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|3xADqzoqpY4]-M+@|UU!,l-lov4As9B~M6#vFor a century we labored to settle and to subdue a continent. For half a century we called upon unbounded invention and untiring industry to create an order of plenty for all of our people. The challenge of the next half century is whether we have the wisdom to use that wealth to enrich and elevate our national life, and to advance the quality of our American civilization.TUi)OJeVpi(I1*VfG^KzYour imagination and your initiative and your indignation will determine whether we build a society where progress is the servant of our needs, or a society where old values and new visions are buried under unbridled growth. For in your time we have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society and the powerful society, but upward to the Great Society.uSikLl|;gQtj6[c+1M^i-*naqEQ1FXs^sIk^U,gJ83vVlj0nol2DAF!g8ZRbit164251In an address recorded in Seoul, South Korea, the President discusses his trip to Asia. He talks about his push to stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea, Iran, and around the world. He talks about promoting America's principles for an open society in China while making progress on joint efforts to combat climate change. And talks in-depth about the primary objective of his trip: engaging in new markets that hold tremendous potential to spur job creation here at home.Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (128MB) | mp3 (4MB) 11/89902奥巴马感恩节发表讲话 鼓励国人挺过难关Good morning.Nearly 150 years ago, in one of the darkest years of our nation's history, President Abraham Lincoln set aside the last Thursday in November as a day of Thanksgiving. America was split by Civil War. But Lincoln said in his first Thanksgiving decree that difficult times made it even more appropriate for our blessings to be (and I e), "gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American people."This week, the American people came together with families and friends to carry on this distinctly American tradition. We gave thanks for loved ones and for our lasting pride in our communities and our country. We took comfort in good memories while looking forward to the promise of change.But this Thanksgiving also takes place at a time of great trial for our people. Across the country, there were empty seats at the table, as brave Americans continue to serve in harm’s way from the mountains of Afghanistan to the deserts of Iraq. We honor and give thanks for their sacrifice, and stand by the families who endure their absence with such dignity and resolve.At home, we face an economic crisis of historic proportions. More and more Americans are worried about losing a job or making their mortgage payment. Workers are wondering if next month's paycheck will pay next month's bills. Retirees are watching their savings disappear, and students are struggling with the cost of tuition.It's going to take bold and immediate action to confront this crisis. That's why I'm committed to forging a new beginning from the moment I take office as President of the ed States. Earlier this week, I announced my economic team. This talented and dedicated group is aly hard at work crafting an Economic Recovery Plan that will create or save 2.5 million new jobs, while making the investments we need to fuel long-term economic growth and stability.But this Thanksgiving, we're reminded that the renewal of our economy won't come from policies and plans alone. It will take the hard work, innovation, service, and strength of the American people. I've seen this strength firsthand over many months -- in workers who are y to power new industries, and farmers and scientists who can tap new sources of energy; in teachers who stay late after school, and parents who put in that extra hour ing to their kids; in young Americans enlisting in a time of war, seniors who volunteer their time, and service programs that bring hope to the hopeless.It's a testament to our national character that so many Americans took time out this Thanksgiving to help feed the hungry and care for the needy. On Wednesday, I visited a food bank at Saint Columbanus Parish in Chicago. And there, as in so many communities across America, folks pitched in time and resources to give a lift to their neighbors in need. It is this spirit that binds us together as one American family -- the belief that we rise and fall as one people; that we want that American Dream not just for ourselves, but for each other.That's the spirit we must summon as we make a new beginning for our nation. Times are tough. There are difficult months ahead. But we can renew our nation the same way that we have in the many years since Lincoln's first Thanksgiving: by coming together to overcome adversity; by reaching for -- and working for -- new horizons of opportunity for all Americans.08/80327To a few of us here today, this is a solemn and most momentous occasion; and yet, in the history of our Nation, it is a commonplace occurrence.今天对于我们中间的一些人来说,是一个非常庄严隆重的时刻,对于这个国家的历史却是一件普通的事情。The orderly transfer of authority as called for in the Constitution routinely takes place as it has for almost two centuries and few of us stop to think how unique we really are.按照宪法要求,政府权利正在有序地移交,我们已经如此“例行公事”了两个世纪,很少有人觉得这有什么特别。In the eyes of many in the world, this every-4-year ceremony we accept as normal is nothing less than a miracle.但在世界上更多人看来,我们这个已经习以为常的四年一次的仪式却是一个奇迹。Mr. President, I want our fellow citizens to know how much you did to carry on this tradition.总统先生,我希望我们的同胞们都能知道你为了这个传承而付出的努力。By your gracious cooperation in the transition process, you have shown a watching world that we are a united people pledged to maintaining a political system which guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than any other,通过移交程序中的通力合作,展示了这样一个事实:我们是一个团结一致的民族,这个民族决心捍卫一种比任何其他体制更能充分保个人民主自由的政治制度,and I thank you and your people for all your help in maintaining the continuity which is the bulwark of our Republic.我要感谢你和你的伙伴们的帮助,因为你们坚持了这样的传承,这种传承的连续性恰是我们共和国的柱。The business of our nation goes forward.我们国家的事业在继续前进。These ed States are confronted with an economic affliction of great proportions.合众国正面临巨大的经济困难。We suffer from the longest and one of the worst sustained inflations in our national history.我们遭遇到我国历史上历时最长、最严重之一的通货膨胀,It distorts our economic decisions, penalizes thrift, and crushes the struggling young and the fixed income elderly alike.它扰乱着我们的经济决策,使储蓄的人反而受到惩罚,压迫着正在挣扎谋生的青年人和收入固定的中年人,It threatens to shatter the lives of millions of our people.威胁着要摧毁我国千百万人民的生计。Idle industries have cast workers into unemployment, causing human misery and personal indignity.停滞的工业使工人失业、蒙受痛苦并失去了个人尊严。Those who do work are denied a fair return for their labor by a tax system which penalizes successful achievement and keeps us from maintaining full productivity.即使那些有工作的人,也因沉重的税负而得不到公正的劳动报酬,因为这种税收制度使我们无法在事业上取得成就,使我们无法保持充分的生产力。But great as our tax burden is, it has not kept pace with public spending.尽管我们的纳税负担相当沉重,但还是跟不上公共开的增长。For decades, we have piled deficit upon deficit, mortgaging our future and our childrens future for the temporary convenience of the present.数十年来,我们的赤字额屡屡上升,我们为图目前暂时的方便,已把自己和子孙的前途都抵押出去。To continue this long trend is to guarantee tremendous social, cultural, political, and economic upheavals.这一趋势如果长此以往,必然引起社会、文化、政治和经济等方面的大动荡。You and I, as individuals, can, by borrowing, live beyond our means, but for only a limited period of time.作为个人,你们和我可以靠借贷过一种入不敷出的生活,然而只能维持一段有限的时期,Why, then, should we think that collectively, as a nation, we are not bound by that same limitation?我们怎么可以认为,作为一个国家整体,我们就不应受到同样的约束呢?We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.为了明天,我们今天就必须行动起来。And let there be no misunderstanding. we are going to begin to act, beginning today.大家都要明白无误地懂得 我们从今天起就要采取行动。03/63976


全球顶级CEO的演讲(4)China is very special to me. I've had the privilege of visiting your country many, many times over the past 20 years. And I believe you know how proud we are of our business here, and the IBM China team lead by my colleague, Henry Chow. We employ about 2,000 people in IBM China. We've established 7 joint ventures with an additional 3,000 employees in areas including application software, software development, and manufacturing. We enjoy relationships with hundreds of local Chinese business partners, and we continue to invest very heavily in China. Our storage business is among IBM's most strategic and fastest-growing, and China is home to developments and manufacturing facilities that feed our assembly plants all over the world. We've spent about 0 million in the last two years in these facilities, including a joint venture in Shenzhen Storage Products Co. In April, we opened the IBM China Mega-Call-Center to provide technical support for a full range of our products and services. It's the most advanced such call center in all of Asia. And the IBM China University Program -- a collaboration with China's State Education commission -- has donated about million in IBM equipment, training, and services to information technology training centers at more than 20 Chinese universities.Last fall, I was personally honored to host President Jiang during his trip to the ed States. And at his request, we demonstrated some of IBM's latest technologies, including one we are extremely proud of: a speech recognition program for Mandarin -- a fantastic product developed right here in our advanced research laboratory in Beijing.Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with President Jiang once again. We shared a lot of positive ideas of how we can strengthen IBM's relationship with China and serve China's interest in the reformation of Chinese state-owned enterprises.IBM has enjoyed a relationship with China that has endured for more than half a century. But I do not believe there has ever been a more exciting time to be doing business here, as vast new opportunity is created by your sweeping modernization and ambitious, government-led reform programs for thousands of state-owned enterprises.This transformation, I believe, will underscore the critical importance of information technology as a driver of competitive success and real economic growth for China.So today, I want to talk to you about what I believe has to be the agenda of a leader of an enterprise -- business, government agency, university, hospital, bank anywhere in the world -- the agenda regarding this technology. I will do that from the perspective that I brought to IBM.Some of you know that before I came to IBM, my background was a lot like yours. I was a customer of IBM. I was a customer of the computer industry. I arrived at IBM with a firmly held conviction that this technology is one of those transformational technologies that comes along every hundred years or so and changes everything in our society. I wasn't alone in this opinion, but at that time, it wasn't so easy to find a lot of examples of entire industries being changed by the application of information technology.Today, in almost every industry in almost every part of the world there are many examples of enterprises applying this technology to seize competitive advantage and to create enormous challenges for their competitors. I think we're seeing information technology reach the point that all transformational technologies reach when they are no longer controlled by just a small group of skilled professionals, and they cross over to mass acceptance and ubiquity.Networking technology is still in its infancy, yet it's reached aly the point where we can call it a new mass medium. Consider that in the U.S.:* Radio took about 30 years to attract 50 million users. * Television took 13 years.* Cable television took 10 years.The Internet did it in half that. Less than 5 years after the birth of the World Wide Web, some 90 million people are online around the world, and that number will be hundreds of millions before too long.Of course, right now, the U.S. has embraced the Net more fully than other nations, both in terms of individual users, and business use. But, clearly, this is a global medium. Very soon there will be equal numbers of people accessing the Web in English and other languages. Five countries other than the U.S. have around ten percent of their populations using the Web. Here in China, the number of Internet users has nearly doubled since just last October, to more than 1 million users. And I've seen statistics that say your Internet population will exceed 7 million people by the year 2001.Some people are talking about a phenomenon they call "Internet Leapfrog", a high-stakes game in which countries and geographies that make the most astute use of networked technologies quickly bypass other regions in production, productivity, and profitable growth.Today, this contest of Internet Leapfroging is played on a wide-open field. We hear about 90 million connected users... and some equate that with universal connectivity. But consider that if just 4 percent of the populations of your nation and India got connected tomorrow, the worldwide number of Internet users would double.These numbers are interesting, but the real important question is: "What are all these individuals, and the world's leading institutions, doing on the Net?" Not too long ago, the prevailing view was that the Net was about looking up information, or that it was a medium for interpersonal communication, a replacement for the telephone or post office. Today, it's evident that the Net represents a transformation far more profound than online "chat" groups or giving people access to sports scores and weather reports. It has emerged as a powerful means for parties of every type to conduct interactions of every type.Certainly, it's changing the way things are bought and sold. Electronic commerce is booming. Even the most conservative estimates say that it will be at least a 0 billion marketplace by the turn of the century (which is only 500 days away) -- most of that volume in business to business transactions.And while 86 percent of Internet commerce was generated inside the U.S. last year, the rest of the world is getting into the game in a serious way. Internet commerce generated outside the U.S. will represent more than 35 percent of the world total by the year 2002. But what's going on isn't just limited to commerce, to buying and selling. At IBM, we use a slightly more descriptive term. We talk about e-business to describe all of the vital transactions that will be conducted on the Net. E-business includes transactions among employees inside an enterprise; among trading partners in a supply chain; and of course, the networked transactions that transform the way educators teach students, physicians treat patients, and the way governments deliver services to citizens.All of these interactions will become digital. They won't necessarily replace the kind of physical transactions we know today, but they will augment them. For example, Duoyuan Electronics Group is using the Net to strengthen the ties between all the suppliers, wholesalers and retailers in its electronics manufacturing and distribution business. They're in the early stages of development, but they see networking technologies as the key to building production capability to compete with large enterprises.Another example: With the support of China Telecom, IBM is working with Hunan Post and Telecom Administration to develop an online payment system. The first application will give customers the convenience of paying telephone bills over Internet using Bank of China Great Wall credit cards. In projects with customers around the world, we're learning that when they make the move to e-business, they follow a fairly predictable, three-stage process.First, putting up information on a Web site. Product catalogs. Academic course listings, a list of phone numbers to call for more information. The second stage is, enabling some form of interaction, typically for customer service. Allowing a customer to track the status of an overnight package is one example. Yamato Transport in Japan and ed Parcel Service in America are among companies doing this. And now ed Parcel Service in America is launching an entirely new business, going to the third, and most important stage of electronic commerce.This third stage is the one that represents the real transformation and the major payoff. It's when the enterprise takes the step to allow real Net-based transactions.For UPS, they're offering secure, confidential delivery of documents over the Net. The service is as reliable as putting the document in an envelope or package and handing it to a clerk or a route driver. And 20 percent to 50 percent cheaper. Think about what they're doing. They're essentially competing with their traditional package and delivery services by creating an Internet courier service. But UPS sees a digital future -- one in which 30 percent of all such deliveries could take place online -- and they're going there, fast.This kind of decision-making is the real revolution in the networked world. It's not just about technology. Because when banks and schools and airlines, hospitals and governments use the Net to allow people to execute transactions, they have to make fundamental changes to the way they currently do things.07/78681

President Bush Meets with Cabinet MembersTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I just finished a good Cabinet meeting, and I want to thank the members of my Cabinet for serving our country. We discussed the challenges facing our economy, amongst other things, and we spent time on the high gasoline prices. Every one of our citizens who drives to work or runs a small business is feeling the squeeze of rising prices at the pump, and they expect their elected leaders in Washington to take some common-sense action.To reduce pressure on prices, we need to increase the supply of oil -- especially here at home. So in June, I called on Congress to lift the legislative ban that prevents offshore exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf. Unfortunately, Democratic leaders in Congress have refused to allow a vote. And now Congress is about to leave for its August recess without taking any action on this vital priority for the American people.There is now a growing agreement across our country that the government should permit the exploration and development of these offshore oil resources.Exploration of the OCS would increase our supply of oil here at home. Experts believe that currently restricted areas of the OCS could eventually produce up to about 18 billion barrels of oil. That's almost 10 years' worth of America's current oil production.Exploration of the OCS would also create jobs for our citizens. Yesterday, I visited the Lincoln Electric Company in Cleveland, Ohio -- it's a business that produces welding products used for offshore exploration. If Congress were to permit exploration of the OCS, it would mean jobs at businesses such as these. American drivers on -- are counting on Congress to lift the ban on offshore exploration -- and so are American workers.Bringing OCS resources online is going to take time -- and that means that the need for congressional action is urgent. So I've lifted the executive restrictions on offshore exploration. I've done my part. And that means the only thing now standing now between the American people and these vast oil resources is the ed States Congress. The sooner Congress lifts the ban, the sooner we can get this oil from the ocean floor to your gas tank.Some members of Congress say they object to exploration of the OCS, but they are in favor of other actions -- such as taking oil out of the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Well, if you agree that we need more oil, it makes no sense to say you're for draining our nation's limited Strategic Reserve, but against tapping into the vast resources of the Outer Continental Shelf.America needs to take every reasonable and responsible step we can do to reduce pressure on gasoline and energy prices. That's precisely what my administration is doing. We're working to expand domestic oil production. And at the same time, we're working to speed the development of new clean and alternative energy resources. We're raising fuel efficiency standards, expanding the use of alternative fuels, and investing in next-generation fuels such as cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel. We're investing in new advanced batteries, and plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cells. We're working to expand the use of clean, safe nuclear power, solar and wind power, and clean coal technology. With these steps, we're enhancing America's energy security -- and increasing the supply of clean, safe energy made right here in the ed States of America.The time for action is now. This is a difficult period for millions of American families. Every extra dollar they have to spend because of high gas prices is one less dollar they can use to put food on the table, or to pay the rent, or meet their mortgages. The American people are rightly frustrated by the failure of Democratic leaders in Congress to enact common-sense solutions -- like the development of the oil resources on the Outer Continental Shelf.There are now just a couple of days left before Congress leaves for its August recess. Legislation to open up this offshore exploration is pending in both the House and the Senate -- all Democratic leaders have to do is allow a vote. They should not leave Washington without doing so.Thank you very much.200807/45198

k46nZyvLq-Gr3gx%[_(_HDvqu^The purpose of my remarks tonight is to focus your attention on this little group of men who not only enjoy a right of instant rebuttal to every Presidential address, but, more importantly,wield a free hand in selecting, presenting,and interpreting the great issues in our nation. First, lets define that power.At least 40 million Americans every night, its estimated, watch the network news. Seven million of them view A.B.C., the remainder being divided between N.B.C. and C.B.S. According to Harris polls and other studies, for millions of Americans the networks are the sole source of national and world news. In Will Rogers observation, what you knew was what you in the newspaper. Today for growing millions of Americans, its what they see and hear on their television sets.Now how is this network news determined? A small group of men, numbering perhaps no more than a dozen anchormen, commentators,and executive producers, settle upon the 20minutes or so of film and commentary thats to reach the public. This selection is made from the 90 to 180 minutes that may be available. Their powers of choice are broad.R#Dco+]WO]IB[twH#t3r-M%quX5)G18tQ1ub+UnDPVm8),5|lLM0gvO)*m^!A201202/171171

演讲文本US President's speech on Easter (March 26,2005) US President George W. Bush, pictured here with wife Laura after attending Easter services at Fort Hood, TX, 27 March 2005.(AFP/File/Tim Sloan) THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This weekend, millions of Americans celebrate the joyous holiday of Easter. Easter is the most important event of the Christian faith, when people around the world join together with family and friends to celebrate the power of love conquering death. At Easter time we pray for all who serve in our military. The outstanding members of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are keeping America secure and advancing liberty in the world. We remember especially those who have given their lives in freedom's cause. Their sacrifice is a testament to the words of scripture: "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Easter has a special meaning for the families of our men and women in uniform who miss their loved ones during the holidays. It can be very difficult when someone you love is deployed on a dangerous mission in a distant land. I appreciate the sacrifices our military families are making, and Americans know that their contributions are vital to our success in the war on terror. This week we have seen tragedy at home. Families in Minnesota are mourning the loss of their loved ones after the terrible shootings at Red Lake High School. Hours after the shooting, communities and churches across the nation offered prayers for the victims and their families. The Red Lake Nation reports receiving thousands of calls from people all over the world offering their sympathy and support. Laura and I are praying for the families of the victims, as are millions of Americans. This week I spoke with Red Lake Tribal Chairman Floyd Jourdain to express the condolences of the American people and to pledge the continued help of the federal government. We are doing everything we can to meet the needs of the community at this tragic time. The FBI and the Department of Justice are working to coordinate relief through the Federal Crime Victim Assistance Fund. We're working closely with state, local and tribal authorities to provide counseling, help with funeral arrangements and other assistance. The tragedy at Red Lake was accompanied by acts of heroism and selflessness. A security guard named Derrick Brun saved the lives of countless students when he rose from his desk to confront the young gunman. Although he was unarmed, Derrick ignored the pleas of a colleague to run for his life. By engaging the assailant, he bought vital time for a fellow security guard to rush a group of students to safety. Derrick's bravery cost him his life, and all Americans honor him. As we help the families in this community, we must do everything in our power to prevent tragedies like this from happening. Children benefit from a sense of community, and the support and involvement of caring adults. To keep our children safe and protected, we must continue to foster a culture that affirms life and provides love, and helps our young people build character. On this Easter weekend, we honor all Americans who give of themselves, from those helping neighbors at home to those defending liberty overseas. Easter is the victory of light over darkness. In this season of renewal, we remember that hope leads us closer to truth, and that in the end, even death, itself, will be defeated. That is the promise of Easter morning. Thank you for listening. 200603/5037

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