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They are the most important things, if you are like me, you mute the game and watch the spots. And P. Diddy is in the, back in for Diet Pepsi now. Here is a little behind-the-scenes footage, and here is a little behind-the-scenes knowledge, he / said that he would only do it again this year, if they would let him be himself, a producer, a mogul, so they've got Jay Moore there who's been so great as the agent and they actually hire Diet Pepsi for the commercials. It's 60-seconds long. It's gonna run a couple of times and Diddy got a pocket full of money for it. Up next, they've gone an old school. The little, er, Richard Dean Anderson. Remember the show MacGyver.(oh,yes) With a stick of Beeman's gum and (hehe) a paper clip,he can get out of anything. Alright. Take a look at this send-up of 24. Watch.Air fresh(e)ner, 1.29 on debit Master card. Tube sock, 4 dollars, paper clip, ballpoint pen, rubber band, tweezers, nasal spray, and turkey baster, 14 dollars. The little things that get you through the day: priceless.What a move!Good sense of ...So, that was a great one .That was funny. Hey, er, you know, Jessica Simpson is a master thespian, there's little she can't do. For some she'sone of two things. Apparently Pizza Hut saw her in Dukes Of Hazard and they said 'hey she can come and do that for our commercial, take a look..We now have a new cheeseb pizza, please. Are you y bites? Start poppin' . These bites are made for poppin', and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these bites are gonna pop right into you.Nice!That's just embarrasing. It's just...To paraphrase the great late Dorothy Parker, she has an acting range from A to B. And now, one of my favourites, he is gonna be here tomorrow, he is gonna tell us how he did it, take a look at the one, the only Fabio.From the man who brought fantasy to life, comes a hair product born into reality.(Fabio.) Beauty has a face, a faction, a name. (Fabio)And now you can experience a shampoo worthy of only one man stand. Life comes at you fast, be y with Nationwide , investments, retirement, insurance. Nationwide is on your side. Nicely done!That's the best!That's to be on Saturday Night Live.That was great. He was funny. Sure this is a good spot.2.5million bucks for a 30-second commercial,(WOW!) but if you're buying the forth quarter, here is a little tip, 1.7 million. A bargain?Yeah. There you go.Well, McCuddy, thank you so much. 200809/47061

Anchor: At 49, successful journalist Judsen Culbreth found herself divorced. Determined to date again, she turned to the internet for help. She posted an ad under the name GolfyGal, and told prospective guys: let's have some fun, it wasn't long before she was matched with Wally, a self-described southern gentleman. Apparently it worked out that because Judsen and Walter are gonna celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary this January. She offers her advice in her new book-The Boomers' Guide To Online Dating. And Judsen Culbreth is here with her husband Walter Kirkland. Good morning to you both!Judsen: Good morning.Walter: Good morning, Rene.Anchor: We've been hencesuch a good time chatting about it during that last segregate. Why did you decide to turn to the internet initially?Judsen: Well, I wasn't having very much luck on my own. Two years, two blind dates, at that rate, you know, I would've never met someone. So I heard these women at a brunch, they were professional women; they were talking about their successes. I said I am gonna give this a try. I posted a profile, and the next day, I had 84 responses, so it felt so great. (84, 84)Anchor: And then, so you hear about her, and, I mean, how did you guys, tell me what it was like when you first actually met, face to face?Walter: Well, I usually set up a very low risk date. So when we set up a date, typically what I would do is to say let's meet for a drink after work. And we did it at a restaurant down in a SOHO, and, but I said prior to, when I set the date up, I said I gotta leave at 7:00 o'clock, (yeah) because I have something else to do. Anchor: Just in case you did, (exactly, you know. It is risky) you know, just wasn't like what you start, is that right?Walter: This set up this sort of things that give yourself an ....(sure)But when I came in and I saw her, uh, about 5 minutes later, I said, you know my plans for the rest of the evening have been cancelled. Would you like to have dinner?Anchor: And, and the rest is history as they say. (Exactly.)You know the book is really quite interesting, I think because it makes it, it's sort of de-mystified. I think a lot of people have an aversion to Internet dating, they think,oh, there's so.., it could be unsafe for what happen to you (Yes) what do you, what do you tell people when you hear that?Judsen: Well, it's much less strangerers than meetings , I call it strangerers than meeting someone at a bar, or randomly, you know a lot about them, you have a chance to really find what their values are, what their interests are, what they like as a person before you ever meet. And the great thing about the, about the Internet dating is you get pre-qualified candidates, people who say they want a relationship, and tell you a lot about themselves.Anchor: You know, and you have these tips (yes) to, uh, to determine whether you are y and this is the acronym that you use y: the first one is that you recovered from the past, the E is you are engaged in activities, the A is / accepting attitude toward men, and do you find a lot of women who are in this situation, don't have that?Judsen: Yeah! I, my motto is you either hate him or date him. And if you wanna date him, don't put up ads and say no jerks allowed, or are you normal? or you know, only good guys need to apply , it's really, really a put-down. So think about your feelings about the opposite sex, get over that, and enjoy. Anchor: So you really have to be y. And the D is destined for love. And the Y is yearning to connect. I wanna take a closer look though at your, uh… and the R is recovered from the past. But I wanna take a closer look at you ad, the ad that you placed. Because, um, I think again, that might be a potential sticking point people trying to figure out what to put up. So here is your profile, and you put up the name Golfygal, why did you choose that?Judsen: Well, I think in the activities, you wanna be a person, who's engaged in activities , fun to be with. And golf by the way, ladies, is perfect, coz more men and women love Golf. (Sure) And I was a golf nut, so I put up Golfygal. But it could be your career or a physical attribute or some, or you're warm-hearted, or outgoing, something like that.Anchor: And the subject you put: let's have some fun.Judsen: Yeah! Fun is important. People are looking for a companionship at our age, they don't wanna fight, they don't wanna, you know, have arguments, they wanna be with someone who like them, and someone that's engaged in fun activity.Anchor: I like the profile, smart, trim professional, enjoys active, being active and sociable. That says a lot about you, too.Judsen: Yeah! And if you can't think of these adjectives for yourself, ask a friend, what are the 15 words you will use to describe me? You wanna a blend of psychological traits, and your success or career and the things you like to do.Anchor: And under the summary.Judsen: Well, when I say...Anchor: Brings it all together and puts a nice little photoJudsen: You really are, uh, selling your self, you wanna a clear photo that shows what kind of product you are, and the last sales tip is to ask for the business, tell someone I want to meet you, why don't you come to my site? why don't you talk to me? and, and you really wanna ask them to meet you.Anchor: And, Walter, you guys probably would've never met, coz you were live in New Jersey, she was in Mahattan, well, you would never have met her in person.Warter: Yeah, it wouldn't be possible to meet somebody like her in any other circumstance. SoAnchor: Wow, you guys. Congratulations!Judsen: Thank you.Anchor: On the three and half years, and hopefully many, many more.Judsen: Oh, yes.Anchor: Judsen Culbreth and Walter Kirkland, good to see you guys.200807/44002

to play the fool ------ 装糊涂 英文释义To pretend to be ignorant, or to act unaware of something. 例句When I complain to my apartment building manager about some problem, he usually plays the fool and tells me he can抰 fix anything himself.当我向公寓经理投诉一些问题时,他通常假装糊涂,对我说他一个人解决不了任何问题。 /201610/466537

Red Cross Warns of Further Misery for Burma's Cyclone Victims红十字警告缅甸灾民将面临新苦难   The International Red Cross says heavy rains will bring new misery to survivors of the cyclone in Burma's Irrawaddy Delta region.  国际红十字会说,暴雨将给缅甸伊洛瓦底三角洲地区的强热带风暴灾民带来新的苦难。Officials with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies fear rain during the next few days will worsen conditions for tens of thousands of people made homeless by Cyclone Nargis.  国际红十字会和红新月会的官员担心,未来几天的降雨将使在纳尔吉斯强热带风暴中失去家园的数十万民众的处境雪上加霜。Red Cross officials in Bangkok said the seasonal rains will bring new floods and complicate relief efforts.  在曼谷的红十字会官员说,季节性的降雨将造成新的洪水,并且给救援努力带来麻烦。The ed Nations and aid organizations fear more than 120,000 people perished in the storm, which came ashore May 2. Now 2.5 million people are in urgent need of water, food, shelter and medical assistance.  联合国和各救援组织担心,5月2号的强热带风暴造成多达12万多人死亡。目前,有250万人急需水、食物、住处和医疗援助。A Red Cross coordinator in Thailand, Joanna Maclean, says international relief workers need more access to the region. She warns that Burmese relief workers and volunteers will soon be exhausted from the effort to help storm victims.  在泰国的一名红十字会协调员乔安娜.麦克林说,应当允许更多的国际救援人员进入灾区。她警告说,缅甸救援人员和志愿人员很快将在救灾行动中筋疲力尽。"Of course those working, they are going to be burnt out very quickly and this is a long-term effort," she said. "If there can be additional support either from the region from outside or with additional people brought in - to work with the Myanmar Red Cross and with the International Federation - then that absolutely has to happen." 她说:“当然,那些参加救援的人员将会很快耗尽体力,而这是一项长期的工作。 如果没有来自本地区和外面的更多帮助,或者不让更多人进去跟缅甸红十字会和国际红十字会一道工作,那种情况势必会发生。”Relief efforts are slowly being stepped up. But Burma's military government has been reluctant to allow international aid workers into the country to direct the effort. Some aid experts and storm survivors say only a small number of victims have received help. 救援作业目前在缓慢加速。但是,缅甸军政府一直不愿意准许国际救援人员进入缅甸指导救援努力。一些救援专家和风暴幸存者说,只有少数灾民得到了援助。Burma's government has come under intense international pressure to allow in aid. The senior U.N. relief expert is headed to Burma to discuss relief efforts.  缅甸政府受到强烈的国际压力,要求它准许救援物资和人员进入。联合国高级救援专家正在前往缅甸,商讨救援事宜。Despite the warnings of aid agencies, Burmese officials told Thailand's prime minister they do not need international aid workers and say there have not been widesp hunger or disease among the survivors.  尽管救援机构发出警告,缅甸政府官员对泰国总理表示,缅甸不需要国际救援人员,强热带风暴的幸存者当中也没有出现普遍的饥饿和疾病。Meanwhile, Burma's government says 92 percent of voters approved a new constitution in a referendum held Saturday in areas that were less affected by the storm. International rights activists criticized the government for going ahead with the vote, given the storm damage.  与此同时,缅甸政府说,上个星期六在没有遭受风暴危害的地区举行的全民公决中,有百分之九十二的选民投票赞同新宪法。国际人权活动人士批评缅甸政府在缅甸大灾之后依然举行这样的全民公决。The government says the new constitution is another step in its path to democracy. But the main opposition party, the National League for Democracy, and other rights groups condemn the draft constitution, which they say will only keep the military in power. 缅甸政府说,新宪法是走向民主的又一步。但是,主要的反对党全国民主联盟和其他人权团体强烈谴责政府推出的宪法草案,说这个草案的目的就是让军方继续掌权。200805/39107

Rivers of ice spill down from the icecap as great glaciers and creep slowly towards the edge of the continent and the sea. When you get beneath the snout of one of these huge glaciers, you begin to appreciate the immense power and size of the Antarctic ice sheet. The ice here towers 100 feet above me, and the whole front of the glacier is about 2 miles across. But this is a small glacier, the largest glacier in Antarctic and in the world is the Lambert Glacier, and that's 25 miles across. But this is not a place where you want to linger. The glacier moves forward at a rate of about 2/3 of a mile a year and the front-end is continually breaking away to form icebergs. And if one came down now, well, the surge could easily overturn a small boat. These icefalls disintegrate into brash ice. But when a large chunk of a glacier or an ice sheet breaks away, it floats off as an iceberg. At first these bergs are slab-like. But winds and waves above water and currents below slowly carve them into the loveliest of the shapes. A large berg can survive for up to ten years before it ultimately breaks up and melts. Only 1/5 of an iceberg is above the surface, the rest is hidden beneath the water. Streams of minute air bubbles released from the melting berg carve grooves in its submerged flanks.words and expressionsspill :溢出, 涌流disintegrate:分裂成小块;使瓦解brash:碎片chunk:大块flank:侧面200808/46905

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