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Exercise 5-5:Liaise the LsAs you work with the following exercise, here are two points you should keep in mind.When a word ends with an L sound,either (a) connect it to the next word if you can,or (b) add a slight schwa for an exaggerated sound.For example:(a) enjoyable as(b) possible /201510/402853Todd: So, Aiman, were talking about bribery. Now youve worked in a very modern country like Dubai in the business setting, so even in large business settings, do you have some type of bribery. Is that still like part of the culture? The System?托德:艾曼,我们来谈谈贿赂。你在迪拜等现代化国家的商业环境中工作过,大型商业环境中存在贿赂现象吧?贿赂还是文化或体系内的一部分吗?Aiman: Yes, of course. A business deal would never go through without a bribe. And its not the Arab culture alone because even Westerners that work in Dubai have to bribe and they take bribes, even Indians, Asians, anyone who works in Dubai has to do it. Its the countries culture, and it is a known fact now.艾曼:当然是。如果不进行贿赂,那交易就不能顺利进行。不只是阿拉伯文化存在这种现象,就连在迪拜工作的西方人员也必须要行贿和受贿,在迪拜工作的印度人和亚洲人也不得不这样做。这是国家文化,现在已经是众所周知的事实了。Todd: Right, so youre saying if a Western country is in Dubai, and they want to succeed, they follow the customs, so they also are part of the system where they would bribe... one country would bribe another country if they want something done?托德:好,你是说一个西方国家要想在迪拜获得成功,就要按照当地的习俗去做,贿赂是当地体系的一部分,如果要做成某件事,一个国家就要去贿赂另一个国家?Aiman: Yes, of course.艾曼:对,没错。Todd: With your experience in business, do you think is something that will just always be a part of the system, or do you see it something as going away if you have more development?托德:从你在商业的经历来看,你认为贿赂是会永远是体系内的一部分,还是在进一步发展后就会消失?Aiman: Well, I really cant see the time when we wont have to bribe in Syria or really in any other Arab country. When I talk about business with other people, I always advice them that if they are going to an Arab country to conduct business, they have to take bribe into consideration because it is the same situation in Egypt, Lybia, maybe a bit less in Libya, but Morocco. It is the culture. It is the culture because the systems are all similar. The political systems are similar, so they produce a similar outcome.艾曼:我不知道什么时候在叙利亚和其他阿拉伯国家才不再需要进行贿赂。我和其他人谈到商业时,如果他们想去阿拉伯国家做生意,我都会建议他们考虑一下贿赂,因为埃及和利比亚的情况也是如此,可能利比亚的贿赂风气没有那么明显,不过洛哥也是如此。贿赂是阿拉伯国家的文化,因为这些国家的体系很相似。政治体系也相似,所以结果也是类似的。Todd: Yeah, in the States we dont really have bribes but we have whats called kickbacks. So, basically, one politician does one thing for somebody else, and then they get money as a kickback. So maybe they either get political donations or maybe some company will develop, you know, create jobs in their area, so I think even though in the ed Sates we dont have the term bribery so much, like you know, briberys illegal, I think we still have a little bit of the same problem, but just its a different way.托德:我们没有这种贿赂行为,不过我们有收回扣的行为。如果政治人物帮其他人做了件事,那他们就会得到回扣款。他们可能会得到政治捐款,或是一些公司会提供就业机会,虽然贿赂行为在美国并不常见,因为贿赂是违法的,但是我们也存在同样的问题,只不过方式不一样。 译文属 /201607/456369unit 10 引见同学dialogue英语情景对话A:Mrs.Coleman, ld like you to meet Denise. She is at school with me.A:科尔曼太太,我想让您见见丹尼斯.她是我的同学。B:Hello, Denise. Pleased to meet you.Wont you come in?B:你好,丹尼斯。见到你很高兴。请进来好吗?C:Thank you.C:谢谢。B:How long have you been over here?B:你来这里有多久了?C:Not very long. I started school last week.C:没多久。我上星期刚来上学的。 /201503/366496

facial tissue/tissue------ 面纸巾toilet paper-------厕所纸有内涵,无节操!小强英语如期到。本期呢,我们要谈谈每个人的生活中必不可少的一样东西,你还别不信,那就是——纸巾。我们这里分两种讲。大家都知道的。一种是面巾纸,用来擦脸的,这叫facial tissue,简单地也可以说tissue,是可数名词。面巾纸呢通常有这么几个特点——soft, absorbent, disposable。也就是薄、有吸收性、一次性使用。你要去查下维基百科呀,它还有这么一个学术到不行的解释——It is designed to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus from the nose.什么意思呢?我们知道facilitate是“促进”,expulsion是“排出”,那这个nasal mucus是什么玩意儿呢?它就是鼻涕。说简单点,这句话的意思就是面巾纸是用来擦鼻涕的!另外一种纸巾,大家都知道,上洗手间用的,粗俗点叫“厕纸”,用英语讲是toilet paper,记住不可数。这时候,有小伙伴会说,这厕纸通常是成卷儿的,怎么形容表示呢?我们可以用toilet roll,这个就是可数的了。记得前阵子有个新闻,说是有位少年坐火车上厕所,结果发现里头没厕纸了,于是就通过推特求救:I’ve just had a reasonably large poo and there is no toilet roll left on the train! Please send help!!最后还真得救了!可见社交网站是多么的重要,帮助你做好厕所里的善后工作!有内涵,无节操!下期我们接着聊。小强在微:@小强英语 小强在微信:englishonair本栏目由原创,。 /201501/353268

Todd: Hey, Rebecca, can you talk a little bit about Australia and just your thoughts about your home country?托德:嗨,丽贝卡,你能谈谈澳大利亚吗?谈谈你对祖国的看法?Rebecca: I guess I spend most of my time in Sydney, but one of the things l really love about Sydney is that its very multicultural, so its an interesting place to live because every day you can meet people from all around the world and on the bus going to work you can hear maybe five or six different languages around you. You can eat food from lots of different places and of course you can talk to people with all different sorts of points of view, different backgrounds. I think its exciting for that reason.丽贝卡:我大部分时间在悉尼生活,我喜欢悉尼的多元文化,生活在那里非常有意思,因为每天你都会遇到世界各地的人,在坐公交上班的路上会听到五六种不同的语言。在悉尼可以享用到各地的美食,当然你也可以和持不同观点、来自不同背景的人交谈。我认为这点让人非常兴奋。Todd: So youre saying that Australia is basically a very multicultural place. Is this mainly just in the cities or is this all around Australia?托德:你刚才说澳大利亚是一个拥有多元文化的地方。是只有城市具备这一特点还是澳大利亚各地都呈现这一特点?Rebecca: Well, to be honest, that is mostly just the cities. I guess the other really big thing I like about Australia is its nature. Australia is a very clean and beautiful place. It has true wilderness, which is not very common in some countries in the world. You can go places and you will see nobody. I really do mean nobody. I love that, so you can go to a beach and you can be the only person there.丽贝卡:嗯,说实话,主要是城市呈现出多元文化的特点。我最喜欢澳大利亚的地方是它的自然。澳大利亚是一个非常整洁又漂亮的地方。澳大利亚拥有真正的荒野,这在世界上其他国家并不常见。你可以去看不到任何人的地方。真的没有一个人。我喜欢这点,你可以去一个没有别人的海滩。Todd: Actually, speaking of nature, you know, when you think of Australia you think of the Barrier Reef or maybe the jungles up north or like the desert in the middle. What landscapes have you been to?托德:说到自然,当提到澳大利亚的时候就会想到大堡礁,或者是北部的丛林和中部的沙漠。你去过哪些地方?Rebecca: Um, Im really lucky actually because when I was a kid my parent took me out of school for a few months and we traveled all around Australia in a van so I got to see all different kinds of landscapes in Australia: desert, Barrier Reef, mountains, forests, anything, yeah, but actually most of Australia is desert so Ive seen a lot of desert.丽贝卡:我真的很幸运,因为我小时候我父母会带我离开学校几个月,我们会开着面包车去澳大利亚各地旅行,所以我欣赏过澳大利亚各种景色:包括沙漠、大堡礁、高山、森林等等,不过实际上澳大利亚大部分地区是沙漠,所以我看的最多的是沙漠。Todd: If you had to choose, besides Sydney where youre from, your favorite place in Australia, where would it be?托德:如果让你做选择,除去你的家乡悉尼,你最喜欢澳大利亚的哪个地方?Rebecca: Mm, thats difficult. Probably somewhere with an island and a beautiful beach. Maybe not too many people but somewhere where I could go scuba-diving or snorkeling. That would be great.丽贝卡:嗯,这很难选。可能是小岛和漂亮的沙滩。我会选那种人不是太多,可以水肺潜水或浮潜的地方。那会非常棒的。Todd: OK, and where are the best beaches in Australia?托德:好,澳大利亚最棒的沙滩在哪里?Rebecca: Everywhere. Weve got so many you couldnt count them all. Yeah, Sydney has some lovely beaches but most of Australia has a coast so all the way around you can find a beach anywhere.丽贝卡:各处都有。我们有很多沙滩,甚至都数不全。悉尼有一些不错的沙滩,澳大利亚的海岸线非常长,所以其实在任何地方你都能找到海滩。 译文属 /201509/399166

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