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青田县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养豹斑象乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么Horsemeat found in beef burgers manufactured for British supermarkets was imported from Poland, it emerged last night.据昨晚报道称,英国超市专供牛肉汉堡中发现的马肉进口自波兰。Tests have revealed that ‘raw material’ supplied to an Irish processing plant, which made burgers for Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland, contained as much as 20 percent horse DNA, the Irish Government said.爱尔兰政府称,经检测,提供给一家爱尔兰加工厂的“原材料”中含有多达20%的马肉DNA。这家加工厂为乐购超市、阿尔迪超市、里德尔超市和冰岛超市供应汉堡。Around 10million beef burgers have been withdrawn from sale by supermarkets, and other smaller retailers in the UK, since the scandal, which centred around the Silvercrest factory, in County Monaghan, broke earlier this month.自从本月早些时候英国莫纳亨郡银冠厂曝出这一丑闻后,已有近1000万只汉堡从超市和该厂附近的小零售店中下架。Customers and food standards experts were left reeling after tests by the Foods Safety Authority of Ireland revealed burgers supplied to Tesco – Britain’s biggest supermarket chain - contained 29.1 percent horse DNA.爱尔兰食品安全局的检测结果显示,供给英国最大连锁超市——乐购超市的汉堡中含有29.1%的马肉DNA,此事随即在消费者与食品标准专家中引发轰动。Burger King also stopped using Silvercrest’s products, although there was no horsemeat found in burgers sold by the fast food chain.快餐连锁店汉堡王也停止使用银冠厂提供的产品,虽然其销售的汉堡中未发现马肉。Simon Coveney, the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, said the latest tests were a ‘major breakthrough’ in their investigation to identify the source of the contaminated products.爱尔兰农业、食品与海洋部部长西蒙#8226;柯文尼称,近期进行的检测是他们调查掺假产品源头的“一次重大突破”。He had initially suggested imported ingredients from Spain and the Netherlands were to blame, but yesterday revealed the ‘likely’ source was an unnamed factory in the eastern European country.他最初认为,从西班牙和荷兰进口的食材是罪魁祸首,不过昨天他又透露,这一东欧国家的一家不知名工厂才是“可能的”源头。Mr Coveney said the raw material was made from ‘low value’ cuts of meat.柯文尼称,原材料是由“廉价的”碎肉制成。‘It’s fat cuts, trims, de-sinewed meats,’ Mr Coveney said. ‘There was equine DNA, which is horsemeat, in the product.“全是经过了剪切、剔除了腱子肉的肥膘块,”柯文尼说,“产品中含有马肉DNA”。‘There is no evidence to suggest that anyone knowingly imported product that had horse DNA in it, but clearly that is what happened.’“虽然还未找到据明有人明知这些产品中含有马肉DNA却还进口,但事实已然明了。”The minister said the ABP Food Group, which owns the plant, had now agreed to source meat only from the UK and Ireland and to introduce regular DNA testing of meat at Silvercrest and its sister factory, Dalepak Hambleton, north Yorkshire.部长表示,该工厂所有者ABP食品集团现已同意只采用英国和爱尔兰的肉源,并同意定期对银冠厂及位于北约克郡的分厂达莱帕克#8226;汉布莱顿厂采用的肉进行DNA检测。However, the firm, which denied the contaminated meat had come from the company’s plant in Poznan, Poland, refused to say whether it was permitted to use the Polish ingredient in Tesco’s burgers.不过,该公司否认掺假马肉源自它在波兰波兹南的工厂,而且拒绝透露是否得到许可在供给乐购超市的汉堡中采用波兰原料。 /201301/223510沙湾县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养 The mystical realms of Fairy tales, leading us to an imaginary world of fantasy, never cease to fascinate or cast a magical spell. Filled with Fairies, Elves, Talking Animals, Wicked Stepmothers, Bad Witches, Fairy Godmothers, Princes And Damsels in distress, reflecting the challenges of the day to today lives, these enchanting characters, from the dark and deep woods, are for most part, damsels (deeply in distress of course!). The young Princes, saving these distressed damsels fall profoundly in love at first sight and end up marrying them, breaking all traditional norms of Royalty– as in the case of Cinderella, and Snow White– to name a few. For ages, although, monarchies have had an unwritten law about marriages between Royalties in line of succession, to choose a spouse of equal stature, there were few who, despite the established law, broke all conventions and traditions, to marry #39;out of royal#39; commoners. Let us closely peek at ten of the most romantic royal pairs, destined to be part of monarchs, with their alluring passionate real-life fairy tale weddings.神秘的童话王国带领我们进入了一个虚幻的想象世界,不停地吸引着我们,展现着神奇的魅力。从仙女、精灵、会说话的动物、恶毒的继母、坏女巫、仙女教母、王子和落难少女,这些迷人的角色反映了彼时至此的生活挑战,他们来自幽深的树林,大多都是年轻姑娘(当然是深陷困境的)!年轻的王子拯救了这些落难少女,见她们的第一眼就深深坠入爱河,最后打破所有皇室传统,幸福快乐地生活在一起——举几个例子,就像灰姑娘和白雪公主的故事一样。但是,长期以来,王室对于王位继承者的婚姻有不成文的规定,即选择配偶要门当户对。面对这一既定条例,很少有人会打破常规,同皇室以外的平民结婚。下面让我们凝神窥视十对最浪漫的皇室情侣,同他们热烈而引人注目的现实版童话婚礼一起,注定成为皇室的一部分。10.Prince William and Kate Middleton of Great Britain (2011)10.英国的威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿(2011)The most popular of all Royal couples, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton#39;s wedding took place with a lot of gaiety and fanfare witnessed live by millions across the globe. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born on January 9th 1982 at Reading, England. Born in a middle class family, her parents were running a mail order company, selling party decoration and supplies. The eldest of three daughters, Kate Middleton and Prince William while pursuing History of Art, met at Scotland#39;s, University of St Andrews, in Fife, in the year 2001. After almost a decade#39;s long wait, she married Prince William, second in line to the British throne, on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey to become Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They have a son, Prince George of Cambridge born on July 22nd 2013. Kate, nevertheless, with her simple elegance and grace won the heart and admiration of million women in the world, for being one of Britain#39;s best-dressed celebrities.这对皇室中人气最高的情侣——威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿的婚礼是在全球瞩目下大张旗鼓、其乐融融地举行的。这位剑桥公爵夫人(凯特王妃)凯瑟琳·伊丽莎白·米德尔顿1982年1月9日出生于英国雷丁。出身中产阶级,凯特的父母经营一家邮购公司,销售宴会装饰品及相关物资。凯特是三个女儿中最大的,她和威廉王子2001年相识于苏格兰法夫郡(Fife)的圣安德鲁大学的艺术历史课堂上。在近十年的漫长等待后,她终于在2011年4月29日在威斯敏斯特教堂嫁给了威廉王子——英国王室的第二继承人,他们成为剑桥公爵和公爵夫人。他们有一个儿子剑桥王子乔治,出生于2013年7月22日。无论怎样,凯特成为英国装扮最美的名人之一,用她简单的优雅和魅力赢得了全世界百万女人的爱慕敬仰。9.Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling (2010)9.瑞典公主维多利亚和丹尼尔·韦斯特林(2010)Princess Victoria of Sweden was the eldest daughter of Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf. Born in Stockholm, Sweden on July 14, 1977, before her birth, the Swedish law ordained that the eldest male, born to the royal couple, would inherit the throne. However, in 1979, this enforcement changed, when the Swedish parliament voted for acquisition of succession rights for the eldest child, irrespective of gender. Thus, Princess Victoria became heir to the Swedish throne, and in 2001, fell for Daniel Westling, her personal trainer. Daniel Westling had his upbringing in a village, situated at central Sweden called Ockelbo. Born to working parents he went to #39;Prince School#39; to train himself on the etiquette and behavior of the royals. They were married on June 19, 2010 and have one daughter.瑞典公主维多利亚是王后西尔维娅和国王古斯塔夫十六世的长女。她1977年7月14日出生于瑞典斯德哥尔。她出生前瑞典法律就规定王室夫妻的第一个儿子将继承王位。然而,1977年,瑞典国会投票持年龄最长的孩子获得继承权,无视性别,于是这项规定改变了。维多利亚公主成为瑞典王室的继承人,并在2001年爱上了丹尼尔·韦斯特林——她的私人教练。丹尼尔·韦斯特林在农村长大,一个位于瑞典中部,叫做奥克尔布(Ockelbo)的村庄。父母都是工人,他去#39;王子学校#39;接受王室礼节行为的训练。他们在2010年6月19日成婚,有一个女儿。8.Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz of Spain (2004)8.西班牙王子费利佩和莱蒂齐亚(2004)Prince Felipe, the third child of Queen Sofía and King Juan Carlos, was born on January 30, 1968, in Madrid, Spain. However, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was born at Oviedo, Spain on September 15, 1972. She earlier had a civil marriage with Alonso Guerrero in 1998 and a year later divorced him. The royal couple met on November 2002, with the sinking of the Prestige oil tanker. As a news reporter and journalist, Letizia#39;s presence was required at the place, where she met the Prince, who had visited the accident-hit place to assess the damages. Shortly afterwards, the Prince and the journalist started dating each other, albeit secretly, and on November 6th, they were officially engaged. Their marriage was conducted in Madrid, Spain on May 22, 2004 at the Nuestra Senora de la Almudena Cathedral. The two have two beautiful young girls.王子费利佩出生于1968年1月30日,西班牙马德里,是女王索菲亚和国王胡安·卡洛斯一世的第三个儿子。然而莱蒂齐亚·奥尔蒂斯·罗卡索拉诺出生于1972年9月15日,西班牙奥维耶多。她早先在1998年和阿隆索·格雷罗有过一段世俗婚姻,一年后跟他离婚。2002年11月“声望号”油轮的沉没,使这对王室夫妻相遇。身为新闻记者,莱蒂齐亚必须待在那,也就是在那她遇到了视察事故发生地以评估损失的王子。不久后,王子和这位记者就开始约会,但只是秘密进行,而后他们于11月6日正式订婚。他们的婚礼于2004年5月22日在西班牙马德里的 Nuestra Senora de la Almudena教堂举行。他们生有两个漂亮的小女孩。7.Mohammed and Lalla Salma of Morocco (2002)7.洛哥穆罕默德和拉拉·萨尔玛(2002)Another commoner who married into royalty (Arab) was Lalla Salma. Born On May10, 1978, in Fez, she lost her mother, while she was three years old. Her father was a schoolteacher from Fez, and her maternal grandmother raised her. A Computer Engineering graduate, she was working for ONA Group, a company managing a sizable share of the king#39;s assets. In the year 1999, she met King Mohammed VI at a party and according to royal gossip; it was love at first sight for the king. Nevertheless, for accepting the king#39;s proposal, Lalla Salma laid set laws, prior courtship, insisting on a monogamous marriage alliance. Thus on July 13 2002, they were married in Rabat, Morocco. For ages, the kings of Morocco had kept their brides and wives hidden. Nonetheless, the first to break conventional norms was King Mohammed VI who officially announced his engagement to Lalla Salma in 2001 and acknowledged her presence at the public celebrations held as part of their wedding ceremony. The popular Queen is an activist against cancer with various awards to her credit and the royal couple have two children.还有个嫁入皇室(阿拉伯)的平民就是拉拉·萨尔玛。1978年5月10日出生于非斯的她在三岁时失去了母亲。父亲是非斯的一名教师,她由外婆抚养长大。作为一名计算机工程专业毕业生,她在ONA集团工作,这是一家管理国王相当份额资产的公司。1999年,她在一次宴会上遇到了穆罕默德六世国王,据王室传言,国王对她一见钟情。然而,在接受国王求婚前,拉拉·萨尔玛设下规定,求婚前要坚持一夫一妻制婚姻。而后他们在2002年7月13日洛哥拉巴特成婚。多年来洛哥国王都对他们的新娘和妻子保密,而第一个打破这一传统的就是穆罕默德六世国王,他2001年正式宣布同拉拉·萨尔玛的订婚,并在作为他们结婚典礼一部分的公开庆祝会上承认了她的地位。这位受欢迎的女王是抗击癌症活动家,因她的诚信得过很多奖项,这对王室夫妇有两个孩子。6.Henri and Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (2000)6.卢森堡亨利和玛利亚·特蕾莎(2000)Maria Teresa Mestre, a Spanish bourgeoisie descendent without titles, met Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Henri, during her university days, at Geneva, where she was pursuing a degree in Political Science. They were married in 1981 despite a lot of opposition from Prince Henri#39;s mother, Josephine Charlotte, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, regarding Maria Teresa#39;s status of being a mere commoner. Nonetheless, in the year 2000, Maria Teresa became the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg when Prince Henri became the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, succeeding his father, Grand Duke, Jean. They have five children with Maria Teresa committing herself to humanitarian causes and social issues through several organizations.玛利亚·特蕾莎·梅斯特,一个没有名衔的西班牙资产阶级后代,在日内瓦上大学攻读政治科学学位期间遇到了卢森堡大公亨利王子。尽管亨利王子母亲卢森堡公爵夫人约瑟芬·夏洛特因玛利亚·特蕾莎的平民身份而反对,他们还是于1981年成婚。而后,2000年,在亨利王子继父亲琼成为卢森堡大公后,玛利亚·特蕾莎成为卢森堡公爵夫人。他们有五个孩子,玛利亚·特蕾莎通过几个机构致力于人道主义事业和社会问题。翻译:郑璐 来源:前十网 /201508/393970;And now they#39;re telling me it#39;s politically incorrect to use the term #39;politically incorrect#39;!;现在他们告诉我用;政治错误;这个词是个政治错误。 /201508/392853屏南县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

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麝香乌龟采购信息大全养殖方法 IT WOULD be a good question for the quiz game Trivial Pursuit. What has the National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s powerful pro-gun lobbying outfit, got in common with Syria, Iran and North Korea? The answer: all are opposed to the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which was overwhelmingly approved by 154 countries on April 2nd by the General Assembly of the ed Nations.对于“打破砂锅问到底”这个竞猜游戏,这将是一个很好的问题。一个美国强大的亲游说机构,美国步协会(NRA),与叙利亚、伊朗和朝鲜有何相似之处?是:在4月2日的联合国大会上,由154个国家参与并以压倒性优势通过了反对“全球武器贸易条约“(ATT)的决定。The next stage is for those countries which voted for the treaty to begin formally signing up to it in early June. Each signatory country will then have to ratify it at home. The treaty will come into legal force 90 days after the 50th country has ratified it—perhaps as soon as the end of this year. For some, ratification will be a simple process; for others it could prove harder.下一个阶段是在六月初那些投票持该条约的国家将正式开始签署这一协议。届时各签字国将在国内批准实行这一协议。该协议将在第50个国家批准后的90后具有法律效力——也许只要今年年底该协议就会生效。对一些国家来说,批准该协议会很简单;然而对于其他国家却未必简单。The Obama administration is a strong supporter and likely to sign up soon. But getting the two-thirds majority in the Senate needed for ratification will be a struggle, even though the American Bar Association has confirmed the treaty does not infringe any constitutional right to bear arms (as the NRA claims). America’s defence industry also supports it, hoping to bring other countries’ arms exporters closer to the high standards it operates under.奥巴马政府是一个强有力的持者并且很快会签署。但在参议院要想获得大多数的认可将是一场斗争,尽管美国律师协会(依据NRA的主张)已经实了该条约不违反宪法中的保有制。美国的国防工业也持它,希望它能使其他国家的武器出口商在更高的标准下运作。Whatever difficulties may lie ahead, supporters of the treaty to regulate the -billion-a-year trade in arms are jubilant. It is the climax of a campaign that began a decade ago. It had especially strong support from African and Caribbean countries where society has been torn apart by civil war or transnational crime, both stoked by the illicit trade in small arms. The deal involved compromises: for example, a weaker section on munitions. But what a senior diplomat close to the negotiations describes as “the heart” of the treaty—the prohibitions section—is alive and beating.无论前方遇到什么困难,该条约的持者都因控制着每年亿的军火贸易而雀跃。这是十年前开始一项运动的高潮。该协议受到非洲和加勒比国家的大力持,因为这些国家的社会已经因内战和跨国犯罪而四分五裂,小型武器的非法贸易更是使社会问题火上浇油。协议的商定采用折中的办法:例如,淡化了军需品的规定。但是,正如高级外交官所述协议的“心脏”部分——那些禁止的条约——仍就砰砰的跳动着。The ATT requires states to establish regulations for arms imports and exports in eight main categories: battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons. They must assess whether their transfer could lead to serious violations of international humanitarian law, terrorism or organised crime. They must take into account the risk of serious acts of violence against civilians, particularly women and children. An overriding risk of any of these consequences means states must block the deal.ATT要求各国在8大武器类别上建立进出口管理机制,它们分别是:主战坦克,装甲战车,大口径火炮,作战飞机,攻击直升机,军舰,导弹和导弹发射器,小武器和轻武器。各进出口国必须评估其转让是否会严重违反国际人道主义法,和导致恐怖主义或有组织犯罪。他们必须考虑到严重的暴力行为,对平民,特别是妇女和儿童的影像。国家必须制裁任何凌驾于这些风险之上的贸易。States must also report annually on all their arms transfers to a UN-run “implementation support unit”. The aim is to shine a light on a previously murky business and make governments accountable under the terms of the treaty. The main sanction is embarrassment. That may seem feeble, but previous treaties on landmines and cluster bombs have set a new global norm which makes it shameful to use such weapons indiscriminately.各国还必须每年向联合国运行“实施持单位”报告他们所有的武器交易。目的是让今日光明的交易形式照耀往日黑暗的交易形式,并且就协议让政府负责。的主要制裁是尴尬。这可能显得苍白无力,但之前有关地雷和集束炸弹条约已经设置了新的全球规范,这使得种武器的滥用变得可耻。The abstainers include big arms exporters (China and Russia) and importers (India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia). But they may sign up later. Russia says it needs more time, while China (surprising some) played a constructive role, apparently influenced by the African countries with which it has forged close commercial ties. Both may find they pay an economic price if their arms industries are increasingly excluded from global supply chains. It will take time for new standards of behaviour to establish themselves, but the push has begun and the treaty can be further strengthened over time. For the moment, says a diplomat involved with the treaty over many years, what has been achieved is “pretty damn good”.会上的弃权者包括大武器出口国(中国和俄罗斯)和进口商(印度,沙特阿拉伯,埃及和印度尼西亚)。但是,不久他们就会签字的。俄罗斯说,它需要更多的时间,而中国(不足为奇了),显然受到与它有密切商业关系的非洲国家的影响而发挥了建设性作用。如果他们的军工行业渐渐淡出全球供应链中,那么他们发觉自己将付出经济上的代价。这将需要一段时间来建立自己新的行为标准,但压力开始慢慢显现,并随着时间的推移,该协议可以进一步加压。一名多年参与该协议制定的外交官说,就目前的成就而言已是“相当的不错”。 /201304/234366缅甸孔雀龟饲养方法技术技巧大埔县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养



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