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瓮安县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养龙江县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养四成英国人不喜欢莎士比亚作品 -- 3::6 来源:中国日报 He may be the crowning jewel in Britain's cultural crown, with commemorative events to mark to the 00th anniversary of his death dominating museums, galleries, television and theatre months.莎士比亚也许是英国文化的瑰宝,连续好几个月物馆、画廊、电视和剧院都被莎士比亚逝世00周年的纪念活动所占据But British people understand and like the works of William Shakespeare significantly less than those abroad, a survey has shown.然而一项研究显示,英国人对莎士比亚作品的了解和喜爱程度比国外的人少得多Four in ten Britons claim they do not think Shakespearersquo;s works are relevant to the modern day, simple enough to grasp or even enjoy, according to the study the British Council.英国文化协会委托开展的这项研究称,四成英国人表示,他们认为莎士比亚的作品和现代没什么关联,理解起来比较费劲,更谈不上喜爱The YouGov poll, commissioned to find the economic boost Shakespeare gives to Britain, found countries including India, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and China have significantly higher appreciation the Bard than his British homeland.YouGov受委托开展这项调查的初衷是为了找出莎士比亚对英国经济的贡献调查发现,包括印度、墨西哥、巴西、土耳其、南非、中国在内的国家的人们对莎士比亚的喜爱远远超过了莎翁的故乡英国The report questioned 18,000 respondents in countries, with 78 percent of those polled having experience of Shakespeare plays in some m.这项研究调查了个国家的1.8万人,其中有78%的受访者曾观看过某种形式的莎士比亚戏剧Overall, 76 percent said they liked his plays and sonnets, 69 percent understood them and felt they were still relevant.总体来看,76%的受访者称自己喜欢莎士比亚的戏剧和十四行诗,69%的人可以理解莎士比亚的作品并感到这些作品依然和时代相通In the UK, however, just 59 percent said they liked Shakespearersquo;s work, with a significant percent choosing to disagree. It placed th out of the countries surveyed in terms of making positive judgment about Shakespeare.然而,在英国,只有59%的人表示自己喜欢莎士比亚的作品,多达%的人表示不喜欢看莎翁作品在给予莎士比亚正面评价方面,英国在受调查的个国家当中排名第Just 19 percent of those outside the UK, many of whom will be ing or watching plays in translation, chose to dislike it.在英国以外的其他国家,很多人都是阅读莎翁作品的译本或观看翻译成其他语言的莎翁戏剧,这部分人群中只有19%表示不喜欢莎翁作品,Respondents from Germany showed strong dislike Shakespeare, with just percent saying they like it and percent thinking it had any relevance.德国的受访者对莎翁作品表现出强烈的反感,只有%的德国人称自己喜欢莎翁作品,只有%的德国人认为它们依然和时代相通Rosemary Hilhorst, director of Shakespeare Lives the British Council, said: ;Four hundred years after his death, Shakespearersquo;s work continues to play a vital role in educating and entertaining people around the world.英国文化协会;永恒的莎士比亚;活动主管萝丝玛丽bull;希尔霍斯特说:;在莎士比亚去世00年后,他的作品继续在教育和世界民众方面发挥着重要作用;As well as bringing pleasure to millions of people, his works make a valuable contribution to the UKrsquo;s standing in the world and the economy.;;在给无数民众带去快乐的同时,他的作品还给英国的世界地位和经济做出了宝贵的贡献;黄头侧颈乌龟饲养方法技术技巧 欧洲杯:威尔士和英格兰晋级强 --1 :58: 来源: 据欧洲杯最新战果报告,威尔士和英格兰均顺利出线,晋级强 A fearless Wales side beat Russia 3-0 to top the group at their first European Championship, with England second after a 0-0 draw with Slovakia.无所畏惧的威尔士队以3-0的成绩击败了俄罗斯,第一次参加欧洲杯便以小组头名的身份进入淘汰赛,而英格兰方面以0-0打平斯洛伐克,位列小组第二名On Tuesday, Northern Ireland will look to join both sides as they face Germany in Paris (:00 BST).本周二,北爱尔兰队将在巴黎(英国夏令时点)对阵德国队,输赢前途未卜,能否晋级尚未可知The top two teams in each of the six groups qualify automatically, plus the best four third-placed sides.6个小组中排位前两名的球队将自动晋级淘汰赛,另外还将选择“最佳第三名”的球队加入到强的队伍中来Chris Coleman’s side - led by the tournament’s top scorer Gareth Bale - destroyed a poor Russia to leapfrog England at the top of the group and reach the knockout stage of a major finals only the second time in their history.威尔士方面由赛会种子射手加雷斯带领,大比分虐杀了俄罗斯队,比分跨级超过英格兰队,成为小组第一名,这是威尔士队历史上第二次在重大赛事中进入淘汰赛环节England were frustrated by a resolute Solvakian defence and manager Roy Hodgson was criticised making six changes - including resting captain Wayne Rooney.斯洛伐克的铁桶防御使得英格兰焦头烂额、沮丧万分,而主帅罗伊·霍奇森也因为其六次换人而备受批评--包括将队长鲁尼替换下场Real Madrid ward Bale, who scored Wales’ third goal against Russia, said: "We said we didn’t want to make the numbers up. Well, we can’t do any more than win the group. We look ward to seeing who we play next."在威尔士对阵俄罗斯的比赛中,皇马前锋贝尔替威尔士打进了第三球,他说道:“我们之前曾说过,不想让排名再上升嗯,我们所能做的也就只有成为小组第一了我迫不及待想要知道谁是我们下一场比赛的对手”Hodgson admitted finishing as runners-up in the group was a "disappointment" but added: "We’re not doomed yet.霍奇森表示,威尔士排名上升成为第一,而英格兰降到第二让人“失望”,但补充说道:“我们还没有失败”"Who is to say the team we will play will be that much stronger? The way we are playing I am not frightened of anybody."“谁说我们将要对阵的球队会比那更强大?就我们的球队和战术战略来说,我不怕任何人”Who could Wales face?谁将有可能成为威尔士的对手?Wales will play a third-place team from either Group A (Albania), Group D (one from Czech Republic, Croatia or Turkey) or Group C (one from Germany, Poland or Northern Ireland).威尔士的对手将是一“最佳第三名”球队,他们可能来自A组(阿尔巴尼亚队)、D组(捷克、克罗地亚、和土耳其中的一球队),和C组(德国、波兰、和北爱尔兰中的一球队)That depends on the combination of the four groups which provide the third-placed sides - explained in Uefa’s pre-determined mula below.对阵双方最终结果将取决于提供“最佳第三名”球队小组的组合--从下图欧足联预先确定的公式可以看出结果Whoever they face, Wales will play at Paris’ Parc des Princes on Saturday at :00 BST.然而无论对手是谁,威尔士都将于本周六点(英国夏令时)在巴黎王子公园体育场上演一场大战Who could England face?英格兰将会和谁狭路相逢?Finishing as Group B runners-up, England will next face the second-placed team in Group F, in Nice on Monday (:00 BST).由于B组排名发生了变化,英格兰以小组第二名的身份出线,英格兰接下来将于下周一(英国夏令时点)在尼斯对阵F组第二名的球队That could well be Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal - who knocked England out of consecutive tournaments, at Euro and at the World Cup in Germany.而那很有可能是由C罗带领的葡萄牙队--而葡萄牙队曾在欧洲杯和德国世界杯连续两场大赛上淘汰了英格兰However, Austria, Hungary and Iceland can all still finish second - with Group F’s final matches to be played on Wednesday.然而,奥地利、匈牙利和冰岛仍然有可能以小组第二名的身份出线--F组的最后一场比赛将于本周三举行It is the fourth time England have reached the knockout stages of a European Championship (1996, and ).这是英格兰队历史上第四次晋级欧洲杯淘汰赛阶段(前三次分别是1996年、年和年)恒河水将网上开售 印度承诺送货上门 -- ::59 来源:sohu 印度政府最近宣布了一项重大的便民举措:要在网上销售神圣恒河水 The Indian government plans to sell water from the holy River Ganges via online platms. 这不是开玩笑印度电信部部长已经表态了:Why not? Communication and Inmation Technology Minister Ravi Shakar Prasad said, ;If a postman can deliver mobile phones, sarees, jewellery and clothes, then why not Ganges water?; 也就是说,今后,印度的邮政部门除了送信送包裹之外,还将肩负起寄送恒河水的神圣使命 The post department of India has been ordered to use e-commerce platm to provide pure Ganges water to Indian people. 部长给出的理由很充分——这是为了满足广大人民群众的精神文化需求 The minister added, ;The idea is to address the cultural under-pinnings of India.; 印度有9亿多印度教信徒,他们中的许多人把恒河视为圣河,并相信恒河水可以洗清人们身上的罪恶不过并不是所有人都有机会去恒河“朝圣” There are about 960 million Hindus in India, ing over 80 percent of the country's population. They believe that water of the holy River Ganges is able to to wash away their sins. 然而,让人略尴尬的是恒河是世界上污染最严重的河流之一 The ,55-km river is the third largest river and one of the most polluted one in the world. 今年月,印度政府承诺要在18年7月完成恒河的水质治理工作不过印度人民表示这只是个笑话日本石龟买一只多少钱

艾氏拟水乌龟繁殖养殖注意事项项逐渐被遗忘的传统技能 -- :38:31 来源: 项逐渐被遗忘的传统技能Study reveals traditional skills that are dying out in a world of technology and convenienceA study has revealed the top traditional skills that are dying out in a world of convenience and technology. Using a compass, tying specific knots and even having clear handwriting also made the list. A lack of interest from younger generations is another factor behind the decline of life skills once deemed vital. The study of ,000 Britons, by map makers Ordnance Survey, found other skills which could soon be a thing of the past include knitting and being able to change a tyre.一项研究列举了现代社会里最为没落的项传统技能,其中包括使用指南针、如何系结、字迹清晰由于现代社会高科技带来各种便捷,以及年轻一代对这些生活技能缺乏兴趣,曾经至关重要的技能逐渐被人遗忘英国制图机构——英国地形测量局发起了一项针对00名英国人的调查,结果显示,一些生活技能可能很快就会消失,比如针织活、如何修换轮胎Instead, knowing how to use a Wi-Fi internet connection, navigate cyberspace and follow a sat-nav are now seen as essential abilities modern life.与之相对的是,如何使用 Wi-Fi联网、如何上网、使用卫星导航被视为现代社会的必备技能The study found almost eight in ten blame the decline of these skills on technology, while another 5 per cent think it"s due to children no longer learning them at school. Another 81 per cent think technology is leaving people less skilled than in the past. And a staggering 93 per cent think teaching these skills should be brought back into school so younger generations are taught them from a young age.研究发现,近80%的人将这些技能的衰落归咎于技术的发展,而5%的人认为,这是因为孩子在学校学不到这些技能还有81%的人认为,与从前相比,现代科技让人们变得越来越低能多达93%的受访者认为,学校应该重新教授这些技能,这样年轻一代才能从小学起A spokesman Ordnance Survey said: "Map ing, whether on a paper map or digital device, is an essential skill which could save your life. In recent years the sales of paper maps and the number of downloads of mapping apps have increased and it is vitally important that people can use these correctly.'英国地形测量局一名发言人表示,“无论是看纸质地图还是电子地图,看地图都是一项重要技能,说不定还能挽救你的生命近年来,纸质地图的销量和地图应用的下载量均有所增加,如何正确使用这些工具非常重要”The skills falling by the wayside:那些没落的技能:1. Reading a map看地图. Using a compass用指南针3. Tying a specific knot系结. Darning socks补袜子5. Looking something up in a book using an index rather than 'Googling it'利用索引在书中查找,而不是用谷歌搜素6. Writing a letter correctly写信措辞得当7. Understanding pounds and ounces了解磅、盎司8. Spelling and grammar拼写和语法9. Converting pounds and ounces to grams and kilograms将磅、盎司换算成克、千克. Starting a fire生火. Handwriting手写. Understanding feet and inches了解英尺、英寸. Knitting编织. Remembering a friend or relative's phone number记住亲朋好友的电话号码. Remembering a partner's phone number记住伴侣的电话号码. Indentifying trees, insects and flowers识别树木、昆虫、花卉. Touch typing盲打18. Baking b面包烘焙19. Taking up trousers把裤腿改短. Wiring a plug接插头Skills considered essential in modern day life:现代社会不可或缺的技能:1. Searching the Internet上网搜索. Using connecting to WiFi使用、连接WiFi3. Using a smart phone使用智能手机. Online banking网银5. Knowing about privacy setting online掌握网络隐私设置6. Searching and applying jobs online上网搜招聘信息、投简历7. Being able to turn water off at the mains关水闸8. Using and following a sat-nav使用导航找路9. Updating, installing computer programs更新、安装电脑软件. Working a tablet玩转平板电脑英文来源:每日邮报译者编辑:许晶晶威县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养 印度一男子看《招魂被吓死 尸体随后失踪 -- ::58 来源: 上周,一名65岁男子在电影院看恐怖片《招魂时被吓死 A 65-year-old man died in a cinema auditorium last week while watching a screening of horror movie The Conjuring .上周,一名65岁男子在电影院看恐怖片《招魂时被吓死The incident occurred at the Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema in Tiruvannamalai, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The cinema-goer, from Andhra Pradesh, had complained of chest pains during the film’s climax, and fainted shortly afterwards.这个事件发生在印度泰米尔纳德邦特鲁瓦纳马莱镇上的Sri Balasubramaniar电影院这个从安德拉邦来的观影者,在影片达到高潮时称胸疼,不久就晕倒了He was rushed to the nearby Old Government Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Medics ordered his body to be sent to the Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital post-mortem but, according to the Times of India, the cadaver, and the person charged with transporting it, have both gone missing.他被迅速送往附近的老政府医院,医生宣布已经死亡医生命令将他的尸体送到特鲁瓦纳马莱政府医学院以验尸,然而,据印度时报报道,他的尸体,以及负责运输的那个人,双双失踪While there are no doubt rational explanations both the man’s death and the disappearance of his body, the story has fuelled a wave of supernatural panic on social media that has accompanied the film’s release.对于此人的死亡和他的尸体的消失,目前并没有合理的解释同时,伴随着该片的上映,这个事件已经在社交媒体上激起了一波超自然恐慌情绪A purporting to show a woman who ”got possessed while watching The Conjuring ” has been viewed close to five million times since being uploaded to Facebook last week, with many viral news sites in South East Asia reporting the “possession” as fact. However, the in question is thought to have been filmed in , long bee the release of film.一个声称某女人“看《招魂时被魔鬼附体”了的视频,自上周被上传到脸书后,浏览量已接近五百万次南亚许多新闻网站报道这个附体的事是真的然而,这个视频却被发现是在年拍摄的,距离该电影发行很久以前Another viral Facebook post, from Singaporean man Damian Ng Yih Leong, shows a “cross” on a hotel room mirror the man claimed to have found after watching The Conjuring , which he describes as “my first firsthand encounter with paranormal activity.”另一个被大量转发的脸书网文来自新加坡籍男子达米安,他展示了酒店房间镜子上的“十字”,据其称是在看完电影《招魂后发现的,被其描述为“我与灵异现象的第一次亲密接触”His post has been shared more than ,700 at time of writing. Whether or not it was posted sincerely, the film’s makers are no doubt cheering the extra attention these social media reports are generating the film, which received a two-star review from the Telegraph’s underwhelmed film critic Robbie Collin.他的这篇文刚发出就被转发了700多次不管它是否真诚,社交媒体的报道对这部电影产生了额外关注,电影制作方对此无疑是欢呼的每日电讯报对其失望的影评家罗比柯林斯仅给予《招魂两星的评价苏卡达象乌龟繁殖养殖注意事项

米易县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养奇闻!德国男子竟然被一只安全套杀死 -- :50:9 来源: 三名男子在德国西北边境城市舍平根街上的一台保险套售卖机边上逗留,忽然间传来一声响动,后来其中一男子被人发现时已经死亡,保险套散落一地A German man died after blowing up a condom dispenser with a homemade bomb in a botched robbery, police say.警察说,一名德国男子在用国产的简易爆炸装置炸开一个安全套自动售货机后死亡,实施了一场拙劣的抢劫The 9-year-old and two accomplices attached the bomb to the vending machine in a quiet street bee taking cover in their vehicle.这位9岁的男子和他的两个同伙,在他们安全的躲到车里之前,将爆炸装置安装在了安静街道的自动售货机上But the victim did not close the door in time and was struck in the head by a steel shard from the explosion.但是受害者没有及时关门,而且被爆炸中的钢铁碎片击中了头部His accomplices took him to hospital but he later died of his wounds.他的同伙把他带到了医院,但随后死于伤The men told staff at the hospital in the western town of Schoppingen that their unconscious friend had fallen down the stairs.他的同伙告诉医院职员,他们这位昏迷的朋友刚刚跌下了楼梯But one of them later admitted to police that they had blown up the machine.但是随后,其中一人向警察承认了他们炸毁了售卖机Police confirmed that none of the money or condoms from the machine had been taken.经警察确认售卖机里的钱和安全套都没有被偷走The two surviving men were arrested bee later being released from custody.这两名幸存者在被拘留所释放前受到了逮捕 启动“两洋铁路”合作研究 --18 3::58 来源: 5月18日至6日,国务院总理李克强将对巴西、哥伦比亚、秘鲁和智利进行正式访问此次访问将签署横跨大西洋和太平洋“两洋铁路”的可行性研究合作文件请看《中国日报的报道:Premier Li Keqiang has embarked on a visit to Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile from May 18 to 6 and will push ward China's diplomatic efts to strengthen ties with the region.The feasibility study of the Twin Ocean Railroad Connection project that links the Pacific coast in Peru to Brazil's Atlantic coast, is also on Li's agenda.国务院总理李克强开启5月18日至6日对巴西、哥伦比亚、秘鲁和智利的访问,将推动中国外交,加强中国与该区域的联系此次总理出访议程还包括启动连接巴西大西洋海岸与秘鲁太平洋海岸的“两洋铁路”可行性研究“两洋铁路”项目可以用Twin Ocean Railroad Connection project 表示,指的是横跨南美洲大陆,连接太平洋岸及大西洋岸的铁路建设项目,也可以用railroad project connecting the Pacific and Atlantic 表示李克强总理此次拉美行,将启动“两洋铁路”的可行性研究(feasibility study)“两洋铁路”是习近平主席年出访拉美提出的框架协议,中国对此双赢项目( win-win project)持积极态度,该项目不仅将促进拉美的经济发展(boost economic development),还将深化多边合作(deepen multilateral cooperation)(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)肇州县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养鼋买一只多少钱



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