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And in that respect, they behave much like wild animals,在捕猎方面 他们就像野生的一样they use the same hunting tactics that wild cats do,他们与野猫运用同样的捕猎技巧and every cat still has within it the instinct to go hunting.每只猫都还保留着狩猎的本能Cats are undoubtedly much wilder毫无疑问 猫的习性比一般家畜than the average domestic animal is.更接近野生动物They choose their own mates,他们会自己选择配偶who is going to father which kittens,决定由谁来照料某只小猫rather than, as with most domestic animals而不是像大多数家畜like sheep or cattle, or whatever,比如羊和牛或其他家畜its the farmer that makes the decisions.是由农场主决定一切Cats are still really in charge of their own destinies.猫的生活仍然完全由他们自己掌控And whether they do become our pets而他们能否成为我们的宠物is down to how they are reared as kittens.是由他们小时候的养育方式决定的There is really a very short window of opportunity这是一个稍纵即逝的机会during which kittens can learn about能让小猫们学会how to socialize with people.如何与人类打交道Its just between about four weeks of age and eight weeks,这个机会在他们四周到八周大之间which is considerably shorter than other domestic animals.与其他家畜相比 这段时间非常之短So if a kitten doesnt meet people所以如果小猫出生头八周内within that first eight weeks没有接触过人类then it essentially goes feral,它将很难与人亲近it becomes an animal which is more or less like a wild animal.变得更像是一只野生动物重点解释:1.wild animals 野生动物例句:A collection of live wild animals on exhibition.动物展览活的野生动物的展览2.rather than 而非...例句:I prefer to walk there rather than take a bus.与其坐公共汽车去,还不如走路去。3.in charge of 负责; 主管例句:Youre responsible to whoever is in charge of sales.你要向主管销售的人负责。201608/461663镶黄旗佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养This isnt a military deployment.这并非军事部署。Its a medical deployment.而是一次医疗行动。These doctors are heading out on a 50-day-trip to some of the remote parts of Russia to provide basic medical care.这些医生即将出发,前往俄罗斯的一些偏远地区,以提供基本的医疗务,这次行动为期50天。;I know exactly how people live in the places where we are sailing to.“我清楚地知道在我们将要到达的地方,人们过着怎样的生活。We have 39 settlements and know what situation is there (and) what transport accessibility is there. As a doctor and as a person,我们将在沿途39个地点停留提供医疗务,也会了解那里的情况及其运输条件。作为一个医生,作为一个人,I really realize that this is the only way we can provide them with specialist medical care.我真的意识到,这是我们为他们提供专业医疗务的唯一方式。Because even if a person from those areas gets to ask, there is no guarantee that somebody medic is waiting for them.;因为即使这些地区的人要看病问诊,当地也不能保有医护人员为他们提供帮助。”Doctors are not just providing basic medical check-ups, the ship comes with some sophisticated medical equipment.医生不仅提供常规的体检,船上还配备了一些先进的医疗设备。;We try to be most autonomous.“我们希望有更多的自动化设备。We bring ultrasound, our own lab.我们带来了超声波治疗仪,我们自己的暗室。Last year they managed to bring even an extra machine.;去年,他们还设法多带来一台机器。”When the doctors arrive, there are inevitably long lines and long wait.当医生到达时,不可避免地,人们会排长长的队等待。But it is all free from eye exams to ultrasound to medicine.但是,视力检查、超声波检查以及药物都是免费的。;Oh, we eagerly await the doctors because we have problems here.“哦,我们非常盼望医生们的到来,因为我们面临着问题。In our clinic, there is one medic only, no other specialists actually.;在我们的诊所里,只有一名医生,没有其他的专家。”The medical boat costs about 200,000 dollars a year to maintain.医疗船每年花费大约20万美元用以维修保养。But its changed the lives of the people who live in this remote area of Russia.但它改变了居住在俄罗斯偏远地区的人民的生活。;My husband has got diabetes, hypertension and he broke his leg.“我的丈夫患有糖尿病和高血压,腿又骨折了。He uses a lot of medicines, plenty.他需要使用大量药物。Somewhere the medicines are prescribed for free.有些地方的药物是免费提供的。So either the specialists come here or we go to a town.;所以要么专家到这里来,要么我们去镇子上。”The doctors who work on the boat get paid well.在船上工作的医生享受很不错的待遇。But many say they do it for the help they provide as well as a sense of adventure.但是他们当中的很多人说,自己做这项工作,不仅为了能为别人提供帮助,也是为了寻求一种冒险的感觉。;We work probably in the most unique place on the planet.“我们工作的地方可能是地球上最独特的地方。The Great Vasyugan Swamps, which are the lungs of the planet.例如瓦休甘沼泽,被视作“地球之肺”。Thats the endless and wide area with its own nature and people living here.这片地区广袤无垠,拥有原始的自然景观,有人们在这里居住。The population density here is so low that you are more likely to meet a bear rather than a human.;不过这里的人口密度相当低,所以更多时候你会遇到一只熊,却很少见到人的踪迹。”This team will travel about 4,000 kilometers during this trip and most say theyll sign up again next year.该团队将在这次旅途中历经约4000公里,大多数人说他们明年还会再报名参加。Kevin Enochs, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,凯文·伊诺克斯于华盛顿为您播报。201706/513942蛇颈龟繁殖养殖注意事项This whole place looks like its dead and rotten,and it smells like it, too.这个地方看起来死气沉沉 腐烂破败 闻起来也是这个气息Every environment presents its own specific obstacles and its own specific sense of dangers.每个环境都有其特殊的障碍 散发着独特的危险气息One threat you have little known control over is wildlife.Be on your guard at all times.其中一个知之甚少的威胁就是野生动物 你要随时保持警惕The wild bison is coming straight this way.The cattle is coming.Do not wanna mess with them.野牛正朝这个方向来了 牛来了 可想别惹他们Drop back, a long baby alligator just steps up,and look at this guy.退后 一条长型鳄鱼宝宝靠近我了 看看这家伙Alligators have the most powerful jaws of any reptiles,If youre attacked, go for its eyes and its snout.短吻鳄的下颚是爬行动物中最有力的 如果遭到攻击 你要打它的眼睛和鼻子Its that how they catch a prey.Whack its tail the same time with its head.这就是短吻鳄捕食的方式 猛击它的尾巴和头部Snakes can be found worldwide and also some places That can be killing.And wherever you find snakes, you find danger.蛇类遍及世界各地 它能置你于死地 一旦发现蛇 危险就在身边when handling a snake,you always gonna watch whats going on with its head,especially when its poisonous.对付蛇时 你要随时观察它头部的动向 特别是毒蛇OK.I press its head down.Okay, I got it.That is a beautiful snake but pretty poisonous.好了 我把蛇头按住了 我抓住它了 这条蛇虽然美丽但却含有剧毒 The bite soon inject this like cytotoxic venom.他咬人的同时会迅速注入细胞性毒液Straining to you like numb, paralyse your arm for few days.使你感到麻痹 让你的手臂麻木好几天201605/441443TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/468004宝山区苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

花莲县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养呼和浩特市黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养Now, ladies and gentlemen, you aly know this, but we face—we face some pretty big threats in this country.女士们先生们,大家都知道,我们这个国家面临着一些巨大的威胁。You know, Isis, Iran, the looming specter of a Deez Nutz presidency. All very real.比如ISIS恐怖组织,伊朗核问题,和可能会成功当选总统的演员。这都是真实存在的。But for one neighborhood in New York, a recent threat has overshadowed them all. Take a look.但是在纽约的一条街,最近出现了一样东西威胁着所有人的生活。一起来看看。Everyones got problems, of course. But this one is a bit unusual.每个人在生活中都会遇到困难。但是这个有点不寻常Some people in a neighborhood are having to worry about a cat.有条街上的居民的正常生活就受到了一只猫的威胁Yes, a house pat. Apparently it is ferocious.对,家养的宠物猫。很明显这只猫很凶It has got so scary that police are sending out reverse 911 calls telling people to be on the lookout.它看起来很可怕,甚至911开始给市民打电话提醒大家注意安全Is there a part of the story were missing? Did the cat learn how to use a gun?这个事情里我们是不是漏掉了一些信息?比如说这只猫会开之类的?They said theyre making reverse 911 calls.新闻中说911都给市民打电话了The police are calling people to warn them about a cat! Thats not how emergencies work.警察给市民打电话让他们小心一只猫!紧急求助电话可不是这么用的!If theres a problem, send cops. Send firemen. Dont just call me.如果真出了什么事儿,找警察啊,或者找消防啊,别光给我打电话啊Hey, theres a killer loose in your neighborhood so keep your head on a swivel and dont get murdered. OK. Bye-bye.听着,现在有个逃犯跑到了你们街上,小心点儿,别被杀了,好了挂了Ive moved to Los Angeles, and Ive never once gotten a phone call from the police.我搬到洛杉矶去住了,可我从来没接到过警察给我打的电话And this is the city that invented the bloods and the crips.这可是一个发明了臭名昭著的bloods and crips这种黑帮说唱的城市啊Apparently it has gotten so bad, some people are taking drastic measures.很明显事态恶化的很严重,有些人已经开始采取极端措施Some people say they are so scared they are not even leaving their homes. Others say they only feel safe in the pool.一些人说他们很害怕,所以决定不再出家门半步。其他人说只有待在泳池里才会让他们觉得比较安心He came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, he just leaped a at me and I kicked him and he came again.那只猫无处不在。它突然出现在我面前,我就一脚把它踢开了,结果它又来了I mean, you know the old sayings, a cat has nine lives.你们都听过这个说法吧,猫有九条命A cat always lands on its feet.它们被从空中扔下的时候永远是四脚着地。If a cat scratches you, move into your pool.如果猫挠了你一下,赶紧躲到水池里Are they going to sleep in the pool?他们要在泳池里睡觉吗?All right, everyone take turns on the pool noodle.好了,泡沫浮条大家轮流着用You know well take shifts. Danny, youve got first watch. Grab your flashlight and slingshot. OK?中间会换人。丹尼,你先看。拿好手电筒和弹弓But dad, my skin is so pruney! Just do it! And you would do it too.可是爸,我的皮肤都泡胀了。照我说的做!然后你就按他说的做了Because lets not forget, this is a man who admitted to kicking a cat on television,大家可别忘了这个人甚至敢于在电视上公开承认他踢过猫,so when that dad asks you to move into the pool, you move into that pool.那么,他叫你躲到泳池里去,你就得去But it is a problem, and if you dont want to live in your pool, theres only one solution for a problem like this.还有个问题,如果你不想一直住在泳池里,就只有一个办法可以解决这个难题This guy says he got into his house and his cat sat on the welcome mat waiting for him to come out.这个人说他进屋了,猫就坐在他家门口的软垫上等他出来He said he was so scared he took his family to stay at a relatives house. The cat is still out there.他说他实在是很害怕,于是就带上家人躲到亲戚家去了。然而那只猫还在那This is a cat, and all of these people are acting like they owe Tony Soprano ,000.不过是只猫而已,然而所有人都表现得好像他们欠了托尼·色谱拉诺四万美元一样That family had to go and stay with their relatives. How desperate was that phone call?那家人不得不搬去亲戚家。那通电话该有多绝望啊?Hey, Dave, listen. Were in a bit of a bind.嗨,戴夫,是这样的,我们碰上了点儿小麻烦Can we come and stay with you for a couple of months?我们能搬来你们家住几个月吗?Theres a house cat outside our front door and we cant leave!因为有只宠物猫一直在我家大门口守着不让我们出去!OK, all right. Guys, grab everything you need.好的,大家把能带的都带上Socks, underwear, passports, because we dont know when were coming back.鞋子,内衣,护照之类的都要,鬼知道我们什么时候才能回来I mean from the way I see it, weve got one shot from the door to the car. And kids, some of us might not make it.我觉得,有个机会可以让我们从门口跑到车里。孩子们,我们中可能会有人跑不过去Here is the plan. Im going to roll a ball of yarn, and when I do, run for your life! Go! Go! Go!以下是我的计划。我会扔一团毛线去吸引它的注意,我一扔,你们就赶紧逃命去吧!快!快!快!201706/512880栏目简介:The city received about 40 percent more rain than usual in May, and the wet weather will continue this week. Yuan Chenyue tells us more.201706/510998祁东县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养Paris is back to banning cars to fight the citys air pollution.巴黎再一次限行车辆以对抗空气污染。Authorities implemented a temporary ban on vehicles this week. According to France 24, cars with odd-numbered license plates were not allowed on the roads on Tuesday, and those with even-numbered plates couldnt be out on Wednesday.本周,当局实施了临时禁令。据法国24电视台,奇数牌照的车不允许在周二出行,偶数牌照的车不能在周三出行。A sharp spike in the citys pollution spurred the ban. Officials blame the spike on a combination of things, including cold weather, a lack of wind and people burning wood for heat.城市污染的急剧上升促使这项禁令。官员指责急剧上升是多件事情共同造成的,包括寒冷的天气,缺乏风以及人们燃烧木材供热。And that spikes not good for public health. Globally, the World Health Organization reports 3 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor air pollution.而且这种突然上升对公众健康不好。世界卫生组织报告称,全球范围内每年有300万人的死亡与室外空气污染有关。This ban isnt the first of its kind in the French capital. Paris held daylong bans on vehicles in parts of the city center in September 2015 and 2016.这条禁令并不是法国首都的首次。在2015年和2016年九月,在城市中心部分地区,巴黎举行整天的禁车。One expert told the Guardian: ;Without the ban, the air would be even more polluted. Its an emergency solution to an urgent problem.;一位专家告诉卫报:“如果没有禁令,空气污染会更严重。这是一个解决迫切问题的紧急方法。”译文属。201612/484227庆阳市印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养

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