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The droppings also support other types of cockroaches,粪便也能养活其它种类的which spend part of their day resting on cave walls.它们一天大部分时间都呆在洞壁上These in turn become food for giant cave centipedes, some more than 20 centimetres long.这些也接连成为了洞穴大蚰蜒的美餐,有的蚰蜒能长到20厘米长。Bizarrely, there are crabs here, too. Sifting through the droppings for nutrients.奇怪的是,这里甚至还有螃蟹,它们从粪便中过滤营养物质。All these animals spend their entire lives within the cave.所有这些动物都在洞穴内度过一生They#39;re totally dependent on the digested remains of food that#39;s brought in from outside.它们完全依赖的食物消化残渣都是来自于外界Each evening, in just two hours, three million bats leave the safety of the cave每天傍晚,只是前后2小时内,300万只蝙蝠一起离开安全的洞穴。to hunt for insects in the forest outside. But not all will return.在森林捕食昆虫。但并非所有的蝙蝠都能返回。As they leave the cave, the stream of bats form a doughnut-shaped ring.蝙蝠离开山洞后,即在空中组成一个面包圈一样的队列。The wheeling bats seem to confuse a rufous-bellied eagle,旋绕的蝙蝠群似乎已将棕腹隼雕弄得晕头转向but they must still survive the attacks of other, more specialised birds of prey.但它们仍须躲过其它更专业的猛禽的攻击。 Article/201707/517060。

Richard may have crushed the Peasants#39; Revolt,but peers of the realm were another matter.理查虽然镇压了农民起义 但要求贵族们臣则是另一码事Chastened by the humiliation,the king withdrew into autocratic solitude,国王恼羞成怒 陷于孤立境地and yet he had enough of the Plantagenet about him to harbour desires for retribution.不过他身上流淌的金花雀血统 足以教会他隐藏报仇的欲望He held his peace for nearly ten years,but when his beloved Anne died of plague,压抑了近十年后 当他深爱的皇后安妮死于瘟疫Richard lost his only restraining influence and he reasserted himself in an extraordinary storm of revenge.他再也无法抑制压抑已久的愤怒 开始疯狂地打击报复Using the pretext of an aristocratic plot,he brutally disposed of the ringleaders of the Merciless Parliament a decade earlier.以非法密谋为借口 他残酷地处罚了 十年前无情议会的发起人The Earl of Arundel was executed.阿伦德尔伯爵被处以极刑The Earl of Warwick was exiled,and the Duke of Gloucester,沃里克伯爵被流放 格洛斯特公爵Richard#39;s own uncle, was murdered,smothered in his bed on the king#39;s orders.理查的叔叔 被国王派人勒死在床上The old scores had been settled at last.旧账终于算完了Well, you would think,that Richard could contain his sense of triumph,if only in the interests of self-preservation.你可能认为 从自卫的角度上看 理查取得了胜利But now that Richard II discovered that people were,for the first time, frightened of him,he also discovered he rather liked it.不过现在查理二世首次发现 人民惧怕他 他发现他还挺乐在其中He drank it in and lashed out at anybody he thought to be disloyal to him,replacing them with yes-men and toadies,他打击排挤 任何他认为存有异心的人 任用一些唯唯诺诺的谄媚小人eating, sleeping and travelling surrounded by a private army,as if he were some Roman emperor.无论吃饭 睡觉 外出巡视 都带着私人军队 十足罗马皇帝的派头 /201612/481964。

He is a laid-back person,nothing will bother him.他是个从容面对所有事情的人,没什么事能让他烦恼。laid-back表示不紧张的,悠闲的。在这里有点和easygoing. /200802/27260。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201605/441508。

Berlin, 1987柏林,1987年My father was a guard on the west side of the Berlin Wall, while another man guarded the east. Eventually, the wall came down. But even after moving away, my father carried a piece of it with him. While I grew up, it lingered over all of us, a barrier between him and the rest of the world.我父亲是柏林围墙西侧的守卫,而另一个男人则看守东侧。终于,墙倒下了。不过就算搬走后,我父亲仍带着围墙的一片碎片在身上。当我长大,那阴影仍跟着我们,一道父亲和其余世界间的屏障。I decided I would help by taking him back to Berlin to show him the beautiful place it had become. When we arrived, the stranger who answered the door became familiar. The guard who patrolled the opposite side of the wall now welcomed us as a friend. After that, things were better for my father.我决定要带父亲回柏林看看它成了多美的地方来帮助他。当我们抵达时,应门的陌生人渐渐变得熟悉。以往巡逻围墙另一边的守卫如今以朋友的身分欢迎我们。在那之后,父亲的情况就好转了。Airbnb, belong AnywhereAirbnb,属于任何地方 Article/201611/479609。

Yet if Henry suspected Thomas of getting above himself and if he did, he wasn#39;t alone 而如果亨利怀疑托马斯自视甚高 若真是如此 并非他一人作此想法It didn#39;t get in the way of Becket coming to mind for the top job in the country,这也未能阻碍贝克特 获得举国高位的决心the newly-vacated post of archbishop of Canterbury.即最新空缺的坎特伯雷大主教一职In fact Becket#39;s worldliness must have made him seem precisely the right man事实上 贝克特的老成持重 使其看上去是最适合的人选for the job Henry wanted to do which was to put the church in its place.亨利对于此项职位的要求 是希望教会与他立场一致Monarchs had long taken it for granted that they were directly anointed by god, safely above the church.长久以来 君王都理所当然地认为 他们直接由上帝挑选 地位高于教会But the popes of this period begged to differ.但那个时期的教皇则意见相左Kings, they said, reported to popes, not the other way round.他们认为 国王应听命于教皇 反之则差诶This wasn#39;t just an academic quibble.This was a fight to the death.这并非学术争论 而是生死之战There were two flashpoints.有两个敏感问题The first was whether law-breaking clergymen could be judged in the King#39;s courts like everyone else.首先是违反法律的牧师 是否该如同大众 由国王的法庭审判The second was whether bishops had the power to excommunicate royal officials.第二则是主教是否有权 将王室官员驱逐出教By making Becket archbishop of Canterbury,认命贝克特为坎特伯雷大主教Henry believed he could depend on someone who shared his view of the subordinate relationship of church to state.亨利相信 他可以指望对方与其在 宗教国家的从属关系方面达成一致The King was in for a shock.结果却令他大吃一惊 /201609/465760。

Where I have been, whatever I#39;ve done,has been no shortage of risk uptaking,to show you how to survive.无论我身处何地 我的任何行动 都是充满危险的 为了向你展示如何求生I#39;ve always live life, try to push the limits.And I am happiest when I am challenged.我总是挑战生存的极限 面对挑战 我欣然接受The climbs and jumps I take while filming certainly take me to the limit.拍摄中的攀爬和跳跃 无疑达到了我的极限But I wouldn#39;t have it any other way.We#39;ve come up with suggestions and ideas of how to do it.但我就是喜欢这样 我们商讨如何拍摄 行动策略It#39;s a good team efforts And Bear dives into it or throw himself off it or climb up to it, with amazing enthusiazm and dexterity.这是很好的团队协作 贝尔每次的高空跳跃或者悬崖攀爬 都是充满了惊人的胆量与技巧It#39;s the combinationg of his physic and his common sense and thinking, ok,how far can I go?这是他强健的体魄 常识和 想法的结合 我的极限是什么That is why he brings audience to an good end.But a good end was far from guarantee the bleeds.这就是他为何深受观众好评 但是结果好并不能保我安然无恙I was at the edge of deep chasm and had to find a way down.A strong vipe should support a man#39;s weight.我在一个深谷的边缘 设法下到谷底 一根粗壮的藤蔓应该能承受我的重量But with a drop like this state,it will always be tested.但是这样的高度 结果是很难说的And Bear#39;s favorite film was Tarzan,and he always wants to be Tarzan.贝尔最喜欢的电影是《人猿泰山》 他一直想当泰山And he knew what he is gonna do is straight away.And he was going through his mind.他知道他将要径直跳下去 他已经深思熟虑了That#39;s all my weight,..on it.And it#39;s holding,and let#39;s give this a fatal test.Jesus我全部的重量 都在这上了 它撑的不错 我要给它来个终极测试 天啊I know give Bear credits,he just cut it and leave tons swing.And swang across this biss.贝尔真值得赞赏 他割断藤蔓 掉了下去 然后荡越了峡谷The last thing I really remember is he hitting the other side with such force that it almost the whole rock face shock.我最后只记得 他摔到了对面的石壁上 重重的摔在那 几乎使整片岩面震动 Article/201606/448495。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201612/480340。

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson17:BELIEF AND DISBELIEF相信和不相信241. Do your kids still believe in Santa Claus#61557;? 你的孩子还相信有圣诞老人吗?242. How come you never believe me? 你怎么从来都不相信我?243. I’m sure he’ll find a way to do that without more taxes. 我确信他会找到一种无需交更多税收去做那件事的方法。244. I can’t believe it. 我简直不能相信。245. They believed that certain gods caused things in nature#61558;. 他们相信自然界的事物是由某些神引起的。246. I have faith#61559; in the government#61560;. 我对政府有信心。247. I believe that I can do anything if I try hard enough. 我相信如果我足够尽力去做的话,我能做任何事情。248. I don’t believe you. 我不相信你。249. Do you believe in anything? 你有什么信仰吗?250. I have no choice but to believe what you’re saying. 我除了相信你的话,别无选择。251. Have you questioned your beliefs#61561;? 你对你的信仰质疑过吗?252. I can’t believe you’ve said that. 我不能相信你竟说出那样的话。253. I’m convinced#61562; by his words. 我被他的话说了。254. I believe he can be trusted#61563;. 我相信他是可信的。255. I’ll take your word for it. 我相信你。【生词解读】1. Santa Claus 圣诞老人 2. nature n. 自然;自然界3. faith n. 信念;信任;完全信赖4. government n. 政府;内阁5. belief n. 相信;信任;信赖6. convinced adj. 确信的 7. trust vt. 信任;信赖 /200708/16919。