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2019年08月19日 04:05:49

Community Health Systems, the US hospital operator, said that Chinese hackers have stolen private information about 4.5m of its patients, the largest number of accounts compromised in such an attack, adding to long-running tensions between the two nations over cyber crime.美国医院运营商“社区卫生系统公司”(Community Health Systems)表示,中国黑客窃取了它的大约450万患者的私人信息。这是同类攻击中迄今遭窃账户数量最大的,将进一步加剧美中两国在网络犯罪问题上的长期紧张。In a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, the company said it believed its computer network was hacked in April and June this year.该公司周一在提交给美国交会(SEC)的申报文件中表示,它相信其电脑网络在今年4月和6月遭到黑客侵入。It said that forensic experts believe the attack was carried out by a China-based group using advanced malware and technology, though it did not specify the name of the organisation it believes is responsible for the hack.该公司称,刑侦专家认为此次攻击是由中国境内某个组织使用先进的恶意软件和技术实施的,不过该公司并未说明据信发起此次攻击的组织的名称。The theft is the largest of its kind in terms of the number of people affected, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, which has kept a list of breaches of unsecured protected health information since 2009.根据美国卫生与公众务部(Department of Health and Human Services)的统计,就受影响的人数而言,此次信息失窃是同类事件中迄今规模最大的。该部保有一份自2009年以来受保护健康信息遭窃的清单。The filing comes just months after the FBI warned that the healthcare industry is vulnerable to hacking due to lax cyber security systems.就在几个月前,美国联邦调查局(FBI)警告称,医疗行业很容易受到黑客入侵,原因是网络安全系统松懈。Community Health Systems operates or leases 206 hospitals in 29 states with approximately 31,100 licensed beds, making it one of the biggest US hospital groups.社区卫生系统公司在美国29个州运营或租赁206家医院,拥有约3.11万持牌床位,是全美最大的医院集团之一。The patients affected, who were referred or received services from doctors affiliated with the company in the last five years, are being notified and the group says that the incident will not affect its financial performance.受影响的患者是过去5年里被转介至挂靠于该公司的医生或从他们那里得到务的人士。该公司称,正在通知这些患者,同时这起事件不会影响其财务业绩。In this case the Chinese group has taken patient identification data such as telephone numbers and social security numbers but not medical information, where the hackers have generally stolen intellectual property in the past.在本案中,中国的那个黑客组织取得了患者的身份识别数据,如电话号码和社保号码,但没有取得病历信息,而过去中国黑客一般以知识产权为窃取目标。US officials have warned of a long-running Chinese campaign of industrial espionage that could threaten the country’s competitiveness, prompting the Obama administration to toughen its stance against hacking.美国官员警告称,中国正在进行一场长期的工业间谍活动,可能威胁美国的竞争力,这促使奥巴马(Obama)政府对黑客活动采取更为严厉的立场。Earlier this year, the US filed criminal charges against five Chinese military officers, accusing them of economic espionage. And last month the US charged a Chinese businessman with hacking into the computers of defence contractors to steal information about military aircraft.今年早些时候,美国对5名中国军官提出刑事指控,称他们从事经济间谍活动。上月美国对一名中国商人提出刑事指控,称其侵入防务承包商的电脑,窃取有关军用飞机的信息。Meanwhile, the Chinese view the US complaints as hypocritical. US tech companies have faced a crackdown in China following revelations by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden that some US tech companies had co-operated with the NSA in spying.与此同时,中国认为美国的抱怨是虚伪的。自美国国家安全局(NSA)前合同工爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)爆料称美国某些科技公司配合NSA从事间谍活动后,在华经营的美国高科技公司受到打压。Apple became entangled in the broader campaign against US tech companies earlier this month when China’s government banned its ministries and federal agencies from buying the company’s products.本月早些时候,苹果(Apple)被卷入针对美国高科技公司的更广泛运动,中国政府禁止中央政府各部委和机构购买该公司产品。Shares in Community Health Systems closed up 1.3 per cent on Monday at .66, having gained more than 25 per cent in the past six months.社区卫生系统公司股价周一收涨1.3%,至每股51.66美元,过去6个月累计上涨逾25%。 /201408/322681邯郸市佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养Medical implants.医用植入设备。A sweet idea.一个甜美的想法。Researchers are trying to harness glucose-the body#39;s own fuel-to power implantable gadgets such as pacemakers.研究人员正试图利用葡萄糖-人体自身的燃料-作为像起搏器这样的可植入设备的能源LIKE any other electrical device, a pacemaker needs a power source. Since the first permanent pacemaker was installed in 1958, manufacturers of implantable medical devices (IMDs) have tinkered with many different ways of supplying electricity to their products. A variety of chemical batteries have been tried, as well as inductive recharging schemes and even plutonium power cells that convert the heat from radioactive decay into electricity. Plutonium-powered pacemakers still turn up from time to time in mortuaries and hospitals, and a failure to dispose of them properly keeps America#39;s Nuclear Regulatory Commission busy handing out citations to unsuspecting hospitals.和其他所有的电子设备一样,一个起搏器同样需要能源。自从1958年第一个永久起搏器被植入后,可植入医疗设备的制造商就在不断尝试为其产品提供电能的各种方法。尝试了各种化学电池以及感应充电计划,甚至是将放射衰变的热能转换为电能的钚电源单元格。现在,钚电源起搏器还是时不时的出现在停尸房和医院中,并且使得美国核管理委员忙于忙于处罚那些疏于妥善处理钚电源起搏器的医院。Today, non-rechargeable lithium-based batteries are common. Used in many cardiological and neurological implants, they provide between seven and ten years of life. That is more than enough: the speed of medical progress is such that by the time the battery has run down it is generally time to replace the whole device with a newer model in any case.如今,不可充电的锂电池较为普遍。应用在心脏病和神经源性疾病的移植设备中,一般能够提供7年到10年的使用时间。这么长的使用时间显得绰绰有余:医学发展的速度意味着等到设备的电量用光就到了用一个更先进的型号来替换整个设备的时候。But that has not dissuaded researchers from continuing to seek perfection, in the form of a compact, perpetual energy source which does not require external recharging. Now, several researchers are closing in on just such a solution using glucose, a type of sugar that is the main energy source for all cells in the body.然而这并没有阻止研究人员继续寻找完美的,紧凑型的永久能源,从而使得这些移植设备不再需要外部充电。现在,几个研究人员正在接近一个能够提供这样能源的方法,使用葡萄糖,即为人体所有细胞提供主要能源的一种糖。Many other ideas have been tried down the years. The kinetic energy of the human body, for example, has long been harnessed to power watches, and should also be enough to keep a pacemaker ticking. Temperature differences between the body and the ambient air mean that thermoelectric couples can generate useful quantities of juice. A properly tuned device could capture background radio-frequency energy and rectify it into small amounts of usable power.这些年还有许多其他想法也被尝试。比如,很久以前人体动能就用来为手表提供能量,这种动能也足够维持起搏器的运转。人体与外部环境的温差意味着热电偶能够产生一定数量能量。一个适当调谐装置能够捕获北京射频能量并且将其转换成少量可用能源。Although all these ideas have been shown to work in theoretical tests on lab benches, they all suffer from the same handicap: intermittent operation. Unconscious patients, for instance, generate little kinetic energy. Sitting in a warm room reduces the power available from thermocouples. And radio waves are common but not ubiquitous. These are serious drawbacks for an IMD that may be responsible for keeping someone alive.尽管这些想法在实验的理论测试中运转正常,但是他们都有一个同样的缺陷:间歇运行。例如,处于昏迷的患者产生的人体动能很少。处于温暖的房间中会减少热电偶产生的可用能量。另外射频很常见,但是也不是处处可见。这些问题对于维持生命的可移植医疗设备来说都是十分严重的缺陷。Power in the blood.血液中的能量。A glucose-powered implant would solve such problems. Glucose is continuously delivered throughout the body by its circulatory systems. A sugar-powered device would therefore have access to a constant supply of fuel, and could be implanted almost anywhere.而一个葡萄糖供能的移植设备可以解决这些问题。葡萄糖由人体的循环系统被源源不断的输送到人体各处。一个糖分供能的设备因此能够取得持续供给的能量并且几乎可以在任何位置进行移植。One approach, which has been employed by Sameer Singhal, a researcher at the CFD Research Corporation in Alabama, involves the same enzymes that break down glucose within a living cell. Using carbon nanotubes, he and his colleagues immobilised two different enzymes on the electrodes of a fuel cell, where they generated electricity by freeing electrons from glucose. At present, only two of the 24 available electrons in a single glucose molecule can be harnessed, but refinements to the technology should boost that number.就职于Alabama的CFD Research Corporation的研究人员Sameer Singhal所使用的方法涉及利用酶将活细胞中的葡萄糖分解。利用碳纳米管,他和他的同事在燃料电池的电子上找到了2种不同的酶,在燃料电池中他们通过释放葡萄糖的电子来产生电能。现在,在一个葡萄糖分子中的24个可用电子中只有2个可以利用,但是对这项技术的后续完善应该会使得可以利用的电子数量有所增加。Dr Singhal has implanted prototype devices into live beetles. Fitted with a fuel cell about the size of a penny, the bionic bugs were able to generate over 20 microwatts (20 millionths of a watt) during a two-week trial.Singhal士将设备原型移植进了甲虫活体。放入了一个一便士大小的能量池,这些甲虫在2周实验期内产生了20微瓦(一瓦特的百万分之二十)。That is only around a fifth of the power that a pacemaker requires, but Dr Singhal reckons that a human-sized version of his cell would be able to deliver enough juice. There is a catch, though: a process called biofouling, in which foreign objects implanted in the body become encrusted with proteins and tissue. That could render Dr Singhal#39;s device inoperable after only a few months. Equally worrying are the enzymes, which tend to break down over time. Losing enzymes means losing power.这只是一个起搏器所需能量的15分之一,但是Singhal士认为人类体积大小的细胞量能够产生足够的能量。这里有个欠缺点:被称做生物污垢的过程,即被移植进人体的外来物会嵌入蛋白质和组织中。这会使得Singhal士的设备在移植后的几个月内便无法使用。同样使人担忧的是酶,这种物质随着时间的推移会被分解。而丢失酶就意味着丢失能量。Rahul Sarpeshkar, an electrical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has a solution to both these problems. In a paper published on June 12th in Public Library of Science, Dr Sarpeshkar and his colleagues describe building a glucose fuel cell which uses a platinum catalyst that does not degrade over time.一位MIT的电子工程师Rahul Sarpeshkar有个方法可以解决这两个问题。6月12号发表于Public Library of Science的一篇论文中,Sarpeshkar士和他的同事实用铂催化剂打造的葡萄糖能量池,其效果不会随着时间被削弱。The downside is that platinum is a less efficient catalyst than the enzymes used by Dr Singhal, and so Dr Sarpeshkar#39;s cell works less well. But it might be able to generate enough electricity to run the next generation of ultra-low-power IMDs.该方法的缺点是铂催化剂与Singhal士所用的酶相比效率不高,因此,Sarpeshkar士的能量池运转效果不好。但是它也许能够生产足够的电能来运转下一代超低功耗的可移植医疗设备。Dr Sarpeshkar also has a novel solution to the biofouling problem: implant the fuel cell in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) surrounding the brain. Although the CSF has only half the glucose concentration of the bloodstream, it is virtually free of the proteins and cells which would foul a device implanted in other areas of the body, and thus its life would be greatly extended.另外,Sarpeshkar士还有一个针对于生物燃料问题的新型解决方法:在大脑周围的脑脊液(CSF)中植入能量池。尽管脑脊液仅含有体液中葡萄糖浓度的一半,但是这样做几乎可以使其免于植入人体其他部位而被蛋白质和细胞包围的命运,因此使其使用寿命大大延长。Other approaches could yield more energy. Some soil-dwelling bacteria have evolved to deposit the electrons from glucose oxidation onto iron molecules, which allows researchers to trick them into living on the anode of a fuel cell. A colony of microbes like these, properly isolated from the host#39;s immune system, might be coerced into trading electrons for nutrients from the bloodstream. The bacteria can renew their own enzymes, so such a system should last indefinitely. But the idea of implanting a bacterial colony into a patient might be a tricky one to get past medical regulators-not to mention public opinion.其他一些方法则需要更多的能量。用一些土壤细菌将葡萄糖氧化过程所产生的电子安置在铁分子上,这样研究人员就可以诱使这些细菌存活在能量池的阳极上。像这样的克隆微生物,与寄主的免疫系统相分离,可能被迫的用电子与体液交换营养成分。细菌可以重新激活他们自身的酶,因此这样的系统能够永久的持续下去。然而将细菌克隆体移植进病人的身体这种想法可能无法通过医疗监管人员的监管,就更不要说公众舆论了。A better idea might be to retrain some of the body#39;s own cells to do the work. Just as an outdated procedure called a cardiomyoplasty involved severing a seldom-used upper-back muscle and wrapping it around the heart to assist in pumping blood, muscle fibres might be retrained to crank an electromechanical generator. Such a setup would be capable of producing enough electricity to drive even the most power-hungry of devices, like artificial hearts.一个更好的想法可能是将一些人体自身的细胞进行再培训来完成这个工作。正如一个已过时的手术,叫做心肌成形术,将较少用到的上背部肌肉切断并将它包络再心脏周围来协助心脏输送血液,肌肉纤维也许可以经过在训练后来驱动机电发电机。这样的方法能够产生足够的电能来驱动哪怕是最耗费能源的设备,比如人造心脏。The energy density of lithium batteries has come a long way in the past few decades, but the chemical reaction on which they rely will never be able to match the energy available from the metabolisation of glucose. The chemical energy in a gram of glucose is nearly half the amount available from petrol, a famously energy-dense fuel. With a bit of refinement, sugar could prove a very sweet solution for powering the next generation of IMDs.在过去的几十年间,锂电池的能量密集度取得了长足的发展,但是锂电池所依赖的化学反应永远也无法产生与葡萄糖代谢所产生的能量相匹敌的数量。一克葡萄糖所含有的化学能量相当于半克汽油能产生的能量,原油是众所周知的能源密集型燃料。再经过一点优化,糖就有可能为下一代可移植医疗设备的能源问题提供一个十分完美的解决办法。 /201208/194104南岸区靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养APPLE prides itself on constantly re-imagining the future, but even the world#39;s leading gadget-maker likes to dwell on the past too. Thirty years ago Steve Jobs commanded the stage at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts near Apple#39;s headquarters in Cupertino to show off the new Macintosh computer. On September 9th Mr Jobs#39;s successor, Tim Cook, held a similar performance in the same location to thunderous applause. Those invited were given a chance to play with the gadgets presented on stage: two new iPhones and a wearable device, called the Apple Watch. “This is the next chapter in Apple#39;s story, ” he said, sounding much like the young Mr Jobs in 1984.苹果公司以能够不断勾画未来蓝图而自豪,但即使作为世界上最顶尖的小型设备制造商,苹果也难免沉溺于过去。三十年前,史蒂芬·乔布斯在弗林特演艺中心(位于库比蒂诺的苹果公司总部附近)展示Macintosh电脑;今年9月,乔布斯的继任者,蒂姆·库克,在同一个舞台面对千万热情观众举行了一个类似的产品展示活动。被邀请到的人有机会试用展台上的设备:两台新款iPhone和一款叫做Apple Watch可佩戴手表。像当年的乔布斯一样,库克说:“这是苹果的下一篇章!”It may well be true—but not for the reasons most people might think. Consumers, analysts and investors have been howling for proof that Apple can still do the magic tricks of the Jobs era; iPad sales have weakened in recent quarters and the iPhone, launched a tech aeon ago in 2007, still generates more than half of the firm#39;s revenues. Yet lost in the maelstrom of snazzy new gadgets, applause and photos was an important shift: this week#39;s announcements showed that Apple#39;s future will be less about hardware and more about its “ecosystem”—a combination of software, services, data and a plethora of partners.这可能是真的——但原因并非大多数人想的那样。消费者、市场分析员、投资者一直都在极力试图明苹果可以再创乔布斯时代的传奇;然而,iPad近几季的销量已有所下降,于2007年发布的iPhone掀起了一段科技狂潮,它至今仍然占据苹果公司收入的半壁江山。然而,在充斥着时髦的新产品、掌声、美图的狂潮中,被人忽略的是苹果的重大转型:本周发布会表示苹果未来的重心将从硬件转移到“生态系统”——一个集软件、务、数据、众多合作伙伴于一体的有机系统。If Apple were simply a hardware-maker, there would be reason to worry. It is losing market share to rivals such as Samsung of South Korea and Xiaomi of China, which make cheaper devices, and to Google#39;s Android operating system, which runs on 71% of the world#39;s smartphones. Apple#39;s average selling price is 9, compared with 9 for smartphones worldwide, according to IDC, a market-research firm. That is good for profits, but it makes Apple increasingly a niche player, somewhat like a luxury-goods firm, says Colin Gillis of BGC, a stockbroker.如果苹果只是一家简单的硬件制造商,那么情况是让人担忧的。苹果的市场份额正在缩小,相反的韩国的三星和中国的小米因为价格低廉而占据着越来越多的市场份额,并且谷歌的安卓操作系统占领了全球70%的只能手机。据市场调研公司IDC的数据,苹果手机的平均售价为609美元,而全球智能手机均价为249美元。一名来自BGC的股票经纪人科林.吉利斯认为:这样利润固然客观,但是这使得苹果市场越来越成为一种缝隙市场,有点类似于奢侈品企业。As with Apple#39;s existing products, much effort went into the watch#39;s design. Its backplate contains sensors that measure the user#39;s vital signs; and people can send their heartbeat to other watch-wearers—as a new sort of expressive message. But starting at 9, and only usable in conjunction with an iPhone, it looks unlikely to be a serious competitor to other expensive watches (see article).与现有的产品一样,苹果为设计这款手表做出了很大努力。它的后板装有感应器,可以测量出佩带者的生命特征;作为一种新的信息表达方式,人们可以将心率数据发送给其他的手表用户。但是它的售价为349美元起,而且只能与iphone联合使用,这使得它难以敌对其他名贵手表。Still, many are likely to stick with their iPhones and even plunk down the money for an Apple Watch, because of the firm#39;s ecosystem. Apple is considered a laggard in online offerings, especially since it bungled the launch of its map service. Its services and apps can be maddening. But iTunes, Apple#39;s media store, now boasts more than 800m active users, three times as many as Amazon#39;s. Apple#39;s software and services category, which includes iTunes, its Apps Store, revenue from warranties and other businesses, brought in sales of more than billion in 2013 and is growing steadily.但是许多人仍然愿意坚守苹果阵营,继续使用iPhone,甚至是为了苹果的“生态系统”而大手笔地花钱购买Apple Watch。在线务方面,苹果被认为是落后者,尤其是它粗制滥造的地图务。它的务和应用有时候让人抓狂。但是,苹果的媒体商店iTunes,它的活跃用户现在已经飙升超过了8亿,是亚马逊的三倍之多。苹果的软件和务,包括iTunes、应用Store,来自授权和其他业务的收入等,2013年超过160亿美元,并依然在稳定增长。Apple#39;s watch is supposed to help the firm expand into new areas. One example is a mobile wallet. It aims to replace swiping credit cards with the tap of an Apple watch (or an iPhone) on a device connected to a retailer#39;s cash register. Apple#39;s new health and fitness applications help people monitor their workouts. The firm#39;s new operating systems, due out soon, will allow its devices to work together seamlessly: an e-mail started on an iPhone can be finished on an iMac.苹果试图通过智能手表拓展到新领域,移动钱包就是一个例子,它的目标是用苹果手表(或手机)轻触与收款机相连的设备来取代划信用卡。苹果新的健身应用可以帮助人们监视自己的运动过程。另外,新的操作系统即将推出,它将实现设备的无缝操作:如在iPhone上开始写的电子邮件可以在iMac电脑上继续写完。For Ben Wood of CCS Insight, another market-research firm, Apple#39;s plan is to be even more like the Hotel California (as in the Eagles#39; song), “where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. The more Apple-gadget owners store their data in them, from photos to health information, the more they are locked in, and must stick with Apple.另一家市场调研公司CCS Insight 的本.伍德认为,苹果的计划更像是“加州旅馆”(老鹰乐队的歌):“你可以随时退房,但却永远不会离开。”苹果用户在系统中储存的数据越多,从照片到健康信息,他们就越依赖苹果。At the same time, Apple is trying to become more open to partners—a big change for the firm. “There has always been a huge tension between keeping control and opening up” at Apple, explains Michael Cusumano of MIT#39;s Sloan School of Management. Mr Jobs saw Apple products as complete works of art and never wanted them unbundled. Only after the executive team rebelled, for instance, did he relent and in 2003 let iTunes become available on Windows—a move that dramatically increased sales of the iPod.与此同时,苹果正尝试向合作伙伴们更开放——这对苹果是个好机会。麻省理工斯隆管理学院的迈克尔.库森曼诺解释说,就开放程度问题,苹果内部一直存在很大分歧。在乔布斯看来,苹果的产品是一个完整的艺术作品,绝不希望它被拆分。直到管理团队出现反叛之后,他才在2003年做了退步,让iTune可以通过Windows访问——这一举措大大地提升了iPod的销量。Three years after Mr Jobs#39;s death, Apple seems to be y to go further, hoping to entice other firms to contribute to its ecosystem and make it more attractive. Earlier this year Apple announced a partnership with IBM, as well as changes that make it easier for outside developers to design apps for the iPhone. And Apple#39;s watch will have third-party apps from the start. The iPhone launched without the app store; it opened only a year later, after many outside developers had hacked the device, allowing them to write apps for it.乔布斯去世了三年,苹果似乎要采取进一步行动,希望通过与其他公司合作来构建苹果的“生态系统”,使其更具吸引力。今年早些时候,苹果就宣布与IBM合作,同时作了些改变以方便外部开发者为iPhone设计应用。并且苹果手表一开始就会有第三方应用。iPhone刚发行的时候并没有应用商店,直到一年后许多外界开发商黑进了手机,苹果才勉强允许他们开放应用。The new openness does not only apply to technology. Mr Cook has let outsiders join his inner circle, hiring executives from retail and other industries to expand Apple#39;s expertise. He has also overseen the largest acquisition in Apple#39;s history, the billion purchase in May of Beats, a headphones and music-streaming company. For its new payment system it teamed up with big retailers, such as Whole Foods and Walgreens, and credit-card firms, including MasterCard and Visa.这种新的开放制度不仅适用于技术层面,库克已经允许外界人士参与它的内部圈子,并且聘请零售和其他行业的管理者来扩展苹果公司的业务面。库克见了苹果史上最大的一起并购案:苹果于今年5月斥资30亿美元收购了Beats(一家生产耳机和音乐流媒体公司)。至于其新开发的付体系,苹果将与各大零售商进行合作,如有机食品连锁店Whole Foods 和沃尔格林,以及信用卡公司,包括万事达卡和Visa卡。This opening-up may need to go further, to keep up with Google#39;s ecosystem. The internet giant#39;s services still beat Apple#39;s. And it not only lets device-makers modify Android, but also gives it away (albeit with conditions, such as the requirement to carry Google#39;s services). “Apple v Android” could still end up a repeat of “Apple v Windows”: in personal computers Apple lost the battle against Microsoft because it refused to license its operating system to other hardware-makers.为了赶上谷歌的生态系统,苹果的对外开放制度需要更进一步。目前苹果的务仍逊于这家互联网巨头。谷歌不仅允许制造商们改造安卓系统,而且可以完全撒手不管(虽然这是有条件的,比如必须安装谷歌的某些务)。“苹果VS安卓”的结局可能会和“苹果VS Windows”一样:在个人电脑市场,苹果因为拒绝向其他硬件制造商认其操作系统,所以不敌微软。Umberto Eco, an Italian novelist, once compared Apple#39;s platform to Catholicism and Microsoft#39;s to Protestantism. The Macintosh, he wrote, “tells the faithful how they must proceed, step by step”. By contrast, Windows “allows free interpretation of scripture...and takes for granted the idea that not all can achieve salvation.” This still rings true today, but Apple is clearly going through a Reformation.一名意大利小说家恩贝托.艾克曾经将苹果比作天主教,而将微软比作新教。他这样写道:Mac电脑“告诉信徒必须沿着一个方向,一步一步坚定地走下去。”相反的,Windows则“允许对教义进行自由的解释,并且认为不是所有的想法都可以最终解决问题。”这些道理至今仍然受用,但是很显然,苹果已经开始改变并且将进一步改革。 /201409/330253Samsung Electronics is just days away from announcing the next generation of its best-selling flagship smartphone, which means that the steady whirring of rumor mill has risen to a healthy hum.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)将在几天之后发布其最畅销旗舰智能手机的下一代产品,这意味着此前持续不断的传言已经发展为合理的讨论。Earlier this month, we took you through the highlights of the expectations and rumors swirling around the device. Some of the rumors then were almost certainly contradictory, unless you believe the new device could sport both an iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner.本月早些时候,我们介绍了围绕该手机相关预期和传闻中的要点。其中一些传言甚至是相互矛盾的,很难相信新手机会同时配置虹膜扫描和指纹扫描两种功能。But now, with less than a week to go, consensus seems to have congealed around a fingerprint scanner as the next smartphone#39;s most dazzling new feature.但现在,距离新品发布还有不到一周时间,外界似乎已经达成共识--下一代智能手机最为引人注目的新功能将是指纹识别。Samsung declined to comment Wednesday.三星电子周三拒绝置评。In one widely-circulated report, SamMobile, which tracks Samsung#39;s myriad devices, cited #39;insiders#39; who say the Galaxy S5, set to be unveiled next Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will include a fingerprint sensor in the device#39;s home button that does more than just unlock the phone.追随三星电子各种设备的SamMobile在一份广泛传播的报道中援引内部人士的话称,Galaxy S5将于下周一在巴塞罗那的全球移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布,其Home键上将安装指纹传感器,功能不仅限于手机解锁。Instead, SamMobile reports, the fingerprint will be woven deep into the phone#39;s operating system, making the fingerprint an integral part of accessing a number of features. In some cases, the fingerprint will act as a substitute for typing in usernames and passwords.SamMobile报道称,指纹将被深入到手机的操作系统中,使其成为启用多种功能的一部分。有些情况下,指纹可替代用户名和密码的输入。Unlike Apple#39;s high-end iPhone 5S, which allows users to unlock their devices by holding one#39;s finger steadily over the home button, Samsung#39;s version will work #39;in a swipe manner,#39; SamMobile says. This will require considerable dexterity from the user, the report says; the entire finger must be scanned each time in a fluid, moderately-paced, moisture-free swipe.苹果公司高端手机iPhone 5S允许用户通过将一个手指放在Home键上来解锁设备,但SamMobile称,三星电子的手机与之不同,采用滑动式指纹识别。报告称,这要求用户相当灵巧,每次识别都需要手指干燥,并且要流畅、匀速滑动。So where does all this leave the eye scanner? Last month, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was studying the possibility of including such an innovation in its Galaxy S5.那么虹膜扫描功能将何去何从?彭(Bloomberg)上个月还报道称,三星将研究在Galaxy S5中纳入这一创新功能的可能性。But now, Bloomberg is reporting only that the device will feature a larger, 5.2-inch screen with a sharper display, improved camera functions and better integration with Samsung#39;s smartwatch, with nary an update on the progress of Samsung#39;s eye-scahn studies.但现在彭的报道只是说,该手机将配置更大的5.2英寸显示屏,更高的对比度,更强大的拍照功能,而且与三星电子智能手表的配合更好,但并没有提到三星电子虹膜扫描研究的最新进展。And, if all this speculation isn#39;t your game, the end is at hand. Samsung will lay the guessing game to rest next Monday evening.如果你不喜欢猜来猜去,那么很快就要揭晓。下周一晚间三星电子就将揭开新手机的面纱。 /201402/276571齿缘龟多少钱一只

遂昌县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养伊金霍洛旗佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养A company claims to have found the ideal product to help travellers counter the ill effects of jet lag and long-haul flights.因为倒时差和长途飞行困倦不已?一家公司最新发明的;鸵鸟枕;成为帮助长途旅行者的理想产品。The Ostrich Pillow is a new portable device that its inventors say will ;enable power naps anytime, anywhere,; including in airport lounges and on planes.鸵鸟枕是一款新式便携枕头,发明者说,这将;使人们不管在何时何地都能大睡特睡;,比如在候机大厅和飞机上。Stuffed with synthetic material – ;for maximum performance and lightness;, according to its inventors – the distinctive-looking pillow has a hole in which to put your head, and a mouth hole designed to allow its wearer to breathe easily. It also has two side holes where you can store your hands – if napping at a table in a library, for example.据发明者介绍,这种枕头里面填充的都是合成材料,;使其在最轻盈的状态下达到性能最大化;。造型独特的;鸵鸟枕;有一个圆孔可以把头套进去,另外还有一个露嘴孔,以便让使用者自如呼吸。枕头还有两个边孔,如果趴在图书馆的桌子上小憩,使用者就可以把手伸进去。The concept was developed by Kawamura-Ganjavian, an architecture and design studio with offices in Madrid and Lausanne.这种设计理念是由Kawamura-Ganjavian建筑和设计工作室提出的,该工作室在马德里和洛桑都设有办公室。Among other products, the company has also been responsible for developing the ;ear shell; (a ;sound enhancing device; that is attached to the ear), and a solar plug for charging portable computers.该公司还研制过;耳壳;(戴在耳朵上增强音效的设备),以及为笔记本电脑充电的太阳能插头。The Ostrich Pillow has been described on the technology web site CNET as like ;a giant garden squash gone soft;, while another reviewer for the Digital Trends website wrote: ;We can only wonder how the pillow holds up on sweat and heat retention;.在科技网站CNET上,这款枕头被描述为;软绵绵的大南瓜;。Digital Trends网站的另一名网友写道:;我们只是好奇这种枕头能否排出汗液,以及如何散热。;Its creators argue that it genuinely works, saying: ;We have tried it in airports, trains, aeroplanes, libraries, at the office, on a sofa and even on the floor and it#39;s really wonderful.;设计者指出,这款枕头的确很好用,他们说:;我们在机场、火车、飞机、图书馆、办公室、沙发、甚至在地板上都做过实验,这种枕头真的很棒。;The Ostrich Pillow will go into production if its fundraising targets are met. The company is currently trying to collect ,000 on Kickstarter, a funding website for creative business ideas. The tally of pledges so far is slightly more than ,000 with 23 days remaining.如果能够实现筹款目标,鸵鸟枕将投入生产。这家公司目前正尝试在专为创意商机募资的Kickstarter网站筹款7万美元。目前在该网站的筹款截止日期还有23天,已筹措资金略高于3.5万美元。 /201209/201677广昌县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养Facebook doesn#39;t hold many press conferences. But when the world#39;s biggest social network does talk to journalists, the briefings are always best when founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg goes off script.Facebook没有召开很多新闻发布会。但当这个世界上最大的社交网络确实与记者交谈时,简报总是最佳的当创始人兼首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格即兴演讲时。The 28-year-old man did so on Tuesday, at the launch of Graph Search, when he openly described a ;wider strategic rift; with Google and revealed for the first time why negotiations between Facebook and the search giant broke down over privacy.这位28岁的男人是周二在图像搜索发布会上这么做的,当他公开描述了与谷歌的一种“更广泛的战略分歧”,并首次透露为什么Facebook与该搜索巨头在隐私方面的谈判破裂。According to Zuckerberg, Google was less willing (or able?) to change its search algorithm so that once a wall post or photograph was deleted from Facebook it vanished from the rival company#39;s search results. Microsoft was able to do this and has partnered with Facebook since 2010.据扎克伯格说,谷歌不愿(还是不能?)改变其搜索算法,这样一旦一张海报或照片在Facebook被删除后它就从竞争对手公司的搜索结果中消失了。微软能够做到这一点,自2010年以来就与Facebook合作了。;Trying to think whether it#39;s reasonable to get into this,; said Zuckerberg in a Qamp;A session, prompting a flurry of sudden interest from the assembled journalists. ;I think the main thing is about when people share something on Facebook, we want to give them not only the ability to broadcast something out but also change their privacy settings later and take the content down.“试想进入这是否合理,”扎克伯格在一个问答环节说,激起与会记者的一时兴趣。“我认为最主要的事情是当人们在Facebook上分享东西时,我们想给他们的不仅是能传播一些东西,而且也在改变了他们的隐私设置后把内容记录下来。;That requires incredibly quick updating ... We need that content to be gone immediately ... You need infrastructure that can support that and that takes a lot of commitment from the partner.”“这需要难以置信的快速更新…我们需要这些内容立即消失……你需要基础设施可以持,这需要从合作伙伴那获得很大的承诺。”;Microsoft was more willing to do things that were specific to Facebook. Google has a system that works really well for them about how they treat information across their company, and I think that our system was different in ways that people share information and want to give them flexibility after the fact – that was the biggest stumbling block.“微软更情愿做的事情都是针对Facebook的。谷歌有一个系统真的非常有效,关于他们怎样对待经过他们公司的信息,我认为在人们分享信息的方式上我们的系统是不同的,并想要在事实之后给予他们灵活性,那是最大的绊脚石。;That may have just been the specific thing in the negotiation, it may have been a symptom of a bigger strategic rift, but that is at least where the discussion fell apart the last time we spoke about it.;“那可能只是在谈判中特定的东西,它可能是一个更大的战略分歧的症状,但那至少是上次我们谈到它时讨论土崩瓦解的地方。”Zuckerberg was responding to a question by Search Engine Land#39;s Danny Sullivan, who covered the launch of Graph Search in depth on his site.扎克伯格是在回应搜索引擎专家丹尼#8226;苏利文提出的问题,报道了他网站上深度图谱搜索的发布。According to Facebook insiders, Zuckerberg was not referring to fresh discussions with Google ahead of the launch of Graph Search. The dispute goes back to the ;cold war; days when Google and Facebook fell out over the ownership of personal data and, latterly, Google#39;s move into social with Google+.根据Facebook的内部人士,扎克伯格指的并不是在图谱搜索发布前与谷歌的新讨论。争议回到了“冷战”那些日子当谷歌和Facebook在个人数据的所有权之争的争吵,最近,谷歌以谷歌+进军社交领域。It is significant because, if correct (and Google refuses to comment), it adds to the emerging theory that Google#39;s highly complex search algorithms are increasingly at odds with the social web. Put simply: how would you feel if a photograph you removed from Facebook could still be found by people searching Google? Or an embarrassing Facebook that appeared in Google searches for your name even though you had been deleted on the social network?它是重要的,因为如果正确的(谷歌拒绝),它增加了谷歌高度复杂的搜索算法越来越不符合社交网络的新理论。简单地说:如果你在Facebook上删除的照片仍然可以在人们搜索谷歌时被发现你会有什么感受?或者一个令人尴尬的Facebook视频以你的名字出现在谷歌搜索上,即使你已经在社交网络上删除了?The worry for Google is that it will come to be seen as the reason why nothing can ever be fully removed from the internet. That is a problem for Google#39;s brightest brains to address as Facebook and Twitter expand the social web into more areas of our lives.谷歌担忧的是它将被视为任何东西都不能从互联网上完全删除的原因。这是一个需要谷歌最聪明的大脑来解决的问题当Facebook和Twitter将社交网络更多的地扩大到我们的生活中。 /201301/220953安南乌龟批发采购价格报价

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