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2019年11月14日 17:43:41

Kenya Names New Coalition Cabinet肯尼亚总统宣布成立权力分享政府 Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki has announced the formation of a new power-sharing government, including his main rival in December's elections, Raila Odinga, as prime minister. The announcement breaks a deadlock that had raised fears in recent days about the viability of the coalition.  肯尼亚总统齐贝吉宣布组成新的分享权力政府,其中包括由他在12月份选举时的主要对手奥廷加出任总理。最近几天,有关僵局使人们对建立联合政府的可能性感到担忧,但是这一宣布打破了这一僵局。 Following a one-on-one meeting Saturday between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, President Kibaki announced the formation of a new coalition government. 齐贝吉总统星期六在和反对派领导人奥廷加单独会谈之后,宣布新的联合政府成立。"The announcement of the new Cabinet today demonstrates the commitment of the political leadership to move ahead and pay more attention to addressing the challenges facing our country and people," said Mwai Kibaki. 齐贝吉说:“今天宣布新内阁表明政治领导层致力向前迈进,更加注重解决我们国家和人民面临的挑战。”Discussions on the division of ministries between the country's two main parties had broken down last week, setting off protests in Mr. Odinga's strongholds and prompting a flurry of statements from foreign diplomats. 上星期,肯尼亚两个主要党派围绕政府各部领导职务分配的讨论失败,引发奥廷加阵营抗议,促使外国外交官频频发表声明。As expected, President Kibaki named Mr. Odinga, who charges December's presidential election was rigged to rob him of victory, as prime minister, a newly created position under the terms of a power-sharing agreement negotiated by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in February. 正如人们预期的那样,齐贝吉总统任命奥廷加为总理。奥廷加指责12月的总统选举被人操纵,为的是剥夺他取得的胜利。总理职务是根据分享权力协定条款设立的一个新职位。这个协议是经前联合国秘书长安南斡旋的谈判达成的。Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who split from Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement, known as ODM, during the campaign, and who has since allied with President Kibaki's Party of National Untiy will keep his position. 副总统穆西约卡将留任。他在选举中从奥廷加的橙色民主运动中分离出来,并且从那以后一直与齐贝吉总统的民族团结党结成联盟。Two deputy prime minister positions have also been created. They will go to the ODM's Musalia Mudavadi, who was also named local government minister, and Kibaki ally Uhuru Kenyatta, who will also serve as minister for trade.  另外,还设立了两名副总理职位,由橙色民主运动的穆达瓦迪和齐贝吉的盟友肯雅塔担任。穆达瓦迪还被任命为地方政府部长。肯雅塔也将出任贸易部长。Members of President Kibaki's Party of National Untiy will hold on to many of the key ministries, including finance, defense, foreign affairs, internal security and justice. 齐贝吉总统的民族团结党成员将出任许多主要的部长,包括金融部长、国防部长、外交部长、国内安全部长和司法部长。ODM ministers will be in charge of land, agriculture, tourism, and local government. 橙色民主运动委任的部长将负责土地、农业、旅游和地方政府等事务。ODM's William Ruto and Anyang' Nyong'o, whose presence in the government had been opposed by some in the president's party, were both named as ministers. Ruto, who has been accused of involvement in post-election violence in his Rift Valley region, will serve as minister of agriculture. ODM Secretary-General Anyang' Nyong'o whose threats of mass protests have irritated the government, will serve as minister for medical services. The Medical Services ministry is one of several new positions in the 40-member Cabinet. Many Kenyans have opposed expanding the Cabinet from 34 to 40 ministries, saying it is a waste of government resources. 许多肯尼亚人反对将内阁部门由34个增加到40个。The new Cabinet will include separate ministries for cooperative development, Northern Kenya development, Nairobi metropolitan development, and Vision 2030 - a national government development plan. But civil society groups, religious leaders and newspaper editorial boards have argued that development would be better served by sending money directly to projects, rather than by spending it on salaries, vehicles and office space for new ministers, assistant ministers and other staff. 他们说,这是浪费政府资源。新内阁将设立单独的部门,负责合作发展、北部肯尼亚开发、内罗毕城市发展以及被称为2030远景的国家发展计划。但是公民社会团体、宗教领导人和报社编辑委员会都反对说,直接把钱投入项目,而不是用在付新部长、助理部长和其他人员的薪水、车辆和办公场所上,会发展得更好。Discussions over the naming of ministers broke down last week, with Mr. Odinga accusing president Kibaki of refusing to give up a fair share of powerful positions. A number of foreign diplomats called on the sides to break the impasse in recent days, including U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, U.K. foreign secretary David Miliband and Mr. Annan. Now the country's leaders will turn their attention to an ambitious reform agenda aimed at avoiding a repeat of this year's post-election political and tribal violence. The main goal is an overhaul of the country's constitution that would involve reducing the president's powers and addressing land distribution. 肯尼亚领导人目前把注意力放到雄心勃勃的改革议程上。这个议程的目的是避免重演今年选举后出现的政治和部落暴力活动。改革的主要目标是重新修订肯尼亚宪法。这将减少总统权力,解决土地分配问题。But the struggle over the naming of the Cabinet has provided a reminder of the lingering distrust between the two sides and the difficulty of the task ahead. 但是围绕内阁提名的斗争提醒人们不要忘记双方残留的不信任以及未来任务的艰巨性。 200804/34725宜城看小儿鼾症多少钱Bush Heads To Asia For Weeklong Trip布什夫妇启程前往亚洲访问U.S. President George Bush is on his way to Asia for talks with leaders in South Korea, Thailand, and China - where he will attend the opening of the Olympic Games. 美国总统布什正在前往亚洲的途中。他将在那里和韩国、泰国和中国的领导人举行会谈。他还将在北京参加奥运会的开幕仪式。White House officials say the president's talks in Seoul will deal with trade and military matters. 白宫官员说,布什总统在首尔的会谈将涉及贸易和军事问题。But hanging over all the discussions here will be North Korea and efforts to deal with Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. 可是,最最重要的讨论还是北韩和如何对待平壤核野心的问题。Since Mr. Bush last met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in April, North Korea has submitted a long-awaited declaration of its plutonium-related activities. It has also destroyed the cooling tower at its reactor at Yongbyon. But President Bush has made clear those steps are only the beginning. 自从布什今年4月和韩国总统李明会晤以来,北韩递交了一份外界期待已久的清单,列出了和钸有关的核活动。北韩还炸毁了宁边核反应堆的冷却塔。但是,布什清楚地表示,这些行动仅仅是一个开始。"We are concerned about enriched uranium and proliferation, and human rights abuses, ballistic missile programs," said President Bush. "I view this process as a multi-step process where there will be action for action." 他说:“我们对铀浓缩、核扩散、侵犯人权和弹道导弹项目都感到关注。我认为,这整个过程将分几步走,每一步都要有具体行动。”From Seoul, Mr. Bush travels to Thailand where he will highlight conditions in another trouble spot - neighboring Burma. 布什离开首尔后将前往泰国,他在那里将强调指出缅甸目前的动荡局势。While the official stated reason for his visit is to celebrate the 175th anniversary of U.S.-Thai relations, the president will also be meeting with Burmese dissidents and will get a briefing on relief efforts following Cyclone Nargis. 虽然有关官员说,布什访问泰国是为了庆祝美国和泰国建交175周年,但是布什在泰国还将会晤缅甸的持不同政见人士,并听取关于纳尔吉斯热带风暴灾后救援情况的报告。But most media attention is likely to be focused on First Lady Laura Bush. She will travel to the Thai-Burmese border to visit a refugee center, and a clinic. 不过,媒体可能会把更多的注意力放在第一夫人劳拉身上。她将前往泰缅边界,参观一个难民营和一个诊所。They will arrive together in Bejing on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremonies. When Mr. Bush walks into the main stadium Friday evening, local time, he will become the first U.S president in history to attend an Olympic games outside the ed States. 布什夫妇将在北京奥运会开幕式前夕一同抵达北京。当布什总统在北京时间星期五晚上走进奥运会主体育馆时,他将成为历史上第一位在美国本土以外参加奥运会的美国总统。"I view the Olympics as an opportunity for me to cheer on our athletes," said Mr. Bush. "It's an athletic event." 布什说:“我认为,奥运会是我为美国运动员加油鼓劲的机会。这是一个体育活动。”But experts in Asian affairs say if the president thinks he can go the Beijing Olympics as just another sports fan, he is very mistaken. 但是,亚洲事务专家们说,如果布什以为他可以以一个体育迷的身份出席北京奥运会,那他就大错特错了。Derek Mitchell is an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington - a private group that conducts research on foreign policy matters. 华盛顿战略和国际研究中心是一个对外交政策进行研究的民间组织,米切尔是该组织的分析员。"It is going to be difficult for him in public," said Derek Mitchell. "But he enjoys sports. And I think he really wanted to go because of the sports. But whether he gets embarrassed while there - it is not going to be just an issue of an individual, it is going to be an issue of the ed States prestige." 他说:“对布什来说,他的这些举动不容易被公众接受。不过他喜欢体育运动。我认为,他真的是因为想看比赛才去的。不过,布什是否会因此遭遇到尴尬局面,这已经不是他个人的事情,这关系到美国的声望。”The president has said he will bring up issues such as human rights in China just not at the Olympics. He met with a group of Chinese democracy advocates at the White House last week, and he plans on attending church while in Beijing to reinforce calls for greater religious freedom.200808/45487襄樊市治疗美尼尔哪家医院最好amalgam ———— 混杂(名词)英文释义 (noun) A combination; often, a confused mixture.例句 The young boys story was an amalgam of facts and his imagination.这个小伙子的故事夹杂着事实与想像。 /201607/451627襄阳妇幼保健院治疗鼻中隔偏曲

襄樊周边鼻咽喉科中航工业三六四医院耳鼻喉电话咨询US Protesters Mark Iraq War Anniversary伊战五周年美国各地举行反战示威Demonstrations against the war in Iraq have been held across the ed States on the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion. Several thousand protesters gathered near major landmarks and federal buildings in Washington. 美国领导的伊拉克战争五周年这一天,美国各地举行了反对伊拉克战争的示威游行。几千名抗议示威者在首都华盛顿的主要景点和联邦政府大楼附近举行集会。In a rolling flourish of activity, protesters gathered near the White House, the Capitol, the Internal Revenue Service, and the American Petroleum Institute among other well-known landmarks to voice their anger over the continuing war in Iraq. Among them: New York resident Jim Anderson, who traveled to Washington to take part in the demonstrations.  在声势浩大的示威游行活动中,抗议示威者们在白宫、美国国税局和美国石油学会以及其他著名景点附近集会,以此表达他们对持续进行的伊拉克战争的愤怒。在抗议示威人群中,纽约居民安德松从纽约赶来华盛顿参加这次示威游行。"There are a lot of people out there who have no idea how much the war is costing us in terms of lives, in terms of damage to the Iraqi people and their culture, and in terms of direct cost to the American people in both appropriations and economic stress," he said.  他说:“还有许多人不知道,这场战争牺牲了多少条生命,给伊拉克人民和他们的文化造成了多大的损失,这场战争也直接消耗了美国人民的金钱,这包括战争拨款和经济困难。”Polls have shown a gradual erosion of popular support for the war effort in Iraq since Saddam Hussein's ouster. The low-point for approval of the war came a year ago, when opinion surveys showed roughly seven of 10 Americans opposed.  民意调查显示,自萨达姆.侯赛因被推翻,民众对伊拉克战争的持率在逐渐下降。对伊拉克战争的持率在一年前下降到最低点,当时的民意测验显示,10个美国人中有大约7个反对伊拉克战争。Although a majority of Americans continue to disapprove, pessimism over the war's chances of success appears to have moderated slightly since President Bush ordered a troop surge that is believed to have brought about a decrease in bloodshed in Iraq over the last nine months. 虽然大部分美国人继续反对伊拉克战争,但是自美国总统布什下令实行增兵计划后,民众对战争获胜的可能性所持的悲观态度稍微有些缓和。据信,布什总统的增兵计划在过去9个月里使伊拉克的暴力活动减少。But improvements on the ground in Iraq do not impress Sheila Morris, an educator from Minnesota who stood with a group of demonstrators near the White House. 但是,伊拉克地面战争的进展并没有影响来自明尼苏达州的教育人士莫里斯对战争的看法。莫里斯与一群游行者一起站在白宫附近举行抗议示威。"I know three people who have died in Iraq: a friend of mine's son and two of my son's friends," said Morris. "I blame the [Bush] administration and I also blame the Congress for just laying low [not acting to end the war] and not paying attention." 莫里斯说:“我认识的人中有3个人死在伊拉克:我的一个朋友的儿子和我儿子的两个朋友。我把这怪罪于布什政府,我还怪罪国会没有采取行动停止战争,也没有关注此事。”Polls show a majority of Americans favor withdrawing from Iraq. But surveys also show that, among those who want to bring the war to an end, opinion is split on whether to withdraw immediately or do so gradually over a period of months or years.  民意调查显示,大部分美国人赞成从伊拉克撤军。不过调查还显示,在持停战的人中,在是否立即撤军还是在几个月或几年内撤军的问题上存在着意见分歧。Asked about warnings by analysts that a sudden U.S. troop pullout could trigger a bloodbath in Iraq - and asked whether the ed States bears responsibility for the safety of the Iraqi people in the post-Saddam era - she says, "I do not know." 当记者问莫里斯关于分析人士所警告的立即撤出美军会造成伊拉克发生暴力血腥事件,以及美国是否应当为萨达姆死后的伊拉克人民的安全负责任时,莫里斯的回答是“我不知道”。She does, however, believe that it is important to voice her opinion through demonstrations. 不过她相信,通过游行来表达她的观点是非常重要的。"I do not know if it [demonstrating] affects public opinion, but it keeps the awareness there," she said. 她说:“我不知道游行是否会影响民意,但是游行会让大家继续关注这件事。”Similar protests were mounted in cities, towns and college communities across the country. 美国全国的许多城市、城镇和大学社区举行了很多类似的抗议示威活动。200803/31334An Israeli mayor on the front lines of the conflict with the Palestinians is calling for a truce with Islamic militants. But reaction was cool in both the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.  以色列和巴勒斯坦人发生冲突的一个前沿城市的市长呼吁和伊斯兰激进分子实行停战。但是,不管是加沙地带,还是耶路撒冷对这一呼吁都很冷淡。The mayor of the southern Israeli border town of Sderot, Eli Moyal, says he is willing to hold truce talks with the Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Sderot has been hard hit by daily Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza that have terrorized residents and battered the economy. 以色列南方边防城市斯德洛特的市长穆瓦亚尔说,他愿意和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯就停战问题开展谈判。斯德洛特每天都遭到从巴勒斯坦加沙地带发射的火箭弹的袭击。这使当地居民十分恐惧,同时也破坏了当地的经济。It was an about-face for Moyal, a member of the hawkish Likud Party, who has been calling for the army to invade Gaza to end the rocket attacks.  穆瓦亚尔是采取强硬立场的利库德党的成员。他发出的呼吁和他以往的立场不一样。穆瓦亚尔过去一直呼吁以色列军队入侵加沙地带,从而结束火箭袭击。Hamas, which has called for a truce in the past, dismissed Moyal's offer as a publicity stunt. The group said if Israel wants a cease-fire it should end military action and its crippling blockade of Gaza. 哈马斯以前也曾经要求实行停战。可是,这一次哈马斯说,穆瓦亚尔要求停战的呼吁是宣传的伎俩。它说,要是以色列要停战,它就应该停止军事行动以及停止封锁加沙地带。The Israeli government also rejected the truce proposal. Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says Hamas is a terrorist organization that refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.  以色列政府也拒绝停战的建议。以色列发言人雷格夫说,哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,它拒绝放弃暴力,拒绝承认以色列。"We are talking of an extremist group, a very hateful agenda, a very extremist agenda, opposed to peace, opposed to reconciliation," said Regev. "And so there is not much to talk about."  雷格夫说:“我们说的是一个极端组织,它们要达到的目的极其可恶,也是非常极端主义的,它们反对和平,反对妥协。所以,跟它们没有什么好谈的。”At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a -million plan to fortify homes in Sderot. 以色列总理奥尔默特在举行每周内阁会议时宣布一个价值9100万美元的计划,用来为斯德洛特居民的房屋建立防卫设备。Mr. Olmert said that about half the eight-thousand homes in Sderot would be fortified, with the priority given to those buildings directly in the line of fire. The Prime Minister also said that Sderot would be equipped with an anti-missile defense system by 2010.  奥尔默特说,在斯德洛特的8000个住家中,大约有一半将设置防卫设备,那些处于前线的房子将优先设防。总理还说,到2010年斯德洛特还将装备一个反导弹防御系统。200802/27795枣阳市妇幼保健中医院治疗鼻炎多少钱US Ships Food to North Korea Following Agreement to Expand UN Role美援助北韩首批小麦运抵北韩港口 Help is starting to reach hungry North Korea. A ship carrying tens of thousands of tons of grain from the ed States has arrived at a North Korean port. The shipment follows a North Korean deal with the World Food Program to expand its reach in the country.  援助物资开始进入饥饿的北韩。一艘满载数万吨粮食的货船从美国抵达北韩港口。此前的一项协议使世界粮食计划署得以扩大对北韩的援助行动。The American ship carrying 37,000 tons of wheat arrived Sunday in the North Korean port of Nampo. It is the first installment of half a million tons of food aid promised by the ed States to the impoverished North. 一艘装载著3万7千吨小麦的美国货轮星期天抵达北韩港口南浦。美国表示要提供给贫困的北韩50万吨粮食援助,这是第一批。Two days earlier, the ed Nations World Food Program signed a new agreement with Pyongyang to bolster its presence in North Korea. Paul Risley, spokesman for the WFP's Asia operations, says the deal is great news for North Korea's malnourished population. 两天前,联合国世界粮食计划署与平壤签订了一项新的协议,扩大在北韩的行动。世界粮食计划署亚洲行动发言人里斯利说,这个协议对北韩营养不良的民众来说是一个极好的消息。"It will allow for increased staff, it will allow for much larger amounts of food, and instead of feeding roughly one million people we feed presently, we will likely be able to feed close to the five million people we estimate are hungry," he said. 他说:“根据协议,可以增加工作人员,增加更多的粮食。我们可能能够为我们估计正在挨饿的将近5百万人提供食品,而现在我们大约只能帮助1百万人。”North Korea has experienced food shortages for decades as the result of self-imposed economic isolation and mismanagement of resources. The problem culminated in the mid-90s, when up to a million North Koreans are believed to have died in a famine. Last year's heavy flooding in the North, made worse by the population's clear-cutting of mountains for food and fuel, has severely impacted this year's harvest.  由于在经济上与外界隔绝和对资源的管理不当,北韩几十年来一直粮食短缺。这个问题到1990年代中期恶化到极点,据信那些年有1百万北韩人饿死。去年北韩发生严重水灾,北韩人为种粮食和获取燃料而将山上的树木全部伐光,使灾情进一步恶化,严重影响了今年的收成。Friday's agreement with the WFP will put 50 WFP workers in North Korea over the next year, up from the current ten people. It also allows the teams to distribute food in areas previously off limits. 根据上星期五北韩与世界粮食计划署签署的协议,相对于目前的10名工作人员,该机构今后一年可以派遣50名工作人员进入北韩。协议还允许这些人前往过去不得进入的地区分发食品。Risley says desperate times may have helped coax North Korea away from its usual reclusiveness. 里斯利指出,局势严峻,这可能是迫使北韩脱离通常那种与世隔绝状态的原因。"There is a growing awareness by the government of DPRK, and a growing openness toward an expanded international presence," he added. "In particular, when it comes to food assistance." 他说:“北韩政府越来越认识到这一点,而且越来越接受国际社会进入北韩,特别是在粮食援助问题上。”Risley adds, the U.S. shipment that arrived Sunday was contingent on the new WFP deal. 里斯利补充说,美国星期天运抵北韩的粮食是北韩与世界粮食计划署新协议的一部分。"The U.S. was reluctant to provide the first installment of its food aid until that agreement was reached by WFP and by the government," he said. 他说:“在世界粮食计划署和北韩政府没有达成协议之前,美国不愿意发送第一批粮食。”The World Food Program has a policy of only distributing food in areas where it can monitor distribution to ensure food reaches the most needy. Washington has expressed concerns in the past that unmonitored aid may be diverted to North Korea's military and political elite. 世界粮食计划署的政策是,只在能够实施监督、确保粮食发送最需要的人的地方分配粮食。华盛顿过去担心,如果没有监督,援助物资可能会落到北韩军队和政治特权者手中。South Korea has not yet sent food aid to the North, but that may change soon as the result of progress in negotiations on nuclear weapons. Even without sending food, Seoul is assisting the North in its crisis: the World Food Program says South Korea puts up most of the funding for the agency's operations in the North. 韩国还没有向北韩运送粮食援助,但是在有关核武器的谈判取得进展之后,韩国方面可能会有所改变。尽管没有运送粮食,首尔还是在北韩陷入危机的时刻提供了帮助。世界粮食计划署说,韩国为该机构在北韩的行动提供了大部分资金。200807/43140襄樊治疗中耳炎多少钱

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