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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477504。

Look, straight between the,between the eyes and its killed him straight off.看呀 这下正好 正中眉心 一下就把它结果了Its a painted rock lobster.Look at the size of that tail.Thats gonna be good food.这是一只大鳌虾 这条大虾尾 绝对是一顿美餐Rock lobsters can weigh anything up to 20 pounds,成年大鳌虾体重可达20镑But this smaller one is gonna be plenty big enough for a good feed.这只龙虾虽然没有那么大 但也足够美餐一顿Lobster tail is considered a delicacy all around the world,龙虾肉是世界公认的美食But in island communities,other parts of the animal are just as desirable.但是生活在岛屿上的人们 对龙虾身体的另一部分 更情有独钟You know the brain is a real delicacy in some parts of the world.在有些地方 虾脑是一道美食But I know what I want to go to.There,the tail.但是我更喜欢点别的东西 那就是 龙虾肉Thats what Ive been looking forward to.这才是我期待已久的美食And on the basis that good survival is about keeping your morale up.This is good morale.大家都知道 想生存 就必须有高昂的斗志 这个就是斗志的来源With morale high and a full stomach,填饱肚子 鼓舞斗志Im fired up and y to go for this crossing,But first, Im gonna need a serious raft.我开始着手准备跨海任务了 但是首先 我要做一艘竹筏Never easy, is it?Bamboo! God!All right. Sorry about that.干什么都不容易 是吧 天哪 混蛋竹子 好 对不住了Bamboo naught.Bear 1,just.贝尔一比零 小胜一局Ive got my bamboo.我找到了足够的竹子My plan now is to build a design of raft that Ive never attempted before.接下来我开始建造 这辈子首个竹筏201704/502348。

Another 5 seconds, I was on the ground.Bear released the rope from me,5秒钟以后 我终于落地了 贝尔解开我身上的绳索and the helicopter just peeled off and got out of there.It was very, very, tense.直升机腾空而上 离弦而去 当时真的千钧一发They always say that it takes five small things to make a disaster,俗语有云 祸不单行like, you know, the pilot cant stand,you got clouds coming in,就像飞行员稳不住飞机 同时还乌云密布while Im struggling to get you off the line.Before you know it, you got anyway, were,Were alive, were here. We made it.而你还在绳索上挣扎 你还没意识到就 总之我们 我们总算活着下来了 我们成功了In southern Texas,we tried something wed never done before parachuting in from a biplane.在德克萨斯州南部 我们尝试了一件从没做过的事 从一架双翼飞机上跳伞But there was a problem how to fit the pilot, Simon, and me into an airplane with just two seats.可还是有个问题 怎么才能将飞行员 西蒙和我 塞进只有两个座位的飞机里Im right here, about 6 feet away from Bear,which, um, there was no other place to be,我就在这里 距离离贝尔6英尺 因为我没地方可坐了so thats where Im gonna be for the shoot.所以我得在这里拍Daves strapping me in.I think a bit of an eye-opener for both of us,cause he was thinking, as I was,戴夫为我固定绳索时 我俩都傻眼了 因为我和他都觉得there should be more buckle bin to this.应该再多扣几个地方but you looked, and there was nothing else you could do that was it.可你也看到了 我们无计可施 只能这样了I dont think Simon knows this,but I spoke to the pilot about it before,我想西蒙应该不知道 但之前我和飞行员谈过了and he was sort of shrugging his shoulders and giving me odd looks,and because he was saying,他只是耸耸肩 惊疑地看了我一眼 因为他说well, its gonna really affect the aerodynamics of the wing,这真会影响到机翼的空气动力and Im not sure if I can hold the plane properly and as what you think you can,he said,Yeah, I think so.而且我不确定能不能如你所期望的 驾驭好飞机 他说 我也这么想but, of course, Simon never knew that.当然 西蒙一直不知道201610/472893。

Then they fire up the snowblower.And within seconds, Im completely covered.然后他们开动吹雪机 短短几秒内 我就被完全覆盖了Deep under the snow, theres no room for my crew,深处雪下 没有摄像组的容身之处but by plunging a small camera down a stretch of piping,但他们可以通过放入加长管的摄像机 they can get the shot of me buried in my snow coffin.拍到我被困雪棺中的镜头I lost a close friend to avalanche.Her body was never found.我有一个好朋友就葬身于雪崩 遗体一直没有找到I always thought she was invincible.我一直觉得她战无不胜And since then, Ive had a wary respect for avalanches.从那时起 开始对雪崩心生敬畏In truth, Im scared of them.事实上 是心生恐惧This tube simulates a burial at 12 feet and heavily restricts my breathing,这条管道模拟了十二英尺的深埋 严重限制了我的呼吸and aly this feels way too close for comfort.根本就谈不上舒Bear, thats a minute.Your blood sats are good,but the CO2 is building up.贝尔 一分钟了 你的血氧分压还算正常 但是二氧化碳攀升Feels like a lot more than a minute.感觉上可比一分钟漫长多了Im not enjoying this.Its, you know,炼狱一般 这感觉 要知道just very, very claustrophobic, you know.就是很 很幽闭恐怖 你知道When the snow from an avalanche settles,it sets like concrete.雪崩的雪尘埃落定 堆积如混凝土一般You cant break free from its icy grip,and its pressure is crushing.冰层的张力无法打破 压力逼人Really noticing the cold much more now.明显感觉到冷多了Feel really, really woozy.Ah, its horrible.Cant move.And I cant breathe properly.Utterly powerless.感觉很 真的很眩晕 难受死了 动弹不得 没法正常呼吸 使不上力Get buried by an avalanche,and the major killer is carbon dioxide.被雪崩深埋 头号杀手是二氧化碳As you exhale, it fills the space around your mouth,and eventually you asphyxiate.呼吸的时候 充满嘴部周围空间 最终导致窒息Were at the threshold now, Bear.Youve got less than 12% oxygen.临界点了 贝尔 氧气指标已经低于百分之十二Carbon-dioxide levels are rising sharply now.二氧化碳含量急速上升As the oxygen level plummets,it gets harder and harder to breathe.随着含氧量骤降 呼吸越来越困难Just massive urge to need to breathe more.迫切地需要大口呼吸When you push your chest up and try and take a breath,it doesnt satisfy you.然而当挺起胸膛 奋力呼吸 却没法满足Weve hit 8:15,the time our skier was buried,but the air now is running out,And Im struggling for every breath.八分十五秒了 正是模拟滑雪者被埋的时长 但是空气快耗尽了 每次呼吸都是一种挣扎201702/493981。


Im Bear Grylls.Im gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地带 逃出生天Ive got to make it through a week of challenges,短短一周时间内 我将身涉险境 面临生死考验in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now Im on an island south of Papua New Guinea,where Ill be climbing crumbling volcanic cliffs.我现在身处巴布亚新几内亚南部的某个小岛 我将在那 徒手攀爬火山峭壁Getting to the crux of it now.windsurfing ocean waves.最关键的时刻到了 驾着帆船 乘风破浪Im struggling now.and squaring up to some serious sharks.我必须努力拼搏 时刻警惕 鲨鱼来袭Two of them.Okay, its coming straight this way.Stay still. Stay still.那边有两条 它们径直朝这边游过来了 别动 别动This is gonna be my ultimate island adventure.Shot passed my legs there.我的终极岛屿冒险 将在这里拉开序幕 从我的腿边游了过去This is the Torres Strait a strip of ocean between the northernmost tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea.这里是托雷斯海峡 将澳大利亚最北端和巴布亚新几内亚 分隔开来Its over 25,000 square miles of treacherous currents, sandbanks, and coral reefs.六万五千平方公里的海域中 暗流涌动 沙洲影绰 珊瑚礁林立These are dangerous waters down here.这里危机四伏Theyre full of tiger sharks, hammerheads, and bull sharks,虎鲨 槌头双髻鲨 牛鲨在海中称王称霸not to mention the stingrays, moray eels,and deadly jellyfish.Got to love it, eh?更别提黄貂鱼 海鳗 以及致命的水母也藏身其中 很是刺激吧201703/498615。

【视频讲解】While many MBA programmes are feeling the pinch, life is rosy for the very best business schools. Chicago retains its place at the top of our ranking of full-time MBAs. It is the sixth time in seven years that it has taken first place.虽说很多MBA课程如今都光景惨淡,但那些顶尖商学院的前景却一片光明。在我们全日制MBA的排名中,芝加哥大学商学院仍然位居榜首,这是其七年来第六次拔得头筹。Pinch v./n.捏疼,疼痛- My mom pinched me.- The industry/business is feeling the pinch. 光景惨淡Rosy adj. 光鲜的,乐观的- rosy view of current situationRetain v.保持 (keep)Full-time 全职,part-time 兼职Like most of Chicago’s peers, nearly all of its MBA class can expect to find a job immediately after graduation, with a basic salary well in excess of 0,000. Such degrees do not come cheap. The average cost of tuition at the top 15 schools is 2,000.与其他多数同等层次的MBA课程一样,芝加哥大学商学院几乎所有的学生都有望一毕业就找到工作,并且基本工资超过10万美元。这样的学位读下来并不便宜。排名前15位的商学院平均学费要11.2万美元。Peer n.同龄/阶层的人- Peer pressure 同龄人压力Do not come cheap/easyTuition n.学费America, the spiritual home of the MBA, dominates our list, accounting for 11 of the top 15 schools. The ranking is based on a mix of hard data and subjective marks given by students.作为MBA的“精神家园”,美国的院校在我们的排名中占据着主导地位——包揽了前15名中的11席。本排名结合硬数据及学生们的主观打分。dominate v.占主导地位account for 占比subjective adj.主观的- objective adj.客观的It weights data according to what students tell us is important. The four categories covered are: opening new career opportunities (35% weighting), personal development and educational experience (35%), increasing salary (20%) and the potential to network (10%).并依据学生的意见来衡量数据的重要程度。数据涵盖的四个类别分别为:拓展新的工作机遇(占35%的权重)、个人发展及教育经历(35%)、涨薪(20%),以及建立关系网的潜力(10%)。potential n.潜力201706/512611。

Have you ever wondered how the rapid warm-up in the Arctic and climate change could disrupt winds at high altitudes across the ed States, Europe, and Asia? Well, if youre like most people, you probably havent given it a thought. But as a meteorologist, Im paying close attention to whats going on because it often leads to weather like this.你曾想过北极剧烈的暖化和气候变迁可能会怎样扰乱美国、欧洲和亚洲地区高空的风吗?这个嘛,如果你和多数人一样,你大概从来没有去思考过。不过身为一个气象学家,我正密切关注着情况,因为那常会导致像现在这样的天气。Theres no place on Earth where the climate is changing as fast as it is here. Youve probably seen pictures like this of Alaskan glaciers. This is 1902; heres the same location now. In this part of Alaska, were losing ice at a rate of nearly two cubic miles per decade. Not all glaciers are shrinking this fast, but most of them in the mid- and higher-mid latitudes are melting pretty quickly. Heres another one: Its the Muir Glacier in 1941. Here it is now.地球上没有任何地方的气候变化得和此处一样快。你或许看过像这样的阿拉斯加冰河照片。这是 1902 年的景象;这是同样地点目前的样子。在阿拉斯加的这个地区,我们正以将近每十年两立方英里的速度丧失冰。并非所有冰河都消退得如此快,不过多数在中纬度和高纬度地区的冰河都正颇快速地融化。这里是另一个例子:这是 1941 年的缪尔冰河。这是它现在。These are maps of the earths surface temperature anomalies that are variance from normal over the last few decades. Everywhere you see yellow, orange, and red is where the temperature is now averaging above normal. Look at where most of the global warmth is occurring.这些是地球表面温度异常的地图,那些是和过去数十年来正常温度的差异。你看见呈黄色、橘色以及红色的每个地方就是目前温度平均高于正常的区域。看看全球暖化大多发生在哪里。As a meteorologist, I am finding this pretty amazing, because the warmth that Im seeing in the Arctic isnt just at the earths surface; its extending thousands of feet up in altitude. So why, though, should the warmth at high altitudes over the Arctic matter to us thousands of miles away farther south across the ed States, Europe, and Asia? Well, its all connected, and Ill show you how.身为一名气象学家,我发现这颇为惊人,因为我正在观察的北极暖化不只发生在地球表面;它还延伸好几英尺高。然而,为什么北极高海拔发生的暖化会和我们有关系,对往南好几千英里远的美国、欧洲和亚洲的我们有什么影响?嗯,这全都有关联,我来让你看看是怎样。First, we all know that the sun heats the equator more than at the poles, but what you may not know is because of that difference in heating, the atmosphere is deeper at the equator than it is at the poles, and this is important. That difference in atmosphere depth is what drives winds in the upper atmosphere which travel around the world. Those are the winds that create our weather. They move storms, warm, and cold air masses around.首先,我们都知道太阳加热赤道比两极来得多,不过你可能不知道的是,因为那加热程度的差异,大气层在赤道比在两极厚,而这很重要。大气层厚度的那种差异驱动了在高层大气层流动于全球的风。那些就是创造出我们的天气的风。它们将暴风雨、暖气团和冷气团四处移动。When the Arctic is anomalously warm, those winds have to shift south. In effect, the refrigerator door, so to speak, is opened, and the Arctics warmth spills south, becoming a mid-latitude chill. Not theory, its measurably happening. We saw some extreme examples of this in the winters of 2010 and 2011: the record cold and snow in Europe; the record cold in Florida. A rapid succession of snowstorms over the eastern part of the ed States and historic snows over the Great Lakes are all part of a pattern of record warmth in the Arctic, especially over Greenland and Alaska. This displaces the Arctic weather farther to the South.当北极异常温暖时,那些风就得往南移。实际上,可说是冰箱门被打开了,而北极的热量散到南方,成为中纬度的寒冷。这并非理论,这是可测量地正在发生的事。我们在 2010 和 2011 年的冬天见识到一些这样的极端例子:欧洲的低温纪录和降雪纪录;佛罗里达州的低温纪录。美国东部接踵而来的暴风雪以及五大湖区历史性的降雪都是北极空前暖化的模式的一部分,特别是在格陵兰和阿拉斯加地区。这迫使北极的天气向南移。Whats meteorologically interesting about this is that the effect is most prominent during the winter. Thats when the temperature differences are at their greatest between the equator and the poles. So when the Arctic is anomalously warm, the mid-latitudes across North America, Europe, and Asia often end up like this.这在气象学上有趣的地方是,这影响在冬季最为明显。冬天是赤道和两极间的温度差异最剧的时节。所以当北极异常温暖时,北美洲、欧洲和亚洲的中纬度地区最后常就会变得像这样。And, looking into the future, global climate models continue to show change with a steady decrease in Arctic sea ice, a likely result of both warmer temperatures and disruptions in Arctic wind patterns. In the coming decades, climate models also show significant increase in global temperature, especially in the Arctic. But this is an average. As the Arctic warms, there will be disruptions in atmospheric circulation. Some, as weve seen, wont be so warm.然后,检视未来,全球气候模式持续伴随着北极海冰的平稳减少显现出变化,一个很可能是温度上升和北极风模式扰乱下的结果。在未来几十年,气候模式在全球温度也显示出明显上升,特别是在北极。不过这是一般状况。随着北极变暖,大气环流将会有扰乱情况。有些地区,如我们已经见到的,不会太温暖。In this , weve only touched on just one of the many potential impacts a warmer Arctic can have on us as it feeds back into the climate system. The notion that climate change is a good thing and that were all gonna be basking in warmer weather in the coming decades is most certainly a misunderstanding. As the world continues to warm so unevenly, it seems very likely theres going to be additional disruptions and storm tracks and precipitation across the Northern Hemisphere. Put simply, it probably means that most of us are going to end up with what used to be somebody elses weather.在这部影片中,我们只触及到暖化的北极可能会对我们造成的许多潜在影响之一,在北极暖化反应到气候系统中时。气候变迁是件好事这样的看法,以及我们所有人在未来数十年将沐浴在更温暖的天气中这种想法,很肯定是种误解。随着世界持续如此不平均地变暖,很可能将会有额外的扰乱以及风暴路径和降雨在北半球发生。简而言之,这或许代表我们大多数人最后将活在以前曾是他人所习惯的气候中。201605/443255。

In many survival situation,your ultimate goal is to find rescure.在所有的生存挑战中 终极目标就是获得营救It can be toughest chanllege youll face.Salvation can come in many forms.这也是最艰辛的一个部分 救援可能以各种形式出现And whether is on land sea or air,when you find it,you gotta grab that chance.无论是在陆地海上还是空中 当有一线生机之时 你必须牢牢的把它抓住Its forest fire.Stay with me.Come with me this side.有林火 跟紧我 跟着我 这边走Alabama let the crew through section of forest that be set flames.在阿拉巴马的摄制过程中 我们要穿越一段 着火的林区Start to get really,really hot now.The crew has fire suit,but I no such luxury.现在温度已经变得非常高了 摄制人员有救火衣可以穿 可是我就没有这个福分了Its time to get down and dirty.OK, time to get though it.Get to the other side.只能趴在地上打几个滚了 好了 该冲过去了 我们要跑到着火线后面Stay with me, alright?OK, lets go.When it comes to fire,there are no second chances.跟紧我 准备好了吗 出发吧 当遇到火灾的时候 我们可没有当机重拍的机会But to my camera man Simon this is a one-shot deal.Get through here.对摄影师Simon来说 这绝对是一锤子买卖 这边走I was one of the trained and anticipating where I going go, where he going go我是团队中最有经验的摄影师之一 我要预估他的路线 So glancing across him,looking at my feet,and then occasionally glancing the way found.用余光确定他的位置 留意脚下的情况 还要不时地看一下地面情况And when you film for 15 years,you know where that camera is pointing.当你做了这行15年 不用取景器也知道摄像机对着哪里We made it though the fire,now came a chance to leave the Alabama backwood behind.我们成功的穿越了火场 现在有机会离开阿拉巴马丛林了201606/449425。

In 1965,17-year-old high school student, Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours.1965年,17岁的高中生兰迪·加德纳264小时没有睡觉。Thats 11 days to see how hed cope without sleep.累计11天,来看看他是怎么应对不睡觉的。On the second day, his eyes stopped focusing.第二天,他的目光停止对焦。Next, he lost the ability to identify objects by touch.接下来,他失去了通过触摸来识别物体的能力。By day three, Gardner was moody and uncoordinated.到第三天,加德纳喜怒无常,变得不协调。At the end of the experiment, he was struggling to concentrate,在实验结束时,他奋力集中,had trouble with short-term memory, became paranoid, and started hallucinating.但短期记忆了出现问题,变得偏执,并且开始出现幻觉。Although Gardner recovered without long-term psychological or physical damage,虽然加德纳恢复了,并没有长期的心理或物理伤害,for others, losing shuteye can result in hormonal imbalance, illness, and, in extreme cases, death.但对有些人来说,失去睡眠可能会导致荷尔蒙失调、疾病,并且在极端情况下死亡。Were only beginning to understand why we sleep to begin with, but we do know its essential.我们才刚刚开始理解为什么我们要睡觉,但我们知道这是必不可少的。Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night, and adolescents need about ten.成年人需要一个晚上七八个小时的睡眠,青少年需要大约十个小时。We grow sleepy due to signals from our body telling our brain we are tired, and signals from the environment telling us its dark outside.我们犯困是由于我们的身体信号告诉我们的大脑我们累了,环境就是告诉我们天黑了的信号。The rise in sleep-inducing chemicals, like adenosine and melatonin,催眠化学品的兴起,像腺苷和褪黑激素,send us into a light doze that grows deeper, making our breathing and heart rate slow down and our muscles relax.把我们从打盹变成深眠,使我们的呼吸和心脏速率减慢,让我们的肌肉放松。This non-REM sleep is when DNA is repaired and our bodies replenish themselves for the day ahead.此非REM睡眠时是DNA提前一天修复我们的身体、补充自己的时候。In the ed States, its estimated that 30% of adults and 66% of adolescents are regularly sleep-deprived.在美国,据估计,30%的成人,66%的青少年经常睡眠不足。This isnt just a minor inconvenience. Staying awake can cause serious bodily harm.这不仅是一个小小的麻烦。保持清醒会导致严重的人身伤害。When we lose sleep, learning, memory, mood, and reaction time are affected.当我们失眠时,学习、记忆、心情和反应时间都受到影响。Sleeplessness may also cause inflammation, hallucinations, high blood pressure, and its even been linked to diabetes and obesity.失眠也可引起炎症、幻觉、高血压,它甚至被认为与糖尿病和肥胖症有关。In 2014, a devoted soccer fan died after staying awake for 48 hours to watch the World Cup.2014年,一个忠实的足球迷在48小时不睡觉观看世界杯后死亡。While his untimely death was due to a stroke,虽然他的英年早逝是由于中风,studies show that chronically sleeping fewer than six hours a night研究表明,长期每晚睡眠少于六小时的人increases stroke risk by four and half times compared to those getting a consistent seven to eight hours of shuteye.中风风险是那些每晚睡七至八小时的4.5倍。For a handful of people on the planet who carry a rare inherited genetic mutation, sleeplessness is a daily reality.对在这个星球上携带着一种罕见基因突变的人类来说,失眠是一种日常现实。This condition, known as Fatal Familial Insomnia, places the body in a nightmarish state of wakefulness,这种情况被称为致死性家族失眠症,身体在清醒的一个噩梦般的状态,forbidding it from entering the sanctuary of sleep.禁止它进入睡眠的避难所。Within months or years, this progressively worsening condition leads to dementia and death.在几个月或几年,这种逐步恶化的状况导致痴呆和死亡。How can sleep deprivation cause such immense suffering?睡眠剥夺为何引起如此巨大的痛苦?Scientists think the answer lies with the accumulation of waste products in the brain.科学家认为,在于大脑中废物的积累。During our waking hours, our cells are busy using up our days energy sources,在我们醒着的时候,我们的细胞都在忙着用我们一天的能源,which get broken down into various byproducts, including adenosine.其中细分为各种副产品,包括腺苷。As adenosine builds up, it increases the urge to sleep, also known as sleep pressure.随着腺苷的积聚,它增加了冲动睡觉,也被称为睡眠压力。In fact, caffeine works by blocking adenosines receptor pathways.事实上,咖啡因通过阻断腺苷的受体途径来起作用。Other waste products also build up in the brain, and if theyre not cleared away,其他废物也在脑中积聚,如果他们不清理掉they collectively overload the brain and are thought to lead to the many negative symptoms of sleep deprivation.就会共同使大脑超载,这被认为是导致睡眠剥夺的诸多不良症状的原因。So, whats happening in our brain when we sleep to prevent this?那么,当我们睡觉时,我们的大脑是怎样阻止这种情况的呢?Scientists found something called the lymphatic system,科学家们发现了淋巴系统,a clean-up mechanism that removes this buildup and is much more active when were asleep.一种能消除这种堆积,并且当我们睡着时更加活跃的机制。It works by using cerebrospinal fluid to flush away toxic byproducts that accumulate between cells.它的工作原理是利用脑脊液冲走在细胞之间的有毒物质。Lymphatic vessels, which serve as pathways for immune cells, have recently been discovered in the brain,淋巴管,为免疫细胞提供路径的血管,最近被发现存在于大脑中,and they may also play a role in clearing out the brains daily waste products.他们也可能在清除大脑日常代谢物中扮演了重要的角色。While scientists continue exploring the restorative mechanisms behind sleep,虽然科学家还在继续探索关于睡眠的恢复机制,we can be sure that slipping into slumber is a necessity if we want to maintain our health and our sanity.我们可以肯定的是,如果我们要保持我们的健康和理智,打瞌睡是必需的。201706/515431。