?就算我们的星球还没到岌岌可危的地步,2014年也并非史上最热的一年(因为2015年更热),我们为什么要放弃让美国企业生产并销售未来能源的大好机会呢?201602/425895

That thing doesnt exist in the world.世界上不存在这种革命。Whenever you see young people in front of the road trying to fraternize with the police or military,如果你看到年轻人在接上态度友好的和警察或者军队交涉,somebody was thinking about it before.肯定有人实现计划。Now, at the end, nonviolent discipline,最后我要谈一谈不使用暴力的重要性,and this is probably the game-changer.这在一场运动中可能会起到决定性的作用。If you maintain nonviolent discipline, you will exclusively win.如果坚持非暴力斗争,你就会取得胜利。You have 100,000 people in a nonviolent march,如果十万人参加了非暴力游行,and one idiot or agent provocateur is throwing stones,如果其中一个白痴或者奸细扔了石头,guess what takes all the cameras? That one guy.媒体的镜头全都会对准这一个人。One single act of violence can literally destroy your movement.一个暴力行为就可以毁掉整个运动。Now let me move to another place.现在我们看下一个问题。Its selection of strategies and tactics.战略和战术的甄选。There are certain rules in nonviolent struggle you may follow.在非暴力斗争中遵守一些规则是必要的。First, you start small.第一,从小规模的运动开始。Second, you pick the battles you can win.第二,将精力集中在可能赢的活动上。Its only 200 of us in this room.今天出席的观众大约两百人。We wont call for the March of Millions.我们没办法组织百万人大游行。But what if we organize spraying graffiti throughout the night all over Krakow city? The city will know.如果我们趁夜晚在克拉科夫四处涂鸦呢?市民们一定会知道的。So we pick the tactics which accommodates to the event,因此,我们根据形势挑选策略,especially this thing we call the small tactics of dispersion.尤其是运用分散的小规模策略。Theyre very useful in a violent oppression.这种策略在暴力镇压中特别有效。We are actually witnessing the picture of one of the best tactics ever used.这张照片记录的就是有史以来最棒的策略之一。It was on Tahrir Square, where the international community was constantly frightened that the Islamists will overtake the revolution.这是在解放广场,国际社会一直担心伊斯兰教徒会在这里改变革命的性质。Well, theyve organized Christians protecting Muslims, who are there praying,于是,他们安排了基督教徒保护正在祈祷的穆斯林,Coptic wedding cheered by thousands of Muslims.以及受到成千上万穆斯林祝福的科普特人婚礼。The world has just changed the picture,他们改变了世界的想法,but somebody was thinking about this previously.这一切都是事前计划。So there are so many things you can do instead of getting into one place, shouting and showing off in front of the security forces.除了聚集在一起,在安保人员面前大叫示威之外,还有很多其他的斗争方式。Now there is also another very important dynamic,事实上还有一种动态制衡也非常重要,and this is a dynamic normally analytics dont see.而且常被分析家忽略。201601/420528

There was a time in my Avon career when I was passed over for a promotion to be the CEO. I had a job offer to be the head of another company, but a woman I respected gave me some good advice. She told me always to follow my heart, not my head. So I followed my heart and stayed at Avon. In the end, I got the promotion, but most important, I have always loved my work, and that has made all the difference.在雅芳我曾经错过了一次晋升为首席执行官的机会,那时我可以成为另一家公司的领导者。但一位令我尊重的女性给我提了一些很好的建议。他让我听从内心的选择,而不是头脑的。于是我听从了内心留在雅芳。最终,我获得了晋升,但重要的是,我始终热爱的我的工作,这才是最主要的。The next distinguishing quality of leadership is Compassion—caring about people. In my four years as CEO at Avon, Ive had to make some tough decisions and difficult calls -eliminating jobs and closing factories. Actions that affect good people. The horrible part of the job. But I believe we demonstrate compassion and treat people fairly, with respect and dignity during those tough decisions. And it is the responsibility for those of us wanting the privilege of being tomorrows corporate leaders to honor the commitment to compassion and the protection of the human spirit, in spite of the pressures and demands of business today.领导力的第二个特质就是有同情心;关心别人。我在雅芳人首席执行官的四年里,有时不得不做出一些艰难的决定和通知,例如取消某个职位或关闭某个工厂。这些都会伤害一些无辜的员工,这也是工作中残忍的一面。但我相信在做这些决定时我们表现出了同情心和公平性,以及对他人尊严的尊重。尽管面临商界的压力和要求,但那些希望成为明天企业领导者的人有责任怀有对人类的同情心,有责任呵护他人的心灵。Along with compassion comes Humility. Many people are surprised to learn this is one of Avons core values. None of us has all the answers. And all of us must listen to each other, because listening makes us stronger.作为领导者,除了要有同情心,谦卑心也非常重要。许多人在得知这是雅芳的核心价值观之一时感到很惊讶。我们没有人能回答所有问题。我们必须相互倾听,因为倾听让我们更强大。 /201304/232975THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Ohio! (Applause.) It is good to be backin Cleveland. The last time I was herewas about a year ago, in the final days of the campaign. I know how much you miss hearing how Iapprove this message every night on your TV. (Laughter.) I will say it is niceto be here when the only real battle for Ohio is the Browns-Bengals game thisSunday. (Applause.) He’s got the Browns shirt right here, Brownscap. (Laughter.) I want to thank Scotty for thatterrific introduction. Give him a biground of applause. (Applause.) He is a natural. I want to thank your CEO, Lakshmi Mittal, forinvesting in America and the Cleveland area. We appreciate him. (Applause.) And I want to thankall of you for having me here today.Along with me, there are a coupleof people I just want to acknowledge. First of all, America’s Secretary of Energy, Ernie Moniz, is here. Right there. (Applause.) And CongresswomanMarcy Kaptur is here. Give Marcy a biground of applause. (Applause.) Fighting for working people every day.And earlier this afternoon I hada chance to see your mayor, Frank Jackson; your county executive, EdFitzGerald. And even though they’re nothere, I want to thank them for the great work they’re doing on behalf ofworking people throughout the region. (Applause.) And then, finally, I want tothank Mark and Gary for showing me one of the biggest steel plants inAmerica. And they told me that folks areproud to have been making steel right here for a century -- 100 years -- righthere. (Applause.) And they explained that, today, the steel youmake in Cleveland is some of the strongest you’ll find anywhere in theworld. It’s one of the most productiveplants in the world. Best workers in theworld. (Applause.) And what’s remarkable is, whenyou think about it, go back to where this plant was just a few years ago. The economy was in free fall, auto industryon the brink of collapse. And that meantdemand for steel had dried up. The blastfurnaces went quiet. About 1,200steelworkers punched out for what might have been the last time. And that all came at the end of a decade whenthe middle class was aly working harder and harder just to get by, andnearly one in three American manufacturing jobs had vanished -- a lot of themgoing overseas. And that could havedevastated this community for good.But we rolled up our sleeves, wemade some tough choices. We rescued andretooled the American auto industry; it saved more than a million jobs. We bet on American ingenuity and Americanworkers. (Applause.) And assembly lines started humming again, andautomakers started to make cars again. And just a few months after this plant shutdown, your plant manager got the call: Fire those furnaces back up, get those workers back on the job. And over the last four years, you’ve madeyourselves one of the most productive steel mills not just in America, but inthe world. In the world. (Applause.) So you retooled to make thestronger steel that goes into newer, better American cars and trucks. You created new partnerships with schools andcommunity colleges to make sure that folks who work here have the high-techskills they need for the high-tech jobs -- because I was looking around thisfactory, and there’s a whole bunch of computer stuff going on.One of your engineers -- and Iwant to make sure I get Margaret’s name right here -- Margaret Krolikowski. Did I get that right, Margaret? (Applause.) Where’s Margaret? Where isshe? There is she is, back there. So I’m going to e you -- I’m going toe you. Here’s what Margaretsaid: “When we came back, we wanted tomake sure we were in a position where we never shut down again.” Never shut down again. And that means making sure that workers hereare constantly upgrading their skills and investments being made in thestate-of-the-art technology.And it was interesting, when Iwas meeting a number of the folks who were giving me the tour -- folks who havebeen here 30 years, 40 years -- but obviously the plant has changed, and soduring that period they’ve had to upgrade their skills. And that’s what’s happened. And the story of this plant is the story ofAmerica over the last five years. Wehaven’t just been recovering from a crisis. What we’ve been trying to do is rebuild a new foundation for growth andprosperity to protect ourselves from future crises. And because of the grit and resilience andoptimism of the American people, we’re seeing comeback stories like yours allacross America. Over the last 44 months, ourbusinesses have created 7.8 million new jobs. Last month, another 200,000 Americans went back to work. (Applause.) And a lot of those jobs are in manufacturing. So now we’ve got more work to do to get thoseengines of the economy churning even faster. But because we’ve been willing to do some hard things, not just kick thecan down the road, factories are reopening their doors, businesses are hiringnew workers, companies that were shipping jobs overseas, they’re starting totalk about bringing those jobs back to America. We’re starting to see that. And let me give you an example,because we were talking about this -- Mr. Mittal and others were talking aboutwhat’s different now. Take a look atwhat we’ve done with American energy. For years, folks have talked about reducing our dependence on foreignoil -- but we didn’t really do it. Andwe were just importing more and more oil, sending more and more moneyoverseas. Gas prices keep on going upand up and up. We finally decided wewere going to do something about it.201501/351434Nick then brings kids to campus regularly so that they can so something special: see what its like to be on a college campus, and begin to dream.然后尼克会定期把孩子们带到大学校园,以便他们能够做一些特别的事情:看看在大学校园里是什么感觉,并开始塑造梦想。And then there is my friend and former law school professor, Charles Ogletree, a product of the Merced public schools. Now, he is an example of how you can bring your skills back. His ambition took him far away from home, but he has never forgotten where he came from.Each year, with his help, Merceds high schools are able to hand out scholarships, not just for the best and the brightest students,but also for many students who are just stuck in poverty and simply need a hand up to compete.还有我的朋友查理斯·奥格里特里,他以前是法学院的教授,他是赛德公立学校的“产品”。现在,他带着自己的技能回到社区,为他人树立了榜样。他的雄心壮志让他远离家乡,但是他从来没有忘记他来自哪里。在他的帮助下,赛德中学每年,不但向那些最优秀最有前途的学生提供奖学金,也向很多被贫穷所困、需要别人一臂之力助他们参加竞争的学生们提供。So the faculty,the students, local leaders, Merced alumni, everyone here is doing their part to help the children of Merced realize that access to a quality education is available to them as long as they work hard, study hard and apply themselves.因此,教职工们、学生们、本地领导者、赛德的校友们以及这里的每个人都在做自己力所能及的事,来帮助赛德的孩子们认识到,只要他们勤奋工作、努力学习,他们就能够接受优质教育。It is this kind of commitment that were going to need in this nation to put this country back on a path where every child expects to succeed and where every child had the tools that they need to achieve their dreams. Thats what were aiming for. And were going to need all of you,graduates, this generation, we need you to lead the way.我们国家需要的正是这种承诺,让国家再次步入正轨,让每个孩子都期盼成功,让每个孩子都有实现梦想所需要的工具。这就是我们的目标。我们需要你们中的每一位,需要所有毕业生,需要你们这一代人,我们需要你们引航带路。 /201303/227740

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