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Local hospital in Nepal built by China remains intact during quake中国援助建造尼泊尔医院经受住地震考验保持完好Nepals Civil Servant Hospital, which China assisted in building, remained intact during the earthquake, and is providing a great number of medical supplies to the injured.中国进行援助建造的尼泊尔公务员医院在地震中完好无损,并且为伤者提供了大量医疗用品。The hospital has been running at full capacity since the earthquake.自地震以来这家医院一直满负荷运转。So far there have been 1,300 patients treated in the hospital.到目前为止已有1300名病人在该院接受治疗。Patients who were seriously injured were taken in, while patients with minor wounds were sent home after receiving treatment.重伤人员被接收,而轻伤者在接受治疗后被送回家。Worried about aftershocks, most doctors treated patients in the open air.由于担心余震发生,大多数医生在露天为病人治疗。According to Chinese counsellor in Nepal, Peng Lei, the hospital was designed and constructed to sustain strong earthquakes.据中国驻尼泊尔顾问彭磊表示,建造这家医院的目的就是为了抵抗强震。201505/374006

Our perception of the world around us is strongly linked to our vision.But how do you know what you are seeing is real? Can you really trust your eyes? Take for example these two gray rectanglar columns.Both of which are different shades of gray.Or are they?我们对周围世界的感知很大程度上取决于我们的视觉。但你怎么知道“所见即实”呢?你真的能相信自己的眼睛吗?就拿着两个长方形灰色格子举例吧。它们两个的灰度不同。真的吗?It turns out that they are the exact same.And yet,even after knowing that the illusion is there,your eyes refuse to see them as the same.Introducing colors produces the same result.I promise No trick photography or editing effects have been applied.In fact,if you look up the ;Munker-White Illusion;,you will come across many examples.Examine them in photoshops and you can see the colors are the exact same.实际上,它们是完全相同的。但是,即使我们意识到错觉的存在,你的眼睛还是拒绝认为他们相同。引入颜色产生的结果仍相同。我保,这里没有用到摄影技巧或者后期效果。其实,如果你查Munker-White错觉 就会找到许多例子。用Photoshops检查一下,你就会发现,它们颜色是一样的。A similar effect can be seen with this checker board illusion.Tile A clearly seems darker than Tile B.But you know better by now,right? Even though your eyes cant see it,you know when I remove the surronding imagery,the tiles will be the same color,So whats going on here?The truth is that scientists dont fully understand the phenomenon,and there are many complex biological and neurological factors taking place.格子板错觉中也出现了相似的效果。A格子看上去明显比B格子暗。但现在,你懂了,对吧?即使你的眼睛看不到。你也知道当我把周围图像移除后,格子的颜色是相同的。那么 这是怎么了?其实 科学家并未完全理解这个现象,其中掺杂着许多复杂的生物和神经学因素。Ultimately,our brains judge color and brightness in context.In other words,our brains compare the surrounding environment in order to create our perception.The purpose of our senses,or eyes in this case,Is not to provide us with an absolute color or physical property of our external reality,but to interpret what we see as efficiently as possible in order to interact with our environment most appropriately.总而言之,我们的大脑会根据环境判断颜色和亮度。换句话说 我们的大脑会通过比较周围环境,来产生我们的认知。感官的作用,或者在这个例子中 眼睛,并非让我们感受到现实世界中绝对的颜色或者物理特性。而是尽可能高效地诠释我们所见之景,以便与外界以最合适的方式交互。The tile illusion take advantage of this phenomenon:Our brains knows that shadows make objects look darker,as a result,the brain compensates by interpreting the tile as being lighter than it appears.Until we take the shadow away.Perhaps the most blading example is this gradient.The middle bar is simply one color.Remove the background gradient,and it becomes obvious.砖块错觉利用的就是这种现象:我们的大脑知道阴影让物体看上去更暗,结果,大脑加以补偿,认为砖块比看上去的颜色更浅。直到我们把阴影去掉。这张渐变图也许是最鲜明的例子。中间的条只是单色条。将背景渐变色去掉后 这就很明显了。Once again,the darkness of the background has effected our perception of the bars color.Our perception is relative.So,do you still trust your eyes?再一次 背景灰度影响了我们对长条颜色的认知。我们的知觉是相对的。那么 你还相信自己的眼睛吗?201501/355389

Susan Savage-Rumbaugh:Savage-Rumbaugh以研究矮黑猩猩(Bonobo)为生。它们的语言和模仿能力让听众们不得不重新思考一个物种的习性多少由先天决定,多少又由环境、文化决定。201503/362131

While the forecast in Chennai, India, is looking drier and the city is starting to slowly repair, the worst rainfall in a century is leaving some officials wondering if its a side effect of climate change.印度气象台预测金奈雨量减少,城市开始慢慢恢复,此次降雨是一个世纪以来最为严重的一次,一些官员怀疑是气候变化的副作用。Intense rains and flooding in Chennai have killed more than 260 people as of Saturday morning.周六早上强烈的降雨和洪水造成金奈260多人死亡。Most of the southern city was forcefully shut down by the water. Trains stations and the airport were temporarily closed, thousands were rescued as their homes were destroyed and there were large electricity outages.大部分南方城市被洪水中断。火车站和机场被临时关闭,数以千计的人被救出,他们的家园被冲毁,大量电力中断。Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told the Hindu, ;What is happening in Chennai is the result of what has happened for 150 years in the developed world. That is what has caused 0.8 degrees Celsius temperature rise. And therefore they must now take action more vigorously.;欧盟环境部长普拉卡什·雅瓦德卡尔告诉印度,金奈发生的一切是发达国家150年来的结果,造成0.8摄氏度温度上升。因此,他们必须大力采取行动。Javadekar, however, refused to address another climate change issue — the pollution in India.然而,杰瓦德卡拒绝解决另一个气候变化问题—印度的污染。Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi said on Thursday that while the Western world may have been a major polluter 100 years ago, now India is a bigger polluter.工会妇女儿童发展部部长甘地星期四表示,尽管西方世界可能是100年前的一个主要污染源,现在的印度是一个更大的污染源。But according to a speech made at the COP21 climate summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country isnt likely to change at this point.但根据一份由总理纳伦德拉·莫迪在COP21气候峰会上的讲话,印度不太可能改变这一点。Chennais heavy rain was caused by an El Nino among other weather factors, according to Indian meteorologists.根据印度气象学家,金奈大雨是在其它气象因素下的厄尔尼诺现象造成的。译文属。201512/414361

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/415905

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