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涞源县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养蛇颈乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么The remnants of the sea ice are occupied by sun-bathing seals that have been here all winter. But new arrivals are following the retreating ice edge and they have come here to hunt. Killer whales, the oceans top predator, killers are like wolves for they will hunt animals far larger than themselves. But even smaller prey are a problem if you cant reach them. The solution is teamwork. Swimming in perfect formation, they flick their tails in unison and create a wave that cracks the ice. They regroup and recess the damage. A more powerful wave is needed. The ice floe is breaking up. Now they are close enough to get a good look at their target. The seal is a crabeater, sharp-toothed and feisty, not their favourite. The wolves of sea move on in search of an easier quarry. A Weddell seal, thats better. These are more docile and easier to tackle. The part stays close together and travels silently. This time they unleash a far more powerful wave and with astonishing accuracy. These big waves are not intended to break the ice but to knock the prey into the water and they rarely fail.经过整个冬天日光的沐浴, 海上漂动着浮冰。但是新来的动物跟随着退冰的脚步,它们来这里的目的是打猎。虎鲸,海洋的顶级捕食者,这种被称为像狼一样的杀手的原因是因为它们猎杀的动物要远远大于它们自己。但即使是小型猎物,如果你触及不到,也会成为问题。解决的办法就是团队合作。因此它们以完美的队形游泳前进,挥动着尾巴以创造一种和谐的波动来打破冰的裂缝。它们重新组织队形以将破坏减少到最小。一股更强大的波动无疑是必要的。冰体正在破裂。现在,它们到了一处绝佳位置,足以好好观察其攻击目标。映入它们眼帘的是海豹,这是一种哺乳动物,虽然肥胖但牙齿极其锋利,这显然不是它们的最爱。现在海洋之狼继续寻找更容易的猎物。韦德尔海豹就更好了,因为这种动物比较温顺且更容易对付。队形保持紧密且悄无声息。这次,它们释放强大得多的波浪和惊人的准确度。这些海浪不打算破冰,但却可将猎物拖入水中,这是它们的成名绝技,几乎未尝败绩。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170285金头闭壳乌龟品种介绍种类区别 Do you have a million dollar idea? With me now, as a woman you know as a singer too about turning ideas into multi-million dollar businesses.你想成为百万富翁吗?作为一位女人,也作为一名歌手,我现在就告诉你怎样把想法变成百万美金?This was Lauren Granners first idea, a clear plastic jewelry organizer that holds a hundred pairs of earings, keeps them form tangling.这就是劳伦,格瑞娜第一个创意。她是透明塑胶饰品的创始人,她有上百对耳环,她从来不让它们闲着。Now as a host on Q, Lauren is selling hundreds of her new creations and has become a five hundred million dollar brand.作为Q的主持人,劳伦销售了许多她自己设计的饰品。她目前拥有价值5亿美元的品牌。Laurens also a judge on As shark tank where she coaches Americas aspiring entrepreneurs.劳论也担任A节目shark tank的评委,在那里她培训有抱负的企业家。Iaurenve been in a shopping world, shopping channel world for 15 years.劳伦已经在购物圈摸爬滚打了15年。You talk like its nothing. Most people fail. They go on.你可能会觉得没什么。很多人跌到了,又爬起来。Not me, I dont fail.不是我,我没有失败。Yeah, you will fail.是呀,但你总会失败的。And shes honest.Thats where we love. Lauren welcome to the program.劳伦很诚实,所以我们爱她。欢迎来到我们节目,劳伦。Great to be here.很高兴来这里。Whats the bridge between a really good idea and a profitable business?There has to be something between those two.那么,连接好的想法和赚钱的桥梁是什么?两者之间肯定有联系。Well,I was gonna say therere lots of bridges in detours along the way. We really have to start out with a great idea.好吧,我要说的是,前进的路是曲折的,有许多桥等着你去跨越。开始的时候我们必须得有很棒的想法。And then you have to know all the things to do to get there.其次,我们还得清楚到达目的地所需的所有条件。Market research is really a good idea.Can I make it? Is it going to be good cost? Can I get it out there? Selling it?市场调查是个很好的方法。要调查你的想法是不是可行?执行起来要花多少钱?售货渠道又是什么?卖不卖得出去?There are so many bridges you have to cross, but I do feel that if you are strong and tenacious and you really do your homework and put it out there, you can get there.有很多事情要做,但是你得自信,觉得自己很强大很顽强。然后做好该做的功课,付出劳动,最后你就会成功。The idea in your gut instinct is the first thing and those are all those work to be done after that.And youve been called a super star inventor, what keeps your idea flowing?第一件事就是有想法,这得靠直觉,剩下的事情就是付诸行动。你曾被称作是发明家里的超级巨星,那么你源源不断的灵感来源于哪儿呢?Well,I think you born that way, I think I have an natural mind for creating product and ideas but then I also think Im very driven I really want to succeed,I want to make products makes peoples lives better.And that keeps me going.好吧,我认为这是天生的,我想我有创作和思考的天赋,而且我也很上进,我渴望成功。我想创造自己的产品,帮助人们提高生活质量,这也是我前进的动力。So the advice I guess for people what I call the DIY economy, do it yourself job market. Do it if theres ever been a time to start a business and take the idea that even kicking around for a long time and try to make it work. Its now, right?在我看来,DIY经济其实就是自由职业市场。自主创业的时代已经到来。即使要花很长时间让人们去接受你的想法,花很长时间才能成功,有想法现在就去做,是这样吗?It is now, I also think its any time. Because a good idea is a good idea.So whether its a down economy or an up economy or somewhere between,if you have a great idea and youre going to be passionate and put the hard work in you will get there.对,现在就行动,当然任何时候都不晚。因为好的想法就是好的想法。所以不管是在经济低迷还是繁荣,或者不好不坏的时候,你有了好的想法,就应该以热情的心态,坚强的意志和努力的奋斗来实现梦想。注:本文译文属原创,,!201205/180614东部网目鸡龟好养吗价格收藏推荐

和龙市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养Roman Opalka罗曼·欧帕尔卡Roman Opalka, painter of infinity, died on August 6th, aged 79罗曼·欧帕尔卡,绘制无限的画家,于八月六日逝世,享年79岁SLOWLY, though his heart was pounding like a runner’s, Roman Opalka approached the canvas. He had painted it completely black. The date, though he set no store by dates, was 1965. Clenched in his left hand was a pot of white acrylic paint; held tightly in his right was a No. 0 brush, the smallest standard size. He dipped the fine tip into the paint and then, very gently, as if in slow motion, raised his arm. His hand was trembling. Carefully he painted the figure 1 at the top left-hand corner of the canvas. At the same time he whispered, in his native Polish, jeden, one. The moment was so charged with emotion that he thought he might collapse. Instead, he had begun.尽管心跳已如奔跑的人一样快,罗曼·欧帕尔卡还是慢慢地走到画布前。画布已经被他全部涂上了纯黑色。这一天,尽管他没有记录日期,是在1965年。他左手端着一碟白色丙烯酸颜料,右手握住0号笔刷(标准号码里面最小的笔刷),然后笔尖蘸上颜料,轻柔地,慢慢地,抬起手臂。手在轻轻颤抖,他小心地在画布左上角写上“1”,用波兰话轻轻说道,jeden,一。这一刻,充满无限的感情,他感到自己要塌下了,只是,事实上,这正是他的起点。 He had thought about this for years, wondering how he might visualise time. He did not mean the time of clocks or calendars or hour-glasses; those were merely instruments of convenience for fixing points at which to have coffee, or feed the cat. That was time you could even reverse, by winding back the clock or tipping the hourglass over. He meant the irreversible continuum of time that flowed through him, the pulse of his life approaching his death within the vastness of infinity. For some years early in the 1960s he had played around with dabs and zigzags of monochrome paint on canvases which he called “Chronomes”, but he concluded that time was more orderly than that. By painting numbers in careful succession from one to infinity, or as near to it as he was destined to get, he would make a work of art that tracked as well as anything the movement of time in a life, and life in time.关于怎样才能表达出时间的印象,他已经深思熟很多年。他想要的表达,不是时钟、日历、时漏这些仪器,这些仪器的用处是提醒人们什么时候去喝咖啡,什么时间去喂小猫咪,这样子的时间甚至都可以往回拨,钟表的指针可以回调,时漏可以颠倒。他想要表达出来的,是穿过他自己的时间,那是不可逆转的连续的时间,是在无限的广漠之中他生命的脉搏走向了死亡。在二十世纪六十年代早期几年里,他曾试着在用一种颜色在画布上点点,或是画之字,这种画他称之为“染色体”,但是最后他得出了这样的结论,即时间比它们都有序。所以他才想到用这样的方法来画画,在画布上写下数字,从一到无限,至少,到他有生之年能够到达的那个数字,这样,他能创作出的艺术品,才是对时间在生命之中的运动,或对生命在时间中的运动所做的纪录。The idea came easily enough, while he was waiting one winter day in a cold café in Warsaw for his wife and his friends to come, glancing impatiently at clock and watch, drumming the moments away on the table. But it demanded nothing less than the sacrifice of his life. From the moment of painting the figure 1 until the day he died, when he had reached well past 5500000 (no commas marred his work), his daily task was painting numbers and whispering their names, eventually into a tape recorder. Hence his extreme emotion when he began: his own “big bang”, signalling his own creation of space-time.他是在寒冬的一天在华沙一家咖啡厅里等他老婆和朋友的时候萌生了这样的想法,当时他不耐烦地看着钟表,一下下敲着桌子要把时间敲走。可是完成这样的想法也要他奉献一生的时间,从他写下1开始,直到他逝世的那天,他已经写到5500000了,他的作品没有一个分隔的逗号,他每天的任务就是写下数字,说那个数字,记录在录音带里。因此,开始的那一刻,他强烈的情绪,正是他的“宇宙大爆炸”,是他自己的创世纪。Each canvas was called a “detail”, and all had the same title, “Opalka 1965/ 1-∞”. Typically he would paint around 400 figures a day, standing almost motionless at the easel. He tried not to travel much, did not take holidays, and if the journey was unavoidable made what he called cartes de voyage, continuing his numbers in black ink on ordinary white paper. The work became so absorbing, so meditative, that he would try to paint at the deepest hours of night, when only the bark of a dog or distant cock-crow would disturb the southern French hillside where he lived.每一张画布都是一个“细节”,都有一样的标题“欧帕尔卡 1965/1-∞”。通常,他一天写大约400个数字,一动不动地站在画架前。他尽量少去旅行,也没有节假日,如果不得不出门旅行,他就写下“旅行卡片”,在普通的白纸上用黑墨水写下数字。他完全地沉浸在这份工作中,有时在深夜绘画,在他所住的位于法国南部的山边,只有能听到远处传来的叫或鸡鸣,Heart trouble bothered him, and he once found the little paint-pot almost too heavy to lift, but he never considered stopping. The number 7777777 floated in his mind as a sort of completion of his “programme”; but in fact the completion would be his death, as he often said. Some critics saw his project as a sort of suicide, and he did not altogether dispute that. No sort of afterlife tempted him, he had no belief in one; but he very much liked a story by Marguerite Yourcenar in which a man built a boat and set out into infinity.后来心脏有些问题让他有点吃力,有一阵感到那个小颜料碟都太重了拿不动,但是他还是不放弃。曾经他也想过7777777这个数字就是这项任务的终点了,但是他也经常说过,事实上终点只能是到他死的时候。有些家认为他这个任务就等于是自杀,他没有辩驳。他也没有想过身后名声之类的,也不相信谁。不过,他倒是很喜欢玛格丽特·尤瑟纳尔讲的一个故事,讲有一个男人,造了一艘船,就这样开到无边无际的地方去了。Over the 46 years of his enterprise, his technique and materials barely changed. His canvases, 233 in all, were always 196 x 135cm, a good size to work at standing and to carry in outstretched arms. Brush and paint never varied. His figures were roughly a centimetre tall,most made with two deliberate strokes of the brush, and allowed to fade away as his paint ran out, like the trailing tail of a comet. He often said he painted like a man out walking, unaware of his steps unless he stumbled. If that happened, he never went back.在他这项为期46年的事业里,他使用的材料,绘画的技巧一点都没变。总共233幅画布,都是196 x 135cm,大小刚好适合站着画,而且双手展开拿着看也合适。绘画的刷子和颜料还和最初用的一样,数字大约一厘米高,其笔法大多数都是笔刷小心地刷过两遍,再轻轻地淡出,像彗星的尾巴。他常说自己的画法,就像出去散步的人,除非遇到嗑嗑绊绊,否则没有意识到自己的脚步。也许他也遇到过嗑绊,但是他不曾回头。His biggest innovation was to change the background colour. In 1968 he made it grey; in 1972—when, barely able to breathe, he passed 1000000—he decided to add 1% more white to that grey every year. By 2008 the white of ground and figures was virtually the same, except that he thought of the ground as “well-earned white”, arduously brought out of the original black, and except that the newly painted figures would shine out against it until they dried. He approached this invisibility with a sort of exaltation.他最大的创新在于更改画布的背景颜色。1968年开始使用灰色的背景,1972年他的身体已经非常虚弱,他已经写下了1000000,决定每过一年,就在那种灰色颜料里加1%的白色颜料。到2008年,背景色就是白色的,和写数字的颜料几乎无差,他认为,背景的白色是时光沉淀下来的白,是从最初的黑色当中一点点绽放出来的白色,与最初的白色不一样。新画上去的数字,颜料在颜料干了之后可以看出来。他认为就是这点难以发现的特点让他感到欣喜。”Self-portrait with numbers与数字一起的自拍像From 1968, at the end of every working day, he took a black-and-white photograph of his impassive face against the canvas. This too was part of the project. It was not egoism or narcissism, he insisted. After all, his art told people nothing about his idian life. None of it—the birth in France, the childhood in Poland interrupted by war, the art studies in Warsaw, the year in Berlin—seemed important beside the immensity of the self-imposed task. He spoke about that, when asked, rather diffidently, softly rubbing the rims of his glasses in one hand, talking of Heidegger and Pascal and the notions of number held by the ancient Greeks, smiling often with what seemed to be repressed joy. And why not? Though people saw him as a prisoner, he felt more liberated with every stroke of the brush. Each of his self-portraits, with steadily silvering hair and whitening skin, showed him progressing as inevitably as his numbers into the infinity he longed for.从1968年起,每天工作结束,他都站在画布前照一张黑白照,都是些像寸照一样的照片,照他没有表情的脸。这也是这个项目的一部分。他说,这不是自我中心,更不是自恋。毕竟,他的作品里没有传达任何关于他平日生活的事情,一点都没有,没有关于他在法国出生的事情,没有他在波兰经历战争的童年生活,没有他在华沙学习艺术的事情,没在柏林那一年的事情,这些,与他自愿接受的这项巨大任务相对都不重要。人们问到他的作品时,他有点羞怯,轻轻扶了下眼镜框,谈起海格德尔,帕斯卡,谈成古代希腊人赋予数字的意义,他笑起来,带着点压抑的欢乐。怎能不欢乐?人们看他像住在监狱里,可是每刷动一次笔刷,他都感觉到更加自由。他每一幅自拍照片,银色的头发,白的肤色,展示着他的生命就像他所渴望的无穷的数字一样不可逆转地延续着。201205/184515咸水泥彩龟品种介绍种类区别 Ive got about a quarter of a bottle now for later reserve. Urine is actually 95 percent water. And its sterile when fresh. But only drink it when you are hydrated. And drink it sooner rather than later as its a breeding ground for bacteria. The people who stand the best chances of survival are the ones prepared to push the limits. In 2006, three Mexican fishermen were rescued after a 9-month ordeal adrift on a Pacific ocean. They drank turtle blood and their own urine. So its only because they were prepared to go to these extremes that they are alive today. But urine alone is not gonna be enough in this heat. Youve got to find water and fast. Just at rest, you should be drinking two percent of your body weight in water every day. That means about one and a half litre minimum. But in these conditions, youll need that much just every hour.我留了1/4壶,过会再喝。尿液里有95%是水分,刚排除体外时无菌,最好尽快饮用,否则容易滋生细菌。最有可能逃出生天的人,是那些准备好挑战极限的人。2006年3名墨西哥渔民在太平洋上遇难,漫无目标地漂流了9个月后才获得营救。他们喝的是海龟血和自己的尿液。正因为他们准备好接受这些极限挑战,所以才活到今天。但是光凭尿液不足以在如此酷热的条件下维生,你必须尽快找到水源。就算歇着不动,我每天也得喝相当于自己体重2%的饮用水。也就是说至少要喝1.5升左右。但在这种条件下,我每小时都需要喝那么多水。Look at the scale of this. The combination of searing heat and high humidity will take their toll. Your sweat wont cool you down. And if you cant find enough fluids in this heat, youll die. Im walking through these baobab trees now. These are really typical of the whole Kimberley region. But what they do for me is offer me a little bit of this precious shade. Finding shades like this can be a life saver, as its up to 30 degrees cooler than when you are in the sun. The people who know how to cope best in this environment, though, are the native Australians, the Aborigines. The Aborigines have a very distinct attitude towards the land. And they dont see themselves as owners of the land, rather that the land owns them as if they are kind of custodians of it. And its this sort of respect and understanding that are so vital for staying alive in this sort of harsh environment.你看这个地方多大。灼热的高温再加上高湿度会逐渐影响到你。流汗无法帮我降温。在这样炎热的天气下,如果找不到饮用水,你就死定了。现在我正穿过猴面包树林。这种树是整个金伯利地区最典型的植物,它们能够给我提供一点点宝贵的阴凉。找到这样的阴凉可以救我一命,因为这里比骄阳下要凉快30多度。最懂得应付这种恶劣环境的人是澳洲土著。澳洲土著对待这片土地有一种特别的态度。他们不把自己当作土地的主人,而是土地的仆人,充当着土地护卫的角色。要在这么恶劣的环境生存,这样的尊重和理解绝对是至关重要的。201206/186577射阳县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

绿春县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养Business Oil in Russia Exxonerated商业 俄罗斯石油 奋起的埃克森石油Where BP failed, Exxon succeeds英国石油失落,埃克森石油奋起FOR BP it could hardly have been worse. On August 30th Exxon Mobil struck a deal with Rosneft to explore the same icy blocks of the Arctic Kara Sea that slipped from BPs grasp when its vaunted tie-up with the Russian state-controlled oil firm collapsed in the spring. Then things did get worse: the next day, one of BPs Moscow offices was raided by bailiffs.8月30号,埃克森美孚与俄罗斯国家石油公司签署了一项协议,共同开发北冰洋边海喀拉海的冰层,该冰层曾在今年春天由于BP与俄罗斯国有石油公司夸大的铁关系破裂,而从英国石油公司(BP)手中溜走。对BP来说,几乎没有比这更坏的消息了。而事态却偏偏变得更加严重:第二天,BP的一个莫斯科办事处遭到了一群法警的搜查。The deal is a triumph for Exxon, giving it access to one of oils richest frontiers, with none of the nasty add-ons that tripped up BP. The British firms proposed link with Rosneft would have meant giving the Russian firm 5% of its shares, an arrangement that BPs existing Russian partner, AAR, objected to. AAR took legal action and successfully blocked the deal.该协议对于埃克森来说是一个大胜,使其能够进入最富有的石油开采前线,而不带任何曾经绊倒BP的恶心的附加条款。英国公司原先预想与俄罗斯国家石油公司的联盟将意味着转让其5%的股份予该俄罗斯公司,这一安排受到了BP当时的俄罗斯合作伙伴,AAR的反对,后者采取了法律行动,成功阻止了这次交易。Exxon, in contrast, is neither swapping shares nor violating any previous agreement. It has pledged to spend .2 billion exploring the potentially oil-rich Kara and billion prospecting in the Black Sea. In return, it will allow Rosneft to take minority stakes in its deep-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore in Texas.相反,埃克森则没有交换任何股份或违法任何先前的协议。其承诺将投资22亿美元来开采储量丰富的喀拉海,并还将在黑海进行10亿美元的投资。作为回报,埃克森将允许俄罗斯石油工业集团拥有其在墨西哥湾和德克萨斯沿岸深水项目的一小部分利益。If all goes well, Exxons total investment in Russian Arctic oil could run into hundreds of billions of dollars over a decade—a figure Russias prime minister, Vladimir Putin, at a ceremony to launch the deal, described as ;scary to utter;. Whether such terrifying sums materialise will depend partly on the financial terms of Arctic exploration and the Kremlins flexibility over the tax status of the project. These are yet to be decided.如果一切进展顺利的话,埃克森对俄国北冰洋石油开采的投资将在未来十年内达到数千亿美元-这一数字被俄国首相普京在该协议签订仪式上描述成了;不敢说出口的;。这一巨额投资能否最终实现将部分取决于北冰洋开采项目的财政情况和克里姆林宫对该项目税收地位的灵活度。这一切都是未知数。Yet Exxons plans aly look more promising than BPs did. When announcing that proposal, Bob Dudley, BPs boss, trumpeted his knowledge of Russian politics. In fact it was BPs misjudgment of Russian politics and corporate culture that did for the deal. Mr Dudley wrongly believed that getting into bed with a powerful Kremlin firm would cow his existing oligarch partners. Having now alienated both, BP appears to have little protection against being pushed around in Russia—as the raid on its offices may suggest.然而埃克森的计划已经看起来比BP的更加令人期待。当BP的老板Bob Dudley宣布他的提议时,他在吹嘘自己对俄国政治的理解。实际上正是BP对俄国政治和企业文化的误判导致了这次协议的失败。Dudley先生错误的认为与一个强大的俄国国有公司联盟能够给其现有的寡头伙伴一点厉害。而现在与两家的间隙难以保BP在俄国不会被人左右-正如其受到的办公室搜查所暗示的那样。To Exxons great advantage, its deal is more important to Russia, which desperately needs foreign investment and expertise in its oil industry, than it is for Exxon, the worlds biggest private oil firm. Rosnefts share price jumped 8% after the announcement. (It also jumped 8% the previous day in the local market, suggesting insider dealing.) Exxons shareholders were less giddy, perhaps reflecting on the pitfalls of doing business in Russia.相比埃克森这个世界最大的私人石油公司,这一协议对俄国这方更为重要,因为其石油行业正急需外国投资和技术,这使得埃克森有了巨大的优势。在协议宣布之后,俄罗斯国家石油公司的股价涨了8%(在此前一天,当地市场的股价就已经涨了8%,说明有内部交易存在。)埃克森的股东则没那么兴奋,也许是因为在俄国做生意的诸多陷阱。They have experienced them. In 2003 Exxon considered buying a large stake in Yukos, then Russias largest oil firm. Yet shortly after Lee Raymond, Exxons chief executive, flew to Moscow to negotiate the deal with Mr Putin, Yukoss main shareholder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was arrested, Yukos was dismantled and its assets were swallowed by Rosneft.他们其实已经吃过一亏了。2003年,埃克森曾考虑大量购买俄罗斯当时最大的石油公司-尤科斯-的股份。然而就在埃克森的首席执行官Lee Raymond飞到莫斯科与普京讨论这一协议之后没多久,尤科斯的最大股东,Mikhail Khodorkovsky就被逮捕了,尤科斯随后被解散,资产全被俄罗斯石油工业集团吞并。That outrage could yet cast a shadow over the Exxon deal in America, where politicians continue to condemn the Kremlin over it. Indeed, this may be one reason why Igor Sechin, Mr Putins right-hand man, who oversaw the destruction of Yukos and the Exxon deal, has kept away from America. But American oil firms are a different matter: as Exxon has shown, so long as you sit on colossal oil reserves, they will always be happy to do business.美国公众对这一恼人事件留下的阴影仍然影响着埃克森的此次协议。的确,这也许就是为什么普京先生的得力助手,管理尤科斯的解散和埃克森此次协议的Igor Sechin对美国一直保持距离的原因之一。但美国的石油公司则是另外一码事了:正如埃克森所表现的,只要你坐拥庞大的石油资源,他们就会一直乐意同你做生意。 /201301/221406 If it had been wet,如果这颗星球曾经是湿的,then everyone would look for nutrient and food sources that could support microbes.然后每个人都会寻找营养和食物来源维持微生物。The water ice is proof of a valuable resource for any life form still clinging beneath the surface and for future travelers.对于仍然执着于表面之下的任何形式的生命以及未来的旅行者来说,水冰都是一个宝贵的资源。We now know that these plains that you see stretching behind me are underlain only two or three inches deep by a sheet of ice.我们现在了解到你在我身后看到的这些平原是只有两三英寸深的一片冰。All the way as far as you can see.你放眼望过去可以看到的。Great hockey rank if you had a hockey team on Mars,如果你在火星上有一曲棍球队,这将是伟大的队伍,all you need is a broom.你所需要的是一把扫帚。The possibility of running into Martians received another boost from a very Mars-like part of our own planet,可能会偶遇碰到来自非常像火星的我们自己的星球的一部分的火星人,Chiles extraordinary Atacama Desert.智利非凡的阿塔卡马沙漠。The Atacama is special because it is just so profoundly dry,阿塔卡马非常特殊,因为它是如此地干,speaking roughly at 50 times drier than Death Valley.据说大约比死谷干燥50倍。It is deader than Death Valley.比死谷更加具有死亡的气息。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/181587黄头侧颈乌龟饲养方法技术技巧若尔盖县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养



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